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  1. So this BitchOnWheels disrespects 911 Truthers?  She needs to pull her head out of her rear.  Watch the following vid, or just ask her to explain the freefall collapse of Bldg #7.  Until then, she goes into the file under “DipChit”.

    • Agreed and she basically,  by silence is consent, forced agreement with her incompetence on Finance And Liberty, and their Prepper sponsor.  I quit as soon as she did that.

    • It boggles the mind that there are people out there who still believe the official 9/11 story. And sandy hook too. There’s some funny videos in youtube with a few minutes of aerial video of people leaving the building, then circling around and going right back in the other side, and coming back out again. Circling round and round to make it look like more people than there actually were. And most of it was green screen, pretty sloppy with lots of mistakes made.

    • Anne BARNHARDT-9/11 Coverup Queen.

      Today, ANYBODY that denies 9/11 was an organised attack and demolition job has NO CREDIBILITY.

      You only need to go to the Firefighters interviews. These Professionals all reported hearing many explosions.

      Perhaps Anne Barnhardt is the daughter of Professor Barnhardt and is concealing Klatu as well.

      Probably goes over the top of her little head, having not seen The Day The Earth Stood Still.

      The Comex is very short on Silver. Buy some and bury these monsters in History.

    • Angle with securities is very interesting. But…..I think when it comes down to airplanes, you guys have watch this. I personally do not think there were any airplanes at all. Especially when evaluating the crash site of Flight 93. Airplanes have very strong parts that do not evaporate when crashed.


      This is a typical plane crash site. Nothing close to 93. Look at big parts that remain.


    • I had a lot more respect for both Ann and Dunagun before I listened to the 1st part of the discussion than I did after.

      A wise person once said “A mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is open”.

      And one more thing. It REALLY pisses me off when people start using words to which they only partially understand the definition, or don’t understand it at all. Could both of you please try to avoid doing that in the future?

      Conspiracy: a secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act

      Theory: a tentative insight into the natural world; a concept that is not yet verified but that if true would explain certain facts or phenomena

      Just because you (I am referring to both Ann and Dunagun) refuse to look at evidence doesn’t make it any less real. Case in point, probably 99% of the people in the G5 countries believe there are only three states of matter, but that still doesn’t change the fact that after gas comes plasma.

    • This arrogant itch is so close minded that she really believes the white clouds sprayed from jet aircraft that spread across the sky from horizon to horizon, is nothing more than water vapor and any proof of what it really is is just the ranting loons. She sounds more like a loon than most. Ann Barnhardt vs say some one like G. Edward Griffin, please! Griffin does meticulous work and is any but a nut case. She just spews opinions without any research. She’s like an attack ostrich of the know it alls.

      • Scmidt uh says:
        February 25, 2016 at 2:01 PM

        Marc says definitively that they are wrong.  His level of CERTAINTY is  your cue to completely ignore him on this.  No point wasting time in engaging.


      • Mark_BCsays:
        February 25, 2016 at 4:42 PM

        @Scmidt uh, that’s a pretty strong statement considering I said I was open to changing my mind if I saw evidence if chemtrails. Maybe you are just worried that I am right.

        Marc…C’est vous qui n’observez pas bien le ciel  et qui discréditez la réinformation…

    • @JustTheFacts   Thanks!

      That was enough for me, once she went there, her credibility went south for me. I couldn’t listen to the blind bitch any longer!! Loons?


      You mean this kind of a loon????


  2. Certes, madame Barnard…ce que vous dîtes est intéressant BUT Chemtrails are no Joke  and the 9/11 is a farce…How can you believe that those trails in the skies which become clouds  are natural !!! … and that the 9/11 official version is worth…Ridicule… I suppose that you alos beliebe in the official moonlanding story…

    • Chem trails are actually contrails, water vapour from the engine exhaust. There is zero evidence or plausibility for the existence of chem trails. This is one conspiracy the theorists have gotten wrong. I’m always open to changing my mind but I’ve never seen any evidence supporting them and I’ve spent lots of time on youtube searching.

    • Mark, don’t confuse existence of con trails with proof there aren’t Chem trails. Chem trails exist.

      There are videos of the sprays when the pilot forgot to turn off.  There are videos of spray being turned on and off.  There is video of planes in atmospheric conditions impossible to support con trails and thus emitting Chem trails.

      There are ground measurements of the fall out.  There is a military purchasing agent whistle blower listing the chemicals brought on base.

      That should be enough to keep you busy.


    • Marc says definitively that they are wrong.  His level of CERTAINTY is  your cue to completely ignore him on this.  No point wasting time in engaging.

    • @Scmidt uh, that’s a pretty strong statement considering I said I was open to changing my mind if I saw evidence if chemtrails. Maybe you are just worried that I am right.

      @ART005 I have seen those videos too and they are very striking, until you understand the chemistry of what is happening. If you go back and watch them you will notice that the trails turn on and off exactly as the plane goes in and out of fine clouds. This is because the humidity outside the cloud is lower and dies not support the vapour in liquid form and it evaporates immediately. Inside the clouds the humidity is higher which results in the vapour staying as water / ice, which results in a trail. I am in my phone right now but maybe later today I’ll post one if the videos and explain it in real time.

      As to measurements of contaminants, that is from smog clouds drifting across from china. I did a very conservative calculation and there is no way that much heavy metal could be deposited in the  atmosphere. Over western US alone would require more than the entire worlds mine supply if these metals. Plus it would be impossible to bring that much material up in planes, you’d need millions if flights.

      Are they spraying chemtrails in us? Of course I cannot rule it out, but I assure you that the white lines you seein the sky following behind commercial airliners are not chem trails. But those are the trails that the theorists use as evidence if chem trails.

      I wouldnt really care about people making up these conspiracy theories, but my issue is that it discredits the alternstive movement and makes most people more reluctant to look at the evidence for real conspiracies, like in the financial system and with “terror attacks”

    • Non, ce net pas intéressant. Ce sont des conneries.

      What does this have to do with anything closely related to gold, silver, the economy or even the bankers.

      Best part, I didn’t even have to watch the videos – just the comments told me that it is just fodder for her ego.

    • I as well think the jury is still out on this one. Something somebody said a while ago still rings true for me on chem trails, if they are doing it, it is a very inefficient way to be poisoning the masses.

    • @Mark-BC


      So you find this a normal group of “contrails” do you? They must have all forgotten some bags at the airport! I live in Maine and I never see the trails except two or three times a year and when I do, they are all over the sky while airliners, traveling much higher up, leave a disappearing contrail at the very same time as the sprayers are leaving expanding clouds. You too sir, like Ms Barnyard, have your head in the sand.


    • @scmidtuh
      “What does that even mean?  Wow.”

      It means that when someone is worried that they might be presented with evidence / an argument that invalidates one of their beliefs, they often lash out with such harsh criticism (I’m sure you are aware of “cognitive dissonance”) similar to when you said that “His level of CERTAINTY is  your cue to completely ignore him”. Really? Do you not see your hypocrisy there? You are in fact the one who is expressing CERTAINTY. I merely said that there is no evidence supporting the existence of chemtrails, which is true, since I have never seen anything and I’ve spent quite a bit of time searching. I also said that I would be open to the possibility if I saw evidence, as any good scientist would say. Doesn’t sound nearly as CERTAIN as your statement that I should be completely ignored. What are you afraid of in what I say?


      “So you find this a normal group of “contrails” do you?”

      Yes I do, considering that this site goes to great lengths pointing out how militarized the US has become. I find it not the slightest bit unusual that you might see 5 jets flying in formation like that. Wasn’t there a big hoopla last year about Jade Helm operations? Or was that just a figment of peoples’ imagination?

      There is only one substance that can be carried up in planes and that can give off such huge volumes of reflectivity in the plane’s exhaust, and that is ice. Ice is frozen water. Water is not poisonous. Water comes from combustion in the engines. Combustion comes from jet fuel. Jet fuel is in the planes’ wings. If the wings were full of poisons there would be no room for jet fuel and the plane wouldn’t fly.

      Seriously, have y’all never started your car on a cold morning and noticed the white contrail emanating from the exhaust pipe? Sheesh. You should all be thanking me. I am highly trained in science and engineering making a six figure income with intelligence in the top 5, and can provide a great deal of insight for you which can only strengthen your knowledge, but you seem to want to dismiss me because I say things you don’t want to hear.

    • Ok Marc.  I’m simply terrified of the possibility that I might live in a world where they are not chem trailing the skies.  The fact that you said this once and then repeated it might also detract from your credibility.  You said they “have got it wrong”, not that you think they have it wrong.  When someone is certain of something they can’t possibly be certain of you know they are lying or they are not all that intelligent.  In either case it’s safe to ignore them.


      Im sure the crowd that calls me a fed troll is having a lot of trouble with my stance on this lol.

  3. Why do people wind up in the military?  Is it because they turned down a full academic scholarship so that they could enlist?  Were they so patriotic that they turned down a Hollywood contract so they could enlist? No they were academically average in high school. At least they were smart enough not to take on student debt.  Or were they?  People who hold the military in high regard most of them probably never served.  The standards have increased since I was in.  I know that.  Judges used to squirt defendants out of the justice system into the military.  That’s how a rich bastard might wind up in the military.  Sell some coke to an undercover agent in the late 70’s early 80’s.  If your dad had the money for the lawyers the judge could send you to boot camp instead of jail.  Does that happen still?  I’ll bet it does.  There’s officially no provision for that now.  A lot of life’s losers wind up in the military.  How do I know this?  I saw it personally.  In their favor they do seem to cull more than half of recruits in boot camp.  I was in the military and there is no way to organize an uprising girl.   When revolution occurs there will be little administration and logistics involved.  In military terms it will be a clusterf*ck.  So stop expecting ex-military to pull the rabbit out of the hat for you.

    • Sounds like you served during Nam?  I served during the 1990’s.  When I took my ASVAB, I indeed scored average.  Wasn’t doing so well in school either… heck, I’m very opinionated, so I finished 50/100 problems, got an A on the one I completed, and an F on the one I never turned in. My grade? C-.  No scholarships here (obviously) poor family, but my Dad served, and so I proudly would, and in doing so, be groomed for punctuality, success, and discipline. (all of which I lacked as a teen)

      Before you go patting yourself on the back for being 100% corrrect- when I took the test, there were two guys from india and an asian who also took their ASVAB = 1 Indian + 1 Asian scored 100% and 99% on their ASVAB (making them NUKES) the other Indian scored an 89, giving him all manner of career opportunities (just not nuclear)

      No HS diploma or GED = no enlistment.

      Score too low = no enlistment

      The U.S. has shifted from Vietnam Era – bulky manpower to slimline smartpower.  Technology is everywhere in the forces.  Is there a draft? Yes. Will they pull it out and dust it off to use it?  Only if were invaded and the manpower is needed. 1 man = 1 gun.  – quite a desperate move for the world power.

      My father talked about jail time or enlistment.  Yes, that was 60s and possibly early 70’s, but not today.

      I’m proud I served. I became ship-shape, punctual, and assertive.  I see a problem, I solve it- a step at a time, and the problem dissolves. (vs being overwhelmed by the issue in whole)

      Being used for a dirty job it not good, I understand, but WHY you joined is in preservation of something greater than yourself.  Perhaps you dont recognize it, perhaps your neighbor doesn’t either, but many do.  You made yourself available to protect our nation & freedom. Maybe you weren’t used for that, but that doesnt dissolve your courage, or recognition of your very “probable” sacrifice… one which could have been fatal!

      I applaud your courage sir! (if you were discharged honorably)

    • I was discharged honorably.  There were lessons to be learned from the military.  Thankfully for me they didn’t kick in until I was out.  What do you need ex-military to pull this off for?  It’s simple.  You grow a spine.  you kick off multiple operations that target strategic and tactical objectives.  You kidnap motherf*ckers and spread hate and discontent among the enemy.  That’s for starters.

  4. Here is the one thing that nearly everyone misses about Ann or fails to understand about her and her mission.  And it has nothing to do with her notions or lack of awareness about 9-11, chemtrails or other things that most of us understand are real parts of this total clusterf*** paradigm

    She cares about us;  every one of us.  She care about our lives and our souls.  She prays for us and our souls and does so on a regular basis.

    She and her words are one of the reasons I got as far out of the system as possible, spent thousands of hours, tens of thousands dollars and uncountable words trying to get the same message out.
    I’ve follow Ann’s work for nearly 5 years, from the time she closed up shop after MF Global went TU and Corzine stole $1,400,000,000.  She went after the IRS and others.  The powers that be went after her, stealing everything she had to her name except her name and soul. Her rants and actions against the muzloids is epic  including dousing pages of the koran in bacon fat and bunring it.  That made her target # 1 for the muzzie wrath.

    She posted her home address with directions to the front door for any Muz with the stones to come after her. ‘ Hmmmmm   No takers   Doesn;t surprise me.  These jackasses show they are afraid of a woman with courage.

    And her name and soul were and are more important to her than money or stuff.  She’s made  of the stuff of heroes and brave men and women who would give their lives for the cause of freedom liberty and the right of We the people to tell the government and the rest of these navel gazing narcissistic douchenozzles   who would have us  crushed under the wheel, slaves and, if they have their way, dead.

    I am certain of two things.

    1.  She’d give her life for some of us. That’s more than most can say about commitment.

    2.  I would happily fight next to her, doing everything in my power to destroy those who would destroy us. Pink rifle or not, she’s a crack shot at 300 yards and runs her M4 like a trooper.

    As for those who get all wrapped around the axle that she doesn’t go along with 9-11 truths or chemtrails. WTF!?!?!  Who gives a shit about that. Old news.

    Those are just a tiny fraction of the shit fiesta we are facing. And when it comes to urban warfare and regional conflict, exactly what these rat bastards in the DEEP STATE want, count me in a another n***** behind the trigger.


      People D give a shit, as you put it.

      Old News???


      All Americans should teach their children that a 9/11 inquiry hero will rise like a phoenix from the ashes of an economical screwed populace.

      God Bless the American People.



    • @AGXIIK: I respect your standing with her on what you’ve said. I’m sure you can respect that there are so many people out here that have done every bit as much as Ann and probably much more and care about their fellow man just as much as she. Many are fighting this full spectrum dominance war with full spectrum resistance and are rightly angered by her opinions on their fight for justice. As far as chemtrails and 9-11 truth. As long as I look in the sky and see poison falling on my love ones and humanity it’s today’s news and today’s struggle. Until the true perps of 9-11 and all that has been done since and is happening still are brought to justice, it’s today’s news and today’s struggle. She isn’t the only one in this battle. She could show some respect to the rest that are and have been fighting for her as much as shes has been fighting for them! If she can’t I’ll tune her out.

  5. @RocketsRedGlare [email protected]

    I understand what you are saying.  9-11 is a big deal and are chemtrails but they are most past history.  They are a factual part of the paradigm but fighting that is like fighting the last war.

    In my opinion these are part of a much larger paradigm, just like Kristalnacht and the secret wars fought against the Poles  were part of the first engagements in WWII. These were  small parts of the battle. Ann is part of the war, a foot soldier, who has fought for 5 years in a particular trench, the one called  Battle of the Banksters and the War of IRS attrition.  She’s a stalwart who fights relentlessly against the enemies that harry her constantly. But in her fight she has tunnel vision, something all people in battles get.
    We all have huge blind spots and tunnel vision and Ann is not immune to those blind spots. When I became aware 9-11 truth and chemtrails you coulda knock me over with a feather. The first time I heard “Chemtrails’ was at the range, doing some shooting with a friend. He started talking about Chemtrails and I immediately thought I was sharing a range with an insane person. That was scary.
    Ann doesn’t want to hear about these because she’s probably been hounded half to death by the people who want her to know there are some really hard truths out there other than Corzine, Muslims and the IRS. Frankly, learning about all these things has given me psychological over load at times. All I wanted to to is tell the world to STFU. But none of us who are awake and aware have that luxury anymore. We’re the new NEOs fighting the Matrix.

    We live pretty safe lives.  It’s a luxury to listen to a person who’s been in the trenches when we don’t have to get our hands dirty and bloody. If we’re not out there getting shot up and bloodied the least we can do is pay attention and do something about what we see.

    What she says is very much part of my ethos and believes.  Her religious fervor is a bit offputting but I would rather fight in the trenches with a believer like her than some douchebag with no stones or skills.

    If she and I get killed  ath the same time, maybe she’ll give this sinning SOB a heavenly mulligan for the big guy up stairs. 😉

    • AGXIIK  is also in the trenches, daily.  There are way too many “targets of opportunity” to take aim at, than to take out a possible friendly just because you don’t agree about false flags and such.

    • She is scum gatekeeper for the elite and so is anyone who says 9/11 truth is not important or the gov spraying their citizens with bio-weapons. The whole “war on terror” BS and growing is all based on 9/11. It is the key event that is leading to a “cashless society” and the masses being chipped. That is the end goal of the elite and will lead to total control and slavery of the masses.

  6. Ann, Come on, what you said in the beginning really threw your credibility on the line. I still cannot believe what I came out of your mouth about 911 and chemtrails. You really seem to care, so get up to speed on these subjects and issue a correction and save your reputation.

    Ann Barnhardt stated:
    1. Sorry for the hiatus.  I took a trip to consult with a priest about preaching.  He told me to pray the Rosary.

    … all I can think is, “Go clean up the kitchen, you stupid, stupid woman.”

  8. @7man  thank you for linking the two items from Ann.  This is my second reading of Ann’s article in The Remnant.  The comments  alone made for enjoyable reading.  Any one of them beats most of the blogs on most alt news commentary sites.

    I am of the opinion that Silver Doctors commenters are some of the best of breed today as well. SD has evolved a good bit and offers good commentaries of the world we live in and its dramatically changed state of late. There are a few who still like to distract from the message and the message gets clouded by the noise and chatter. I hope they have done something to keep themselves and their family safe. Their words imply they are not taking steps to assure their own safety or those around them.

    That said, when someone bravely states their thoughts with firmness and eloquence, without a scintilla of apology, it cannot be ignored, even if the message might ruffle some feathers.   Strong words are meant to ruffle feathers and stir the pot.  Otherwise they are not worth speaking.

    Ann’s writing is an acquired taste for those who’ve been eating porridge and swill. Given  the state of today’s writing has devolved downwards at near light speed,  at such a low point that most people have taken to communicating in what might be charitably described as grunts, gibbering and howls;  noises befitting a animal, even cavemen were likely more eloquent than the parlous state of communication we find today; mostly  moronic electronic tweets, bleats and flatulence.

    She writes like solid authors used to write;  prose devoid of PC bull crap, hitting the high points,  taking out the low points, remove the claptrap and getting the job done;  every word freighted with meaning,  carved out with a sharp mind and wit,  chosen for maximum impact, written from the heart, writing the way our language  demands of its authors, tasked with a job of communicating the message and leaving the dross to the less capable.

    In reading the comments one really caught my interest. It was the note about a mom helping her quadriplegic son.  In her tasks of taking care of her son she shone out as a woman of grace who did what any person can and should do for another person in need.  It was the hardest work of her life and the most rewarding.

    In reading that, it reminded me of a call from the husband of my wife’s best friend, who was taken ill in an instant, felled by myocarditis.  She nearly died in the first few minutes of being hit by this illness but was taken to a top hospital, stabilized and put on life support.  She’s still in a medically induced coma with a heart assist pump and now it’s a matter of waiting.  We are optimistic that she will recovery fully.

    We all reached out in pray for the Lord to help her.  That wasn’t left to twitter and instagram.  That was up close and personal for all us, reminding us of the incredible fragility of our lives, so often in the hands of powers outside our knowing or control.  This lovely lady is stable now and will spend the next few weeks in the hospital.

    As for the division of labor around the AG home, my wife cleans the stove; I clean the guns.  We share the shooting duties


    PS  Ann’s writing gives me  hope for this scribbling heathen.


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