Wynter Benton, the anonymous blogger on Yahoo Finance’ JPM page (who claims to be a group of former JP Morgan commodities traders under Blythe Masters and accurately forecast numerous silver moves in early 2011) re-emerged today after an 11 month hiatus.

Benton claims that the Oct 31st 2011 take-down of MF Global was SPECIFICALLY designed to prevent the group of former JPM traders with a chip on their shoulders against their old boss Blythe Masters from taking delivery of a massive amount of physical silver and breaking JP Morgan’s massive naked short silver position.

Benton also claims that JP Morgan’s $36 silver derivative time-bomb is still in effect, and states that the ex-JPM traders have re-grouped, and that silver WILL trade above $50 before Dec 31, 2012.


Silver will trade above $50 before Dec 31, 2012

By wynter_benton

We wish to inform our followers that silver will trade above $50 before Dec 31, 2012.

The $36 silver derivative timebomb is still in effect for the Morgue so count the trading days once silver gets above $36.

MFG was setup to prevent us from taking silver above $45 last year. Did anyone wondered why MFG failed precisely 30 days before our deadline or why no one can locate the vaporized money? It was designed SPECIFICALLY to stop us from taking silver up and out. Think about it.

Too bad The Morgue cant do that again this time cause we are beyond their reach now.

Once again, we are back. . . . . do da do da. . . .


  1. Although entertaining I am very skeptical about these guys. They were “guaranteeing” prices last year, and when it didn’t happen they went into hiding. There is always very little substance to their predictions. 

    • while it was a mistake to “guarantee”, if they are to be believed, they were thwarted by outright theft @MFG
      if you promise your friend you’ll be at his birthday party but then someone steals your car so you can’t make it, does that make you untrustworthy? maybe, depends how you look at it.
      at any rate, the wynter benton group doesn’t really matter, with or without them QE to infinity, gold and silver to the moon, and the dollar to zero is unavoidable at this point.

    • I agree – I check a couple of their calls that did not pan out… Silver to 120 by end of 2011…. silver to 45 by Nov 30th 2011…

      Great to make predictions we can all do that end this is the web folks – not going to put money down based of someone who’s track record to date is sub-par but even if it was…. does anyone here really make investment decision based off what anyone says on the next…. folks there are scammers everywhere and the web is the new home for these people.

      If you purchasing a couple OZ… ok no big deal but when your managing a PF over 5 million you have the really laugh at stuff like this… do people really take this stuff seriously? but you know what they say… there is a sucker born every minute…. as the PM sector continues to grow there are lots of sites and people making a living off this stuff and have been for the past 10 years…. think about it….
      I would be really shocked that anyone with simple common sense would even consider taking this information seriously. For all we know this could be a bullion dealer or large broker just trying to unload more silver…. That was purchased in the high 20s before the last run from Aug to mid-sept and wants to unload before the next correction and large dip comes which is currently in progress.
      As for the car/birthday example…. Well if this is a good friend or family it’s called a Cab or call a friend for a favor… really???

    • A liar hiding behind an alias is not good fighting anything connected with evil. Especially, from someone who supposedly was once a part of the very thing we all oppose. 

    • Sometimes even good people can turn to people who cannot, or will not validate who they are, or why they suddenly have shown up again. Predicting an all time high in silver here is like suggesting there is a meth house next door to a speed-freak who desperately is in need of his next fix!

  2. Yes, silver is going past 50 and I think even sooner than year end.  But, if you think JPM is going under when they have a printing press make no sense.  JPM is way longer oil to hedge their silver position.  They will lose money on this trade if silver keeps climbing but not go out of business, their oil trade will be extremely profitable as oil rises. JPM has miles of tankers of oil on the sea and are major owners of all the major oil companies.

  3. They’re welcome back on ‘the scene’ from my view. ‘Rebel Insiders’ are a phenomenon  I always find of interest. This implication of their having spent the past year situating themselves ‘out of reach’ is point of curiosity. Where is this ‘place’ beyond jurisdiction and influence of ‘the elites’? I’d certainly like to know THAT.

  4. Not impressed. Anyone that has been following Silver for at least 2 years can easily see it pass its 2011 high if it passes $36 resistance. Now if Wynter said it would be that high by next week I would be more impressed. My original call in the predict price of silver by year end thread I wrote it would be $50.50.  Now I could see that price by November 1st. If Silver clears $50 I think it could shoot to $70 by the end ofthe year and then get a serious smackdown back to $60 or even $50. Anyway I got the popcorn ready.

  5. No it won’t. They will crash Morgan Stanley to cover their asses just like they did with MFG. And they will use free Bernadollars to keep silver under control. They always do.
    I say it again: 100$ silver means blood in the streets, and viceversa.

  6. I have a Zimbabwe $10,000,000, a friend smuggled them out. They were about 2 days pay when he made the decision.to.move the notes and when he got them back in South Africa one note would buy 3 chicken eggs. The note – Govemor (yes, it has a spelling mistake) Dr G Gono, it states “Pay the bearer on demand TEN MILLION DOLLARS on or before 30 June 2008” Issue date 1st January 2008. So it also expired.
    So I expect silver and gold have a lot more movement in them than mere tripling or quadrupling they’ll be adding zeros by the month once the results of this play come to fruition.
    This is why I’m holding PM’s.
    The devaluation of the US dollar. Deflation – once folks realise they need to cash up, it’ll all be for sale. Then massive commodity inflation once the true value of food, shelter, clothing and protection from the elements and ratbags AND PM’s is realised.
    PM’s will be the store of wealth, if you are doing it for the ride to a few more fiat paper wipes then you had better pick your moment.
    Keep stackin, it’s a hare and tortoise thing for me, slow and steady wins the race. A little each week ; )

  7. What is their angle? Huge long positions gathered knowing the price was rigged? Just revenge of the mobsters they used to be?
    I soppose it takes big money to get silver up, with all that paper in it. Ex-employees who secures unlimited funding, to somehow do what they are aspiring to?
    If they have the algo trick mastered, they might be able to get some work done with relatively limited money, but how to take on the bank that is working for the feds?

    It’s a perfect crime though, to be aware of silver manipulation as an employee, gather significant longs, play along with the banksters, know in advance if the price is going to be taken too low for your comfort, or just do some seemingly random (foreknowledge) trading. Especially if your position is not all that big (to begin with). Foreknowledge trading cannot be criminalized as the government is in on the illegal scheme. That is, if you are busted at all.
    Would they work with their own money, or have secured a strong sponsor like a hedge fund manager or billionaire to anonimopusly broker for?

  8. i remember well the disapointment when wyntons last pronouncement fell flat, no reasons no explanations no nothing …. last time i really thought they could make it happen this time is different. we hear all sorts of people who claim that silver will be $50 ,,, $100 … $1000 etc … and we know that that is their hopes and beliefs.

     Wynton went one better though they were not speculating that silver would reach a particular level they were going to materialy change the silververse they were going to overthrow the kingdom and not only did they fail they disapeared …. now the market is reaching another crossroads and all is in turmoil and along comes wynton with a new prognostication….

    well good luck and i really hope you pull something off but excuse me if i dont hold my breath…. i guess i might just keep stacking and wait for the sun to rise again in the morning and if that should ever let me down then i know im in trouble

    • binahmax, your comment makes more sense that all the rest i’ve read here. I wonder if Wynter Benton has a trillion dollars to invest in silver? If he does, then he may be able to bring the beast down! Maybe, that is?

  9. I don’t know if Wynter Benton is a hoax or not.  I always suspected that the silver and gold from MF Global was used to fulfill orders and to raid the metals. I wonder what commodity brokerage firm will be used next.

  10. I’m glad to see that there are former JP Morgan commodities traders who aren’t corrupted by the bank and who are willing to help others to fight against the elite. That just convinced me to buy more silver tomorrow.

  11. So now WB claims ‘they’ got burned in the MFG ripoff and just disappeared. They should have come out swinging if that really happened, and we would have accepted the excuse, but they went silent so it looked like a hoax.  Now they wait until ‘Ben Goes Wild!’ is on tv to announce this?   (BS radar flashing)
    If they regrouped and got back on track they should have said something when everyone was worried to help rally the troops.  In May or June we could have used some good news.  Maybe this new WB is a cover story for the rise in silver prices foisted off on us to muddy the water, discounting decades of price suppression and increasing investment demand.  “Silver is up, man! That WB group is behind it, nothing else.” 
    Or maybe they are actually some clown working for the morgue helping with PR for the pump-n-dumps.  All we really know is that they wrote a couple pages of text on a yahoo message board.   I will disregard them, since they are dubious at best.

  12. As I see it, JPM is being criminalized by the even more evil banks. JPM is sacrificed. Look for the deepest evil with the banks benefitting from JPM demise. Look for Germanic names rather than Anglosaxon. Hint: it’s hard to tell politicians from bankers there, because they swap places all the time.
    Let’s not be dragged too deeply into the JPM-center-of-all-banking-evil hype. They are all too willingly taking this role.
    Let’s kill JPM, for our benefit, and go on to the next.

  13. Never trust anybody who puts a price and a time in the same sentense.
    Of course Silver is going a lot higher. We here all know that.
    Just be right and sit tight.
    I hope they smash the price down so I can buy more next month.
    Go JP knock it down so I can get more bang for my fiat buck!

  14. It occured to me this morning that all the chatter from Wynton and Christian is irrelevant.  They don’t offer much to the conversation except to validate our own contentions silver will have much more action to the upside than down, with the normal saw edge retracements that is typical of any commodity that is both manipulated and coveted.
    With some dots lined up here are my thoughs

    If you are ALL IN  like some of us, the silver price is an interesting  footnote to the world situation.  The biggest conversation we might have is the best timing for selling some silver, rotate back into FIAT to pay some bills.

    If you have some dry powder then buying now at a reasonable price, one which we all bought at recently and thought it was a bargain, is still wise and helps us add to the stack, knowing that the price will go up, up, up.  Cue smiley face emoticon to show our pleasure at seeing patience rewarded.

    If silver retrenches a few dollar we get to stack on the cheap for a few days or so, knowing that our collective wisdom still holds up. 
    It’s pretty much a forgone conclusion that silver will break $35 and hit the shorts;  break $45 and break JPM, hit $75 in reflection of serious imminent shortages and then beyond $100, a direct result of gold price increases, a contracting GTSR and hard, incipient inflation that is undeniable by MOPE or BLSBS.  Hang on to your skivvies folks, it’s going to be a heck of a ride.  And there will most certainly an inflection point when silver takes a huge breath, retracts and waits for the next increase.  We can sell then, set aside some cash for a rebuy, or just stay the course.
    I write this with the certainty that bubbles will come and go,  just like the tech wreck, the housing bust and the bond bubble.  If Apple can go to $650 and be worth 20% of the NASDAQ then silver can go to $500 in a bubble.

  15. One additional thought to above post.  If you have some gold and think silver has a better chance to pop higher, then trade some gold to silver to top off the stack, price of both notwithstanding.  GTSR is still about 51 to 1 The cost to trade is about 3%

  16. I just bought yesterday my first American Silver Eagle coin and I really like the designs. I bought it for 40$ but I’m not sure if it’s worth it since Canadian Silver Maple Leaf cost 38$. Although, I didn’t know that the American Silver Eagle was bigger than the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. +1 to my stack 😀

  17. Folks – silver should continue lower into the last leg of the election – I would expect the DXY to continue slightly higher or continue bouncing around the support and resistance levels. Oil should also continue its current trend as high commodities going into the election paints a bleak picture. We have seen the picture painting over the last several weeks, with a lower jobs number 7.8% today’s release of jobs numbers even though California apparently did not submit their paperwork which is approx. 30K worth so if this is true then break-even. This is all projected to the public which in majority 95% do not have the level of Debt, money & PM knowledge we have acquired while being part of the PM bull run.

    However, with the continued & seemingly endless supply of paper derivatives SLV ETF’s & the CFTC’s inability to confront the short positions held by JPM & validate the true holding of physical silver by the fund SLV. Unfortunately IMHO we will continue to experience this raids/dips or manipulation however one wants to tag these events.

    We all know that GLD & SLV are leveraged 100 X 1 as per Jeffery C open testimony admitting to such activity. This type of activity has been replicated from the banking fractional reserve system X 10. In the high of the banking free-for-all the money supply was leveraged 30 or 40 to 1. The PM sector is 100 X 1 which allows the fictitious creation of supply, the demand is met by speculators & the money printing program. Further to my point – with the fictitious supply of silver in the system the true VALUE will continue to be suppressed as the true available above-ground supply is not presented with the paper assets tide to the investment portion removed. Once this divergence takes place or there are some truly credible investigation conducted we are stuck in the range of high 20s and the 50 mark. One other problem is that large investment groups are not able to invest in physical PM’s are  forced to enter the paper game which allows the game to continue.

    The only real way IMHO for this to true around in a speedy fashion would be for central banks to start once again purchasing physical silver as they are now doing for gold. This will deplete the physical supply at an expedited fashion that should in a point in time end the silver paper-game.

    Also keep in mind that silver is an industrial metal and currently has some 1000 applications – it’s in all electronics, phones  with 70% to 80-% consumed and not returned to the global supply. Thus the suppression of cost to  this metal is of most importance in the effort to try and turn-around the global economy – high silver prices would just add further costs to the product in which they are used in.

    One last thought – sorry for the extended note…. IMHO the one last things which can release silver for the clutches of the controllers would be for a nation such as Iceland, China or Russia to announce backing of their currency by both gold & silver. This would be the tippling point & I believe that today this may be a strategy both China & Russia are working on as they are buying & accumulation both PM hand over fist.


  18. Well…….my magic eight ball for this super prediction is “not looking good”…….keep stacking……or start using the stacks of silver you got as paper weights or better still, give lumps of silver to your friends and family as Christmas presents. I have stopped stacking. Not until I see a significant rise in the price, to say £22-£23, but so far, all I see are traders moving their positions on a Friday to sell and maybe every fortnight on a Monday to a buy position. A few bots out there doing auto trading. As for the myth of “the Goldman Sachs” and “the bernanke” doing anything mischievous, nah, been looking for 3 years now and all I see is momentum trading.

    I think gold might rise on the fact that gold is now classed as a first class citizen again in the banking world with the new Basel III rules coming in, but silver….unless something big is announced, this looks like a 10 year holding pattern for me. 

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