Wynter Benton, the group who claim to be former JPM commodities traders with a grudge against Blythe Masters, and who recently stated that MF Global was pulled to prevent the group from standing for delivery in silver and that silver will trade above $50 by the end of 2012 has posted another statement.
The group claims that beginning Tuesday 10/16, the group will demonstrate their ability to move the price of silver by updating their moves in REAL TIME, and advise silver investors to hold onto their seats!

October 16 to October 23, 2012

By wynter_benton . Oct 10, 2012 10:58 AM 

The Leader wishes to inform our followers that the group will be demonstrating our ability to move the price of silver between October 16 to October 23, 2012.

We will be updating our moves in real time during this period. Hold on to you seats because what you are about to see will dwarf what we did in February 2011.

….do da, do da…..

Sentiment: Strong Sell


  1. Sentiment: Strong Sell”
    Does this mean that they want to try send the price of silver down to 10US/oz?
    But either way, what will be the consequences if they would be really able to show that they are able to manipulate the silver market heavily?

    • I think you misunderstand. The intention is to shove the silver price UP. Hope they can do it. Considering silver should be at least $17,000 usd, even $50 is an insult.

    • NewMessage is correct. If you follow the link provided, you’ll see WB’s message is on the JPM message board. It’s common practice to state your sentiment on the stock being discussed on that particular forum.

      Here’s an example of another message from that same board:

      Wells Fargo just reiterated their outperform on JPM
      By nazawall . 53 minutes ago . Permalink

      S&P also maintains a buy and upped price target to $46. This drop is all about options. Don’t give up your shares.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • “strong sell”?

      Sell JPM?  Nah, I was thinking strong sell in silver.  They’re robin hooding it and saying sell now… so you can buy it cheap later.

  2. I’m ready for a show if one is coming. The markets have finally destroyed my mind. I know in three minutes the market will open and stocks will shoot up again from all the positive bank earnings that will be released today.

    • Wynter’s posts were interesting to follow back late 2010 / early 2011.  I guess we’ll know within the next week or two if this is the real deal or an imposter.  These days you can never be too sure so we’ll need to wait to confirm.  do da, do da
      Should silver spike I wonder if the usual suspects will raise margins and dump all their phyzzz on the market creating a massive spike downwards like they did in 2011?

  3. I used th think this group had the juice. But, if you click on the link in the article you can read how terrible a track record they have. Regardless, we all know that before prices will move higher, the market will take a HUGE dive. They will drive the price near nothing when they know their end-time is at hand. 

    • @snowrider, what did you sell, your JPM stock or your silver? What news did you verify before making the decision? Just a few academic questions out of curiosity, don’t get the idea I really care.

    • Crissy,
      The quick rise of silver from $26 to $35.50 was very typical from the past. It was as if the cartel backed off and let silver rise. As I saw for over a week that $35/oz for silver was strong resistance, I decided to play a hunch and sell some of my silver bullion, because I do not play in the paper market. Only fools do that. I had the chance to buy silver bullion two days ago when silver spot was $33.91 and I could have bought back at $32.75, but I think it will go lower. Look, I am no expert on silver & gold, but I do have 45 years of watching the cartel do their black magic.   

  4. the acticle is poorly worded and confusing. my take is the strong sell tells us he thinks silver paper is going to get hammered. why doc doesnt weigh in with an explanation before posting is poor editing. poorly written article. bad editing. bad journalism :).  does this have anything to do with the stealth london trader LOL?

    • Seems fairly straight forward to me. Wait until next Tues and find out. Your take is wrong, they refer to ‘strong sell’ to mean JPM which is very obvious since this is a post in the Yahoo message board for JPM. Hope you don’t jump to so many conclusions in other aspects of your life without some thought and investigation. This might be the end of JPM and what many have been waiting on. Seems like Doc is doing an excellent job keeping the information flowing.

  5. Nobody, I’m sure even Doc, knows much about WB and whether it’s all b.s. or a ligit group.  Doc puts it up as information, news – which is what it is. Do some research and draw your own conclusions. What can anybody do about it?  Personally, I think it’s just theatrics and hot air – but that’s just my opinion.  How this reflects negatively on this site is completely lost on me

    • so if i want to call myself the palika benton group and publish anything i want regarding silver with no validity check you think it is fine to be posted here? just because it has silver in its content? no wonder ron whites statements are so funny. there are usually , but sadly , true.

    • Well, I suggest you research Wynter Benton then. There is a significant history behind the group and it made BIG news is the silver trading circles for some time. Before you make snide comments, it may be best to arm yourself with some knowledge of the history of the topic you are attempting to discuss.

      Also the post is not saying silver will get hammered. If you follow the link provided, you’ll see WB’s message is on the JPM message board. It’s common practice to state your sentiment on the stock being discussed on that particular forum.

      Here’s an example of another message from that same board:

      Wells Fargo just reiterated their outperform on JPM
      By nazawall . 53 minutes ago . Permalink

      S&P also maintains a buy and upped price target to $46. This drop is all about options. Don’t give up your shares.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • It looks a lot like the CFTC and other so-called regulators only intervene in a market when someone other than their friends grabs hold of the market, such as the Hunt Bros., back in the late 1970s / early 1980s.  Any of the big banks, for example, can do pretty much anything they want anytime they want and the silence from the CFTC is absolutely deafening.

  6. for the above posters @palika , @tmallen , @Bilderberger , etc who are obviously ignorant regarding the history of the Wynter Benton group, in early 2011 this group made numerous claims regarding impending movements in silver, both to the upside AND to the downside that occurred nearly to the minute as predicted.  The group claims to be a group of former JPM commodities traders infamously fired by Blythe Masters herself in July of 2010. 

    Today’s posting by WB does not state which direction they claim they will move silver next week- but they have previously claimed silver will trade above $50 by Dec 31st, 2012.

    We are not recommended readers trade based on the group’s postings, but simply providing the information to our readers, most of whom are very interested in the group and it’s claims.

    • Doc, thanks for continuing to alert us of the WB posts.  This group has always intrigued me.  

      i was wondering what happened to them last fall after their famous 2011 prediction and was horrified to see the MF Global take down.  Naturally curiousity left me, and many others, wondering if the two events were connected. 

      I cant wait for next week to see if they truly exist and flex their muscle.   Time will tell, but my fingers are crossed.      

    • Why wait till Tuesday?  The COMEX silver market revolves around Tuesday’s because of the COT report.   Have you heard about Terrific Tuesday/Terrible Tuesday/Turnaround Tuesday.   My understanding is that the large player JPM (and its partner Scotia?) like to cover their tracks during the week by unwinding positions.   So if the week has gone up due to JPM buying (yah right), then Tuesday it will turnaround because they want to offload the unusual position before the COT report.   Strike that, and then reverse it for Terrific Tuesday’s.   So my theory is that JPM has been adding more shorts this week to cause waterfalls and attempting to cover what they can.  But if they can’t cover it all and the WB group pushes the price up on Tuesday, JPM will slit its own throat covering as the price goes up.  And another thing…. It struck me that one reason that the WB would call their shots is to strike fear into the current JPM traders.   They know how close things came last April and October.  They saw that they had to implode MF GLobal to stop the damage.   As we have been hearing, with the large open interest, the first side to blink (Longs versus Shorts) will feel the pain.  To strike fear into the shorts can create an advantage.   Whew…  Hope that helps explain “why tuesday” and “why announce your plans”.

    • In my opinion, there will be a lot of chances that silver will be above 50$ per ounce because the elections will be over and the cartel don’t want high silver price before the election. They just want it to be stable or go lower in terms of dollars.

    • VERY Interesting. Here we are, 4 days of this WB Prediction, and silver is down nearly to $32 EVEN. ($32.07 BID)
      Perhaps they are signalling a BUY opportunity for Phyzzz, and a cryptic “Strong Sell” to take a dig at JPM??? Sure
      bears watching, too bad I did not have a ton of Fiat to blow sometime next week 😀

      I think David “JP” Morgan will have egg on his face, as Silver drops under $30 RIGHT AFTER he said it WOULDN’T! 

  7. The Wynter Benton group does make a good point about the MF Global bankruptcy.  It prevented the delivery of precious metals to the owners of the account.  Gerald Celente was one of the victims.  He rolled over his contract until he had enough money to take delivery. 
    The sell rating is targeted at JP Morgan.  The Wynter Benton group has made it clear that they do not like JP Morgan.

  8. Well assuming these guy’s are legit,which I don’t,but regardless if they have access to say 1 billion in cash.Have diversified their traders among verified brokers and clearing facilities without loan obligations including hypothicated to J.P.M.,HSBC and the rest of the usual suspects.Have ad information campaign in place with major media outside  and internet media inside the U.S. and U.K. Plus a simultaneous draining of retail internet precious metal dealers.Also the group would be wise to be physically out of reach in a pre-conditioned friendly jurisdiction.I guess theoretically they could put a real end or a unrecoverable blow to this long running scam and make a pile of profit for their risk.But that’s alot of if’s.Just having the money is only the beginning of the problem.They would have to have their timing down pat.The more time it takes for impact that starts the avalanche.The more time the bullion bankers and elites have to compensate and seek out and convince these guy’s of the large mistake their making.So it has to be an lightning orchestrated attack with allowances for elitist counter-punches and follow-up offensive blows unforseen to the bankers.

  9. All I know is I hope there is a nice smash just before the election.  I’m closing on my home and becoming a renter (why compete with a mad man with a printing press).  If this works out I’ll be writing my last 6 figure check for silver and hopefully get more than 5 monster boxes.

  10. So with my previous post in mind.I’m to believe these former banker elite trading employee’s are pre-announcing their intentions of running up the silver price? I don’t think so. If they prove me wrong they better have back up that has access to nuclear weaponry or they may suffer the same fate as Mommar Kadafi did with his gold dinar plans.By the way anybody seen that 144 metric tons of gold Libya had?

  11. Jim Willie was saying the same thing about MF Global at the time, that it was sacrificed to save the COMEX.  That makes more sense than saying Jon Corzine went all in on Italian bonds and lost.  He’s an evil man, but not stupid.  And there is no way in this age of digital money that you can’t find $1 billion dollars.  Corzine took one for the team.  Part of the deal, of course, was that he would walk away a free man.

    • Agree completely on Corzine.  His attorneys no doubt had the official Obama-approved Get Out of Jail Free card all signed, sealed, and delivered long before Corzine ever appeared before congress.

  12. Oh look, silver just got smashed .43.  SNAFU.

    You gotta admire WB for their cojones.  I hope they are right about the $50 by 12/31. Unless I am sadly mistaken, that would mean massive derivative losses for the Morgue.

  13. Interesting. Back in February 2011 the price of Silver moved from about $28.50 to $33.50. A 17% increase. If that was to happen at current price of $33.65 starting Oct 16 that means by mid November Silver could possibly be at $39.37. Right on time for the Indian Holidays that typically push the price up some more. Could we see Silver push up to about $43-45 before it is possibly smashed down due to some bogus Cartel Smash or profit taking by the end of the year.
    Anyway I don’t believe they have any control to push the price up. But if they have insider information at JPM they could probably call the prices before they occurred. Could they be privy to a JPM short squeeze about to occur. I guess we will find out.

    • “Silver could possibly be at $39.37. Right on time for the Indian Holidays that typically push the price up some more.”
      –  –  –  –  –
      ‘Dot-Indian’ or ‘Feather-Indian?’
      Isn’t today a holiday for the latter?  All those native Americans celebrating the 520th anniversary of Columbus’ discovery of America, happy day for them.

    • Dot indian. Its not holidays actually. i believe November is their wedding season. They buy alot of gold and silver during that time of the year.

  14. 8/14/12: John Paulson sells JPM.
    “Paulson & Co. owned 4,000,000 shares of JPMorgan in Q2 compared with 18,463,500 shares in Q1, the quarterly report shows.”
    8/14/12: George Soros sells JPM.
    “”Soros cashed out of most of his financial holdings during the second quarter. He sold all his shares of large banks, including Goldman Sachs (GS), Citigroup (C), JPMorgan Chase (JPM) and Wells Fargo (WFC), as well as smaller banks like Regions Financial (RF) and Fifth Third Bank (FITB). He did hang onto his stake in SunTrust Banks (STI).”
    Looks like even billionaire hedge fund investors are aware of the news posted on Silver Doctors and GATA’s work.  Back in August, Bill Murphy had stated to look for upcoming fireworks in silver.

  15. Snowrider, good for you, for making a profit trading in and out of Phyzz.  When people write that they are stacking but never plan to sell, I have to wonder.

    Yes, it is possible to both stack and trade at the same time.

    • “When people write that they are stacking but never plan to sell, I have to wonder.”

      Can’t speak for everyone, of course, but in my case, I stack for the long term with 8-12% of my wealth and have no plans to sell anytime soon.  When I want to jump in and out of a market to make money, I use the stock market.  Been doing it successfully for 36 years and made enough to retire at age 55 in 2004.  🙂

      Agree that it IS possible to both hold and trade metals.  Most people have one mind-set or the other, though, so do the one that they prefer.


    • I agree Ed_B. I’ve been stacking, on and off since the 70’s and I’ve never sold an ounce and still don’t plan on it. In my thinking, trading is for paper and not something I’ve ever done. To each his own, as the saying goes.

  16. Wynter Benton  Quien Sabe`
    Moopst Congratulations on your move to silver That’s a ballsy move. Going from the money pit American Dream to something real Now you can move anywhere on the chess board.
    4 silver items
    1. India is committed to absorb 12.5% of all silver available in the world.
    2. China will take a similar amount, 125 MOZ of silver
    3. Japan will convert a significant portion of their energy production to solar each solar panel requires 20 grams of silver, replacing a portion of the $100,000,000,000 they will spend this year on natural gas needed to replace their nuclear ppower plants.
    4. Solar energy will use 60 MOZ this year and an equal or great amount next year.
    Solar, love it or hate it, is here to stay if for no other reason than energy self sufficiency is vital to any country today

  17. I’m struggling with the positive sentiment in some of the above comments lauding another price manipulator in the Silver market.
    Really, hypocrites ! It’s like decrying dog fights but sending a dog on the promoter.
    As AG states above, there’s enough demand for Silver, there’s enough money printing, there’s been enough suppression of the price of Silver already for any and all to leave well enough alone and let the market run.
    Why are these guys manipulating the price ? I’m assuming they mean to push price higher looking at Feb 2011 chart. For what ? To allow the traders to buy paper ? And then what ? The morg sells massive paper back to $30 ? Well ?
    Truely, if this group plans to increase price and have it at a new plateau above $50 and the Morg does go down the drain, the chain reaction in the economy could well be the catalyst for the collaspe of fiat, it’s not going to be pretty.
    Is this what we’re calling for ? I’m not ready, don’t have nearly enough Silver for my family to have something at the end of it (we’re at about 1270oz now and aiming at 2000 over the next 12 months or so).
    I can imagine 1/3 of a ton of silver at home about as much as some can imagine the coming conflagration when TSHTF and alot of good 1/3 of a ton of Silver will do then.
    Our water is covered (225 kilo liters about 80% full and if annual rainfall continues will have overflow each year), we kill and eat our own sheep also the pigs and deer in the forest behind our place however our vegie patch and solar only produce a small amount of our needs, another 12 – 24 mths would be good to sort this out. I’d like a 5.56mm semi auto before the collapse.
    On another note this group WB is not really a stealthy operation, why would you alert the other “scoundrels” ? are the WB group and the cartel just branches of the same tree ? as in politics ?
    There is just enough information from them to “stir” the market players and get a bit more volume in the market so their plays can reap a better ROI
    Quid quo pro, cui bono ?
    Keep stacking all the good stuff : )

  18. Hmmm, this adds more interest to yesterday’s event where silver hit $34,220 per oz for a short time on the COMEX (http://www.silverdoctors.com/freudian-glitch-comex-futures-lists-silver-at-34000oz-gold-at-17700oz/).

    It could well be that they are not talking about actually manipulating the price up or down, but that they will make the COMEX a laughing stock (which it already is around here and similar forums) by screwing with the index to the point where it can no longer be used as a gauge of the price of metals.  

    Consider, that if one could destroy all relevance of the COMEX then the physical price would be free to float wherever it truely belongs. 

    Just my 2 cents

  19. Well I HOPE this is real but I certainly don’t BELIEVE it is.  At least this time we only have to wait a couple of days to determine how much of it is BS.  Not like they’re stringing us along for months.

  20. Does it occur to anyone that even Eric Sprott, George Soros and others have been unable to drive up the price of silver? The group is fighting against the US government to drive the price up… Good luck with that one!

    • Soros has nothing but paper claims in the ETF sector. This is all about physical bullion, so Soros is a part of the ‘opposition’ restraining silver from its proper potential.

    • This is why I don’t believe that their intention or “claimed” ability is to actually change or move the price of physical metal.
      If they truly could do that, why not keep your mouth shut and slowly make a fortune?  No they are here to discredit JPM and the COMEX.  How better to do that than screw with the algo’s via some sort of computer hack?

      The $34,000 oz is a perfect example.  If they have the ability to make the COMEX price look ridiculous then essentially ALL CONTRACTS ON THE COMEX BECOME WORTHLESS, because no one would pay out at those quoted prices.
      I tend to agree with others, however, I doubt that this group has the ability to do anything other than create a fuss and excite a few people.
      Phil AZ

  21. As disgusting as the whole paper ‘market’ is, this ‘group’ is a welcome entertainment in my view. So, that brings to mind the … other … ‘David’, Pan Asian Exchange, cadre. What have Maguire and Naylor-Leyland been up to? 

  22. Just like I enjoy Lindsay Williams, but only find him amusing, I’ve never put much stock in Wynter_Benton either.  The Guy/The Group does seem to make a big splash in the pool sometimes though.  If we keep channelling along in the same rage in the Silver market, WB will be exposed as I suspect LW will be in the near future too. 
    Having said that if Silver crashes this week I’ll be sitting there waiting to scoop up more…..

  23. I think people need to get a better perspective and start learning about the petrodollar system. We all know the Federal Reserve wants inflation. 40 billion is now bought a month in treasurys. Starting at the beginning of next year I hear they will be doing another 45 billion the long bond or twist. 

  24. What?! On October 16 2012 which is this Tuesday, they will move silver’s price. I hope that this is false so that this way, I can have more time to accumulate some silver. My paycheck from work will be coming this Thursday so it’ll be two days early for me. I only have 28$ left to spend which is way not enough to buy silver.

  25. “The Leader wishes to inform our followers that the group will be demonstrating our ability to move the price of silver between October 16 to October 23, 2012.

    We will be updating our moves in real time during this period. Hold on to you seats because what you are about to see will dwarf what we did in February 2011.”

       LOL, still waiting for the above statement to come true. I guess I have till the 23rd to see some action.

  26. Well,
    first of all, if you look at Wynter_Benton’s spelling, it isn’t the greatest. So either this special group is made up of illiterate types, or it is made up of foreigners to for whom English is a second language, or whose typist is a foreigner. That, to me, makes their posts interesting in and of itself. Maybe their MO is to work during the Asian trading hours? European? Who knows. I guess we’ll see.
    Secondly, I’m no expert, but let’s let them fulfill or fail to fulfill their claims. They claimed nothing about the 16th itself, they just said they’d get busy between the 16th and 23rd. Not to be offensive, but this is the same behaviour seen in children on car rides. Except that this appeals to man’s greed, turning the impatience into a more toxic brew.
    Is the Bible ever right in saying that the love of money is the root of all evil.
    Money is just a tool to accomplish things. Your silver investment will pay off, just be patient. God works in His own timing, so if He chooses to allow things to happen, that’s His sovereign will. If He chooses to delay things from happening, it is still His sovereign will. Just be content with what He’s given you so far, and when He gives you more, be thankful then. Don’t let your greed instinct dictate your moods and disposition.
    Be patient, wait a week, and then you can accuse W_B of being wrong.

  27. Please please not more non existent third parties to further complicate the issues. If winter had cred he would be mentioned on zero hedge. Sd promises to educate and entertain… This is strictly under the entertainment category and I for one really enjoy it..so take it for what it is…. Remember we are stackers primarily because of real fundamentals.. The whole paper game is …time for popcorn sideshow

  28. Well, you know, they didn’t say which way they were going to push it. Maybe this is an early Christmas present. Except, of course, they said they would announce their game moves. So where might that info be hiding, if it actually has been posted?

    • Like I asked on a previous Wynter Benton article here at silverdoctors, Was last nights blip before midnight the move they were referring to? That was pretty anomalous and swept under KITCO’s rug by modifying the chart. 

  29. @underground I think it’s pretty safe to say they meant “up”.
    1) He has only ever talked about moving the price up before, and used the same (JPM stock) sentiment now as he did then – “Strong Sell”.
    2) He did not do any “advance” real time updates on the moves. Anyone can make baseless claims they were the ones moving the price in hindsight.
    3) Even if it was down, the price was already on a down move since 10 days earlier (and it had up days interrupting the decent).
    It will be interesting to see if he tucks his head in for another year now after this…

    • LOL, I gotcha @widget! I was keeping open the “possibility” that they might be trying to do a PSYCH!!! on “the Morgue” and make them think they needed to slam harder on the short sells… but that would be strictly between the two parties. I’m overthinking it, obviously! I do agree with you now.

    • PS: I misinterpreted “strong sell” as a warning to JPM to sell Silver, maybe. This is my first W-B exposure. 
      I also saw a film parody of W-B as a group of hot young women, that makes old Blythe look like a hag.
      Which she is in reality, anyway LOLz! 

  30. Clearly WB has ZERO credibility at this point.  Anyone still defending him/her/it/them is just being foolish.  Time to grind it up and put it in the dustbin.  The whole thing was a big joke.  Had silver gone up, you can be assured he/she/it/they would have claimed responsibility even without the promised “real time updates.”  Whatever little credibility WB had before is now utterly and completely destroyed.  Good riddance!

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