Wyoming lawmakers have proposed a bill to nullify any new federal restrictions on guns, and threatening to arrest any federal agents attempting to confiscate guns, mags, or ammo and charge them with a felony.
If passed, expect Wyoming’s population to literally double overnight.

Wyoming lawmakers have proposed a new bill that, if passed, would nullify any federal restrictions on guns, threatening to jail federal agents attempting to confiscate guns, ammunition magazines or ammunition.

The bill – HB0104 – states that “any federal law which attempts to ban a semi-automatic firearm or to limit the size of a magazine of a firearm or other limitation on firearms in this state shall be unenforceable in Wyoming.”

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The Washington Examiner reports that bill has teeth, as any federal agent caught attempting to force a federal gun law within Wyoming would face a felony charge with a 1-5 year prison term:

The bill is sponsored by eight Wyoming state representatives ad two state senators. If passed, the bill would declare any federal gun regulation created on or after January 1, 2013 to be unenforceable within the state.

In addition, the bill states would charge federal officials attempting to enforce a federal gun law within the state with a felony – “subject to imprisonment for not less than one (1) year and one (1) day or more than five (5) years, a fine of not more than two thousand dollars ($2,000.00) five thousand dollars ($5,000.00), or both.”

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    • Let’s put this into perspective, shall we?  If the Guardian (UK’s leading newspaper) can say that PEDOPHILES are an acceptable part of the English society and are not committing any illegal acts, then Wyoming can take whatever action it deems appropriate in defending their gun laws.  And also, Tawnyard, given your penchant for long-winded rants,  I am not interested in being involved.  Just shut the fuck up and allow the rest of us posters to have our opinion.

    • “If passed, expect Wyoming’s population to literally double overnight.”

      Oh, I’d hope for more than that. I’d hope for Wyoming’s population to keep growin’ and growin’ until every gun-totin’, baked bean lovin’, second amendment respectin’ patriot in the whole United States of America lived there.


    • NAH, We’ll just enact similar laws in OUR States 😉
      I would shoot anyone trying to kill/hurt/etc. you, Tawny…
      If necessary! 
      WYOMING: Full of Cowboys… KEWL! 

    • The difference between the coastal states and the middle states, which seems to be the divide upon which elections are fought, is that the middle states -to obviously generalize-, value rights, freedom, self-reliance and economy. The Californias and New Yorks meanwhile, value paternalistic government, debt, corrupt cronyism, cynicism, ect.
      The middle states are skeptical of government because government steals from productive citizens to fund ideological schemes and crony boondoggles, and its the middle states doing the producing. The future of America is with its heartland, not its urban elitists. Its the fall of Rome redux

    • It’s funny. Here we are with a government and an illegitimate president passing and signing laws saying they can, without any due process – that you no longer have due process, kill any citizen, black bag and take away any citizen, take any property they wish at any time, spy on us in your homes, take children away, order our silence, ignore our laws, hunt and beat citizens, molest anyone, irradiate anyone, force unwanted vaccinations on anyone , poison the air, poison the water, poison the food, control all movement, control all money, reject the very constitution that they swore to uphold & break their oaths and take away the tools free people are born with the right to own in defence of their rights. The constitution dosn’t GIVE us our rights. They are natural rights. All free people are born with them. They are the birth right of a human person. You cheer them on. You are their slaves Tawnyard, SRV & XC Skater and love your slavery. You are the minions of those who want to enslave others. You would have this evil continue and thrive. You are nothing and your empty words are as meaningless as your vaccant lives. Your vile ideology will be buried in the unmarked grave of forgotten lies. LIBERTY is rising again in America. The ideas of liberty can’t be stopped now. It’s to late. You lost. Go grovel at the feet of your masters and explain how you failed!

    • @RocketsRedGlare … I’ll repeat … it LARGELY depends on whether or not you allow yourself to be defined as a ‘citizen of the United States’ or a Citizen of … your State.
      “The right to trial by jury in civil cases, guaranteed by the Seventh Amendment…and the right to bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment…have been distinctly held not to be privileges and immunities of citizens of the United States guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment …and in effect the same decision was made in respect of the guarantee against prosecution, except by indictment of a grand jury, contained in the Fifth Amendment…and in respect of the right to be confronted with witnesses, contained in the Sixth Amendment… it was held that the indictment, made indispensable by the Fifth Amendment, and the trial by jury guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment, were no privileges and immunities of citizens of the United States, as those words were used in the fourteenth Amendment. We conclude, therefore, that the exemption from compulsory self-incrimination is not a privilege or immunity of National citizenship guaranteed by this clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.” Twining v. New Jersey, 211 US 78, 98-99. Contemplating these examples, at least one of which had to be factually established, Defendant was negligent in proving and perfecting upon the record, any actionable authority in essential reliance bearing upon said meanings by verified testimony or manually signed affidavit, but Defendant rather merely presumed in its briefs some such crucially material definition ought to somehow apply to Plaintiff, yet the question is of essence to establish compelling authority in Personam and is thus inescapable. For the purpose of Public Trust construction and ultra vires breech thereof, Plaintiff points out that “Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only, a government can interface only with other artificial persons. The imaginary, having neither actuality nor substance, is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the tangible. The legal manifestation of this is that no government, as well as any law, agency, aspect, court, etc. can concern itself with anything other than corporate, artificial persons and the contracts between them.” Penhallow v. Doane’s Administraters 3 U.S. 54; 1 L.Ed. 57; 3 Dall. 54 (1795). “Privileges and immunities of citizens of the United States, on the other hand, are only such as arise out of the nature and essential character of the national government, or are specifically granted or secured to all citizens or persons by the Constitution of the United States.” Slaughter-House Cases, supra, p.79; Re Kemmler, 136 U.S. 436, 448, 34 L.ed. 519, 524, 10 Sup. Ct.Rep. 930; Duncan v. Missouri, 152 U.S. 377, 382, 38 L.ed. 485, 487, 14 Sup.Ct.Rep. 570.

    • @PatFields: If you don’t mind, could you sum that all up in laymans terms. 🙂 I consider myself a son of Ohio. Ohio entered into the Federal Union by popular vote “supposedly”. I wasn’t around yet, lol. But the federal constitution is supposed to guarantee certain rights just as the state constitution does.

    • @RocketsRedGlare Whoah, steady Neddy! Listen, I have not once said that I want to take away Americans rights to own firearms. You haven’t read my posts properly. Go see, if you don’t believe me.

      I believe in the 1st and 2nd Amendments. I believe that Americans should be allowed to bear firearms (since all the guns are out there, it’s the only way to level the playing field). However, I believe in tighter gun control. That means restricting firearms sales in such a way that your average psycho can’t walk into a supermarket and pick one up off the shelf.

      I also believe that people like Piers Morgan are entitled to freedom of speech. The pro-gunners and the anti-gunners. Everybody should be allowed to say their piece without fear of harassment. It’s the harassment that I object to.  Having experienced harassment, cussing and insults here in Silver Doctors simply for peacefully stating my opinion, I know that there are certain elements here who would deny others their voice.

      You have the right to differ with Piers Morgan, but you don’t have the right to deport him.

      I have the right to say what I think of Alex Jones’ terrible behaviour on CNN.

      I also have the right to point out that SD is rapidly becoming GD.

      And that is very, very sad.

      I’m going to read some KWN now. There are interesting graphs on Chinese silver imports. Really. Check them out.

    • @RocketsRedGlare
      As succinct as I can make it … you’re screwed out of the natutal rights you inherited as a natural-born citizen of your State if you accept grant of federal 14th Amendment ‘citizen of the United States’ status.
      A guy conducted an experiment by applying for a gun purchase clearance by stipulating State Citizenship only, with absolutely no claim to Socialist Security or any other exclusively federal indicia (ZIP code, 2 letter district abbreviation) and what normally took two or three days for return ‘authorization’ to the gun shop owner, instead took two hours! He was approved without question … because the ‘regulators’ had NO JURISDICTION OVER HIM.

    • He doesn’t have the right to be a guest in our nation and take part in our political debates.  Max Keiser shouldn’t be doing that in England either. That is reserved for citizens. He is breaking the law by doing that. Doing it on the puplic airwaves or cable TV is not only breaking the law but flaunting his crime as well! Thats why he must be deported. He doesn’t have the “Right” to do what he has been doing. When he arrived here he agreed not to break our laws during his stay.

    • One more thing. I am female. In my 40s. I wear plaid shirts and steel toecap boots. I drive a Jeep. Sometimes I sleep out in the mountains, under the stars. I work a manual job. I come home every night, aching, and covered in sweat, tar, cement dust and sometimes blood. I take care of my loved ones. I can strip and reassemble a 12 gauge double barreled shotgun in seconds. I can hunt, fish, trap, shoot, gut and cook my own food. I can start a fire in a dozen different ways. I can ride a horse. I am educated, and I can hold my own in any company. I invest. I hold more than a quarter of a million dollars in gold and silver holdings outside the banking system. I am a trained physicist and I can crunch numbers.  I study economics and a little of whatever takes my fancy. History. Finance. Self sufficiency. Electronics. Technology. Medicine. Classic literature. I can read the QRS complex and the COT report. I can understand multi compartment pharmacokinetics just as easily as I can understand parent-daughter radioactive decay. It’s the same math. I love Thomas Hardy, the Brontes, Jane Austen and Shakespeare. I am not a slave. I love my freedom.

      You. Don’t. Know. Me.

    • @RocketsRedGlare If Morgan didn’t have the right, he would have been deported already.

      And, for the love of God, will you please look at a map and figure out where England is. It’s part of the United Kingdom. It is not the United Kingdom. And Max Keiser lives in Paris, France. He can say and do what the hell he likes. He’s funny. I like him.

      If you’re sore that you live in a draconian state, please stop projecting it onto us Brits and Canadians. We’re doing better than you are in the Freedom Stakes.

    • @RocketsRedGlare
      Yep, you sure can. Every one of their ‘adhesion contracts’ was initiated by fraudulent omission of material facts, from ‘birth certificate’, to ‘socialist security’, to every form and manner of ‘license’ you’ve EVER been tricked and cajoled into signing. They can ALL be rescinded.

      You might look up Howard Griswold’s videos and audio interviews to learn more. Though only one of quite a few, he’s among the ‘old standards’ in this arena. He’s the one who got me fired up with the determination to start suing these SOBs for violations of their Trustee positions for Breach of Fiduciary Trust.


    • @PatFeilds: That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking about when I asked the question. I have my UCC1 already and intend to eleminate my “strawman”. The actions of the federal goverment in 1933 were atrosious and treasonous.

    • @RocketsRedGlare
      The entire government, from school boards to the white house has become thoroughly infested with criminals. ‘Protesting’ for them to ‘go straight’ is as useless as telling burglers and extottionists that THEY ought to ‘straighten up’. That’s all become a joke to me at this point. My ‘protesting’ from here on out will be in courts.

  1. Media bias?

    Google´San Antonio Theater Shooting

    Media Quiet About San Antonio Theater Shooting . . .

    Saturday, December 29, 2012 7:16

    On Sunday December 17, 2012, 2 days after the CT shooting, a man went to a restaurant in San Antonio to kill his X-girlfriend. After he shot her, most of the people in the restaurant fled next door to a theater. The gunman followed them and entered the theater so he could shoot more people. He started shooting and people in the theater started running and screaming. It’s like the Aurora, CO theater story plus a restaurant!

    Now you’re wondering why this isn’t a lead story in the national media along with the school shooting?There was an off duty county deputy at the theater. SHE pulled out her gun and shot the man 4 times before he had a chance to kill anyone else. Since this story makes the point that the best thing to stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun, the media is treating it like it never happened.
    Only the local media covered it. The city is giving her a medal next week.
    Thought you’d like to know, all whole US needs to know!

    • Feel-good story.
      So it’s OK for everyone to have guns as long as there are a few good people amonst them, who actually know how to shoot? Except, it’s always the bad guy shooting first. Only in Western movies does the bad guy die in a one-on-one dual, after he’s already drawn his pistol.
      Was this theater shooter also drugged up? I’d be amazed if he was 100% fresh and conscious. Most USA shooters are prescription druggies, or worse (if possible). In my little country, these people are yelling at random passers by in public. In the USA, they end up perpetrating a massacre. Always with a gun, as who uses a knife if “everyone” has guns?
      In my country, not too long ago there was a US-style (and influenced) mass killing. Sick kid, on prescription drugs, was also a gun wacko with shooting permit. That’s a shooting range only deal, but you get to cring your weapon from home to the range. Anyways, police knew him, his doc knew he was a liability, his family knew, his shooting club knew. DRUGS involved, and guns. 
      Need to keep a better eye on our nutcases, and don’t give them guns. Giving everyone guns, makes the first person to get shot unlucky. The one who shoots the shooter afterwards a hero. Remove the gun, and what do you have? A druggie raising his voice in public, making a scene, being wrestled to the floor, and gotten HELP.

    • ”They dont want to hear the other side of the argument”.
      Wow, that was like a blast from the past from University. The self proclaimed enlightened preachers of progressive sanctioned truth didnt need or want to hear another word, as any dissension from the party line obviously had to be from reactionary ignoramuses. They’d preach open-mindedness to everyone else while snidely patronizingly discounting any other opinion as prima facia wrong.
      Tax payer subsidized, with career long tenure, the modern Humanities/Liberal Arts University Professor is securely ensconsed in his ivory tower, free to espouse absurdities, free from the ebb and flow of the modern economy by which the rest of unwashed humanity has to adapt its course.

    • @Strannick I’ve tried to air my views on the 1st and 2nd Amendments, only to get shot down by angry people who think that Alex Jones did a good job on CNN the other night, yelling at Piers Morgan. I’m tired. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have signed the petition to deport Piers Morgan and yet, the last time I looked, only a few hundred had signed the petition to audit the US gold reserves.

      You obfuscated so elegantly there, it’s hard to say if you were being supportive of me, or mocking me. Nice rhetoric, either way.

    • @Tawnyard. More a personal reverie than either, recalling the ideological chasm between the star bellies on and star bellies off. As silverfolks, we are skeptical of government’s ability to nurse us into soporphic delerium -or maybe thats the plan-, and obviously guns are a component of that anti-govt argument, but I come here for the silver. I particularly like this site because of its civility, focus and quality posts.

    • “…the media is treating it like it never happened.”
      Of course they are!  IT ONLY HAPPENS WHEN WE SAY IT HAPPENS!!  What else would one expect of a bunch of lefto-communist knee-jerk, wussy, talking heads?  Everything that fits their agenda and goes there way is “news”.  Anything that doesn’t fit this profile is not news unless the story is just too big to either cover up or ignore.  It’s been a LONG time since the US media was worth the powder to blow it to hell.

  2. The government, attempting to infringe rights without a direct repeal of an amendment, is treasonous.  The checks and balances between the 3 branches of government have been lost.  And a state is left to police the federal government.

    • I just addressed the sexual deviants in the UK.  Now, there is one thing I wanted to field for comment.  Why not we all take action to DEMAND the media (TV/Radio/newspapers) in our local area identify EVERY shooter in a crime they report–as either a licensed gun owner duly authorized to carry, or what 99.9% of these SCUM REALLY are:  thugs! Waddya think? I’d be interested to hear from ya’ll. It would show WHO is REALLY doing all the shootings in our cities and towns.

  3. This news is, in spite of most we’re confronted with these days, very good news and give me hope and a good sleep tonight!
    Hopefully Wyoming is taking the chance and starts to resist the tyranny of collectivist centralist US government.
    Suisu, a stacker from Switzerland 

  4. This is great news if it passes, hopefully the first stand of many… but I will believe it when I see it working.  Remember that Texas law about arresting any kiddie-fiddling TSA goons?  What ever came of that?  Oh yeah, nothing.  Even the states are co-opted these days.  By all means, vote for liberty candidates, but remember that freedom ultimately comes from individual actions. The system will die the death of a billion paper cuts. Like buying silver.

    • Yeah, nothing came of that because there was a significant lack of testicular fortitude on the part of the governor of Texas.  When the Feds threatened him with not allowing any flight that originates in TX to land in states that comply with all the federal BS, he should have said, “Then I guess the people of the state of Texas will not be sending any more tax money to Washington, DC”.  If we want to control FedZilla, the only way to do that is to grab him by the financial balls and squeeze until he squeals for mercy.  Nothing else will work.

  5. It’s pretty clear many states are reacting prudently and strongly toproteect their Constitutional sovereinty and the infringments of a powerful and autocratic central government being forced on them.
     Push back against Obamacare, TSA henchmen, the AG himself, 2nd Amendment rights, illegal immigrant laws, Federal FIAT printing vs Utah and Illinois gold and silver use and trading statues.  It is good to hear this taking place. There is a hope for us yet

    • If the STATES can insulate themselves from the downfall of the FED, this great nation will be OK. 
      We will lose reserve currency status, but we can return to real money and moves have been made 
      to do this. Our material wealth and military hardware will still be here for use and protection. But 
      we need to insure that these things are not confiscated and/or used against us by a dying leviathan Beast 
      that is trying to hold on for one last gasp. it is self-destruction, but how many must also suffer this fate? 

    • Uh, are you sure about that undeRGRound? I think the Chinese have got a pretty big lein on the US of A. When those dollars finally come home to roost…

    • Let the Chinese demand money from the states, they will be told to go talk to Washington DC. States can confiscate any Chinese property inside their borders.

  6.    Well I don’t own a gun here in Canada where I live, and I don’t see the need either – largely because I live right in the middle of the busiest section of downtown.  A gun battle here would be insane, and I find it hard to imagine one breaking out – although twice in the last few years there have been shootings right near here in very crowded public places in the middle of the day.  I find it hard to imagine such events occuring in downtown Texas – since any idiot gangbanger would know that most of the people around are armed and will shoot them.  Here in Toronto the idiot children gangsters seem to get a rush off of being the only ones with guns besides the police.  They feel larger than life – like some bullshit movie or something.  Makes me wonder how long it would take for that to change if the fleeing panicked Torontonians could return fire instead.
       Anyway, my point is this:  Despite not having or really even wanting a gun – I sure as hell feel a lot more comfortable knowing I can have one, and so can my neighbours.  If this bullshit campaign to confiscate guns stateside continues, I’m getting my FAC and loading for bear.  It’s like freedom of speech as far as I’m concerned – I may not like the guns you collect, but I’ll defend to the end your right to bear them. 
       It’s occured to me that the REAL “gun-nuts” are the idiots that believe you can magically make the world a safer place by pretending that there’s no such thing as a gun.  Naturally, here in Canada I am surrounded by that squishy-minded “liberal” “thinking”.  Oh well, it’s an easier conversation than the one about our nazionist PM Harper and the Israel lobby.  But only barely.
       Looks a lot like Hell’s waiting on the next handbasket…

    • Start getting those guns now, this is going to go on until it gets Ugly. 
      IMO the States will back down the feds, as there is too much on their plate. Stupid Re-Tards, 
      Regressive libTards = Re-Tards

  7. Interesting occurance in my little ‘vil  Some clown with a pistol held up the Chevron station with a gun and fired off a couple of rounds.That is quite surprising.
     The worst crime we have around here is the occasional bar fight, some spouse on spouse smacky face, DUIs and drunk in PUB-lik (aka Ron White intercollegiate whiskey guzzling).  There’s not a lot to do around unless you’re into skiing, gambling, or water sports.  Heavy drinking is required in each sport. The fact that a bad guy decided to come to the ‘vil for some cash is still pretty amazing.  Sign of times I guess.

    • Had a drug dealer move into town, he was selling pot to adults so he was ignored. Then he sold meth to 2 young underage girls and a father got mad. Did a drive by with a full auto 50 cal on his crappy falling down house and cut it in half. Dealer wasn’t home but it was a message, he go his stuff and left. Fire department burned the house.

  8. One bottle of good red wine (post drinked)    $10
    750 ML of regular gas                                  $ 1
    One worn out sock                                       Free
    One molotov cocktail blows up druggie’s lair    Priceless                                    

  9. My wife works in a shady neighbourhood. Heck, let’s be frank: as the majority of civilization, we LIVE in the endless ghettos of modern life.
    As a husband I want to do the right thing, as I just can’t bear my wife taking random bullets from wacko suicide mass-shooters.
    So here’s my question: what gun to get her? She’s a red head and a fancy dresser, so gunners will never overlook her. it’s gonna hafta be a really good gun, one that really repels bullets like a nerd does babes. Should I go for a sexy small handgun, or a more agressive big hit semi-auto one? 

    • XC:  Whatever gun she can handle.  Not just going to a gun shop and holding one.  Getting out to a range and try her hand to see what is COMFORTABLE to handle…never mind the accuracy just yet, that will come.  Some ranges rent guns to get people access to a variety of guns.  You want her to have the “heaviest” calibre she can handle.  Stay away from  .22, .32,  etc, which are fine for PLINKING.  What she needs to carry is AT THE VERY LEAST a .38, preferably a .40 or .45.  The different loads (bullets) available  can increase power as such that whatever attacker she hits will GO DOWN so she can pump a couple extra in the chest for good measure.   Hope this helps…

    • XC, I have a similar problem. I’m actually looking for a .32 for her. She fired off a couple of rounds from my 9 and it was just too much for her. My thinking is that 1-8 well placed .32 rounds entering an attacker is going to repel that attacker better than 1-8 misses from a 9 that she just can’t handle. I have anecdotal evidence the indicates attackers don’t like bullet holes in them and will generally run away of fall down dead when that occurs.
      In the news, an ex navy gal in Kentucky arrived home to find an intruder pointing her own shotgun at her as she entered the house with her kids. She managed to grab the intruder and during the struggle, the gun went off and blew the intruder’s head off. DRT. Saved the taxpayer a lot of money. Her neighbors are now asking her for lessons in self defence. A story to warm our hearts.

    • Unbelievable. I was being sarcastic guys!!!
      If someone decides to be a massacre shooter and your loved one is the first target, only a very, very luckily placed gun will bounce the first bullet and knock him/her to the ground. The second one will make the kill.
      A gun does not save you. Does not offer cover. A gun is cool to have when you’re hiding in your fortress, behind thick walls and thin shooting holes.
      You need to take the bad meds out of the sicko’s heads and the guns out of their hands.
      The individual US may need to keep some arms some way or another though, as once you cecede, who’s going to defend your state? The US army ain’t gonna be too interested in saving your sorry but.t after you flipped them and stopped paying federal taxes, that’s for sure. That is, if the Federal armed forced don’t just decide to “protect” the state’s citizen from the state coup, and just act like it’s the colonization of the territory all over again. So good luck with that.
      Arrest one federal agent trying to confiscate a gun, and get to deal with the mighty army you’re so proud of for bringing terror to the world. The rest of the world has pretty much had it with them. Guess what they’ll do to keep busy when they’re all sent home. Land of the free kept.

    • Ha ha. Shame on us for trying to help and shame on you for being a jackass. However to address your sarcasm for the others who will read this board, let me address your points:
      If someone takes one of my loved ones hostage, it makes that person very immobile. Probably immobile enough for long enough that a professional can show up. If so, shame on him–dead perp. If he drops them to run, the air will be filled with lead. Even if he doesn’t get hit, the odds of him coming back are very small–mission accomplished. If he shoots said dear one, I will save the courts the expense of his trial. 
      People on meds are already not legally allowed to own a gun. So what’s your point? 
      I’m pretty sure we are individuals, we will form groups to defend ourselves as individuals-not states. Those who feel loyalty to their state may volunteer to defend it. The rest will quietly defend themselves and their neighbors. As to a federal intervention, I will wager a large sum that if the federal army attacked the citizens of a state (in spite the loss of our posse comitatus rights in 2006), a constitutional convention would be convened within a week. In that event, either the federal government would be swept away or a military coup could occur. In either event, individual protection will be even more critical. 
      I grew up in Kentucky where federal ‘revenuers’ went missing all the time. If they send single agents out to confiscate guns, they will be swallowed up by the populace. If they send teams, the state reserves could be called up. 
      I actually agree that our government has been reckless in their projection of power. But before you make any further broad negative statements about our military, who do you think it is that bring disaster aid to the four corners of the globe. Yes, the good old US of A. Because not only do we have the capability of projecting force, we also have the capability to project aid far faster than any other country. I wonder how the world’s opinion of us would change if, during the next tsunami in a backward banana republic was met with silence from us rather than a quick response of food and medical aid.
      In closing; freedom is not free. It is a crazy, bloody mess. In the process, people get hurt, sometimes killed. Life is not a risk-free entertainment; and since I have a moral right and duty to protect myself and my family, I’ll thank you for keeping your sarcasm to yourself. There’s two quotes from Heinlein I’ll leave you with:
      1. “…stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death, there is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity.”
      2. “A desire not to butt into other peoples business is at least 80% of human wisdom…the other 20% isn’t very important.”
      Pissing off an internet board full of armed preppers is pretty safe (we just want to be left alone, after all), but I hope your stupidity doesn’t manifest in the real world.
      …or maybe I just didn’t get the humor in your post.

    • Ghetto stops at the edges of the big cities, life out here in the rural areas is still pretty good and tame other than the occasional druggie. I got a 9mm to protect myself from the coyotes I have not people!
      I tried several different guns at my gun shop, settled on what fit my hand and felt right which was a 9mm blowback design that soaks up recoil. Downside is it is larger and heavy, okay purse gun or maybe a fanny pack holster.

    • “Shame on us for trying to help and shame on you for being a jackass.”
      Well, the good news here is that WE can get over trying to be helpful…

  10. I hope Nevada will pass something similar.  Its about time the people of the States say “ENOUGH!” to the federal government and its ineffective laws that attempt to restrict NATURAL rights.

  11. It’s not a blanket statement but non-Americans don’t/can’t share the same perspective about individual liberty and freedom as thinking Americans. I don’t really care what a Brit or Kraut has to say about gun-control and whether we are doing it right or not.
    Plenty of Americans get it wrong too but the Second Amendment isn’t up for “debate” from the ill-informed here or somewhere else.
    Nice article on the gun-debate and how not all countries can be “governed” the same way to expect similar results. {ie; Brits kill three times more than the Japanese do even though they have the same “gun” laws.

  12. XC Skater  I suggest a revolver.  Very simple design.  No magazines, less chance for malfunctions.  Smaller number of rounds but that is the trade off. 38 caliber pistol, smaller frame for a woman’s hands.  Less recoil.   Ammo would be a 38 plus P jacketed hollow point.  It is a decent compromise for a pistol if you want simplicity.  357 tends to have a more substantial kick.  Barrel length 3 inches. Smith and Wesson, Colt, Ruger are good choices. I am not sure what calibers are offered in Europe but revolvers are pretty universal.  The ergonomics of a hand gun is like fitting a shoe.  Size, grips, weight, handling all are important features so a test run on at least 4-5 pistols with varying calibers is wise.  A good gun shot will allow that. Clerks at a shop will sell you anything without knowing what is best for your wife.  test driving is best before buying
    The woman protecting her kids used a 38 cal revolver. Her husband trained her in its use. She did quite well consider her last line of defense was retreating to the attic and that was the bad guys last stand. He was hit a couple of times, ran from the house badly wounded and the cops chased him down. He was begging for the cops to get him to a hospital. Cowardly bastars is all I can say She saved 3 lives that day.

    • Nice vid. I like the Mises site. I was afraid that a constitutional convention was the next step (and THAT scares the crap out of me!). I like the theory of state nullification. Unfortunately the states, themselves, have become servants to the federal government through the highway programs, medical payments, welfare, etc. Will a state REALLY stand for its 10th amendment rights, if the federal government threatens to withhold payments for all the federal programs?
      I like the idea, however, I’ll put my ‘wait and see’ hat on.

      BTW, the whole problem, in my opinion, stems from the direct election of senators; don’t know how to fix THAT problem.

    • The states need to grow a pair and threaten the feds right back.  Not sending any more tax money to DC would be a worthwhile threat because everything that DC does depends on a continuous flow of fresh money.  This threatening stuff does not have to be a 1-way street.  The feds have a weakness too and it is money.  Withhold it and starve the beast into submission.

    • @Ed_B
      If these egotistically driven, back-slapping, glad-handing State politicians were the ‘sharpest tacks’ they promote themselves to be, they’d have every single banknote in their jurisdictions converted to 100% clad coinage and revert back to taxes and fees levied in grains of silver valued relative to a set average conversion figure to smooth out volatility. The Constitutional Law upon THEM is that THEY can make nothing but silver or gold coin a payment of THEUR debts. Neither the State nor the ‘federal’ body EVER had the right to impose on The People, what THEY had to use as money EXCEPT in their relations with government or as regarding foreign trade within … CONSTITUTUINALLY COMPLIANT … treaties..
      THEN, they should pass a statute giving their State courts Equity Jurisdiction to convert all banknote debt into its real, metallic expression (3 copper ‘cents’ per unit … presently).
      Finally, they should pass another statute encouraging, in every imaginable way possible, the establishment of PRIVATE local coin production facilities to mint or exchange State-sanctioned standard-weight coins of copper, nickel, silver, gold, platinum and rhodium, so their constituents can freely re-equilibrate market ratios between the metals and against other goods-at-market.

    • There ya go again, Pat, insisting that the politicians actually follow the rules upon which this country was founded.  That is just so… restrictive, you know?  Besides, it is much more difficult to support graft and corruption in an honest money system.  Not impossible, mind you, they just have to work harder at it.
      As far as I can tell, the states have completely avoided the money issue by letting Uncle Sam take it over.  They don’t just make nothing but gold and silver as money, they don’t make money at all.  I suppose that this is changing a bit as the states begin to recognize gold and silver as money but so far it seems to be voluntary and more symbolic than substantive.  Not that it isn’t a good step to take, of course, as it does have some state tax implications.  Some states with sales taxes charge a tax on those who buy gold and silver coins and bullion.  Sometimes there are exclusions based on amount or other factors, sometimes not.  In my own state of WA, we have a sales tax that varies some by county but averages around 8%.  This is not charged on gold or silver because they are viewed as money, so buying and selling them is no more a taxable event than is exchanging a $50 note for five $10 notes.
      Personally, I would LOVE to see the states issue constitutional money again.  But forget the ancient Spanish term “dollar”.  Simply value all coins in grains or milli-grams of the metal of which they are constructed.  Then price things in those same terms without ever mentioning the term dollar.  This would decouple the metals from dollars, insofar as their actual use as money goes.  No doubt the feds would squeal their pointy little heads off and refuse to accept such money as payment for taxes, unless forced to do so by a US Supreme Court decision to that effect.  But it would certainly be an interesting show to watch.

    • @Ed_B
      In the late 1800s the States (and the federal body) were driven to desperation when the bankers closed the ‘golden noose’ around their necks, which was the culmination of the ‘Crime of 1873’, stupidly adopting the stupid ‘gold standard’. Once silver was ‘de-monetized’, the bankers began floating huge sums of banknote loan credit that fueled a stock bubble from which the bankers slowly ‘liquidated’ in gold, shipping it over to Europe. As the coup-de-gras was thereby prepared, they crashed stocks and the demand for gold circulation to cover the equity market implosion drained the Treasury. Again the bankers floated huge amounts of ‘wild-cat’ banknotes, setting the stage for the entrance of the ‘central bank’ to ‘tame’ all this cacaphony of paper flying around.
      The States’ Assemblies were forced by impoverishment to choose to remain operating under their own Constitutional jurisdictions, strictly subject to Art. I, Sec. 10, or to subtly re-situate under federal ‘district’ jurisdiction, wherein they COULD ‘make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a tender in Payment of Debts’ by provision of Art. IV, Sec. 3, cl. 2, whereby no State or federal Constitutional limits apply to exclusive federal ‘Property’. That’s REALLY what the gold-fringed flags signify … legal operation under United States Executive Administration.
      Now, after 1963, with no more circulation of gold OR silver, all pretense of ‘de-jure’ governance was completely lost and that’s when ‘constitutional amendments’ crawled out of the woodwork to ‘fix’ lingering jurisdictional ‘frayed ends’, so that now ALL State Constitutions ‘qualify’ office AND voting only to ‘citizens of the United States’ rather than as before … citizens of ‘this State’.
      So, you see, Kansas isn’t even in Kansas anymore, Toto … it’s in Washington City (aka: The Emerald City).

    • Thanks for the legal and historical education, Pat.  I can’t believe how rich with great info your messages are.  I may be slow but I AM learning!  🙂
      I have been thinking about these bankster bandits and the immortal words of Thomas Jefferson keep coming into my mind:
      “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” 
      I believe that these banksters have used the tactic of whipsawing the economy, first with inflation and then with deflation, to create boom and bust cycles from which they can profit immensely; first by making loans at market interest rates during boom times and then by foreclosure on bank financed assets during bust times, which they will sell for huge profits during the next boom cycle.  The boom of the 1920s, followed by the bust of the 1930s, seems to illustrate this perfectly.  
      It was not the only one, of course, with the panic of 1907 being particularly instrumental in bringing about the Fed via congressional desire to “do something”.  Unfortunately for us all, doing something in haste at the federal level always creates a monster with which all Americans from then on must deal.  I fear a similar occurrence these days with the overwhelming urge to “do something” about gun violence.
      This cycle seems to be repeated over and over, yet few Americans seem to have noticed.  Notably, those who frequent web sites like SD and others of similar nature, are excepted.  When I try to discuss this with friends or even family members, I get the “Hey, your tin hat is slipping” look that tells me the conversation is over and I am speaking to myself.  Perhaps I need to document this more thoroughly for their benefit?  It is an evil plot and made more so by marginalizing those who recognize it and point it out to others.
      Having read quite a lot about how the Fed came to be but still not understanding how it was deemed constitutional that the congress could pass off their mandated responsibilities to a private banking cartel is beyond my ken.  If ever there was a criminal breach of federal fiduciary duty, this has to be the epitome of it.  None of my reading of the US Constitution seems to allow for this, yet we have it and, apparently, the US Supreme Court has signed off on it.  If you could illuminate this dark corner of US history, I, and probably others as well, would greatly appreciate it.

      “So, you see, Kansas isn’t even in Kansas anymore, Toto … it’s in Washington City (aka: The Emerald City).”

      Indeed so. But… is Bernanke The Man Behind the Curtain or is someone far more powerful but far less visible pulling his strings from the rafters?

    • @Ed_B … “Having read quite a lot about how the Fed came to be but still not understanding how it was deemed constitutional that the congress could pass off their mandated responsibilities to a private banking cartel is beyond my ken.”
      No it isn’t Ed. Like any lock, once you have the ‘key’ it’s child’s play to open it. First. read Art. IV, Sec. 3, cl. 2 of the Fed. Const, keeping in mind that ‘Property’ is an ASPECT of a thing, not the ‘thing’ itself. That’s synonymous with Jurisdiction! So, in federal … jurisdiction … no Constitutional constraint applies. The … jurisdiction … within which ‘Federal Reserve’ banknotes pass as ‘legal tender’ is in FEDERAL jurisdiction. Quite Constitutional (however much criminal turpitude is involved in its accomplishment).
      Now it’s intuitive to think, well, here in, say Idaho, I’m under State jurisdiction, until you learn that on March 4th, 1791, the Senate authorized George Washington to institute a separate, but concurrent … federal ‘district’ jurisdiction … over each of the States in order to impose and collect the ‘Whiskey Tax’! Right off the starting gun, The People were fooled! The Whiskey Tax could ONLY be levied in the federal district jurisdiction, but because such a thing is entirely invisible, they fell for the … presumption … that it was being levied and collected in STATE jurisdiction, merely because that’s all their physical senses revealed to them.
      So, from the legal perspective, there (Washington City) is here (under foot), ONLY if you fail to recognize that the ‘force’ upon you is invisible … and deal with it! By forsaking ALL the links tying you to federal jurisdiction, you free yourself from its weightless, gossamar, legalistic chains on your neck. They CAN be forsaken, because ALL were (like the ‘Whiskey Tax’) initiated fraudulently on falsely contrived presumptions brought about through … failure to divulge material facts on which to make an INFORMED decision! And, NO statute of limitation deters folks from recovery against fraudulently acquired claims on them!

    • “No it isn’t Ed. Like any lock, once you have the ‘key’ it’s child’s play to open it…”
      Well, I read every word you wrote 3 times, Pat, and it still is not registering.  I have never ever been able to speak, read, think, or write bureaucratese and never will.  My brain simply does not work that way and no amount of hitting me over the head with this is going to get it to sink in one iota.  Sorry, but it is just not happening.  To me, property IS a thing and not an aspect of a thing.
      “The People were fooled! The Whiskey Tax could ONLY be levied in the federal district jurisdiction, but because such a thing is entirely invisible, they fell for the … presumption … that it was being levied and collected in STATE jurisdiction, merely because that’s all their physical senses revealed to them.”
      Yes, I would be fooled too if federal tax collectors showed up at my whiskey still with a writ demanding payment of a federal tax.  A few of them got tarred and feathered or whipped tarred and feathered for their efforts which did not sit well with the feds.
      Now, let’s discuss something simple, like quantum physics.  THAT I do understand.  🙂

    • @Ed_B … “to me, property IS a thing and not an aspect of a thing.”
      C’mon Ed ol’ buddy … stay with me here, you’ll get it. Black’s LD, ab. 6th ed., pg. 845: “Property. That which is peculiar or proper to any person; that which belongs esclusively to one. In the strict legal sense, an aggregate of rights …” ‘An aggrigate of rights’, Ed. The THINGS in which those rights are held needn’t be physical. ‘Property’ (the aggregate of rights) can thus attach to intellectual exclusivity as well! Like, ahhh … FEDERAL DISTRICTS. A little clearer?
      Knowing this distinction and precise understanding of vernacular, in 1791, I’d have pointed out to the revenuer that while HE was acting in Washington’s district jurisdiction; I on the other hand, produced my whiskey in State jurisdiction, where he had no authority, unless he could prove my whiskey was made for foreign export. In which case, he was less troubled to wait at the docks in Philadelphia to levy and collect his tax as my whiskey was loaded aboard a ship!
      “[T]he powers of the federal government are enumerated; it can only operate in certain cases; it has legislative powers on defined and limited objects, beyond which it cannot extend its jurisdiction.” –James Madison

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Pat.  I am definitely feeling the love… but not the mind-twisting wheels within wheels interpretations of 230 year old jargon.  But, that’s OK because not everyone needs to do this, just as not everyone needs to be a scientist, engineer, or physician.  
      “Like, ahhh … FEDERAL DISTRICTS. A little clearer?”
      Heh, nope, not  a bit.  :-/
      “I’d have pointed out to the revenuer that while HE was acting in Washington’s district jurisdiction; I on the other hand, produced my whiskey in State jurisdiction, where he had no authority, unless he could prove my whiskey was made for foreign export.”
      Right.  Then he would have said, “So, are you gonna hand over the tax money or not?  ‘cuz if not, I’ll be back with several armed men to help you with that decision”.  George Washington did lead an army of 13,000 men into PA over this, one of only 2 times that US Presidents have commanded troops in the field, so it seems pretty clear that they did not agree that the tax did not apply and were fully prepared to use force to settle the issue.  
      It is one thing to be right in theory and quite another to be right in practice.  Speaking of which, law being created by the courts via precedent seems to have VASTLY expanded the Fed Gov’s role in our lives FAR beyond the Founding Father’s worst nightmares of tyranny.  Is this just another example?
      “[T]he powers of the federal government are enumerated; it can only operate in certain cases; it has legislative powers on defined and limited objects, beyond which it cannot extend its jurisdiction.” –James Madison
      Absolutely.  All of us would support this but it is pretty clear that the Gov does so only as a matter of convenience or when forced into it by the courts.  This is in keeping with the idea that… “the government which governs least, governs best”.  Unfortunately, the current regime in power seems confused as to the difference between governing and ruling.  They need help with that, so it is up to the states, counties, and citizens to provide that help, often by refusing rules, regulations, laws, and orders that attempt to trample upon the US Constitution, a document far more dear to the hearts of the citizens than to those in the Fed Gov.  While we see it as the guarantor of liberty, they see it as an impediment to their socialist agenda.  Well, good!  At least we and they agree on some things because it IS an impediment to their proposed tyranny and it SHOULD BE.

    • @Ed_B …”George Washington did lead an army of 13,000 men into PA over this,”
      There’s the very point I’ve been trying to clarify. Washington COULDN’T SET FOOT into Pennsylvenis … jurisdiction. That’s what the ’emergency session’ of the Senate was all about. They HAD to allow him to lay a separate federal jurisdiction over the States in which to operate. Jurisdiction isn’t something anyone sees, smells, touches or tastes, yet it was an impenetrable wall Washington couldn’t pass through until he had his OWN in place. There’s a separation between the two and while folks fail to differentiate their powers to protect or subjugate them, they’re fated to remain victims of their ignorance

    • “They HAD to allow him to lay a separate federal jurisdiction over the States in which to operate. Jurisdiction isn’t something anyone sees, smells, touches or tastes, yet it was an impenetrable wall Washington couldn’t pass through until he had his OWN in place.”
      Something tells me that this distinction, however strong it may once have been, has been completely over-run by the Fed Gov and precedent in the courts,  The Feds can and do operate wherever and whenever they wish.  Do they still need a special senate session for this?  If they do, we never ever hear about it, even from the supposed opposition party.  States rights seem to be a topic that rarely if ever comes up anymore.  I find this odd since it was the states that created the Fed Gov.  Surely, they can legally un-create it any time they find it too objectionable.

  13. OK XC Skater     I consider my leg pulled.
    But here is the rebound on that joke.  2,000,000 people in the US successfully defended themselves against attacks, theft, assault, rape and even attempted murder by using firearms.  If what we noted as effective firearms for females did not register with you, there could easily have been some of the 17-20,000 unique visitors who took that information and used it. That couldbe very useful information. 
    This site has hundreds of thousands of unique visitors a month.  This means of getting the word out is also how Ron Paul acquired 3.5 million followers. 
    That said, how do you plan to defend your loved ones against some sort of assault or crime?  We, the people  of this country have that pretty well figured out and despite the statistics that show some assailants are successful, millions are not.  That is a decent record if I do say so.

    • “That said, how do you plan to defend your loved ones against some sort of assault or crime?”
      Like a British policeman, who says to a criminal, “Stop!  Or I’ll yell stop again!”.  😉
      That should have the criminals cringing in fear.

  14. Local and State governments are legal Trusts created by and for the Beneficiary Citizens thereof. The Federal body in turn, is a legal Trust created by the Beneficiary State governments. The office holders of these Trusts are DAMNED LUCKY so far to have assembled hoards of ‘Esquires’ (Shield Bearers) to baffle, dissuade and divert the Citizenry of this Country from initiating suits against them for gross, brazen, premeditated Breach of Fiduciary Trust. By my recent experience and research, I’m finding that this tide is turning.
    Though the sycophantic apparatchik ‘media’ refuses to report the fact, a growing number of folks have thrown down their useless protest signs and turned instead to studying Law Books  and Cases to begin the ensuing wave of Propria Persona court filings to personally prosecute just such suits. Many are accomplishing varying degrees of WINNING! This is happening from small towns to our largest cities and NO office holder, whether directly elected, in agencies, or legal representation is immune to the consequences, as ALL are held to the Persons of ‘Trustee’ by rock solid consistant precedent back to our very founding.
    In addition to the more obvious forces attributable to geo-economics, this trend may go a long way in explaining why so much ‘threatening’ AND ‘placating’ actions have been surfacing from government circles over the past few years. The People have ‘graduated’ from the 1960s and they’re learning how to become MOST dangerous to politicians … in their chests of plundered ‘treasure’!

    • “…and NO office holder, whether directly elected, in agencies, or legal representation is immune to the consequences…
      One would think that from the state of US finances, there would be a potentially MASSIVE number of suits that could be filed on this basis.  How about one for Harry Reid for not obeying the US Constitution that REQUIRES the US Senate to create an annual budget each and every year but which they have not done for 3+ years?  Or against the Fed Gov in general for massive deficit spending?  Or from the incompetent way in which the Fed entitlement programs are run?  Or for any of thousands of other possible reasons? 

    • @Ed_B
      All things in due course. At the moment, the ‘castle wall’ is being undermined by ‘sappers’ beneath. When the time is right, the ‘Trebuches’ will be positioned and aimed at the optimal points of weakness.

  15. Pat I read two of your posts regarding the status of the average person in this country.  Yesterday I read the 9 page report written by Judge Dale Secrets Of American.  Idaho Eagle 999 provided the link.  To read this and try to understand its import to the average person is like being given a letter telling me I was born on another planet, immigrated to earth and “here are the new rules’  Wading through his report on UUC1, Vatican controls, Cesta Que Trusts, how to deal with TPTB even down to removing traffic citations, birth certificates, social security numbers and how these documents bond or free us from the slave status to the European Royals and elite, along with some tremendous funds held in an account with Fidelity if we know how to crack the CUSIP code, I have to say it was pretty mind bending. What’s interesting about this is it seems to tie to your work and studies regarding our status as sovereigns in states that have supremacy over the Federal government.  It appears that the states have legal status superior to the Feds. 
    I was born in Canada of American parents and continue with my dual national status. My birth certificate is Canadian while I use a US passport and have theUSSA SS slave number (not tattooed to my forearm) on most documents. I also have a Canadian sosial security number having been forced to cough up huge taxes on family holdings in Canada when i decided to sell Crown Grant Land that had been in my family for 150 years. That’s a story in itself.  I guess my taxes helped pay for the off ramp that the  government built by taking family land though eminent domain. Before I ramble on too much, these things that you write about are probably understood by only the tinies fraction of the US population. It seems like the times are ripe for disclosure before the Feds strip us of any semblemce of rights

    • @AGXIIK … “It seems like the times are ripe for disclosure before the Feds strip us of any semblemce of rights”
      There are a lot of ‘false prophets’ floating around. Like politicians, if they urge you to act on greed or any other ‘base’ impulses, they’re more likely to ‘lead’ you to ruin than ‘milk and honey’. Now, I understand there’s a ‘credit offset account’ set up in the Trust that some folks want to abuse, but I’m one who won’t touch it with a proverbial 10 foot pole. (I never knew a single polish guy who stood 10 feet ANYway)
      You’re correct, there’s a LOT to learn and for most folks, precious little time to learn it, but learn we MUST because our ‘People perish for lack of Knowledge’. To narrow down the process it takes careful discernment to pass over charletans and concentrate on the best, most time-proven field guides. Two I can HIGHLY recommend are Rod Class and Harrold Griswold. The folks up at Michigan Free State are also highly trusworthy too. May God take your hand and fill you with enlightenment.

  16. One more thing. If any population group should be adamant about their rights to keep and bear arms, it is the people of Europe and the United Kingdom. The name Hitler comes to mind with that statement.
     Without going into details, the men of my  family gave much blood in WWI and WWI. Some remain under the soil in France.  I consider myself duty bound to honor their sacrifice.  Anything less would be unacceptable.  If I was the only person who felt this way, I would not quail in my responsibility.  The reality of the situation is that most people would use any measure to defend their families, homes lands and freedom with any means at their disposal up to and including clubs, spears, bombs and knives if it came to that.  Hopefully that will not be necessary in our lifetimes. The only countries that still have pretty much unrestricted gun laws are the US and Switzerland. The Swiss understood their position and have the means to defend themselves.  We do as well. While this country has many flaws, it still have a fire in the belly for freedom and liberty. 
    There’ve been two instances of gun control in the US in the last 3 centuries.  Both ended badly for those whose rights were taken.  African Slaves and First Nations, aka American Indians.  Their rights to own firearms, either due to their slave and post slave status and the First Nations (my family)  forced disarmament reduced their standing in this country for decades.

  17. Great comments on this thread and once again, I am ‘late for the party.’
    But I will make this point:
    What is significant here is the growing instances of states asserting that their own rights supercede those of the federal .gov.  You have Texas pushing back on the TSA’s practice of groping children.  You have Wyoming standing up for people’s right to own a gun.  And two states – Colorado and Washington – legalized pot growing and use in spite of the fed’s ban on producing the stuff.
    The root cause of all of these recent moves is the growing perception the federal .gov is overstepping its boundaries – in terms of citizen’s rights, allowing itself to be taken over by the bankers & corporations, and in printing money. The latter two items is causing growing financial hardship for many – and THIS is why the gun rights debate here on SilverDoctors.com ties in with the discussions we have here about Silver. 

    • “And two states – Colorado and Washington – legalized pot growing and use in spite of the fed’s ban on producing the stuff.”
      Indeed we did but I would be infinitely more proud of my state had we chosen to stand for the 2nd Amendment than for inhaling noxious crap into our lungs.  But then, maybe that’s just the way that a lot of us old farts look at things.

  18. Desert Fox link above is spot on, I read it over the weekend.
    Our ‘gun’ problem is a cultural problem.  
    Some kids these days have social issues with an inability to interact.
    There is the gang problem in this country.
    Our legislators need to follow the Oath they swore to uphold. 

  19. Just read the Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) requested that gun dealers stop retail sales as the U.S. Congress debates the gun issue.  Seems he forgot that he was in attendance at a prior Congressional hearing on gun control.
    Perhaps someone in NY with more influence than I could get this to him as a reminder of what he was told in prior Congressional gun-control testimony – from a survivor.  Go Wyoming!!!

  20. I copied the text of the Wyoming bill and sent it to my state reps. I won’t hold my breath with MN being under dem control in both houses but it is a try and if enough people do it it gets the word out that we will not tolerate any further federal incursion into our rights.

    • If Dems control a state, it is pretty much a given that they will not only not try to prevent the Feds from violating our rights, they will be right in there helping the Feds do it… and demanding a cut of any spoils to be had therefrom.

    • @Ed_B
      What folks don’t factor into their thought streams anymore (at 65, I only recently ‘discovered’ this, myself) is that such behavior by government officers, elected, appointed or hired, is a clear violation of their Fiduciary Duty as Trustees of the Public Trust. As a consequence, they’re HIGHLY liable to devastating prosecution that no ‘lawyer’ will EVER even HINT at.
      It’s admittedly a little daunting at first, but folks HAVE to get past the self-deprication and muster the determination to crack the Law Books open and learn how to bring these suits ourselves. because as our own ‘sharp tacks’ begin winning these cases (‘judges’ CAN be ‘boxed in’ to render correct decisions or face charges themselves of corrupting the courts), then the politicians will either ‘straighten up’ or become destitute ‘field slaves’ by ‘forced retirement’ wothout ‘pensions’.

  21. We have a lot of options before us as to the ways in which we can support liberty in this country.  Cracking the law books is something that is roughly akin to major organ surgery without anesthetic.  Lord bless the few and the brave who can and will do it but most of us will not.   This seems the perfect job for a citizen-supported foundation, however.  While I would be an awful lawyer, I can donate with the best of them.  🙂

  22. Pat fields  Re your note about the Whiskey Tax and Whiskey revolution.  Property and its attached rights.  Whiskey then, marijuana today.  States legalize pot for domestic, local sale. The Feds come in and destroy farms, cultivation patches, gorw houses and, in a fit of pique, the Feds destroy a perfectly good, profitable business with employees, legal obligations like leases and the means to make a living, bankrupting a solid business in San Diego  The firm’s offence. They were a pot apothecary.  The landlord was threatened with loss of his property and I could go on and on about the injustice. I won’t comment on the use of pot for ‘medical’ purposes  I am concerned by the invasiveness of the Federal Kudzu into state rights and the dichotomy of these two sets of laws.  Can you give a comment on that.  Since we are now on the cusp of some really ugly situations when local LEO plans to straightarm the Federal Grim Reaper of firearm controls, it might turn nasty.  What do we have as rights in those circumstances. 

    • @AGXIIK
      I’d almost (almost, mind you) bet my only child that those businesses were … incorporated. Meaning, taking on artificial personality by government grant, on strict conditions that government can change at any time it pleases.
      I’d guarantee they’ve ALWAYS used two capital letter indicia to designate their territorial situation, such as ID, KS, OH … whatever. Can the State legislatures SHARING jurisdiction in those territories unilaterally change those indecia by statute at their whim? NOT ON YOUR LIFE. Those abbreviations coordinate to federal DISTRICT jurisdiction coincident to that territory.
      And, I’ll ALSO guarantee that those businesses seamlessly blend Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP) codes into their territorial designations. Read what they ARE and upon whom they’re mandatory … they’re FEDERAL TAX ZONES … and only those persons conducting inter-state commerce MUST use them. Otherwise, one ‘volunteers’ implication of such conduct, that courts take ‘quiet notice’ of.until the presumption is contested.
      Then too, I can guarantee as confidently that every single one of the people working in those businesses holds out claim on the US Treasury through Socialist Security, making them ‘Wards of State’. Do a Google search on what it means to be a ‘Ward’. Only such right as the Guardian permits at will.
      I could go on and on … Birth and Marriage Certificates, any of a host of ‘licenses’ (a ‘license’ is permission from an appropriate authority to do a thing unlawful) and myriad commercial ‘contracts’ unwarily entered into with government and its commercial agencies either by signature or ‘accepting’ performance on ‘offer’…
      They’re ALL TOTALLY BOGUS of course because they’re all completely misrepresented from the get-go, but one has to KNOW that to CONTEST them. The most effective method of contest is to SUE FOR BREACH OF FIDUCIARY DUTY and FRAUD ON COURTS … which is my new passion to research and learn … there are a LOT of us out here gearing up for this and when we’re ready (as I put it elsewhere) Iceland will look like Santa’s Workshop!

    • “The most effective method of contest is to SUE FOR BREACH OF FIDUCIARY DUTY and FRAUD ON COURTS … which is my new passion to research and learn …”
      Yes, we can tell!  😀

  23. I think I see your points Pat.  One would have to be the closest thing to an unlicensed person, free of the federal umbilicals, to engage in such an activity.  Growing pot in a field or forest would present problems since that is someone or something else’s property. To sell pot as a store front business venture would still ‘almost’ inevitably connect  the sole proprietor, a non corporate business enterprise, to the vagaries and whims of the Feds.  It seems that just standing on the soil of this country traps a person in the Federal tar baby. 
    Have you given thought to becoming a non-attorney advisor to entrepreneurs who seek to form businesses without some centuries-old Federal adjudications.  I know that there is probably not a perfect way but if a person was born in another country, did not possess a social security number, never formally married their mate and did not incorporate, they might dodge the Fed reaper.  Advisory services payable in silver and gold.  I always view problems from the entrepreneurs solution orientation.  Fee for services.
    It seems that the government’s hysterical insistence on formalizing gay marriage is a ruse to get those of different sexual persuasions  to voluntarily enter the the Federal tax slave farm.  I still think about the scene in the MAXTRIX where the embryonic humans are nothing more than batteries for the central computer complex software hive mind. 
    Being born in this country immediately makes you both a energy asset of the collective corporation as well as an entry to the governmental elites balance sheet.  As an long term and depreciable asset, using double entry bookkeeping and GAAP accounting rules, I wonder what the corresponding life liability entry is?  A unit of the national debt, long term liability, paid in capital, treasury stock or retained earnings?
    In any case, none of those liability factors appeals to me.  My goal is to live a life without counterparty risk. I’ve spent three years and much capital doing so and yet it seems there is always one more attachment to sever. Any advice for JCQ in these matters.  I think I’m ready to take my freedoms to the next level

  24. @AGXIIK
    I’m too busy learning and actually litigating this stuff to lend myself out more than these sorts of brief explanations.  I’m also taking time to do a little county-level ‘constructs’ here in Philly and the time in expense is about all I have to give.
    You should look into Harrold Griswold’s audio and video interviews to learn more. He DOES take on select individual projects to help some folks. Another fellow I found, Rod Class, has videos terrifically informative. From what I understand, the folks at http://dejurerepublicformichigan.org/ have a complete package of sample forms used to forsake every ‘nexus’ that obligates one to federal jurisdictional ‘attachment’ … look into them!
    Of course, as occasion prompts, I’ll continue to blurt these things out in my commentaries here on SD.

    Oh1 And, one more thing … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvlTJrNJ5lA&feature=player_embedded

    • “Of course, as occasion prompts, I’ll continue to blurt these things out in my commentaries here on SD.”
      If your comments here are “blurted”, I am almost afraid to see any comments upon which you have ruminated.  😉

    • @Ed_B
      My court briefs fall into that category. Some take weeks to research and compose. My ‘pride and joy’ was a Mandamus argument I put before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court a few years ago. In a sad twist of fate, I’d won the case but didn’t realize it and act on it until my statute of limitations had passed (helped along by the post office’s extreme delays in delivering the court’s notices to me).

  25. Sounds to me as if skulduggery was afoot.  Slowed by the USPO, indeed!  What was the basis for your judicial review / order?  No need for a complete explanation but an outline would be appreciated.

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