Ron Paul with Silver Circle RoundAs a fairly novice investor, I’m quick to acknowledge that I lack sophisticated knowledge about many of the terms, concepts and topics that seem to influence more experienced or “professional” traders.
For example, I know nothing about “technical analysis” or “Fibonacci waves.” I’m also pretty clueless about the workings of futures markets – “naked shorts,” “concentrated positions” and the like.
Truth be told the main reason I started investing in precious metals is Ron Paul. And, truth be told, the main reason I’m not interested in selling any of my silver or gold (or mining stocks) is also Ron Paul.


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Submitted by Bill Rice Jr.

For people like myself (who will probably never take the time to become experts in the intricacies of the precious metals trading worlds), a substitute investing strategy requires the identification of a “guru” we believe in and trust more than any other figure, and then simply follow his advice.

That is, we trust our “instincts” about individuals who we believe have, time and again, demonstrated they know more than others. We look for people who have consistently displayed keen instincts, people who we have come to believe have deeply studied a topic(s) and have reached unwavering conclusions based on their in-depth studies.

For me, this person is Ron Paul. This is the man, more than any, I put my faith in.

Of course, as gurus go, Ron Paul is a faith-tester. He is the definition of a “contrarian” and probably the Father of Political Incorrectness.

Even now I can hear some readers pecking away at their keyboards in rebuttal: “So how has that Ron Paul ‘advice’ worked out for you lately?”

Well, in the last nine or so months (when the USD prices of gold and silver have plummeted), not very well at all.

But then again – thanks in part to the teachings and pronouncements of Paul – I haven’t been in the market to sell my precious metals. In fact – a contrarian like my mentor – I’ve been buying the stuff. For me, acquiring silver is a long-term play (and Paul, a great student of economic history, is definitely a long-term thinker).

However, if I had “discovered” Ron Paul when he first entered national politics in the late ‘70s – and followed his advice to acquire gold and silver – I’d be rich by now and composing these columns at my beach home.

So why do I put my trust in Ron Paul? Why do I think that his analysis about the macro economy is spot on, and that his predictions for the future will become reality at some point in time?

Simply put, because just about everything he’s talked about and warned us about in the past has come to fruition (or is clearly coming to fruition even as I write).

What follows are “talking points” emphasized by Paul over the course of decades. As you will see, many of these positions and statements provoked boos (literally) from his audience, and certainly derision or ridicule from the mainstream media and mainstream political class.

But Paul has nonetheless stuck to his convictions (one of many reasons I’ve come to admire him).

Here’s a sample of Paul political and economic positions with comments about how how his once controversial pronouncements are perceived years later:

• Going to war with Iraq and Afghanistan was a major mistake, and unconstitutional to boot.

This is/was the position that most conspicuously separates Paul from fellow Republicans. He talked about the folly of such an endeavor almost immediately following 9-11. He spoke about it at every campaign appearance he made in both the 2008 and 2012 presidential primary cycles. At debates, his views routinely got him booed (albeit “not off the stage” – as he held his ground).

Today of course, the vast majority of Americans have come to believe that America’s decade-long involvement in both wars was a terrible blunder, both from a strategic perspective and a financial or budgetary perspective. Most Americans, that is, now believe that Paul was right.

• American empire – or American involvement in countries around the world. Paul famously (or infamously) has long been for “bringing the troops home” not just from Afghanistan and Iraq but all the 100-plus nations where American military personnel are stationed.

Paul argues that such a presence not only further breaks an already broke treasury, it violates George Washington’s warning about the dangers of unnecessary foreign entanglements. America’s meddling also invites “blow back” down the road and leads to all kinds of unanticipated and unintended consequences. Invariably, dictators we support become enemies.

Events in the Mid-East, Libya, Iraq, Egypt, etc. have made more and more Americans move toward Paul’s way of thinking.

• Audit the Fed (and/or an emphasis on the damaging influence of the nontransparent and unelected Federal Reserve).

No other politician in America (or the world for that matter) has made a greater effort to steer the focus of economic discussions to the policies of the Fed (and other central banks and central planners).

Despite these lonely efforts, most people still see the Fed’s actions as being “solutions” to our economic woes, not as the source of the mess we are in. But more people are now critical of the Fed, or at least open to the possibility that the Fed is creating “boom and bust cycles,” devaluing the dollar and making it harder for members of the middle class to remain in the middle class. This evolution in thinking is largely due to the preaching of Dr. Paul.

• Discussions of gold, a gold standard or at least a standard of money that uses “competing currencies.”

Paul is probably the most famous “gold bug” in the world. It was Paul who first questioned whether America actually possessed (free and clear) all the gold the government says it possesses.

His skepticism on this matter was duly noted, and duly ridiculed and dismissed. Today, however, more and more pundits are raising the exact same questions, especially after the U.S. government denied the German government’s request to return just 20 percent of the gold it stores in America.

A return to the gold standard probably won’t happen any time soon, but it is now at least being discussed (forming a commission to study the issue was inserted into the Republican platform). Some smart people are even predicting that China might be working as fast as possible to have the yuan ultimately become the world’s new reserve currency, using gold to back said currency.

Again, something Paul broached first is being considered and talked about in much wider circles.

• Unsustainable debt. No politician in America in the last 40 years has spent more time warning about the growth of the Federal government and the “catastrophe” that hyperbolic debt and deficits will unleash on this country and the world.

Today, many more Americans are now coming to appreciate the immense scale of the problem. Their concerns echo those Paul was sounding thirty years ago.

• Threats to civil liberties and dangers of the encroachment of a Police/Surveillance State.

Paul, almost alone, stood against the creation of the massive Homeland Defense Department, the federalized Grandma-groping TSA, the Big Brother elements of the “Patriot Act,”etc.

Indeed, the growth of the “Security State” and the erosion of civil liberties has been another standard of almost every political speech Paul has given for decades. Again, many dismissed his “unpatriotic” critiques. Today, with revelations of Edward Snowden and others, Paul is considered as being either prescient, or at least as the best-known figure who sounded a warning alarm about Nanny State also becoming Big Brother state.

Other examples of Paul’s unpopular positions that seem to be not as unpopular as they once were:

• The folly of the ‘war on drugs’ and Paul’s warnings about the “Police/Prison/Prosecutor/ Industrial Complex.”

A libertarian at heart, Paul is for legalization of drugs, a position he’s never backed away from even though it couldn’t have helped him in the polls.

Still, have you noticed that two U.S. states have now legalized marijuana? Other states are seriously considering doing the same thing. In conversations with friends and acquaintances, I’ve noticed that many more are now open to legalization, or at least acknowledge the validity of the arguments.

Whatever you think about the subject, this is clearly another example of Paul being far ahead of the curve on a potential policy change, and also being a central figure in influencing how this topic is debated.

• Immigration debate – During the last presidential debating season, Paul floored me when he made a comment I’ve never heard before, or thought about.

When it comes to building an immigration wall/fence along our southern border, we should stop and think about something, Paul said. Not only will such a wall make it harder for others to enter our country, it will also make it harder for Americans to leave (if they so desire … and if our government doesn’t want us to leave).

Huh? Could this actually happen? Well, money (and people) will flee to where it is more welcome, right? People move from State A to State B all the time to protect their wealth. Could a time come where Americans want to flee to other countries for the same reason? Isn’t the government already doing everything it can to keep Americans from “sheltering” funds outside the country?

Already broke – and soon to be broker – will the government not care if money it can confiscate from tax payers forever escapes its reach?

It’s a question worth asking, or at least thinking about – and Paul is apparently the only political thinker who has thought about such a scenario.

This is just one of many examples of Paul saying something that, at first blush, sounds outlandish (and beyond the realm of possibility) but, upon further consideration – and further passage of time – seems quite possible indeed.

Other readers can no doubt come up with examples of Paul predictions or warnings that have either come to pass, or are now much closer to coming to pass than most would have ever thought.

I cite the above to hopefully illustrate my point that Paul seems to know what he is talking about – even though what he says and believes is often far from “conventional wisdom” at the time he says it.

For his part, Paul – quite a humble man – would no doubt chafe at the notion that he is some kind of seer.

Especially when it comes to the economy, Paul would say that he’s not spoken one original thought. Everything he believes and shares with others comes from his study of Austrian economic thinkers.

On other matters dealing with the structure of government, just about everything he says flows from the pronouncements of our nation’s Founding Fathers and his study of the U.S. Constitution.

When Paul argues forcefully for a return to small government or a return to “sound money” – he is echoing the teachings of great men he has studied in great depth.

Maybe one day I’ll get around to taking a home course on Austrian economics or become an authority on the thinking that went into the creation of our Constitution.

But when it comes to how economic events might play out, and how I should invest given these likely possibilities, I can probably save some time and effort by simply listening to Ron Paul.

I guess I could listen to Ben Bernanke or Paul Krugman, but my instincts say that Ron Paul is probably the man tomorrow’s historians will say “saw it all coming.”

Paul has admitted that he’s no good at predicting when things will happen. But he’s very confident that, given the realities and trends of the world today, certain events will happen, developments that will cause a “catastrophe” in the global economy.

Owning physical silver and/or gold is about all a lowly newspaper man like myself can do to protect his family’s wealth and economic future when such events materialize.

There’s many reasons I’ve reached this conclusion and am not likely to change my opinion about our collective economic fate. I have, in fact, done some of my own study and reached my own conclusions. But I haven’t studied these topics to the extent Ron Paul has. Nor have I seen anyone else in public life whose warnings and predictions about the future have been more consistently clairvoyant.

That is, I feel very comfortable about the long-term wisdom of my silver investments because I’m confident that the mentor I’ve selected is much smarter than I am.

I don’t need to study Fibonacci waves when I can simply listen to Ron Paul.

Bill Rice, Jr. is managing editor of The Montgomery (AL) Independent. He can be reached
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  1. All Mitt Romney had to do to be elected was promise to name Dr. Paul his Treasury Secretary.  Ron Paul supporters would have to have swallowed hard, but they would have gone to the polls and pulled the lever for Romney.  But, Romney wouldn’t do it.  Why?  Because they are all in on it.  So, the Paul supporters stayed home and we now have Pres. Obama for a second term not that a Romney presidency would have been much different.  But, a Sec. of the Treasury Ron Paul could have made a difference. 

    • The real history – yes.
      The sanctioned, re-written history, for consumption by school children and the general public – not a chance. It doesn’t work that way. Those in control of the media, education, the political process, etc (regardless of political party) simply will not allow it.
      You want the truth? You have to dig for it. You have to work for it. You have to mine for it. That’s why it is so precious – just like precious metals.

    • MaryB
      How can an alien agent be a ‘traitor’? A subversive enemy saboteur, yes!

      Moreover, he isn’t President of the original, ordinary government Civil Trust established for the States of America in 1789, but of the parallel business entity formed in 1871; so the Military isn’t Lawfully oath bound to his directives.

  2. Bill,
    I applaud you in your quest, which is in essence, a quest for the truth.
    Ron Paul tells the truth, and he is hated for it by the ‘establishment’.
    Gold & Silver tell the truth, and they are hated for it by the establishment, who incidentally secretly want as much as they can possibly get of them.
    I would only add that Ron Paul is very elderly, and won’t be with us at some point in the future, so it would pay to start acquiring a couple more mentors along the way. That’s not as easy as it sounds, because most of the so-called respected commentators have their own vested interests in saying what they say. They want to sell you precious metals, subscription services, books, stocks and such like, and to get your ‘buy-in’ they paint all sorts of imminent doomsday war & financial collapse scenarios, and predictions of skyrocketing precious metals prices.
    I’m not saying this isn’t all exciting and entertaining – it is! I can’t go a day without reviewing my two or three favourite PM/Finance blogs, vicariously hoping for a sign that PMs are finally on their way to the top.
    I also am not bothered about learning Tecnical Analysis, as I believe the market is highly manipulated, hence TA is irrelevant. I also believe in the so-called ‘black swan’ effect.
    Fundamental analysis is good as far as it goes, but again, it is useless against a black swan event. For example, we may have a sound understanding of the fundamentals of the pork industry, and give it a positive outlook, but all of that would become null and void if a new and unforseen virus epidemic wipes out the entire pig population of the earth.
    Anyway, I digress somewhat.
    Good luck with your search for the truth. The nuggets are out there, unfortunately mixed with a fair bit of fools’ gold ;)

    • Ron Paul is much like Assange, Snowden, and the like, whistle blowers who are all on the same mission, to right the wrongs and help the average person. These people are out to thwart the powers that be and to change the world, and the elites just wont have it! They will put forth all the necessary propaganda to demonize these individuals.
      These are the real Supermen……not the Bizarro version. Ron was the last hope we had of turning this ship around and he was snuffed out, (politically speaking) throughout his whole political career whilst being completely truthful, (and correct in hindsight). We need to embrace these brave individuals, not shun, hate and persecute them. The Ron Paul silver rounds will be worth a great deal in the near future…….

  3. No rich man gets rich by following the “Crowd”
    Every wealthy investor is secretly following the “secret” investment path that only the “In” crowd knows about.
    Therefor, when the WORLDS common men are crowding to stocks…. like “Lambs to the Slaughter” I think about the Rothchild’s insanely slick trade movements just post “French War” with Briton.  Where Rothchild’s messenger arrived before the King’s, and pronounced loss of the war, Rothchild dumps, everyone follows, and Rothchild picks up EVERYTHING for NOTHING! Tomorrow, Briton’s messenger arrives declaring victory, and everyone was fleeced!
    Thats todays investment! Looks good doesn’t it?  Wanna follow everyone else, don’t you?  What are the secret clan members of the “F*ck the People” Alumni investing in?  You guessed it! Gold!  It’s the same old shell game, “look over here!” while they sweep up everything REAL for nothing, and your left holding a piece of toilet paper in the end…. waiving it around like anyone actually wants it…. Ha!  How could the world be so blind… the “World Class Sucker Play” is underway! And your neighbor has front row seats!

  4. This is spot on. I also think many in equities are under the illusion that they will be able to get out at/near a top. Every day the stock market goes higher, despite global fundamentals it increases the risk of a 1987 style crash–and the risk now seems very high. Inexperienced investors don’t realize in a mass exodus they can try and sell but the market will go bidless until it moves 20-40% lower. If I had most of my money in equities closely tied to the economy I wouldn’t be able to sleep. Any large bank in Europe, China, or Japan could be the catalyst–the chances are high. Many will get crushed. Artificial wealth can evaporate much faster than it came about.
    Being contrarion causes one to suffer during periods such as these. But discipline with a strong fundamental outlook, while getting into something before everyone else does will greatly offset any suffering over the long term. The key is knowing first, what everyone knows eventually. Most stocks are nothing but a momentum and speculative play at this point. The train is getting full, and there is no way I plan on jumping on. I don’t care how high it goes, because I know its destination has always remained the same–off a cliff. 

  5. Sometimes I wonder if investing in PM is what I really should be doing.  I look around and see everyone making money in the markets and I get jealous.  I am not rich at all and only have enough to invest modestly every once in a while.  I think the thing that really has me nervous is that it seems people have been screaming about a collapse of the system for years; even decades.
    Maybe everyone that comes to these sites are just pessimistic, chicken littles.  I hope I am wrong but I do wonder.

    • Welcome Silver Steve! 
      I “woke up” because of the 2008 crash. In the ensuing 5 years, I have seen EVERY prediction come true, in it’s due time. 
      (looking back is 20-20) The frequency of these staggering changes is increasing. Seems you have just become recently aware 
      and it will seem to move slowly at first, but speed up. This latest Stock Market Surge is all about being the ONLY positively 
      (upside) manipulated game in town! Everything else is shoved down, to make the U$D look stronger. It takes time, but 
      you will see how to read between the lines of market reports and economic indicators. is a good resource.
      This is a good pic of the DOW right now! lol

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