I had the opportunity yesterday to speak with one of the western world’s most courageous and astute women, Karen Hudes, Former Senior Counsel to the World Bank—now turned whistle-blower.
It was a powerful conversation, as Karen spent 20 years with the World Bank as an attorney and economist, before being “let-go” after reporting internal fraud and corruption.
During the interview Karen indicated that the world is rapidly changing, with western power structures breaking down, economic & political influence gravitating to BRICs nations, all amid a pending currency transition which will highly favor precious metals.   Hudes stated: All of the countries of the world are going to allow precious metals to serve as currency, and this will be an underpinning for paper currency, as we’ll have both systems at the same time.”


From Tekoa Da Silva:

Starting out by discussing the shocking centralized power she witnessed while working at the World Bank, Karen explained that, “A study done by three [Swiss] systems analysts who used mathematical modeling [shows] how the [world’s] 43,000 transnational corporations were being controlled through interlocking corporate directorates. There’s a group of 147 companies, most of them are financial institutions, and what they’ve done, is through the interlocking directorates, they control 40% of the net worth of these [43k] companies, and 60% of their earnings…so that group has been using the presidency of the World Bank as kind of a puppet to dominate the world—that’s [now] finished.”

A major shock to that centralized power base, according to Karen, was the recent move by BRICs nations leaders to bypass the World Bank for their financing needs, by establishing their own development bank. “As the BRICs [nations] economic power grows,” she explained, “they’re not going to be strangled anymore through the grabbing [of] their resources…So their decision to start their own development bank was their way of letting [world] governments know…that its time to end this corruption.” 

Major moves toward monetary independence are also being made by growing numbers of U.S. states, Karen added. She explained that, “The states are starting to have legislation recognizing gold and silver bullion as legal currency. This is [also] a very strong signal the states are sending to the federal government, that the time to get serious about ending the corruption in the financial system is now here.”

When asked her thoughts on what this all means for the world monetary system, Karen said, “What’s going to happen, is we’re going to have all the countries of the world, sit down and figure out what’s going to be the best, most orderly transition from the current system that we have, [which has] profound imbalance and unsustainable deficits…[this change] is going to happen as each country makes its preference known, because the system we have now is not transparent, and the biggest change [in the new system], is that there’s going to be transparency.”

That transparency may be found through a gold-backed currency system, Karen noted, as,All of the countries of the world are going to allow precious metals to serve as currency, and this will be an underpinning for paper currency, [as] we’ll have both systems at the same time. This is my guess, as I mentioned—I am an economist.”

As a final comment speaking towards her difficult journey as a World Bank whistle-blower, Karen said, “I’ve been struggling now for years, to tell the American public what’s [been] going on. I haven’t gotten through, because this [financial] group has bought up the press and has been spreading disinformation systematically. That undermines the whole point of a democracy. How can voters vote without an informed opinion, without the information that they’re entitled too? So this strangle-hold on information is going to end in very short order.”

This was a powerful interview conducted with a great American patriot and honorable world citizen. Karen is setting an example for the history books, and her interview is required listening for global thinkers and market students.

To listen to the interview, left click the following link and/or right click and “save target as” or “save link as” to to your desktop:

>>Interview with Karen Hudes (MP3)

To learn more about Karen and support her work, visit: Kahudes.net


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  1. This would be interesting. The value of metal would have to doubtlessly be allowed to float. On the topic of silver, given the meager amount of it generally, and it’s necessity in industry from high tech to metal to solar to anti bacterial – I can only imagine how this would look!

    • All I can do is simply ask her for more peanuts & coffee.  Since she is a stewardess on the plane of worlds markets.  I don’t want to put her down, but all she did was having access to the cockpit.  When we are going to crash either by water or on land, remember, she already has given us the emergency preparedness.  Are we going to run out of gas, or are we going to ride into no-man land (air)  where no plane has flown through before?  She had access to the cockpit, let’s hope the questions to her are pertinent? It is going to be a hard landing, so let your neighbors know, I am here to help? Gold/Silver can be second thought, but LOVE must be first objective.

  2. These statements are nothing new, and to a certain extent, whether deliberately or otherwise, she’s misleading people.
    Gold and silver legal tender law in America will not be allowed to pass on a Statewide level. Counties and local municipalities, perhaps, but not something so large as a state; at least, not on a wide scale. Just look at Jan Brewer of Arizona; the spineless wench vetoed the bill legalizing gold and silver as legal tender, citing nebulous “tax reasons” and never giving specifics.
    “Tax reasons” is code for “The Federal Government”. Just like the 70s when the drinking age was raised from 18 to 21. There was no Federal law imposing such a change, but EVERY State in the Union decided, all at once, to raise it. Why? Because they were “incentivized” by Washington with threats to slash their State education budget to ZERO if they didn’t comply.
    I guess what I’m trying to say is that if we want gold and silver legal tender laws, they must be passed at a local level. States will not be allowed to run with this.

    • 100% Correct. But soon enough, I think, it will be forced up them when large scale abandonment of the US Dollar starts. Then Gold and Silver will be used as competing currencies and Governments will have no choice. As Ron Paul taught us, markets are bigger than Governments.
      The only question is timing. Will supply shortages of 1) precious metals blow things up first, 2) a massive dollar sell-off, or will they hold out for the next 18 months until the (John Williams) 3) hyperinflation starts? Either way the system is doomed. And I’m not sure it will be a rosy transition.

    • CIC…ditto that.  I live in Arizona and while the legislature was considering this legislation I wondered why there was no organized opposition from TPTB.  Now we know.  They had Brewer’s veto all along.  Sickening, the corruption.

  3. Brewer of AZ quailed when she and BHO went  mano-to -mano a couple of years ago. BHO jerked a know in her tail when she was summoned to DC.  Immigration reform (BS) will go forward or AZ will get the stick.  She reasoning for voting against gold and silver as currency is BS just like you said CIC.
    two things comes to mind when I read the post.  It explains why Jim Willie says the Daddy Bush is a trillionaire.  He is on dozens of corporate boards.  That is some serious control and wealth from stock.   The other thought is that if gold and silver are going to be used to back world currencies.  Ask the BRICS-SA-Indonesian-Japan if they are going to go along with this  It’s likely that bloc has more gold and silver than any western powers. They’ll back their new currency with precious metals before our part of the world will. But if there is a race to PMs then two things occur to me. Prices go up and there is a chance that for reasons of patriotism and national security, those holding PMs will be told to bring them in to be exchanged for something that is not worth the value of the silver and gold.  I smell a rat if there is a chance of this coming down.  Skeptical? Yes. Whistle Blowers are sometimes uncredible   But there is a chance that desperate bankers and central governments might try this scheme if they know the jig is up. Just sayin’ and at best, speculation on my part .  The dots are still way far apart

    • “Prices go up and there is a chance that for reasons of patriotism and national security, those holding PMs will be told to bring them in to be exchanged for something that is not worth the value of the silver and gold.”
      If that happens, AG, then we all will have to take a page from our grand parents and great grand parents book when Roosevelt “called in” the gold and THEN devalued the US dollar by 70% to make up for it.  A lot of them refused… quietly.  Hide your gold and silver.  Keep it far far away from The Empire and their agents of evil.  The dollar will be devalued soon enough and then we can start selling a little for REALLY good prices, as needed to buy food and energy.

  4. In the audio, she kept asserting things like “there WILL be an orderly transition” and “these few won’t be allowed to continue to steal from for the rest of the world”. By asserting these things, she makes it difficult separate what is actually happening from what she wants to have happen. 
    She talks about how powerful these corrupt people are and that they have taken over the press and that they control a huge percentage of large corporations — and I believe her. But then she asserts how everything is going to get fixed and set right in an orderly way. It is obvious that she is overly optimistic about the future. 
    I think the thing to take from her interview is that there is indeed an evil cabal, and they are powerful and pernicious. Batten down the hatches because these powerful people will not give up their power willingly. They would rather destroy the world than give up their control of it.

    • “But then she asserts how everything is going to get fixed and set right in an orderly way. It is obvious that she is overly optimistic about the future.”
      I didn’t read it that way.  She seems to be saying that there are two groups of elites involved in all this and that those in the BRICS countries will go to a metals backed currency and the Western elites will be dragged along kicking and screaming.  Maybe I am just reading that into it?

  5. She seems like a proper insider type person.  I wonder if anyone could crystal-ball a timescale for this.  Nice to hear her mention Silver instead of just Gold (but meaning Silver as well).   Would there be any mileage in someone compiling a list of whistle blowers only this lady has been at it a while now and I for one  haven’t  heard of her.  I notice some of her predictive statements are just her opinion thus:
    “All of the countries of the world are going to allow precious metals to serve as currency, and this will be an underpinning for paper currency, [as] we’ll have both systems at the same time. This is my guess, as I mentioned—I am an economist.”

  6. Looks like I am right again, according to her.  The new 100 dollar bill will have a floating value to gold and silver, and a two tier currency system.  I like my “gut”.  Ever since I quit polluting it with meat, 13 years ago, it seems to think clearer.

    • You and Bix Weir are the only few that believe that crap.  Don’t brake your hand padding yourself on the back.  Kinda weird because Weir talked about this over a year ago and now you are talking about this all the time.  If you want to get into weird conspiracy theories at least read Benjamin Fulford’s work or E.P. Heidner’s work.  Next thing you will tell people that 911 happened because of 240 billion dollars of treasury bonds were going to mature on Sept. 12, 2001 but a group called the “vulcans” sabotaged the world by blowing up the World Trade Centers.  If you think that story is fake, talk to Jim Willie about it.  I just questioned your “gut.”  My “gut” also is telling me you got this idea from Weir.  That’s ok and all but just give the guy a little credit where you got this “gut” feeling.  I hope you and Weir are right about this theory.  It would be good for humanity. 

  7. They still have to somewhat follow their Constitution and the public’s money has always been Gold and Silver and for the most part, not taxable. When they issued Private money, well the Constitution doesn’t cover that. The IRS is a private Corporation as well as the Federal Reserve, and it has always been voluntary to pay them tax. I’ve only read this part in the past, but believe to be true. The reason for the thousand dollar deduction off the top, is because they figure the average person uses about a thousand dollars of coins a year, and that would be classified as public money and not private. This is all Contract law folks, you have just agreed to be controlled by them. Most people fill out there taxes wrong and you are actually gifting your “income” to them. Read IRS publication 950.

    • “…and it has always been voluntary to pay them tax.”
      Voluntary.  Right.  But if you do not pay up, we are going to turn your life upside down like you can’t even imagine.  This is no more voluntary than handing your wallet to a mugger holding a gun to your head.

  8. Does this sound like critical thinking to you?  No, it sounds like the grand pooh-bah  (International bankers) fed express, or fed resert has already thought about it before?  How would you like to borrow money with interests rates?  Still make capital gains?  There has been some wiggit feeders out there, so we need to come together and build our own bank, Backed by SILVER!  How glorious of a thought!!!

  9. Hmmm seems to easy, nice, lovely and simple… Puff like magic with her giggles all will be good, no way hose…when the hell has a bank ever made life easy for any regular guy or gal. I don’t but this bs for one second! Almost a PR stunt just sit back do nothing all will fall into place nicely with the new system, and well if gold and silver are part of the new system allllllll the more reason to keep buying it !

    • i listened to this again and theres one more huge bs gap in her story … How the BRICS and the USA are in this together — bullsh*t ! Wasn’t the USA banned from the recent asian economic conference lol ! BRICS want nothing to do with the dollar or be part of any new dollar. This is a PR stunt by the IMF all is well don’t worry the BRiCs are with us, their not creating their own financial system, total bs 

  10. “We’ll have both systems at the same time.” Unless there’s some mechanism for direct convertibility of paper to PMs by the Treasury (like we had until 1933 for gold and 1964 for silver) I don’t see how this could work. Otherwise skeptics like myself might just assume the central banks’ base money reports that show flat or near flat money supplies are lies. Gresham’s Law then takes over; the PMs get hoarded and the paper dumped ASAP. Wouldn’t this also mean that the Treasury would have to finally prove that gold reserves actually exist and are what they claim they are after no physical audit since the mid 1950s before people bought into this? I guess I already said I’m skeptical!

    • Precisely. This is the reason I roll my eyes whenever I hear someone speak of a wonderful new theoretical currency to be “backed” by gold or silver. If there is no convertibility, there is no “backing,” and no honest money. Sure, they may plan for trade between nation-states or governments to have a mechanism for settlement or partial settlement in gold, for example, but you can be sure that the bankers’ plans for the hoi polloi include nothing better than to have them (us) eat dirt and play with – as PatFields puts it well – plantation scrip.

  11. I don’t mean to put a damper on the positiveness of this interview but in practice the US shows no sign of wanting to be an equal partner in anything. This is a dictator at work, bullying nations via its economic power and controlling role in markets, while simultaneously threatening others with its military supremacy. There is simply no indication they will relinquish absolute leadership peacefully.

  12. What surprises me a bit is Ms Hudes presents this information as if it’s something new.  I find it hard to believe that she hasn’t read any of John Perkins’ books, “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” for example.
    Also on several occasions Ms Hudes mentions a new, wonderful system that will replace the current one.  I certainly hope she isn’t referring to “a new world order”.
    Combined, these two things make me wonder if we’re being played (suckered) into something that’s even worse than this foul, corrupt system that we currently have.

    • @LOT
      Perkins worked for the same bunch as Hudes…  She knows it’s not new material, they’ve been cooking this plan for decades.  But what they didn’t count on was how rapidly the BRICS Development bank process would accelerate after the US tossed Iran out of the SWIFT system.
      And, unfortunately, against YOUR hope she is, indeed, referring to the “NEW WORLD ORDER”  that comes to us in the form of a new world currency and a new world constitution.  That is PRECISELY their plan.  Don’t ‘wonder’ in your last sentence.  Trust your instincts… you’ve got it precisely correct.
      My only concern is that the BRIC development bunch have placed ‘nationalism’ ahead of globalism — because, if not, then the whole BRICS effort is simply another NWO construct…

  13. This woman HAS TO BE a disinformation agent and a really crummy one at that.  Now, good propagandist disinformation begins with someone who gives 95% accurate (perceived accurate) information in order to gain credibility with her intended audience.  That way her disinfo message payload won’t be rejected out of hand… (Think Glen Beck pandering to the Tea Party Movement from his studio aboard the good globalist ship of the globalist’s globalist Rupert Murdoch known as GPS (Globalist Propaganda Steam(ship) FOX.)  He was installed to serve as a ‘steam pressure valve’ in America by letting the Tea Party types feel like they finally had a voice and could put down their pitchforks.
    Well, this woman spent so much time in the globalist system being groomed for the World Bank and her latest role in the world domination agenda that she can’t even hold up her end of the 95% credibility requirement…  The BRICS are going to work together with the globalist banker cabal in America and Europe???  WTF???  The Western bankers are on the ropes here and already you are seeing scorched earth.  Ben Franklin NEVER said anything about a ‘democracy’  he was asked by a woman what the founders had given [us]  — he replied, “A REPUBLIC Ma’am… IF you can keep it.”  Now, she’s been tagged a ‘whistleblower’  so she’ll be believable?
    She alleges she couldn’t get her story out…  well, maybe the reason no one has heard of her name is because she wasn’t to be deployed until NOW!!!
    She’s painting a group of wealthy people and interlocking directorates of mostly financial entities to be a bad bunch… At the same time, the Congress is now dealing with just-introduced legislation (Brown-Vitter) to prohibit TBTF bank bailouts when they finally blow the derivative financial nano-thermite charges and the US economy comes down like WTC-1 and WTC-2…
    But first, Cyprus was a scheme to separate wealthy interests with secret money stashed in Cyprus from their money… the public story was the Russian Mafia got it in the wallet.  Is the Caymans banking haven next?  Well, they were just forced to cooperate in an information sharing and disclosure pact… WHY NOW? Might such disclosures precede a Cayman’s shutdown as was done in Cyprus???  Now many of these wealthy, (but not the connected elite wealthy) that Hudes is referring to have money stashed there… so… JACKPOT!!!!
    Second, police-state logistics in place, armed with 1.7 Billion bullets, they now blow the derivative bomb charges and the banks collapse.  Oh THOSE nasty demonized BANKERS, the law says we CAN’T bail them out… So Sorry!  You failed Bankers!   Oh… as for you ‘depositors’… no wait, you ‘unsecured lenders to your bank’  oh dear, you lost ALL YOUR MONEY!!!  We’re so sorry that your ‘claims’ against the banks were subordinated to those nasty derivatives…
    So, now they’ve stripped wealth from the wealthy, gutted America’s financial holdings, blown the banking transactional system and left us completely broke…
    Ah, THEN we can see, coming into view, a NEW WORLD ORDER… oh look, here comes that ‘oh so wonderful worldwide resolution this woman has in mind… A NEW WORLD CURRENCY… a NEW WORLD CONSTITUTION… and they will have their fait accompli…
    Hudes is sowing the seeds here, conditioning us for the acceptance that there was no other way to use or repair the conventional systems that were in place — these nasty interlocking directorates had to be broken up.  But, not to worry, we have a NEW [Peaceful and LAWFUL????] solution everyone would like to see…  The timing of her ‘sudden’ appearance on our radar scope is NO ACCIDENT…
    Buckle UP!

    •  agree pure bs the IMF releasing propaganda …. Lol the BRICS are our friends lol they are not creating their own financial system lmao what lies she spins 

  14. Wow S.E i like your comment.  Its getting easier by the day to see the set up as they Roll it all out, step by step.  All planned to a degree but planned no doubt.  Break the large successful nations bit by bit so people dont see it happen all at once and revolt.  Slam us with massive propaganda non stop so were always pointing the finger in some far off land, mean while were letting our once great nation fall into 3rd world statis.  Creeping death, little by little, printing fiat to keep the fake bubble economy afloat.  They’ll pop that b***h when their good and ready and just like in 08-09′, “we never saw it coming” they’ll say, but now you little peasant need to sacrafic for the greater good.  “oh and while your at it, give us all your guns and accept all these illegals that are part of the free s**t army but if you say no or even have “reservations” your now a terrorist extremist and you’ll be delt with”.  Usa usa !

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