collapseIs A Global Economic Collapse Closer Than Ever As 2017 Begins?

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  1. Let’s do the math, 50 % reduction in standard of living= a 6 pack of beer vs a 12 pack of beer, 1 pizza vs 2 pizza’s, 1 corn dog vs 2 corn dog’s, 2 $ gas vs 4 $ gas, etc, etc, etc… 

    2017 looks quite promising to me …

    Hi ho Silver and away

  2. @fear porn sells like crazy   Crazy is as crazy does.  Highly entertaining too boot. Once you know it’s fear porn you can treat it like a new episode of The Hardy Boys or Tom Swift and the Curse of the Rogue Steely Dan.

    @JOHNLGALT   Needed action taken of.  Thanks for the tip.

    @killroy  My article was sent this AM Jan 8    Let me know that you received it.

  3. I’m glad it came though ok and allows your dad an alternative  Is he near northern Nevada?

    A few edits from the original included my recent followup.  I’ll keep you in the loop as to the healing progress which should take 3 months or so.  Cheers

    • @AGXIIK  My dad is going to ask the doctor he is going to see about his knee at the end of this month he said he would ask him about it but we live in Kansas so I’m guessing it may not be practiced here.

      I let you know more about it after he talks with his doctor.  Thanks again for sending this info!!!!

  4. @killroy  Doc Mc has people coming across country to see him for stem cell work. They usually stay local for a week, enjoy northern NV while getting the primary treatment and second PRP shot.

    If he comes this way I’d like to meet him, maybe take him to the range for some shooting and show him some of the best places to stay.  We like the Peppermill Hotel and Casino in Reno for short vacations.   You have my back channel email so let me know if that works.

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