Tuesday’s SilverCrest Mines Silver Round Giveaway

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Additionally, we will be awarding another Silver Round Giveaway for the Phyzz Stack Leaderboard.  See the revised rules below.

1.  All SD Readers who finish the week with their names in the top 10 of the Phyzz Stack Leaderboard will be eligible to win.

2. We will award the number of entries into a drawing based of the NBA style lottery selection.  The #1 position on the Phyzz Stack Leaderboard will receive 10 entries, the #2 position will receive 9 entries, and so on.

3. We will actively monitor any user posting with the intent of spinning their own coin.


Congratulations to last week’s First Majestic round winners….


Silverbullion for winning the Phyzz Stack Leaderboard

And Conax for winning the SD Reader Submitted Caption Contest


Conax April 20, 2012 at 3:27 PM Going where no man has gone before, in search of his birth certificate.

  1. Congratulations Conax! You hit it spot on with the birth certificate (or lack of one).

    I am going to be honest here, because my fellow SD posters deserve honesty. Initially I’ve been posting and didn’t spin my own coin, but shortly before the previous Phyzz Stack Leaderboard was launched, I discovered that more than one poster are spinning their own coins. So when the contest was launched I’ve decided to follow the exact same strategy, while trying to place useful or interesting content on the table. The long and short of it is that I’ve beated Danno at his own game. If possible, I would recommend that the ability to spin one’s own coin get addressed from a technical side. This will eliminate the need to spin one’s own coin, especially while others are doing it.

    Don’t place silver on the table and expect me to stand back while others also spin their own coins in order to win. Danno’s family day has given me the edge in the previous contest. Needless to say, I won’t be spinning my own coin from here onwards, but I cannot say the same for any other poster here. Now you can curse and spit at me, but you know that I am telling the truth.

  2. Not that it is any of your business but as I stated I had to “tend to a family matter”… That matter was going to the hospital to be with my nephew who was in a bad motorcycle wreck where he was hit by an old man who was driving an SUV and came into my nephews lane an took him out head on… He has been touch and go since. If you want to call that a “family day” be my guest Jack wagon…
    As for “beated Danno at his own game” would mean that first you would have to do as I do and not play games…. This site is not a game, contest, poor me board, or anything else of the sort… This is a site were mature adults can learn and have an open conversation on things that pertain, but not limited to, our financial futures… As for being able to spin someones coin along with your own I have stated that if you like something that has been posted then you should be able to coin it… If you like something you have posted then there should be no reason you can not coin it… With that being said I do NOT coin everything I post… And for someone to assume that they “have discovered” anything should maybe have the facts to back up a given statement… Since those facts don’t exist this should be an interesting fabrication…
    The fact that you feel the need to post anything like this shows not only the guilt in the wrong doing for what has been done by you but also your lack of respect for the readers and contributors of the Silver Doctors family…
    I have said all I am about to say on this matter… I will not take up anymore of this sites valuable time bickering over the ill actions of an immature individual…..

  3. Danno I didn’t ask for details, because it is not my business. I do hope however that your nephew makes a full recovery, now that you’ve made your business ours.

    It is a bit hypocritical of you to claim that this site is for “mature adults” while you go about name calling (“Jack wagon”). I didn’t claim or say that this site is a game; it is once again an erroneous assumption of your own making. I was in reference to the “game” where you spin your own coin and yes, we do run contests on this site if you haven’t noticed, it is not just about serious discussion. I didn’t write or claim that you’re spinning your coin each time. In fact, by claiming that “I do NOT coin everything I post”, you acknowledge that you do spin your own coin. So much for your claim of “interesting fabrication” and that my statement is not backed by facts. You’re not supposed to spin your own coin at all, that is the point.

    “The fact that you feel the need to post anything like this shows not only the guilt in the wrong doing for what has been done by you but also your lack of respect for the readers and contributors of the Silver Doctors family…” – Well, don’t let us get ahead of ourselves here. I’ve only followed your example in the “wrong doing” and yes, I do have a conscience, it is not something to be ashamed of.  The only reason I’ve admitted that I’ve spun my own coin and stated my reason for doing so, despite having a conscience, is because I do respect the readers and contributors here at the SD site. It takes after all a man to admit that he was in the wrong. Name calling, erroneous assumptions and a play on words such as “immature individual” simply don’t cut it.

    The last thing I want is to have a brawl with you or anyone for that matter. I simple wanted to place the problem on the table so that we could address it as adults. Is that really so much to ask for?

    I do apologise if I’ve offended you or anyone else here in any way, it was not my intention to do so. 

  4. Just for the record, I am no Indian, but I’ve offered Danno my peace pipe via email as well. I now feel that I’ve done my part despite the complete silence I receive in reply. Needless to say, I am no dog either, I am not going to lick anyone’s balls.

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