GoldMoney Launches Secure Offline Bitcoin Storage

bitcoin silverJames Turk’s GoldMoney group has launched a new digital currency company (Netagio) in the UK which will offer free secure and encrypted storage for digital currencies such as Bitcoin.
Netagio will store customer’s Bitcoins securely offline to prevent unauthorized access.
If successful, the concept could be a game-changer for ex-patriates looking to relocate with their wealth as well as those attempting to escape capital controls as the Western financial system continues its slow-motion collapse.

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Submitted by GoldMoney:

The GoldMoney group launches a new digital currency-focused company in the UK. Netagio Limited (Netagio) will be offering Europe’s first free ‘cold’ storage service for digital currencies, such as Bitcoins.

This new business is a completely separate undertaking to GoldMoney’s well-established precious metals business based in Jersey. The new business benefits from the group’s experience in trading and storing US$1.4billion in precious metals for its customers in secure vaults operated by specialist storage providers around the world.

Bitcoins are a peer-to-peer digital currency which can be exchanged for national currencies, and they have seen increased investment interest after the value against the pound rose exponentially in the last 12 months.

One of the biggest risks associated with Bitcoin holdings is their storage. Netagio will keep a customer’s holding securely offline and protected against unauthorised access: “Utilising our thirteen years experience in the secure purchase and storage of precious metals, we wanted to make storing digital currency is just as easy and secure,” said Geoff Turk, CEO, the GoldMoney group. “Netagio is the only Bitcoin wallet service in Europe to offer this type of free offline storage service, involving security best practices and strong encryption to give customers comfort and security, and all the while being backed by a reputable company who you can trust.”

To start using the service, Netagio customers simply create a free account on Netagio’s own website, <> , verify their identity and start transferring Bitcoins in and out of the offline storage vault. Netagio will also give customers the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin, as well as other asset classes, directly through its platform in the near future.

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  1. Storing bitcoin is not much of a problem… just get a USB drive. If you can’t be bothered to DYODD, then maybe you shouldn’t have bitcoin in the first place.. having someone else store it for you is just needlessly introducing counterparty risk.
    That being said, I’m a software developer who personally is not interested in BTC whatsoever.. much rather stack silver.

    • I’m guessing this is directed at lazy wealthy people who should know better, but frankly can’t be bothered. 
      James Turk is a businessman, he’s seen an opportunity to take a slice of their fiat. Why not.
      Money and sense are not necessarily bedfellows!

    • @JC
      “Money and sense are not necessarily bedfellows!”
      No, they aren’t… but if not, they SOON will be!  lol

  2. Is it April Fools Day?  Seriously, GoldMoney is going into the business of storing electrons.  James Turk has only been retired one month and already his company is headed for the dumpster.

    From their website…

    “For the safety of your Bitcoins, we can’t tell you exactly where your Bitcoins are stored.”

    Some out-of-work 20ish video-gamer with a hard drive living in the basement of parent’s house will keep your bitcoins safe. 

  3. I will never buy bitcoin.  I strongly believe it has been created and is supported by the West, as part of their “Hail Mary” , desperate attempt to maintain the current system.

    Gold and silver for me ONLY.

  4. Dumb,  and  now much dumber,  cuz my brains just flew out my ears all over my silver stack. 
    Loss of neurons is not good for moi.  Loss of silver is worse.  BTC is not quite my cup of tea. 
    But B of A and JPM are getting into BTC.   That’s a good sign.

    • @AGXIIK
      “But B of A and JPM are getting into BTC.   That’s a good sign.”
      Heh, a good sign of what, AG?  That Bitcoin will soon be hypothecated and rehypothecated before being fractionally reserved to extinction?  That seems to be all these Banksters understand.  They are too dumb to remember “Stick’em up!”, so must rely on other bankster tricks.

  5. I emailed Goldmoney a couple of years ago to find out some the details of them holding gold and silver for you. I was horrified by what I found out and would never recommend them to anyone. Kind of sad, as I always enjoyed listening to James Turk, and held him in high regard when it came to gold and silver.
    The Satoshi story on creating BTC is complete bullshit, imo. It is most likely an NSA creation. Not saying you can’t trade it and make money, but it was clearly designed to inflict damage and discredit holding physical gold and silver instead. Even ZH and a big crew of trolls over there are pimping Bitcoin now. They bash gold and silver which is a dead giveaway what their overall objective is.

      (I thank the Atheist god for that post!)
      it’s a Ponzi scheme in the making, and EVERY business man not in this game… please pile in……

  6. If the money going into BTC had gone into phyzz we may gave had a fight on our hands. A distraction for geeks and the unwary. Shove your bit coins up your arse. Thanks. 

  7. More BIG NEWS for BTC!
    Channeling my “Inner Herman Cain” I came up with a grand plan with which to ride the BitCoin wave SAFELY.
    I call it my 3-3-3 Plan for BTC Mining
    1/3 in PMs
    1/3 in BTC (for growth)
    1/3 in Equipment Upgrades & maintenance.
    After it reaches the point of diminishing returns, Equipment Upgrades can be split into purchasing PMs and BTC savings.
    Based on a $500 BitCoin price, payback of a 2.5T hash unit will happen in less than 2 weeks. PM purchasing can commence
    as soon as one receives BTC in their wallet. 9 known retailers are already into accepting BTC for PMs and it’s a growing
    group. accepts BTC also, and that is like an online Department Store!   :D

    Gotta agree with @seankelly, if you cannot securely store your BTC on your own, perhaps it’s not for you LOL!!! ;)

  8. @Jccjktj
    I’d say you are right, it is for the rich that do not have time to learn BTC

  9. Lets see, start with a sucker bet and buy digital bits in a computer, then store them on someones system where they could lay claim to them…  are people really that stupid???

  10. James Turk showing his true face, wasn’t he saying physical the only safe place? now he’s promoting electrons as safe money? and he want to charge you for storing them for you, safely, offline, and backed by Netagio? lmfao  … what a circuis

  11. To all GoldMoney customers,
    James Turk may sell your physical and wire the proceeds to Netagio in Bitcoin format for your own safety. Trust GoldMoney with your ounces at your own risk.

  12. Why is it that bitoin can go to 1000$ and for silver 50$ is considered high? How lame is that? It blows me away how people don’t see the intrinsic value of precious metals. North American people have a very hard time recognizing value. Partly why Wal Mart and such chains do so well.
    I’ve posted about Bitcoin before. I have a really hard time trusting anything that is purely digital. Even if backed by math? Are the  numbers generated by bitcoin algorithms used in other computing applications? What is the value of finding the next prime number? Is that what bitcoin does? Anyway total scam. The fact people fall head over heels for digital verusus physical totaly floors me. This must North American ideologies.
    Physical metal makes sense to me. Today we have these advanced mining techniques that allow us to rape the ground and get more silver than we could 200 years ago and therefore a seemingly unlimited supply of silver. Without these gigantic operations… silver would be much harder to find.
    What is more difficult…. mining metal? or a computer solving a math problem?
    Monetary demand for bitcoin but none for silver? God help us all!   

    • “Why is it that bitoin can go to 1000$ and for silver 50$ is considered high? How lame is that? It blows me away how people don’t see the intrinsic value of precious metals.”
      OK, try this as an explanation.  What’s more valuable… an oz. of silver OR a mouthful of grass?  If you are a stacker, you KNOW the answer to this.  If you are a sheeple, you THINK that you know the answer to this… but you do not.  ;-)

  13. Bitcoin – it is not a “digital currency”. Bitcoin – it is not a “fiat currency”. Because Bitcoin it is not a “currency”.
    Bitcoin – it’s just the technology that serves as a front screen for the usual Ponzi scheme.

  14. My belief still says to store your physical Silver under your arm pits.  Bitcoin is stored as cold storage on paper between the files of necessary stuff.  No third person involved.  Now what if the Federal reverse makes Bitcoin illegal?  Great opportunity for Complementary Currency, a black market in its infancy.  Yet, consume Silver as if your life depends on it.

    PS. Silver IS people’s money, yet the adventation to use digital currency around the world can only go up in price & acceptance. Use cold storage for physical Bitcoin and physical Silver.

  15. Sorry Ed I forgot to hit the sarc on button re that comment about B of A and JPM getting into the BTC business. It probably would spell the end of the world as we know it, or just a notice that the whole thing is controlled by the TBTF banks

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