There has not been a peek in Ft Knox for nearly 60 years.  Empty of gold?  Probably. Or spoken for (rehypothecated) 5 times over and that situation, if it’s a fact, would be a real crap storm since the claimants are probably central banks. Germany’s 300 tons of gold? Pfah.  Get lost Merkel.  The emperor’s golden threads are just dross. No one will get to see what’s there, move along.
Meanwhile, the Chinese are quietly backing their currency with at least 20,000 tons of gold.  Not 10,ooo or 5,000. At least 20,000 metric tons.


Maples Sale(2)


China needs to feed 1.3 billion, 20% of world population and has not developed adequate infrastructure to do so–it is still agrarian and has water, drought and enviromental problems, thus they are buying food production elsewhere in Africa, Australia, Canada and the US (Smithfields)  This will produce a conveyor belt of vittles to the middle kingdom while ridding itself of their $1.3 trillion in FRNs. They will not be reliant on the US to feed them.
But they will consider their dollar reserve as sunk costs after using the US as a dumping site for Chinese goods while spending US Reserves to buy up anything of value, from gold and silver, to water rights, food production, African production,  land and petroleum production.
China must feed about 1 billion peasant population and give the strivers access to middle class.  Their capital base must grow to satisfy the monetary needs of a rising middle class and a hungry lower class.  But problems arise with their mega banks, liquidity, SHIBOR rates skyrocking and instability in the shadow banks.  That could be a real disaster.  Fast economic growth without the corresponding population growth to absorb it won’t work well.  The rest of the world are in recessions and depressions and that includes the US, Europe and Japan.  What markets are left? Internal?  Only to the degree that the population has access to credit and can consume the goods and services.  That means a great deal of debt to fund this internal growth.  It did not work well here since out growth has been debt based not based in real economic growth.

We offshored 40,000,000 jobs and real income has not risen in 30 years, corresponding to and with China’s growth. But China is not omniscient or omnipotent.
Their one child policy has been a disaster with little Emperors and a country that is growing old before it grows rich. If it can’t correct that with a population boom this country is expected to have 150,000,000 labor shortage in 25 years.  This a a real problem that has made Japan a basket case.  China must increase population to ‘FIT’ into the government sponsored and forced increase in their own FIAT machine, running as fast as ours but with half the GDP size.

If China sees the Yuan value increase 10% to the dollar they have to have the population and income to absorb the cheaper imports. But I dont think this will help keep inflation down in China because their demand coupled with massive amounts of FIAT will increase inflation.  My thoughts are that China will slowly work to undermine the US since our policies are anti growth and anti business, almost as if we are committing economic suicide.  In the world of politics and economies, if your foe is committing suicide then just step back and let them or it kill themselves. It’s like the Repubs letting the Dem and Obamacare gut the Dems and POTUS.

As for knowing what China and its leaders are thinking and doing, we need to deal with transparency.  There is little, since their tea leaf readers and speakers are as obtuse and opaque as ours and then some. They’ve had 5,000 years of history and a very long dynastic model that has been in place for centuries.  The families that rotate into and out of power are still the overlords to China that have been in place for centuries. The present ones do not want to tip their hand or give the western powers knowledge of their plans until they are ready.  They have said they do not want to accumulate more FRNs.
So be it . Done deal.   They may not need more since they can print their own and once the YUAN becomes an alternate reserve currency they can print to their heart’s content, backing their currency with at least 20,000 metric tons of gold.  Not 10,ooo or 5,000. At least 20,000.

Most of these Chinese dynasties last upwards of 4-5 centuries before another takes its place.  We probably have little clue to what really goes on in China’s decision making, even to what it’s real GDP is now, its real growth rate (3, 7 or 10%?), its gold holdings (my guess is 20K metric tons mininum), strength of its banking enterprises (poor in many cases). We will find out something as to their gold reserves when they complete the ring-fence of the western world (US-centric).  65% of world population and 35% of world GDP is signing on to the Yuan currency and bond linkages.

They have tried to launch a capitalist Adam Smith growth model but are beset with a crony communistic fascist model that still rewards corruption, theft and bribes.  Some of those tactics and means are old as the hills. Maybe they will outgrow that sort of system in time but for now it appears to work and fit their cultural norms, as painful as they are.

We are accumulating some of the worst of these models (corruption, theft, murder and bribes) but the Chinese leaders are masters at this. They need to keep their people in line.  They also remember the predations of the Western world as readily as we refight the Civil war. While they need to fight some rear guard actions against the power structures that exist in China they must focus their attention to the world wide economic and currency battles.  Resources are becoming increasingly scarce in China (water, food and oil)

Those old wounds are fresh given the Chinese think in centuries and they were just given a gift by the UN and our State Department.  The new agreements allowing sanctions lifted from Iran if Iran promised to play well with others in the ME, this will remove the motives and maybe the means for Israel (allying itself with Saudi Arabia) to attack Iran.
A masterful stroke that simultaneously defangs Israel, keeps Syria safer from western attack, jumpstarts Iran with reduced sanctions, and allows the Russians, Syrian, Iranian, Pakistanis and Afghanistan to build that pipeline to China.  China needs this petro and with Iran back in play, Israel would be a pariah if it attacked, even if Saudi Arabia paid them to do so.  SA tried to pay us to attack Syria but Putin defanged that strategy by removing the WDM issue. Brilliant move that and it left Obama without a ME strategy, showed the world BHO is toothless and gave the ME to the other side. Saudi Arabia is now making trade and petro pacts with China, potentially using Yuan as a currency exchange mechinism. The dollar is going to get hammered due to that and in short order.  But China moves in 10 year regimes and 5 year plans.  Those started 1 year ago. Jinping has 9 years to work his strategies.

buff sale(1)

Transparency is an interesting thing.  In my world there is a saying. Buyers and liars and sellers are yellers.  Most people, when involved in loans and the purchase of real estate, make a lot of noise and run their BS 24/7  But everyone has their magic number.   I think about the Kennedy assassination.  Lots of noise and shouting.  Most of  those who were the minor level  mainsprings of this action are now dead.   But Kissinger, Zbig, G Gordon (??) Daddy Bush, Rockefeller are still alive.  They will never talk.  They are part of the top team and there is something in spycraft that represents a truism.  To remain a member of the club you keep your mouth shut.  If you don’t,  you are excommunicated, killed or put in a box somewhere, never to be seen again.

That’s one of the reasons there has not been a peek in Ft Knox for nearly 60 years.  Empty of gold?  Probably. Or spoken for 5 times over and that situation, if it’s a fact, would be a real crap storm since the claimants are probably central banks. Germany’s 300 tons of gold? Pfah  Get lost Merkel.  The emperor’s golden threads are just dross. No one will get to see what’s there, move along.

  1. Geopolitically I struggle to think that our leader would let this happen, but I guess when you’re trying to maintain your jacked up, corrupt, rotting system at all costs – then logic falls by the wayside.
    I’ve heard that the west is “letting china take avantage of low prices” as some form of political favor, but the fact that the west isn’t merely allowing china to accumulate gold, but rather is giving their gold to china – I can’t accept this. The only possible explanation in my view as I’ve stated before is sociopathic satanists in the halls of power here will eventually die of a self inflicted wound and it can’t some soon enough.

    • If I were cynical (and I am old enough to be so) I can imagine the statists/satanists (choose your favorite descriptor) in the Casa Blanca opening the door to China in ways that are hard to imagine…but why?  I’m not sure…but Omojo is an opportunistic statist and as such does favor other like-minded totalitarians (remember the Mao Christmas card on the Casa Blanca Christmas tree -even Jimmy Carter or Clinton, much less the Bushes, would have allowed that!  In my darker imaginings I see Omojo allowing an EMP of the US with the ensuing 80%+/- population reduction within 2 years…China does need to be fed, after all, and where better to do it than the breadbasket of the world?  Again, why would Omojo set us up for it?  He is first and foremost something other than an American (and I don’t care if he was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on the 4th of July, he is not an American in his soul), but what’s the deal? He is looking for some sort of re-alignment with other statists, and to do that effectively, he must rid the world of the US.  It may take him a while, but that, I think, is the goal.

    • @PromBez,
      China is making friends all over the world financing broken infrastructure, building roads while the U S is losing all the friends made and bullying countries by demonstrating as the World Police Force. I am an American but do not agree with the foreign policies established by my country and if a poll were taken today of all sane, thinking true Americans 100% would be in agreement. We have no business meddling in the affairs of other countries, but of course it is claimed that we must protect our interests. The only interest that this country wants to protect is MONEY which equals OIL and the DOLLAR maintaining the World’s Reserve Currency status.
      China will in fact rule the world in the near future.

    • @Ranger
      There is no need to feel guilty or apologize. I know that a lot of Americans do not agree with what is being done on their behalf and in their name. Some do not understand what is going on. Our job is to use the internet as a tool to wake up people from coma.

  2. BTW, RT already had a repot that Fort Knox is empty. If it wasn’t true, the US gov. would’ve sued their ass off. They just kept quiet and didn’t want to raise the interest of the American public. The girl is laughing while reporting, I can see she barely holds back her laughs. I even suspect that the gold is not in the US. If you are a banking cabal out of London why would you keep both the loan and collateral in the same basket? Collateral was removed from the basket at some point, prior 2004. Otherwise why would N M Rothschild & Sons, Mocatta & Goldsmid, Pixley & Abell, Samuel Montagu & Co. and Sharps Wilkins gave up their control of the London Gold Fixing in 2004? The gold was looted and it was time to shift the blame onto other entities.

  3. All I see is sorted speculation that goes no where and makes no sense economically for evil or good.

    (In other words this shit has been going on so long that what is stated has been stated in so many different terms and obviously has no end in sight.)

  4. Good article AGXIIK yep the Chinese are going to have a hard time feeding their people WTSHTF but they will be coming out of it, smelling like a rose and be the new leaders of the world I’m afraid. Got any Renminbi? Keep Stacking

  5. widget 
    Reading and keeping  up on Bill Holter’s essays and Willie’s subscription, with the intel from his solid gold broker source, I did some extrapolation along with what has been a reasonably certain number of 10,000 tons held by China, what China does not report can give some idea of their acquisitions. 
    The direct buys come from the usual sources.
      China has been mining 300-400 tons of gold a year for decades and none leaves their country.
    Ten year of purchases   500 tons a year  low average for 10 years   5,000 tons
    Internally mined gold   350 tons a year                            3,500 tons
    It is flatlining only 10 years  It does not take into account what China has acquired or mined for the last 3 decades. 
    Few if any speak to that
    It’s human nature to conceal true holdings if those holdings could be interpreted as a weapon in the currency wars.  Disclosing ones weaponry gives the adversary too much information.  So  present stocks, not including citizen holdings, could  perhaps  be twice what has been acquired over the last 10 years
    Most people will lie when asked a question that is sensitive. They usually state twice the amount or half.
     When pressed on sensitive matters,  they will usually state the lower figure, often half of what they actually have. 
    The Chinese have had their silver stolen twice by England and enormous amounts of  gold stolen once, by the Japanese in WWII. 
    The Dragon family send thousands of tons to the US when Japan was threatening.  There is likely a large part of their stack remaining in the home country since trusting westerners was of dubious value.
    The US possessed 75% of the entire gold in the world just after WWII.  That was sold, returned or redeemed for dollars.  I heard that was 50-60,000 tons in the 1950s  Having 20,000 tons seems modest after what they and we have had in the past.
    China has been a gold stacker for millenium No one knows how much if left after predations and gold used for foreign purchases.
    Given what they have reported in purchases,  it’s potentially half of what they probably bought.  They are secretive since gold is a FIAT WMD against the dollar.  It is well reported that they will back the renmimbi with gold. That cat is out of the bag.
      Given the QE of the Chinese central bank at $15 trillion and a rough guess of what it would take to partially or fully back their currency, 20,000 tons is reasonable at $10,000 an ounce.  That would be $6.4 trillion and cover their currency by about 30-40%
     $50,000 an ounce is possible once gold is brought out into the open to back the renmimbi and potentially associated currencies of their allies.
    BTW  the US flew two B52s over the Sendaku Islands   That is really dramatic saber rattling over territory claimed by China and Japan. Will we back Japan over a set of islands that could provide access to the open ocean-South China Sea.  Given the perfidy of our present administration, China could call our bluff just like Putin outdrew Obama over Syria.  China play for keeps and gold could be a real money currency that could set the dollar back a large amount.

    • “China play for keeps and gold could be a real money currency that could set the dollar back a large amount.”
      Indeed they do.  One would think, however, that all of the fiat currencies are pretty well tied to each other by this point, so backing the yuan with gold, even partly, would be nothing short of a financial declaration of war, not just against the USD but against ALL fiat currencies and the CBs that sponsor them.  This is starting to look a lot like a BRICS + Asia group vs. US + Western countries + Japan conflict.  Yes, it will be economic at first but it is unlikely to remain such once a few countries get seriously hurt financially.  At some point, the gloves could well come off and who knows what crap would enter the ventilator at that point… probably quite a bit.  :-/
      BTW, AG, I concur with your 20k tons of gold in Chinese hands.  If anything, the real number is likely to be higher than this, based on the amount mined and the rate of purchases that China has made.  My question would be, “What about the gold being purchased around the world by Chinese-paid agents who are not Chinese but who are buying significant amounts of gold surreptitiously, using Chinese supplied USD and delivering physical gold to China for a fee?”.  That amount of gold, using thousands of agents, could be greater than the amounts known to have been purchased by China.
      As I have mentioned in other posts, I believe that China views gold as a strategic resource / national treasure and because of its strategic importance does not blab all they know about the gold tonnages that they buy and hold.  Why would they?  China is a secretive state that hoards information just as strongly, if not more so, than they hoard natural resources, food, and other things that are critical to their long-term future.
      Prior to retiring in 2004, I worked with a Chinese gentleman for several years.  He once told me that in China, recent events are those that have happened within the past 800 years.  REAL history is for events more than 800 years ago.
      He also mentioned that China is using capitalism to destroy capitalism.  It is the sharpest tool in their toolbox at the moment, so that is what they use.  When Westerners say that China would not do this or that because it would damage their economy or they would have to write off all of their USD / UST bond investments, they clearly do not comprehend what it is that opposes us.  They are attempting to impose Western ideals of business upon a people that don’t hold those ideals.  The Chinese do not give a rat’s rosy red patootie about economics or about money.  They are powerfully motivated by Marxism and what they see as China’s long-term destiny.  That destiny, in their view, is to not only rule the world but to one day crowd out all non-Chinese nations until only China and its transplanted Chinese surrogates remain.  One world, one government, one language, and one people… Chinese.  They FULLY comprehend that this will be the work of many centuries and not years or even decades.

    • What, no reply from the PM expert widget? And where is zman weighing in on this thread?
      LMAO…very nice work AG. Those guys can’t carry your jockstrap around here when it comes to facts.

  6. In his book Liddy clearly stated that he would have loved to kill John Dean but was not given the order. Liddy was an insider and very close to Nixon, meaning Nixon probably let on some serious secrets while he was drunk  Nixon, not Liddy

  7. Wow, xenophobia at its best.
    from reading your past posts AGXIIK, I understand your fears of China over taking a once and proud (Now, dumb, fat, lazy, did I mention stupid) nation, but come on.
    Where on earth did you scrap up the 25 years figure? that’s bull crap, if the Chinese didn’t introduce the one child per family policy, they would be creating wars to feed their nation, it was the only civil thing they could do. They have more than enough people to stave off any pyramid scheme that us westerners think that the east runs off, just because we are dumb enough to buy into pyramid schemes, you naturally assume that a communist state would do the same?
    Adam Smith??? really, not Hayek?
    I think you need to read a bit more into the communist manifesto. It warns all about pyramid schemes.
    As for poverty, you seen the stats on America lately?
    When I look at pictures on the TV from Main stream, I saw hurricane Katrina, I saw New Orleans. I see Detroit.
    Capitalism in America has failed. As far as I can see, Animal Farm works equally well for both communism and a corrupt capitalist nation as well.
    China is not a third world country, they are first world, It may make you sleep better at night to dream of little yellow children dying, so that you feel more comfortable in your American bed, dreaming of gunning them down with AK47′s, but guess what, their military is awesome.
    North Korea? They beat the British, Americans and various other nations, combined, and that was just through man power alone.
    Technically they would win any war against America, the best outcome that America could hope for is a stalemate, by going nuclear, that would decimate the planet. Its never an option.
    I think you need to change you mindset, and learn to live in an age where China is Dominant, setting world, geopolitical agendas.

    Chill out, if your cool and learn to abide, we will all be okay, its just a transition at the top.

    • pyramid schemes?  
      roger that. 
        cashonly, just 64 and I had a pretty good dialogue going on the  little ponzi schemes like FIAT, the Fed, Social Security, student loans.   Ponzi was good at his scheme but it takes a government to take that model, make it their own and extend it over a few generations.   We were bantering on the hyperinflation post about 10 stories back.  It’s almost as if everything is a ponzi scheme today.  Ponzi would be proud.

    • Waitingforsilver
        My note about the one child policy was more a comment regarding the potential lack of a growing labor pool 25 years from now.  That study spoke to the possibility of having a shortage of 150,000,000.  In a country of 1,300,000,000, that’s barely 10% but labor will be key to growth. Without it China could slip badly in its forward momentum.   If the CHinese population ages and this is coupled  with a birth dearth, it could happen, like it’s happening in Europe and Japan.
      As for Adam Smith, my thinking was the Chinese  ‘crony’ or ‘controlled’ capitalism is not Smith’s Invisible hand. The speed at which China has grown to the second largest GDP in the world is something to behold.  Trying to keep it from spinning out of control is pressing its leadership to find  ways to maintain some stability while making sure the growth is orderly.  There are many articles that speak to this but the three things that appear to be having a serious  effect on  sustainable and controllable growth are their money supply, banking weaknesses and the trillions spent on stimulus. 
      They are getting much more benefits  from their QE, something that actually helps build growth, as opposed to our QEs which create disasterous bubbles and maybe $1 of growth for every $35 dollars of FIAT thrown at it. Or maybe it’s now negative due to ZIRP. But they may have overprinted and left the shadow banking enterprises shoshing around with trillions in FIAT that seeks return but is creating malinvestments.
      I appreciate your comments because they shake up my complacency in assumption and force me to reread what I write.
      After rereading my posts I think if there is any zenophobia, it’s directed at our central bank and government.
      Our government scare the bejabbers out of me.
      The Chinese concern me only in that they are actively working to built their country and we may be in their way or be regarded as a resource base, maybe even to the point that they seek active economic domination and a strong press into this country with financial investments and immigration.  Wouldn’t it be the richest of irony that we became a financial and economic colony of China in opposition to their being our financial colony for the last 40 years.   
      There an old saying that when a technologically superior culture meets an inferior one, the superior one wins.  My ancestors, the first occupants of this country, found out the hard way
      If the Chinese are anything in this regard, they are the strivers with a force of will and potentially a force of arms as they build out their blue water navy, nuclear subs and ICBBMs.  That is becoming a game changer in the South China sea and might make for a new boss in the Pacific sea lanes.
      The Chinese are doing what any great nation does when they seek opportunity and see weakness   They move forward.  Sun Tsu spoke to that many times. 


    Read this, just because a population is in decline, doesn’t mean its in trouble. Japan has problems not because of policy, but because no one is having sex. Men are just not up for it. Not the same as policy.

    • Waiting  I was able to shift the articles to my computer except for this one   For some reason my security settings did not allow this google page to load.  Can you send it in another format.  BTW  I use START PAGE for googling things.  It leaves not trails 
      If you want to connect outside silverdoctors to talk more I am open to that. Maybe you can send me a note though the forums.  thanks
      PS I like the AK 47 AND the SKS Paratrooper D bu strictly for fun plinking and self defense if needed. But you know that part of me from my other posts. I serious bought if I need to bring these weapons to bear on a Chinese brigade coming up to the hills. :-)
      As for sleeping better at night dreaming of little yellow children dying, that is a strange statement—if you knew me better you would never say somethng like that. I do not recall making a statement like that anywhere. It is not in my nature
      Over the last 30 years I have become almost virulently anti abortion.  In this country 55,000,000 babies were killed in their mother’s womb.  That is murder, a horrible sin, no matter if its done in this country or in China, where abortion was and is being used for population control and the One Child Policy.  I have read stories of parents who wanted two children, something any parent should have to right to enjoy.  Their children were taken from them; the parents were often jailed  and if not, they had many opportunties taken from them. The consequences of child genocide is creating consequences that are being strongly felt in China today
      We all know of Mao’s cultural revolution and Great Leap Forward. Between those two misguided policies, some 70 million Chinese met an early death. China does seem to have the tendency to implement policies that have deadly repecussions. But giving members of my tribe disease filled blankets or herding some of my family into reservations in centuries past. Genocide by any other name, including national policies, is still genocide.
      Abortion is genocide and practiced today by the group that was started by Margaret Sanger. But that is another story

      In America abortion is practiced with great abandon and children are murdered on a wholesale basis.  In China it became national policy.  Either way, it is a terrible crime against humanity and there will be a rendering of judgement on that score in my opinion.
      By the way, I am not a religious person but as a human being, I will state in no uncertain terms, murder is murder; abortion is one of the worst types of murder; against the most defenseless and innocent of our human race.

  9. Excellent post AG !
    I read it the other day.  A country cannot lose manufacturing jobs overseas for 30 consecutive years and not feel the consequence.  Corporate greed.  When is enough, enough?  Apparently, never.  We are in deep doodoo.  Their growth (corporations & China) has been staggering, much of it at our expense.  All by design.
    On a side note, Wal-Mart same store sales has declined in the U.S. for five consecutive quarters.  If they depended on me, they would have been out of business decades ago.    

  10. Waitingforsilver
    Thank you for sending the links   I will read up on this
    As for zenophobia, I am anything but zenophobic.  Most of my client base are people who have moved from other countries, mostly Asian and the middle east. I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of working with business owners from other cultures, they add much to the enprepreneurial theme of this country—fresh blood to the vitality of the business world
    Most of what I’ve noted here is research I’ve done reading China watchers and the people who study as large a picture as they can to come to some conclusions of their own. I blend theirs into mine
    The one child policy has been hard on China, producing a 1.2 to 1 boy girl ratio.  This has made for some trying times in China as these young men are not happy about competing for the young women.  There have been riots regarding this policy as it has left men without hope for their future.
    Japan’s birth dearth is weighing heavily on the country. The young men are not marrying, as you noted, making that problem even worse.  The older population is retiring and not producing, placing a burden on the Japanese government that is being handled with their own QE, printing 200% more yen in relation to their GDP than our QE.  Their debt to GDP is about 2.4 to 1. Ours is about 1.1 to 1.  From what I read, the only reason the government and currency has not collapsed is their 10 yr rate is about .85%
    If there is anything I can say about  my post, is it is more a way of stating that the Chinese have seen the future and plan to make and take advantage of it.  China has some large problems, not least of which are environmental and FIAT QE of their own, with something on the order of $23 trillion printed up recently.  That is creating some real problems in the SHIBOR rate along with bank stability.   Just recently ZH and others have noted the potential for a Lehman event
    If I was Chinese and frankly, I would not have a bit of a problem being Asian, at least for the fact that I could enjoy a 25 point IQ bump, being part of a culture with a 5,000 year history would be fascintating.  My own nationalities and racial bases come from 7 countries and 3 ethnic groups, not that you would notice if you met me but my background is certainly not zenophibic in nature.
    The one grou the CHinese are going to have to confront is Muslim and the religion of Islam
    They count as their members 1,000,000,000 adherents.   With 1,300,000,000 Chinese also wanting to count as much of the world as possible, that clash might be very violent. 

    • Good to hear your not frightened of the Chinese, what is there to fear but fear itself? Xenophobia, amazing work, got it from a greek :)
      The Japanese have the fan and its hitting something soft and brown as I type this. The main problem in Japan as far as I can ascertain is the disconnect between reward and working hard, playing the game. I can’t decide if this is the road we are all heading for, as house prices continue to rise out of control. My instinct is telling me yes, here in the UK where house prices are rising, for no reason what so ever, apart from its somewhere for the rich to park their money, children, more like adults are staying at home till way past 30!…how can an adult even think about sex when their parents are sleeping next door!…I think this is the scenario in Japan.
      As for the Chinese, I fear their power, and I fear the Wests stupidity and ignorance to what exactly is going on. Do you think an isolationist policy will do America any good? I hope America doesn’t go this route, it will leave Britain and the UK in a very strange place to be. Don’t get me wrong, we would survive, but English is a great language, and its good to talk.
      I do believe that the Chinese are using Capitalism as a weapon. My concern with this scenario, is that they can exploit the vulnerabilities of greedy rich people. Its a bit like when Britain was courting the Indian Courts, buying them off and then enslaving the country as a nation of slaves, all because of a few wealthy self satisfying men.
      I understand where your coming from with your post, yes the Communists have planned this, but that is the whole difference between centralized and decentralized power structures. If Capitalism was working correctly, I don’t think there would be such an exploitation.
      At the moment, the Chinese are acting like a thousand pound Gorilla Company, Vs American Companies, who are trying to act like small nations. So whats the answer? More power to the Central planners? As a libertine I can not go for that. So lets hope that the thousand pound Gorilla gets bored and goes away. I can dream.
      Will a gold standard save us? Nope. They are getting all the gold, and the West are saying, it has no value! let them take it. Opium wars anyone? Back then they wouldn’t take gold for love nor money, only silver!
      If I recall the only way the British could do real business with China, was to force Opium down their throats. Not good, makes me feel ashamed of what we did. As a country, they don’t need us, and if they don’t want to do business, they have such vast resources, they don’t have too. They take what they need, and return nothing.

  11. Waiting
    I wonder what the  Chinese word for Manifest Destiny might be.  Opium wars then.  Dopium wars now.  Cheap Chinese TVs have people lined up and camped out at the US retailers, selling for $100.
      Wait until the news hits on flash mobs and peple stampeded by the lust for cheap Asian plasma screens.  Dope is dope.
    I forgot that you are in the UK.  I was born and raise in Victoria BC back when the Queen was held in high regard.  I am still an Anglo-phile.  Once a Brit, always a Brit.  My Canadian family was as gin and tonic as you can get short of living in London
    Living in the US since 1964, I’ve become accustomed to the  American way of life. 
    The UK and the colonies have many of the same problems, coming from the past to the reality of today, where other countries want better lives for their people.   Economic growth is not a zero sum game but with resources limited as they are now, oil, food and water, the strife that will result from that quest will make things a bit edgy.
    The East India Company and our own Hudson bay Company did not treat the locals very well.  My great grandfather worked for HBC.  He was sent by the Queen to map Victoria for the Bay.  My Canadian family still lives in Victoria, with a storied history.  The First Nations people did not fare well.  My reason for upset at how indigenous populations are treated makes me vocal about the rights of the minority when oppressed by the majority.  It can get a person seriously killed
    Keep in touch and let us know how things are going on the Isle.
    PS I don’t agonize over what my ancestors did to the locals. Back in those it was just the way people lived.  Today we don’t have the same luxury or running roughshod over other people.  It’s a small world and we all have to live on it.  That is kind of airy fairy but I am closed to an Anarcho-libertarian, in the Jeff Berwick mould.  Anyone one or any government who tells me what to do and where to go will find out I can tell them what to do and where to go.  That’s the reason I am DONE DONE DONE with this government. It is beyond the pale and as far as I am concerned, it is the main,primary and only fight in my life today.  We have our families to protect and it’s Job One for me
    Keep in mind,   it’s only 343 shipping days until Guy Fawkes Day.  November 5 is one of my favorites.

  12. Darn–one more thought. 
    KLUMMAC is no friend of the UK. His Kenya Daddy fought against the British colonial system in that country.  Obama has a real and active dislike for the UK and other colonial powers that had a presence in Africa.  He’s given the stink finger to ever good Brit from Churchhill on to present day.
    But more importantly, he hates the US and UK because of our exceptionalism, entrepreneurial spirit, freedoms enjoyed since the magna Carta (my source documents for human freedom)  He is a hater and an uber socialist fascist son of a bitch. He is a low grade thinker, slacker and little more than a South Side of Chicago thug in a $5,000 suit.  He is a puppet of the oligarchs, one in a long time of puppets.
     I have a few friends from thw windy city who knew him back when.  He is a fraud, posuer and conceited narcissictic megalomaniac.
    He scares the bejesus out of me, the same way a scorpion or rattlesnake causes me immediate concern,  because a man without morals, conscience or a shred of humanity is capable of doing anything to anyone in this country or elsewhere.  He is the embodiment of the saying’ when the legislature is in power, no one is safe”  He is the poster child of that statement.   He is also a coward, killer, pawn and dupe. And I dont mean that in a nice way.  Putin took measure of this dolt and played him for a fool.
    Hi Tawnyard  I saw you posting on another channel. How are you doing?

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