panicFinancial collapse imminent?
Deutsche Bank is on its “last legs w/out intervention”




DB’s stock plunging to new all-time lows:
Deutsche Bank AG

What happens when Deutsche Bank finally blows?
Hat Trick Letter Editor Jim Willie warns it will be like the Collapse of Lehman Brothers in October of 2008….TIMES 5

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  1. Will just ONE derivative contract party come out and demand that DB collateralize their position within that contract — or, declare them in default under that contract…. This slow mo train wreck is killing my nerves….get on with it!

  2. Merkel has already said they will not bail out DB before September next year but as a DB crash brings down the system they will.  The bankers can hardly go to QE for the serfs with no financial system so DB’s condition sets a time limit for helicopter money to begin.   Bail out DB then they will distract with helicopters anyway.  It is all going to drag on for much longer subject to geopolitical events of course.

    • @MFLTuscon

      10 days?

      good thing I don’t base all my decisions on a 10 day window….

      YTD figures today from

      Silver +38.33%

      Gold +24.54%

      S&P 500 +5.96%

      Nasdaq +5.67%

      Dow 30 +4.96%


  3. The DBank leverage is astonomical   The total asset to net worth ratio is 1184 to 1.   That’s a net worth of .00084%   The net worth is vapor and the DOJ wants $17 billion of the $16 billion  in equity   Take the interconnections of DBank and 20 other global SIFIs and then lay over the Saudi threat of dumping their treasuries like their 2016 version of the movie Roll Over and you have some serious problems

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