Goldman Fleeces Muppets Again: Told Clients to Sell HNZ Monday

god's workerGod’s workers at the Vampire Squid endured a PR nightmare last year after a former director wrote an op-ed in the NYT claiming that Goldman routinely traded against their own clients, and referred to their clients internally as muppets.
While Muppet-Gate has passed for Goldman, it appears that the business of intentionally fleecing clients continues as usual, as Goldman issued its clients Monday a recommendation to sell positions in Heinz (HNZ) on risk of continued top line disappointment, which today (only 3 days later) was acquired by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire at a 20% premium to the last share price

God’s worker indeed.


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H/t to our friends at ZH for uncovering Goldman’s sell rec on HNZ, issued Feb 10th:

gs hnz


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  1. Lloyd: “It’s not enough that I should win, but that everyone else must lose.”
    You see that 90 million ounce paper dump at 10:42?  Nice one.

  2. This sounds strangely similar to the silver dealers fabricating a shortage in Silver Eagles, doubling the premium
    then the CME lowering margin requirments
    and magically theres no shortage

  3. 5 will get you 10 that Lloyd Blackmind loaded up his portfolio with a huge buy into HNZ prior to the aquisition

  4. You can bet that Goldman was on the Buy side of those client sell orders!!! And if confronted, Blankfein will just say that “we’re a market maker” we had to take the Buy side to maintain an “efficient” market. He’s nothing but a crook!!!!!!!

  5. I wonder if the DHS has a piece of brass with his name on it?

  6. It is all paper and paper will ultimately fail…

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