storm-boat-wavesWhile many preppers feel relieved and are slowing their preparedness endeavors, many experts are stressing indicators like the economy and unemployment.


by Jeremiah Johnson,Ready via SHTFPlan:

Editor’s Comment: One can almost sense that unforeseen events could bring chaos to America. Debts and economic catastrophes could play out, terrorism could strike, wars could spark to life, disaster may hit, and much more. While many have been optimistic about the promises of a new president, and a brighter spot for the free market, global affairs are complicated, and often bite from both ends. With Trump, no one really knows what to expect, and regardless, one man cannot steer all world events in his direction.

There are indeed rocky times ahead, and 2017 could be the year that goes dark. Prepare during this calm before the storm.

A Storm is Coming: Preppers Must Stay Vigilant in 2017

by Jeremiah Johnson

While many believe the shift in government leaders in 2017 will bring us back to better times, one can never be too sure. As my father always said, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” These are still uncertain times, and as Jeremiah Johnson emphasizes in this article – with that uncertainty, we must continue to be ever vigilant in our preparedness endeavors.

ReadyNutrition Fans, this piece is an important exhortation to you – a sort of plea, if you will – to not lose your focus in preparations and your readiness-stance during these times.  With the Dow-Jones Industrial skyrocketing, the Christmas Holidays in full gear, Donald J. Trump about to be inaugurated, and the glow of a new patriotic dawn, everything seems OK, right?  Wrong.  This is not alarmist, but pragmatic.  We cannot allow a burst of patriotic positive fervor to dull the perception of the last 8 years.

Losing our focus is what allowed those 8 years in the first place.

The Unemployment Rate

The welcoming of a new President brings renewed hope in our government system; however, there is a lot of road to travel before the country is fixed. While many preppers feel relieved and are slowing their preparedness endeavors down, many preparedness experts are stressing the importance of not giving up. As preppers, we must keep an eye on indicators like the economy and unemployment. Bear in mind that unemployment is deliberately under-reported.  The economy is in bad shape.  Everyone is focusing on the happy times of Christmas cheer and family festivities.  I adjure to your intellects: do not relent in your focus or your activities to prepare for what is still around the corner.

They’re not celebrating festive, happy shopper days in Venezuela, where women are cutting off their own hair and selling it just to buy loaves of bread, or where a whole shopping bag full of Venezuelan Bolivars will not even buy a few days’ worth of essential supplies.

The Economy

The economy of the United States will take quite some time to recover.  You can continue in the true economy that you have started: the acquisition of supplies, materials, and resources that always hold their worth and have an intrinsic value.  Gold, silver, and precious metals…in physical form…these have worth and lasting, intrinsic value.  For an excellent analysis of just where the United States is economically, I highly recommend an article written by Shaun Bradley on December 8, 2016 entitled “Cash is No Longer King: The Phasing Out of Physical Money Has Begun,” and downloadable for your files.

Another article worth mentioning was written by Susan Duclos of All News Pipeline, entitled “We are Facing the Most Important Battle of All at the Most Dangerous Moment in History,” released on December 10, 2016.  Here is an excerpt from that article:

We at ANP are noting a lot of optimism from investors with stocks soaring,  to economic confidence reaching new highs, to small business owners, to household spending and even prepping has hit a “multi-year low,” all the articles I am reading are crediting the election of Donald Trump as reason for all this optimism, but as much as I hate to rain on everyone’s parade… now is the most dangerous time in history, not a time to assume just because one man was elected, all the wrongs will be made right, the failing economy will automatically just magically fix itself.”

These timely and sagacious words show that the battle is not over yet.  In this vein, do not lose focus!  Don’t allow the holiday cheer and festive atmosphere to leave you blindsided and thinking that the battle is over!  Other blogsites have reported that sales of emergency equipment and supplies have been drastically on the decline since the election was finished.  Remember: North Korea, Russia, and China still pose a viable threat in several areas of the world, the world economy is quite bad, and the U.S. has by no means recovered from the nightmare of two consecutive Obama terms.

Stay the Course for 2017!

Stay focused.  Gear your shopping and holiday activities to always take a back seat to awareness of the overall situation.  Stock up on your precious metals and long-term food supplies and water procurement capabilities.  Continue to locate and obtain the tools, medicines, and equipment you and your family will need.  Just because the “Captains” are about to change does not mean that the ship will change its course…the one taking it toward a wreck on the reefs.  Don’t let that reef loom up and blindside you to take you unawares.  Enjoy your holidays, but do so with one eye on the festivities and another one on the horizon…aware of what is going on around you.  Do not stop the preparations for even one minute.  Happy holidays, and keep up that good fight!  JJ out!

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  1. Can’t happen fast enough. It’s coming at some point so it may as well get here. I’m decently well prepared and am in a small community. I’d be more than happy to sit in the house and eat pickles for a month while the larger masses eat each other until things reboot.

  2. Just remember to take with a large grain of salt… collapse and Armageddon predictions from a guy who sells outrageously priced “prepper” foods, and is also a bit of a religious nut-roll.

    If the Hillapig would have won, cool… but let’s give Trump at least a chance before we foam at the mouth and bark at the moon.

    • @JustTheFacts


      “… but let’s give Trump at least a chance before we foam at the mouth and bark at the moon.”

      Amen to that.  I’ve been saying this for a few weeks now but it seems to be getting in the way of various “good stories”.  Oh, well.  For the moment, Trump is an unknown quantity… a political X factor, if you will.  We know what he has said.  If this is truly what he wants to do, then the only remaining question is, “Will he be able to do what he says he wants?”.  Maybe yes, maybe no.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

      Congress and the White House tend to oppose each other, as the founders wanted. This friction helps keep them from ganging up on the rest of us, so can be useful at times.  But it can also have them tripping over each other or gridlocked.  So far, the congressional leadership seems to want to work with Trump.  No doubt there will be a price for that as both the House and Senate are controlled by establishment types, neither of whom showed much support for Trump until AFTER he was elected.

      But, IMO, any new president or other politician deserves the benefit of the doubt until their actions prove them unworthy.  So far, I like what I see from Trump in terms of his activity level vs. that of the current president.  The performance bar has been set really low, so it should not take a lot of success to improve on that.


  3. Stop the fear mongering.  Just a bunch of freaking scared little b’s.  Is prepping run by a bunch of women?  Sure sounds like it.  There always seems to be something to worry about…

    I’ve got a story for you.  My parents lived through WW II – yes WORLD WAR TWO.  You know, where   they were dropping nuclear bombs on people and the entire globe was trying to kill each other.  My parents lived through that shit.  It must have been ridiculous.

    And guess what?  life…. went…. on.   Let that sink in.  Life went on during a world war.

    Stop fearing the future and start making the future.

    Oh, and buy silver!!!  I love that part…




    • My parents also lived through WW-II and, as children, through the Great Depression of the 1930s.  Those were hard times, for sure, and it took tough people to come through such times.

      Be that as it was, however, NO other country had nukes back then.  Only the US was a nuclear power in those days.  Today, a dozen or so countries have nuclear weapons.  War between any of these would be a far greater nightmare than WW-II, bad as that was.

      Additionally, a couple of dozen countries also have bio weapons that are not only deadly but absolutely hideous in their effects and, unlike chemical weapons, are self-replicating so continue to attack the enemies of those who launched them for months, if not years to come.

      It is one thing to be burrowed into a hole in terror of the future and quite another to be aware of the possibilities that modern day war has in store for anyone foolish enough to initiate it.

      I strongly agree that we need to “Stop fearing the future and start making the future“.  Life tends to be what we make of it via the choices we make and the actions we take.


    • Tell that to the white kid who was kidnapped by black kids and tortured.  Situational awareness is essential.  Is now and always has been, except for those who did not see it coming.

    • “And guess what?  life…. went…. on.   Let that sink in.  Life went on during a world war.”

      Tell that to the people who went to bread lines during the 30s depression. People who prep are better off in severe crisis.

    • There is something to be said about “the calm before the storm”.

      One of the most interesting aspects of prepping is that it can be undertaken in so many ways and to various levels.  I consider myself a “prepper lite”, meaning that I do have a number of preps that will come in handy during several different kinds of emergencies.  Much of this is in the way of food, water, water filtration, extra meds, flashlights, radios, extra batteries, wood for the stove, oil lamps, etc.  None of this would be sufficient for WW-III, a giant meteor impact, cataclysmic earth movement, or some other humongous SHTF situation.  But I do what I can for most things, particularly bad weather and economic instability.  I am fully aware of the hard core preppers out there who laugh at people like me but I do not care about living my life to suit them.  I live it to suit me and this works for me.  I will be MUCH better off than those who do not prep at all, so am already ahead of maybe 90-95% of the people out there.  That’s an “A” on a report card, so should do just fine.  There is a line that exists between being aware and careful and being hysterical.  We all have to find that line for ourselves, as no one else can do it for us.


    • That would be good but according to Murphy’s Law, when the crud hits the fan it is likely to do so at the worst possible time, inflicting maximum possible damage.  🙁

      Some say that Murphy was an optimist.


  4. I have covered the bases.

    To wait until everybody else catches on to get ready, may mean using a boat load more dollars or whatever to get a lot less if you get it at all.

    My county is 176k., we have a costco, 3 walmarts, and 2 Safeway stores.  That’s not much to brag about, because without just in time delivery, (Trucking). all gone in 1 day.

    So go figure what is needed and start building a small store as best you can.

    • Agreed @Falco


      “So go figure what is needed and start building a small store as best you can.”

      Building up a substantial larder is a good idea and these things can be acquired over time, which is also good.  This is how we started.  We buy extra food when it is on sale or when there are some good coupons available.  Sometimes, we just buy an extra item for the larder because it is good to do that occasionally.  Our food tends to be mostly in the area of dry foods, such as pasta, rice, rolled oats, dry milk, and beans, and canned foods, such as fruits and veggies but also soups and stews, with fresh local and garden produce thrown in for variety and nutrition.

      We don’t have much in the way of freeze-dried food but are considering getting some of that.  I have researched this and find that the Legacy PrepareWise foods are some of the best out there.  We like the taste, the low-salt, the non-GMO, and no MSG added qualities.  The portions are good and the nutritional value is high.  Shipping is fast and free and the price is also reasonable.  🙂





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