gun confiscation“I don’t believe people should to be able to own guns.”
– Barack Obama 

We need to do this every day of the week, and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”
-Eric Holder

A National Gun Confiscation is coming.  The question is, Will You Surrender Your Firearms? 



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Submitted by BATR:

Are you a person, who repeats the Pledge of Allegiance at a local town board meeting or sings the National Anthem at a sporting event? Well, such people are likely candidates to turn over their firearms, when the collection van stops at your door to remove hazardous guns that endanger you, your family and neighbors. Surely, you file income taxes and pay your financial obligations to the government, what would prevent you from surrendering your personal lethal weapons, for the betterment of the state and the best interests of your community? Let’s get real!  Any country that demands the capitulation of the right for self-protection does not deserve a citizen’s loyalty or obedience.

Guns, Guts and Goons looks at the proposed UN Treaty to ban guns. “The clock is running down and the American public needs to suck up the guts and nerve to oppose such a blatant assault on the natural rights of individuals, and resist repression from an international cabal of globalists”, but the implementation of the grand strategy comes from within the numerous layers of your own government.



Following the broad footsteps of Firearms-Control Legislation and Policy: Australia, the Obama administration is hell bent on disarming Americans. In a Summary of Select Firearm Violence Prevention Strategies, The 1997 Australia gun buyback and its associated regulations is cited, concluding, “The Australia buyback appears to have had no effect on crime otherwise”, and eliminates evidence that stripping gun ownership has any impact on reducing violent crime.

1. It was large, buying back 20% of the firearm stock.

2. It targeted semi-automatic weapons.

3. It coupled the buyback with a ban on certain weapons and a nationwide registration and licensing program.

This pattern of further restrictions on ammunition, clips and capacity is a back door approach to the data collection policy for national registration. The ultimate and final implication is total gun confiscation.





When Charles C. W. Cooke writes in the National Review, and references a video where Obama Praises Australia’s Gun Confiscation, his words are to the point.

“Let me be clear, as Obama likes to say: You simply cannot praise Australia’s gun-laws without praising the country’s mass confiscation program. That is Australia’s law. When the Left says that we should respond to shootings as Australia did, they don’t mean that we should institute background checks on private sales; they mean that they we should ban and confiscate guns. No amount of wooly words can change this. Again, one doesn’t bring up countries that have confiscated firearms as a shining example unless one wishes to push the conversation toward confiscation.”

Back in the jurisdiction of the Metropolis state of totalitarian collectivist empire builders, New York; the likes of Governor Cuomo and former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg and the current el presidente, Bill de Blasio wage their commissar war against natural rights. Their goal is to enforce coercive governance upon a defenseless populace society, which is at the mercy of the real criminals; namely, the politicians, banksters, and corporatist criminals. Driving out of business gun manufactures is the eventual result of the Economics of Gun Control, while the autocratic elites enjoy the protection of State Police Troopers and private bodyguard mercenaries.

“The operational economics of gun control legislation has the purpose of maintaining a state controlled monopoly for firearms. One such example seen in the bill, known as the NY SAFE Act, included is a ban on any semi-automatic rifles or shotguns with “military-style” features, such as a pistol grip or a folding stock, has the goal of disarming the public. Such draconian methods drive the trade in guns underground. The black market in arms becomes the defiant mart for the new criminalization of self-protection seeking citizens.”



The leaked New York State Counter Terrorism Bulletin would have you believe that “the “far right,” repeating the meme that those within the liberty movement are more dangerous than Al Qaeda.” How long will it be before any gun owner becomes part of this extremist list?




When the chief crook within the Department of Injustice, Obama’s enforcer Eric Holder speaks, We Want to Explore Gun Tracking Bracelets, he is preparing the population to accept that the Second Amendment is so arbitrary and conditional to the whims of the governing tyrants, who will oversee that only designated loyal subjects have the legal ability to personal self-protection.

“By making them either through finger print identification, the gun talks to a bracelet or something that you might wear, how guns can be used only by the person who is lawfully in possession of the weapon.

It’s those kinds of things that I think we want to try to explore so that we can make sure that people have the ability to enjoy their Second Amendment rights, but at the same time decreasing the misuse of weapons that lead to the kinds of things that we see on a daily basis.”

If you are required to have a chip in a gun to fire, the next step is to place an authorization microchip implant into you body to pull the trigger.

The Second Amendment: Last Line of Defense Against Tyranny, states, “The right to keep and bear arms is a doomsday provision to be used as a last resort when all other rights fail. The founders saw firearm ownership as so necessary that they enumerated this right second in the Bill of Rights, immediately after defining the right to free speech.” What is so hard to understand about this unambiguous declaration of both common sense and natural law?


There is no doubt, where Thomas Paine stood on the Rights of Man. Paine, best remembered as a professional radical and a revolutionary propagandist without peer, is as relevant today as he was when he wrote his clarion call. Imagine what Professor Barack Obama says about guns and how 18th century would react to this foreign-born Tory.


    • In 1996, Obama supported a ban on handguns
  • In 1998, he supported a ban on the sale of all semi-automatic guns
  • In 2004, he advocated banning gun sales within five miles of a school or park, which would have shut down nearly all gun stores
Radical Reactionaries are by nature revolutionaries. Nonetheless, revolt against a government that has lost illegitimacy does not require arm insurrection. The notion that an armed American citizenry will take on a full-fledged firefight against officials and authorities is a red herring. The purpose of a militant public is to cause doubt in the minds of the armed forces intended to deploy against their own people. A total stand down of militarized martial law enforcers is how to win the Second American Revolution.The revolt against the Crown is no different from the rebellion against the substitute replacement that now reigns under admiralty law from the District of Criminals. The Barry Soetoro presidency is just the latest escalation of imperial rule out of an establishment system that has totally dismissed constitutional restraints.




With The Psychotic Militarization of Law Enforcement, federal funding of local Gestapo and SWAT teams trains to carry out a gun confiscation agenda. Numerous examples are cited in the article, Legal Gun Owners Fight Local Authorities Over Gun Confiscations. Soon the cultural criminalization of gun owners will become a tenant of the newfound and official Pledge of Allegiance to the Empire.Even if avoiding that iron fist knock at the door, the incremental erosions in a society, that defends personal defense, is the most effective munitions used by the authoritarian despots. Slowly and surely, the false flag operations used to frighten gullible and insecure dupes has the intent of moving the collective psyche into a permanently induced state of voluntary subjugation.The Daily Caller features the question posed in American COPWould You Take Away Guns From Law-Abiding Citizens? Within this response, the sick mentality of the Eric Holder, Fast and Furious, Justice Department administration, meets the twisted minds of the law enforcement goons who are unable or unwilling to distinguish between Peace Keeping from “just following orders”.

“I’ve known anti-gun cops, who seriously said things like, “They have no right to own a gun, it’s my job to protect them. If they have guns, it’s just a danger to me!” You might know someone like that too. And certainly, there are politicians out there who think the same way; and those very politicians often appoint police chiefs. Since sheriffs are elected, they can serve as a bit of a buffer on this topic.”

Here lies the best barrier for lawful protection, the locally elected county sheriff. In spite of this, hope, the magnitude of the designed and deliberate assault on American Patriots, Tea Party and Truth Movements, readies the preparation for intentional and fabricated civil unrest. Depending on the response of active military and especially the leadership from the relics of a vigilant officer corps, the fate of the fallen Republic rests.

The answer to question, Will You Surrender Your Firearms, should be an emphatic, NO. The Chicago Gangster – Obama the Tyrant article, demonstrates why the Obama regime is an existential danger for all rational and truehearted Americans. Restoring a meaningful future requires resistance against a despotic government. If citizens acquiesce to unconstitutional rule, having a gun will not defeat the traitors. The will to resist all government treason is the first step to prevent national oblivion.

“The greatest threat is the power to reshape the federal courts . . . Each appointment to the Supreme Court could determine whether the people are allowed to keep their guns.”      Barack Obama



    • @Ranger
      I was wondering: What is your opinion of Albert Pike? Good man or not?
      I believe you once said you believe in God, right? 🙂

  1. Well, its apparent to me that there is a word missing from Obama’s statement: “white”.  Because he sure doesn’t mind black people having them.  Look at the crime statistics anywhere in this country.  Blacks are doing the majority of killing (oddly enough, killing other black people) yet nothing is said about it.  No crackdowns.  Only when a white person is involved in an  incident do you hear that gun control is needed to fix the problem…..white’s cause…..?
    Personally, my gun is going no place.  If Obama wants a gun, grab that rod that your sweetie Mike has and play with THAT one!!!!. 

    • @Silverrrrr
      Great point. It’s only REAL news if it is a White guy or even a passable white Latino who shot a black guy (better news for the MSM if its a boy). Even stupid Lib-Democrats know Gang bangers will get guns that aren’t traceable … they only care about restricting good people who want to resist Socialist tyranny. 
      The attack is on traditional rights; ie, Whites talking about the 2nd and the obvious reason it was supposed to be sacrosanct; against political tyranny.
      Heck, the NSA was primarily founded to arm free black slaves, so where are all the black people ready to tell ‘O’ to shut his commie manipulative trap?
      As soon as these people get a Legal loophole allowing them to restrict gun purchasing rights to people they deem in an arbitrary category to be disallowed, they will expand that category to include 99.9% of people except their own armed bodyguards … and then we are all screwed.
      You can’t give people like ‘O’ a foot in the door. All they want is a foot in the door because they have all made it quite clear that they want to ban ALL guns to ALL ‘citizens’.

  2. I can say with certainty that people here in Arizona will NOT give up their guns.  Bit of an Old West mentality.  Gun laws here are very friendly for semiauto and most people own weapons.  Unregistered private sales are allowed and that’s the only way that I purchase.  It’s absolutely no business of the Federal gov’t to know what firearms I own for my own personal enjoyment.  Concealed carry is common place and no big deal.  I can tell you this there are no carjackings in Arizona.  Turns out dumb criminals are cowards.  In fact, yesterday, I purchased a BNIB 308 assault style rifle made locally by Patriot Ordinance Factory(POF) off an ad on  Short stroke gas piston. NP3 finish.  Sweet gun and a cash deal.  Guy probably would have accepted silver in payment if I had asked.

    • @UglyDog
      “… In fact, yesterday, I purchased a BNIB 308 assault style rifle made locally by Patriot Ordinance Factory(POF) off an ad on”
      Dang YOU!   I called on that ad and was told it had just been sold!    BAH!    Oh well, at least it went to the good home of someone ON MY SIDE!!!!

    • UglyDog >>>Guy probably would have accepted silver in payment if I had asked.
      Ugly, keep your silver, offload your fiat. Gresham’s Law 😛 my goodness … heresy … LOL.

  3. Anybody know what the real reason that started the Iraq War during the Bush administration?
    The truth is Kuwait was slant hole drilling into the Iraq oil field and pissed Saddam off! Again it is all about the oil.

    • A woman at the Statist Department named April Glaspie was the one who delivered the message to Hussein that his dispute with Kuwait was his business. 
      Just like 40+ years before someone at the Statist Department in early 1950 told the government of North Korea that whatever squabble they had with South Korea was none of our business.
      Now, a cynical person might say that it’s a great thing to do if you want to start a war to sucker some chump into going ahead with an invasion by telling him it’s none of your business when you fully intend for it to be your business.  A cynical person might say that along with a Gulf of Tonkin style false flag attack, the fake “go ahead, it’s none of our business” deke is a great way to get a war started.  Military industrial complex’s gotta get its billions somehow.

    • Yes @Ranger, it is also to send proxy wars to Iran if they did not follow cabal’s plan.  Where is Oliver North?  Did we not give the printing press to make Federal Reserve Notes in Iran?  Saddam was punked, used as an agitator to get into Iranian Oil.

  4. The take away our guns, police forces aren’t large enough and the weenie sheeples may just give them up on a Saturday at a Police turn in your guns is the right thing to do telethon. And the military will be so bogged down getting the shit kicked out of them globally that you don’t need to really worry about that happening. I believe either Wisconsin or Minnesota is renowned for having a gun population recognized as the world’s third largest army. Here in Texas being a state of the union that can secede legally (Yep the only one and Washington has got our signed petition already) means we will run out of dirt to bury the dead folks that try to take our guns.
    I would surmise one of two things that would need to happen before “We want your guns”, is the total stopping of gun sales to anyone and the stopping of ammunition sales to anyone. Now I don’t think an executive order would come into play because that would violate the Constitution of our right to bear arms. Stopping commerce of the sales of guns and ammunition would also be a violation of the Constitution. So if I missed something to the contrary, please let us all know as soon as possible.

    • @Ranger:  I don’t think you have missed anything, however, DO NOT underestimate Obozo’s “I’ve got a pen and a phone” remark.  He means it!  He will write EO (executive orders) and run over the Constitution until he is stopped.  And if he isn’t stopped, he will invoke Martial Law before the 2016 elections thereby  remaining in office indefinitely, then you will see this world change in ways you could never imagine!
      I believe we are just in the early stages of a world transformation, and Obozo is hell-bent on making true his promise to to it!

    • Minnesota has 2.5 million gun owners. Many with high power scoped deer rifles(sniper rifles). Quite a few 50bmg’s, 338 lapua… and my sheriff is on the list for not enforcing fed gun laws

    • >>>total stopping of gun sales to anyone and the stopping of ammunition sales to anyone.
      I have one thing to say about that;
      3D Printing!
      Necessity is the mother of invention!
      Tell the Feds “Bring it on” … Bring on the 3D Printing Revolution!
      It won’t be long before materials science in hard plastics and 3D metal boring printers are good enough to produce a decent piece.

  5. Our Commander in Chief described the 2nd Amendment as “a tradition.”  MLMF.  I do not fear the military as much as I do the militarized police.  This certainly will/would be a defining moment in our history.  They know it, too.  That is when the gloves come off.  Heaven help us.  The majority of the population mind their own business and do not interfere with anyone or their ‘rights.’  How many times have we read criminal activity, “a felon in possession of a firearm.”  Present the facts!  Our MSM, as we all here know, is complacent in reporting facts.  Enough with the drama, enough with telling a story, enough with lying…please someone report the facts. 

    • “Our MSM, as we all here know, is complacent in reporting facts.”
      Complacent, hell.  They report whatever the Gov tells them to report and are 100% mum on anything that the Gov does not want reported.  The term “lap dogs” comes to mind.
      According to the Gov:  “You want facts?  You can’t handle the facts!  We decide what the facts are and as soon as we do, you WILL be told!”.  🙁
      As to the question of surrendering arms, the answer to that should not only be “no”, but “HELL, NO!“.  This is why some arms and ammo should be cached in hidden locations.

    • Yeah, Saddam had begun selling Iraqi oil for euros.  That will earn you a visit from the U.S. military complete with noose.  Ask Gaddafi how it turned out for him when he talked up a gold dinar for the MENA countries.

    • Hey Sheep,
      Maybe, but the U S recovered 57 million in U S dollars in Baghdad. From my source from Boots and Coots who put out all the freaking oil well fires, the evidence was plain and simple Horizontal Drilling by Kuwait. Iraq may have had a vicious leader, but why in the Hell does any country (namely ours) have the right to go in and destroy a culture that has existed longer than this country has been in existence? Saddam and his government were fat dumb and happy killing people for whatever reason in their culture. If that’s what floats their boat so be it. Hell the Africans continue to slaughter each other and we don’t send the Marines in.

    • Sheepdog.  That was the second time.  He hadn’t done anything different than he’d been doing for the last decade . . . EXCEPT that he was gonna sell oil for euros or whatever so he just haaaaaaaad to be invaded.  Because he’s . . . uh . . . he’s got weapons of mass destruction.  Yeah, that’s it.  He’s got WMD’s!
      The first gulf war was because our Statist Department told him his brouhaha with Kuwait was his business not ours, so he went ahead.  SUCKER!

  6. In all honesty I have come to the conclusion that the private ownership of firearms is a barbaric tradition that has no place in a contemporary society. Furthermore much the same is to be said for this insane notion that the ability to speak ones mind or for that matter to disagree with governmental guidance is somehow constructive. The question that should be asked by every selfrespecting human is ” now that we are so technologically, socially, morally and above all financially advanced, isn’t it about time we all simply submit to the superior intellect of our governmental leaders and acquiesce to the will of the majority ?” After all isn’t Democracy the only form of government intended directly by Allah or God or Yahweh or Buddah or BHO or every other god that the masses pray to? You metal hoarding gun toting freedom loving clear thinking non conformists would do well to stop all this foolishness and get with the program. Now where’s that damn remote and my friggin meds?!

  7. Why do so many of you go out of your way to go off topic ?    There is nothing in this article about Saddam or Gaddafi.
    The article is about Obummer and his Unconstitutional behavior.   He said at the beginning of his Unconstitutional run for the Presidency (he’s on film admitting he was not born in this country, said film was pulled from the web before too many sheeple could see it) that he was not going to take are guns.  
    Our Bastard-in-Chief  is a lying sack of excrement.   He’s turned me off entirely to the Democrat Party.   Much like most police, the Democrats are as corrupted as a rusted out pipe.   If any Democrats are not corrupt – please stand up.

    • Paul Wellstone’s having trouble standing up just now as his helicopter mysteriously crashed and killed him.  Otherwise he would.  Maybe all the rest of the centralized power loving scum on team blue (don’t worry, I don’t play favorites.  Most all of team red is just as bad only in a slightly different way) saw this example.
      “Hmm.  The guy who had some principles died in a helicopter crash when the weather was great.  Jeez.  I’d better keep going the way I am and not let scruples sneak into my thinking.”

    • Why didn’t you hear? He’s all for upholding the 2nd amendment after all HUNTING is an American tradition. He’s not interested in our hunting rifles…Until you mount a scope then it’s a bonafide sniper rifle.

  8. “Are you a person, who repeats the Pledge of Allegiance at a local town board meeting…”
    No….I don’t.  You can’t believe in ‘the pledge’ (“one nation, INDIVISIBLE…”) AND the Declaration of Independence. 
    The “pledge” was written by a socialist, northerner to remind southerners that, no, you do NOT have the right to choose the form of government you wish to live under, although that is exactly the principle that this country was founded on.

    Most people simply repeat the words without giving a lick of thought to the meaning.

  9. For starters, the Supreme Court ruled on this within the past few years. There is really not much that can be done, legally. But that dosen`t mean they wont try a grab illeagaly. I truley don`t believe the Police are up to pulling this off. I also don`t believe the National Guard (in my state) whould be employed to this purpose. And as for the US Armed forces, we are thier families.
    If this should come to pass, I for one, would hold out, with extreme prejudice. I have ABSOLUTLY no intention of disgracing myself, my Constitution, or my obligation as a Free man. Better men than me did more. I will not sherk my responsibilities.
    Now, they may tax the weapon and ammo manufacturers out of business, just make everything soo expensive, we wont be able to afford the stuff. My solution, buy pivotal parts, learn to reload, and hoard the components. Im currently in that position.

  10. An Australian writes about False Flag at Port Arther 28th April 1996 which disarmed Australia. See the evidence below. Sorry it is so long!
    a look back at australias own massacre that led to massive gun control and hand ins..understand that not every anomaly means there is a conspiracy..but if you put enough together into one place then a story can emerge..
    and keep in mind that this never went to trial to be tested in front of a judge and the courts..
    please look at the image at the top to see just what this left handed man with an IQ of 66 managed to do in very very quick time..
    1. On the Sunday morning, two hours before the murders, ten of the senior managers of Port Arthur were taken to safety many miles away up the east coast,for a two day seminar with a vague agenda and no visiting speakers. Was the timing of this trip a mere coincidence?
    2. Also just before the shootings the only two policemen in the region were called away on a wild goose chase. They were sent to the Coal Mine at Salt Water River, to investigate a heroin drug stash which turned out to be soap powder. This was too far for them to get to the Broad Arrow Cafe in time to be of any use. Had a policeman remained at Dunalley he would have closed the swing bridge to prevent the killer(s) from escaping from the peninsula. Did Bryant, IQ 66, organise this decoy?
    3. Big Mortuary Truck. Before the massacre, a specially-built 22 person capacity mortuary truck was built. It attracted some derision at the time, but its effective use at Port Arthur was unquestioned. After the massacre it was advertised, unsuccessfully, for sale via the internet, then converted for another purpose. Without the foresight of Port Arthur, why build it? When it had proven its worth, why get rid of it? Another coincidence?
    4. Martin Bryant has never been properly identified as the gunman. A young woman who ate her lunch near the gunman just before 1.30 said he had a freckled face. Graham Collyer, the wounded ex-soldier, who had the best opportunity to observe the killer, said he had a pock-marked or acned face. Neither description fits Bryant who has a beautifully smooth complexion. Graham Collyer says that it was not Bryant who shot him in the neck.
    5. Illegal Photo. On 30th April the Hobart Mercury printed an old photo of Martin Bryant on the front page. This was illegal because at that stage some of the witnesses had not yet been asked to identify the killer, and the photo would have become fixed in the minds of the witnesses. When one witness was asked to describe the clothing worn by the gunman, she described the clothing on the old photo instead of what the gunman had worn. The Mercury newspaper was not prosecuted for breaking the law.
    6. Mrs Wendy Scurr, nurse, tour guide and Ambulance Officer, rang the police at 1.32 pm to report the shooting. She and other medics then cared for the injured and the dead without any police protection for six and a half hours. Who ordered the armed police to stop at Tarana, where they had a barbecue? The police who arrived by boats were a stone’s throw away from the main crime scene, the cafe, and they too failed to come in to see what was going on. Was this meant to increase the trauma of the survivors?
    7. Three more shots were fired at Port Arthur at 6.30pm while Bryant was at Seascape. Who fired those shots?
    8. Same Question – Different Answer. At a recent Forensics Seminar in Queensland where the Tasmanian Police forensic gun inspector, Gerard Dutton, gave a lecture, the first question came from Mr Ian McNiven. He asked if there was any empirical evidence to link Martin Bryant to the Broad Arrow Cafe. Sargent Dutton immediately closed the 15 minute question time and would not reply. When McNiven managed to say “I have here Graham Collyer’s police statement…”, Sgt Dutton threatened him with arrest and called for security agents to escort McNiven out of the building.
    When Dutton was asked the same question in America by a Doctor at a seminar, he replied truthfully – “There is no empirical evidence to link Bryant to the cafe.”
    9. Yet a police video tape exists which proves that the police had an excellent opportunity to get DNA samples and finger prints of the gunman. The video briefly shows the blue sports bag on a cafe table. The gunman had carried his 3 rifles in this bag and left it right next to his drinking glass, his Solo soft drink can, knife, fork, plate, video cameras, etc. Why did the police fail to take DNA samples and finger prints?
    10. According to the official story, Bryant first killed David and Sally Martin at Seascape Cottage in the morning, then went on to Port Arthur. Yet two policemen have reported seeing a naked woman with black hair, screaming and running from one building to another at Seascape well into the afternoon. If Sally Martin was dead, who was this woman?
    11. Proof of other gunmen in Seascape Cottage. While Bryant was calmly talking to police by telephone in the cottage during the ‘siege’ and the conversation was recorded, someone else fired an SKK rifle 20 times. In the transcript the gunfire is recorded as ‘coughs’ but an electronic analysis of one of the ‘coughs’ shows that it was an SKK shot.
    12. Two More Very Handy Seminars. On the Sunday morning, some 25 specialist doctors (Royal Australian College of Surgeons) from all over Australia had attended a training course in Hobart, and their last lecture was on Terrorist Attack and Gunshot Wounds. They stayed on to take care of the wounded victims.
    13. Also, more than 700 reporters from 17 nations came to a seminar in Hobart. They were asked to arrive during the week-end as the seminar was due to begin early on Monday morning. How handy to have 700 scribblers churning out their anti-gun and disarmament propaganda to the whole world!
    14. “There will never be uniform Gun Laws in Australia until we see a massacre somewhere in Tasmania” said Barry Unsworth, NSW Premier, December, 1987 at a conference in Hobart. Prophecy or Planning?
    15. “If we don’t get it right this time (gun laws) next time there is a massacre, and there will be, then they’ll take all our guns off us”, said the deputy prime minister, Tim Fischer in May 1996. Who is the “THEY” who would order the removal of our guns? Did Fischer let slip that gun confiscation has been ordered by someone other than our own leaders?

    • Thanks for sharing. I have read about this, it was a definite Secret Op.
      No single guy could have killed many of those people as the shots were shown to have been aimed from much higher angle and with more powerful rifles than he was in possession with.

    • @PatFields >>>With the draining ‘popularity’ of the Lying Marxie Kenyan Usurper Alien Cockroach
      But remember, the next candidate will be a Woman, so popularity will be easier for the Demagogue Democrats to rally.
      Sex-baiting will be the flavor of the next lollipop that is fed to the demos.

  11. How about, instead of waiting until a gun confiscation to start defending the 2nd Amendment, we start (peacefully) defending the other Amendments now, as well (i.e. the 4th Amendment vs. the TSA)?

    • ocsdor

      To defend rights and property is not to enter mere ‘complaint’ in Roman Civil Law courts of government’s Baristocracy, but to bring Claim of harm and injury caused by specific men (not ‘agencies’ or their ‘officers’) in our Common Law Courts of Record.

      Constitutions, amendments, statutes and codes be damned. Government is authorized to ‘interpret’ and apply those things.

      In a man’s own court, in his capacity as a self-governing sovereign (creator of government), he decrees his law, putting before a Jury of his Peers decision on both the facts and proper veracity of his law. This is Common Law of The People and it is superior to all other law forms and their processes.

      When concordant Jury Verdicts arise across a People’s State, the legislature damned well better fall in line with that Law, or they’ll soon find themselves as men accused of contempt against it.

  12. We, the gun owning people of this country, are the real Horatius,  Captain at the Gate  
    We will be called to defend the ramparts, our homes and counties from the barbarians.
    There are 150,000,000 guns owners in this country.
     We own 300,000,000 firearms.  
    We possess 1,000,00o rounds of ammo for every thug and goon that is sent against us
    We will fight in the shadows of the clouds of bullets that stream towards our enemies
    There are 100,000 of us to 1 of them.
    The odds are really bad for those who oppose us
    The cops?
    They live just down the street and across the boulevard.
    The soldiers, whether domestic, UN or Russian, will die.  
    The polticians will be executed by firing squads until the barrels of those guns smoke and glow red in the early dawn
    The Banksters will be hung, drawn and quartered and left for the pigs to eat
    We will neither ask for quarter nor give any.
     We will prevail against the impudence of those who would take our firearms.
    There are millions of us ready to hit the streets, roof tops and tree stand
    DHS soldiers, mercenaries and hired guns will try to attack at the end of long supply lines
    We will stack their bodies in the sun until they rot.
    Assymetrical warfare will bring an end to their attacks.
    We will carry this fight to every acre of land polluted by the foulness of those who would make us slaves
    We will allow some to live just long enough  to dig the graves of those we slew and then slay the grave diggers, kicking dirt on their bodies.
    We will then take back the Republic
    Until then we  show no mercy or compassion to those who would enslave us or those would be consort with the enemy.

  13. We should not seek freedom from people or situations, these things do not imprison us, instead we must free ourselves from living underneath other people’s perception of the truth. This is why we are in the world, that we might come to the knowledge of the truth that is both in us, and by this that we are,
    Truth is not a destination; it is a place where you are.
    Jesus being our example of this, as He kept the gate of His mind/garden,  or in other words He did not eat/drink from that outside of His self,   understanding when ones soul is ruled over by the flesh our perception of self it is likened to a harlot, seeing we now are ruled over by five husbands/senses and this body is not our souls husband for our soul was gifted as a help meet to the Spirit we are.

    The woman answered and said, I have no husband. Jesus said unto her, Thou hast well said, I have no husband: For thou hast had five husbands; and he whom thou now hast is not thy husband: in that saidst thou truly. The woman saith unto him, Sir, I perceive that thou art a prophet. Our fathers worshipped in this mountain; and ye say, that in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship. Jesus saith unto her, Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father. Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews. John 4:17-22

    When Jesus refers to Jews He means those born of the Spirit, which means one who has the knowledge of truth/self, which is when we are no longer subject to our flesh, but our soul being a virgin bride is betrothed to its true husband and that being the spirit of truth we are, understanding that  we are sons of GOD and therefore not separate from GOD, for this is the mind of Christ { I AM} which is to be set free from the duality of our own perception of self which is a crooked path that leads to death,and the same path Jesus made straight and one we will all walk as it is inside us all.



    • Most on this site are on a mission, as I believe you are as well. Your mission differs from mine. People dont respond to you hoping you will go away. And as for you King David combat refrence, I`m of the opinion that any combatant that gives numbers of defeated enemy, is full of sh#t.

    • ~~good&evil~~:<Silver Dollar
      “While preachers preach of evil fates
      Teachers teach that knowledge waits
      Can lead to hundred-dollar plates
      Goodness hides behind its gates
      But even the President of the United States
      Sometimes must have To stand naked

      An’ though the rules of the road have been lodged
      It’s only people’s games that you got to dodge
      And it’s alright, Ma, I can make it.” — Zimmerman

  14. Pat Fields   Did you know that a cockroach can live for up to onemonth without its head.  In the case of KLUMMAC, he’s been getting along for 6 years without caput.   WIth that in mind I think he could still do a lot of damage.  With a robo signing pen and a smart phone, Executive Orders would fly from his lifeless fingers.  Michelle is not amused.

    I also suggest that those of you who want to be ready and know what you will do when they come for your guns, print my missive above, enlarge it and tack it to your wall.

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