silver barIf you are tired of the gurus’ gold and silver predictions (which in the short term have been largely wrong thanks to 2013′s massive paper smash but remain sound fundamentally in the long term), here is an unemployed Average Joe silver investor’s outlook and predictions for silver over the short, medium, and long term:

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Guest Post Submission, via Silver-Coin-Investor:

My outlook for silver:

1-2 years…16-35
QE will keep silver prices relatively low for the next 8 to 16 months, the fed will taper 10% next fall(sept – oct). after that the fed will taper an additional %10 each quarter, for a year.
Once the QE has been tapered down to about %50-60 of where it is today, the fed will introduce a variable formula for determining the feds next taper.
The CME, Goldman Sacs, and other giant banks will continue to drive the disconnect between physical and paper. Pretty soon India will sink under the ocean from all the physical silver they have accumulated.
Americans will become more aware of physical silver, but as long as the divide between upper and middle class grows, so will the middle-class’s desire to live like the upper class, and physical silver will take 2nd seat to other household purchases.
The next few years will be critical to the miners. If silver stays below $22-24, mines could have shutdowns and temp divert their operating costs towards other metals, or even consolidated into new entities.

3-5 years…45-75 (possibly down to $25)
Silver prices will gradually rise to this point
The Bollinger bands will be stretched overall as silver price manipulation is still present. Big banks will find ways to dodge the hammer of the courts. Much of the American public will not have “accumulating physical silver” at the top of their list.

The miners are relatively happy now as the price rises and more investors climb aboard.
Industrial applications for silver will grow slowly and be cost dependent as industries respect the volatility of silver prices.
This volatility could also be the catalyst for silver prices to plunge to new 5-year lows.

10 years 65-220
Industrial applications will be the driving force of price.
Automotive, solar, micro technology, and overall physical demand (investors) grows.

Collapse of dollar (1400 – 8000)
difficult to predict

Some things to watch for…
-Solar applications
-Automotive design
-Additive(3D) printing technology and availability
-Graphene technology Research & Development
-Industrial metal substitutes for silver
-Disappointing employment numbers due to (1) increasing population, (2)lean manufacturing/automation
(3)outsourcing/subcontracted work
-Widespread disaster (natural, cyber, attack, civilian uprising/protests/martial law)

I am a silver investor.
I am unemployed and looking for work…
I save any change I get, buy silver eagles and junk silver coins when ever I get 20-40 bucks saved up.
Hope I never see silver that high as there are going to be a whole bunch of other problems to deal with if we do.

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  1. I think we may be able to substitute years with months and if there is a global currency rest combined with an overnight COMEX/LBMA default, a gap up to over 100 in shanghi, then its off over $1000 in days. my only question is, will you be able to buy Silver from the Chinese at any price in USD or will you need Bitcoin?

    • Bitcoin is banned in China, illegal, as it should be. Even though I doubt any fool will sell metals for BC. You’ll be able to buy silver with GOLD.

    • watch this site for a few hours and tell me whats banned in China. Bitcoin’s use is only banned by Banks and Third party payment processors. I buy my silver with Bitcoin from . Bitcoin is the electronic replacement to the dollar/swift/corrupt banker system. I can buy more different things right now with BTC than Silver yet Bitcoin can’t be mined without silver. I say have both and DUMP the USDolllar

    • @LexLuthor,
      “Illegal as it should be?  Who the F are you?  I have never owned BC and likely never will.  I believe it is just another fiat currency.  If you can’t put it in your pocket you don’t own it.  How-F’n-Ever, who are you to say what free individuals can exchange voluntarily for their goods and services.  Pretty Statist opinion, don’t you think?  If I want to trade the sweat of my brow for tulips, frankly, that’s none of your F’n business and I would invite you to mind your own F’n business.  Just sayin…

    • ^^^ BTC Cheerleader ^^^
      bitcoin! bitcoin! bitcoin! 
      I’m saying UTTT180 is correct, we will need BTC in the coming post-crash era. 
      Bix Weir also thinks so. LOTS of Silver Gurus agree. RON PAUL is mostly positive 
      abour BTC. It is scaled to have all U$D debt to be unitized into BTC fractions, and then some. 
      Plus, it can be used to buy PMs right now @ Agora. I’m lobbying The DOC to start accepting BTC. 
      LOVE to see THAT! Agora has no attraction for me, other than BTC purchase options. SD is better!
      My son go me into the BTC arena, the miner shows up in about 5-6 weeks. It will be paid off in the first week or 2. (tops)
      Let’s not let a “new fiat” tear SD apart. I’ll gladly be a test case, and if there are others wanting to take the dive, 
      perhaps we can start up our OWN Mining pool! 
      UTTT180 is correct, BTC is flying into CHINA much faster than the U$A. Mid day here, and CHINA is still out-buying 
      us in BTC by sometimes DOUBLE. Watch fiatleak, it is AMAZING. Purchase limits have been raised to 50 BTC/day. 
      Lots of 10-20 BTC orders going out every few minutes or so! EARLY IN, EARLY OUT! That’s the way to make real MONEY

  2. Average Joe or Average Doc. Gotta love these posts. Keep the hopium flowing.

    I picked up quite a few silver eagles over the weekend at spot from a coin dealer. Seeing the premium has disappeared makes me think so have the buyers.

    • This is not the case in Canada. In what Cities do you buy your silver? You’ve posted before that you get silver at spot. Maybe the odd ounce. I think you just like to Troll.  

    • The old name callers… That a good way to get a decent response from someone. Must be all teenagers here now or are you one of those guys with multiple logins hyping from all directions?
      I buy all along the east coast of the US. I have been to numerous cities and never paid over spot. Not an odd ounce, we are talking more than a few.

    • That’s the point @canadianstacker, he never gives details. I’ve asked for names of the dealers and shops and he remains silent. “All along the east coast”, “numerous cities”? Yeah, okay. And see how he tries to call you out for simply asking a legitimate question? People that talk like this are either trolls, liars or both. 

    • LMAO Hell I still buy Silver at spot once in a while and I get it on different forums from weak hands and I also have a Craigslist ad in my local area. Yea you can find it below spot if you look. Also I don’t deal with LCD to bloody expensive and you have to pay sales tax also. No Thank You, Keep Stacking and no I’m not going to tell you my forums. LOL

    • Charlie, my point being is that jiggy always badmouths stackers as being stupid and foolish for buying above or even at spot. He said he has never paid over spot. I don’t know, maybe some of us aren’t smart enough to find all these “weak hands” that seem so plentiful on there on the east coast.
      Sorry, but I call bullshit on this guy.

    • I have stated to piggy before that I frequent pawn shops. I don’t bad mouth anyone and I don’t name call like many here that get agitated when anyone speaks against crazy articles like this one. It is not that far fetched to pay spot, you can get 1oz rounds for 50 cents over spot on MPM with free shipping. its almost like you guys are making money selling the silver on this doc site….

    • JiggyZ
      I got 1 jewelry store where I could get silver @ SPOT, and I knew them really well, as in family friends 
      before they established the jewelry store. Now, they keep ALL SILVER that they buy from the public. 
      I have another place, antique store, in my own ‘Hood, that sold me @ Spot for some items, if prices were falling. 
      THAT IS ALL. Wish I had “multiple places” that sold at spot! 
      I know of another guy who buys low like that, nearly all the time, but he does huge volume. 
      He goes in to the LCS and other shops and buys volume at month’s end, etc. Or when prices 
      are DROPPING and the shops need CASH

  3. this is why you are unemployed….you think too highly of yourself. no one cares. maybe a chart showing bands and lines of support would have helped :)? concentrate on finding out where all the supply is coming from at these stupid low prices…..and report back! anything else is wasting readers time at the expense of making you feel important.  

  4. I agree, Marchas45, it’s the author’s opinion, and for the near term at least I think he has nailed it. While it would be nice to see some charts, palaka, I think we can do some technical analysis on our own (if we aren’t too lazy or stupid  enough to rely solely on others). Until that time when there is some history about predictions lets be civil and just agree to disagree. Stack them if you agree, or don’t …. it’s as simple as that.

    BTW, Charlie, it’s good to finally see your face!

  5. Hey Charlie, I was able to connect to your channel. Milk pack?  Apropos that the packs were gold colored..  Did you know that you look remarkably like Lt Commander Montgomery Scott (James Doohan) of Star Trek. If you put the Star Trek logo on your lapel, the look would be complete. 
    Glock 36. Is that the new one with 45 cal Phaser stun setting?  I’ll check it out
    Charlie is right on the food prepping. Stock two weeks at minimum–one-2 months is better.
    Doc has a first rate selection to build stocks of Non GMO food. I plan to look in my pantry to see if there’s any extra space. Ammo will soon be available on SD too
    One recommndation to add to Charlie’s post. If you don’t have a nearby external source of clear water, be sure to stock at least 5 gallons, and better yet, 10 gallons of water per person per day.  For two people that’s 300 gallons mininum for a month. More is better. It’s easy to stock and very cheap.  Rotate occasionally if you want a fresher taste but water can be stored for 10 years if in a cool dark area.   A Water Bob that fits and fills in a bathtub will hold 100 gallons    2 of those and you have a large amount of back up to your internal supplies   A good filter like Berkey or smaller personal filters like Lifestraw are lifesavers if you need this type of prep support
    Charlie, thanks for your fun posts. You are a great resource.  Cheers. Keep posting these personal recommendations
    Give your dear wife a big hug. She must be an extraordinary lady to keep up with an irrepressible spirit as yours. Milk in tea–just like a like it. An a dollop of honey. Stock and stack good honey. It’s also a critical part of a healthy diet

    • All that is in front of the prefix “The global World or International” – it is the property of the United States. Or controlled by the United States.
      Everything else – the local and minor.
      Dollar discredited itself in the eyes of the public. The Fed also discredited itself in the eyes of the public.
      Of course they needed a legend about some Satoshi, buyout supposedly created Bitcoin, and then he is evaporated.
      Thus, the Fed shows for fools (which the majority) that Bitcoin – a system that “does not belong to anyone,” and “no one is controlled”.
      But this is absurd. In the world there are no financial assets and payment systems, that have no owner.

      LOL, I have 3+ months food and water stored.  Toilet paper and LP Gas as well.  I had 8 cases of whiskey stocked too, but my father-in-law drank the entire stash while I was away.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Not pleased.

    • Shoot that old ba$tard @hromano1030!
      That WAS Barter stuff, or possible medicinal, etc. 
      I know of 1 guy I wouldn’t want in my B.O.B. (Band -O- Brothers)!
      lol JK on the shooting… maybe  ;) Gotta keep his daughter happy I guess! 
      He should get a fair trial THEN Shot

    • Federal Reserve no longer need gold. Now they have a Bitcoin. As soon ends era the first fiat money – the U.S. dollar, Fed will be immediately begin the era of other fiat money under the control of the Fed – it will Bitcoin.
      Bitcoin system has a limit of coins. But Bitcoin system has no limit fragmentation of these coins.
      Crushing coins Bitcoin to infinity – it’s the same exact Monetary Emission, as printing FRN.

  6. Tough crowd!  I agree it is one persons opinion and who knows whats going to happen.  I’ve read some articles written by so called experts that make me shake my head.  This was as good as an opinion piece as some of those.  Here is a thought….how much will a loaf of bread be in hyperinflation or dollar collapse?  How much was an oz in the Weimar Republic?  For all I know this person could be spot on.  It an opinion…nothing more nothing less. 

  7. We laugh at a post calling for $8000 silver but, I wonder how many trillion zimbabwe dollars it would take to exchange for an ounce of silver now?
    What makes numbers like $8000 per ounce of silver hard for us to swallow is that we can’t imagine our US dollar falling the way the currencies in Weimar Germany in the ’20′s  and the Zimbabwe dollars more recently did.
    Sound far-fetched?  Maybe.  But I am reasonably sure that the day may well come when silver can’t be acquired for even a wheelbarrow full of George Washington portraits.

    • But I am reasonably sure that the day may well come when silver can’t be acquired for even a wheelbarrow full of
      BEN FRANKLIN portraits. 
      Fixed it for ya, S.E.!

    • @RGR
      Thanks!  NICE CATCH!!!!!!   LOL!
      HA!  So much for FRN’s reverting to their intrinsic value — Paper and INK!!!   Remember the old expression in reference to arguing with a newspaperman, “Never argue with a man who buys ink by the barrel?”   I think we should add BernankYellen to that expression!!!

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