There is an all-out effort to demonize gun owners in the United States todayThose that own guns are repeatedly portrayed as being uneducated, mentally deficient racists in the mainstream media.  No evidence is ever produced to actually back up those claims.  Gun owners regularly make lists of “potential terrorists” in official government documents, and many government officials openly regard them as ultra-paranoid “conspiracy nuts” that are a serious threat to national security.  Of course the truth is that gun owners are actually among the most law-abiding and patriotic people in the entire nation, but that doesn’t really fit with the radical gun control agenda of the progressive elite.  In order to move their agenda forward, they must make gun owners look bad, and they will go to ridiculous extremes in order to achieve that goal.  And to a certain extent, it is working.  As you will see below, some large financial companies no longer want to conduct business with gun owners, and just the sight of a gun is enough to get people freaking out and calling the police in many communities in America today.
Never underestimate the power of propaganda.

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From End of the American Dream:

Just think about it – pretty much the only time that advocates for gun owner organizations are invited to appear on the mainstream media is when the big news organizations think that they can make them look bad.  Other than a few token appearances by pro-gun advocates, most of the time it is a relentless flood of anti-gun messages on the mainstream news.

And often the anti-gun messages that Americans are being fed are absolutely absurd.  In fact, they would be absolutely hilarious if so many people were not taking them so seriously.

For example, Michael Moore actually believes that the reason why so many “white people” want to own guns is because they are “afraid of black people”…

“It’s because too many white people are afraid of black people. Period. The vast majority of the guns in the U.S. are sold to white people who live in the suburbs or the country. When we fantasize about being mugged or home invaded, what’s the image of the perpetrator in our heads? Is it the freckled-face kid from down the street – or is it someone who is, if not black, at least poor?”

And Chris Matthews is apparently convinced that most gun owners are virulent racists that hate Barack Obama just because he has dark skin…

I have to tell you this. I see a far bigger fight than over background checks and gun shows. It’s culture war. They don’t accept an African-American president or president of color who has some antecedence in Africa. No. It has to be us or him. And our guns or him. And everything is totemic; everything is iconic; everything’s fighting words.

It is easy to laugh at such bizarre comments, but millions of people actually take these jokers seriously, and they are having an impact.

Just recently, the owner of one of the largest gun stores in America, Hyatt Gun Shop, was informed by his credit card processor ( that he had violated their service agreement and they no longer wanted his business.

So what did Hyatt Gun Shop do wrong?

Well, they sold guns.

Yes, I know that this sounds crazy, but this is actually happening.  The following is the text of the actual email that Larry Hyatt received

Dear Hyatt Gun Shop Inc,

Authorize.Net LLC (“Authorize.Net”) has determined that the nature of your business constitutes a violation of Section 2.xiv of the Authorize.Net Acceptable Use Guidelines and Sections 3.3 and 11.3 of the Authorize.Net Service Agreement (the “Agreement”).

These sections include, but are not limited to, the sale of firearms or any similar product.

Accordingly, pursuant to Section 4 of the Acceptable Use Guidelines, your ability to access and use the Authorize.Net Services will be terminated on September 30, 2013.

And in case you are tempted to think that this is not a big deal, it should also be noted that is a fully-owned subsidiary of Visa USA.

Are big financial companies such as Visa going to start simply refusing to do business with anyone that sells guns?

If you believe that this could never happen, just check out what the owner of American Spirit Arms said about his dealings with Bank of America on Facebook

My name is Joe Sirochman owner of American Spirit Arms and I wanted to share my recent experience with Bank of America (which we have been doing business with for over 10 years)…. Everyone is familiar with the latest increase in guns sales, dealers selling out of inventory, Manufacturers back logged for months, large revenue all generated in the last two weeks …. American Spirit Arms is no exception to the overwhelming demand. What we have experienced is that our web site orders have jumped 500% causing our web site E commerce processing larger Deposits to BANK OF AMERICA ..Well, this through up a huge RED Flag with Bank of America . So they decided to hold the deposits for further review, meaning that the orders/payments that were coming in through the web, (being paid by the customer and that were shipped out by American Spirit Arms), the BANK was keeping (UNDER REVIEW ) you could imagine this made me furious…After countless hours on the phone with BANK OF AMERICA I finally got a Manager in the right department that told me the reason that the deposits were on hold for FURTHER REVIEW …HER EXACT WORDS WERE ….. “WE BELIEVE YOU SHOULD NOT BE SELLING GUNS and PARTS ON THE INTERNET”

But of course it is not just financial companies that are demonizing gun owners.

Some more examples of this phenomenon were cited in a commentary authored by Dr. Michael S. Brown

In San Clemente, California, a school groundskeeper who had won a large sexual harassment settlement from the local school district was the target of a dramatic SWAT team raid on his residence. He was held on one million dollars bail for the heinous crime of possessing allegedly stolen rakes and buckets. Someone, perhaps seeking revenge, tipped off the police that the man had a large gun collection.

News reports contained no mention of the man making threats or plotting violence; he simply owned guns. A school district administrator was quoted as saying, “I’m personally horrified that someone who has daily contact in the vicinity of children and teachers owned the arsenal he apparently had.” Other officials crowed that they had prevented another Columbine. It is unlikely that the man will receive justice in a culture that vilifies gun owning citizens in this manner.

At a large university in Seattle, a white collar employee with an excellent work record was involved in a minor dispute over computer access. When he was called into the administrator’s office to discuss it, two campus police officers were present. “We know you have a concealed weapons permit. Are you armed?” He was not, but the damage to his reputation had already been done. Apparently, a coworker who was competing with the man for a position had tipped off the administration that he was a gun owner.

We are rapidly getting to the point where being a gun owner in America will automatically make you an outcast.

And progressive strategists don’t plan on letting up.  In fact, it was recently revealed that they have drafted an 80 page “how-to manual” that actually encourages gun control advocates to emotionally exploit major shooting incidents to advance the cause of gun control…

Democratic strategists have drafted a how-to manual on manipulating the public’s emotions toward gun control in the aftermath of a major shooting.

“A high-profile gun-violence incident temporarily draws more people into the conversation about gun violence,” asserts the guide. “We should rely on emotionally powerful language, feelings and images to bring home the terrible impact of gun violence.”

The 80-page document titled “Preventing Gun Violence Through Effective Messaging,” also urges gun-control advocates use images of frightening-looking guns and shooting scenes to make their point.

“The most powerful time to communicate is when concern and emotions are running at their peak,” the guide insists. “The debate over gun violence in America is periodically punctuated by high-profile gun violence incidents including Columbine, Virginia Tech, Tucson, the Trayvon Martin killing, Aurora and Oak Creek. When an incident such as these attracts sustained media attention, it creates a unique climate for our communications efforts.”

If you would like to read the entire manual, you can find it right here.

And of course Barack Obama continues to issue more executive orders about guns almost every time a major shooting incident makes the news.

But with conservatives in charge of the U.S. House of Representatives, he knows that there is a limit on what he will be able to do for now.

So the Obama administration has been busy pushing the new international treaty on arms regulation that it hopes will advance the cause of gun control.  Fortunately, many gun owner organizations are deeply concerned about this and they are sounding the alarm.  The following is from a recent Fox News article about this new treaty…

But the treaty also advocates keeping data of arms purchases, which the NRA and other groups say could be used as an international log to keep tabs on gun owners.

The record-keeping section in the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) encourages members to “maintain records of conventional arms covered under Article 2,” which include battle tanks, armored combat vehicles, large-caliber artillery systems, warships and small arms and light weapons.

Further, those records should be kept for a minimum of 10 years, the treaty states — which NRA leader Wayne LaPierre has referred to as “nothing more than gun registration by a different name.”

Because the treaty’s language is so broad, LaPierre has said that “manufacturers of civilian shotguns would have to comply with the same regulatory process as a manufacturer of military attack helicopters.”

One thing is for sure – the attacks from the progressives on gun owners are not going to stop.

It does not matter to them that a study that was recently published in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy discovered that nations that have more guns tend to have less crime.

It does not matter to them that approximately 200,000 women in the United States use guns to protect themselves against sexual crime every single year.

Apparently what those women are supposed to do is be sexually assaulted first and then call the police for help.

That sounds absolutely insane, but that is the world that the progressives want us to live in.

Let us hope that they do not win.


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  1. Gun owners, preppers, metal stackers, all are a dangerous lot to be dealt with severely by the government.  Why? Ask yourself what is wrong with having guns/ammo (to defend yourself and protect your family, and to hunt with, right?), extra food (to take care of your family, right?), and metal (to have something of value when the dollar dies, right?).  Whats wrong with that?  To you, that’s normal.  To the government, its showing you are independent, can take care of you and yours, and DON’T NEED THE GOVERNMENT to exist.  That makes you a THREAT!
    So, if your smart, take some fiat go out and buy a gun/ammo, food, and metal.  You’ll be glad you did!  Of course your government won’t like it, but then, that’s too bad.

    • Right on, Silverrrrr.  It is more than about time that the government and all their limp-wristed pantywaste lefto-communist sychophants got told to f*** off… and none too gently, either.

  2. The overall globalist agenda of total global dominance cannot go forward when so many are armed, which is why the farce in the mouthpiece media. I think it’s funny how the media is referred to as “liberal” when in fact they are corporatist globalist fascists! They deliver the states wishes whether the state is democratic, republican, liberal or conservative, just as the power brokers don’t care left or right. They play both ends against the middle. Their only purpose is to indoctrinate and misdirect the masses. Most would say that profit and ratings are foremost but alas, it’s primary purpose was always the delivery of propaganda and the dulling of the senses. It works really well! As long as the majority indulge in the “programming”, we will always have a uphill battle. I just remind myself that a strong minority can direct the dull majority.
    What I like about the gun issue is that while they force feed anti-gun propaganda, the masses are buying faster all the time so this campaign at least, failed miserably. This is why the gov is buying all the ammo, it’s the only card they have left to play to quell the firearm use. I worked 33 years in television and the whole time, I felt like a prostitute working to indoctrinate. I did it to pay the bills (sad huh?) and when I left, I celebrated, even though my income dropped dramatically. So I describe the machine from the inside. Also, I do not watch television now, don’t even have any TV service coming in. I want to control what I see, hear and read and the web is the only way to truly do that. Rejoice in knowing that the sheep are awakening quickly all of a sudden now, not sure what happened but since the 90% poll of those who were against a new war, it seems that the awakening is quickening at a fevered pace. I certainly hope it is the case as something has to break obviously and I just hope it’s not this republic and it’s citizens. Remember……..government, by and for the people……….

    • “Rejoice in knowing that the sheep are awakening quickly all of a sudden now, not sure what happened but since the 90% poll of those who were against a new war, it seems that the awakening is quickening at a fevered pace.”
      Yes, many of us take a lot of comfort from that thought.  As to what happened, allow me to suggest some things: CIA-Benghazi; NSA trampling all over the US 4th Amendment while pissing off practically every other government on Earth; Edward Snowden; IRS being used as a political bludgeon against the current regime’s “enemies”; clear evidence that the US Gov sees many of its own citizens as threats to “national security”; expanded use of drones around the world and here in the US as well; Gov spying on “unfriendly” reporters; a continuous barrage of lies from the Fed and the Gov about the so-called “recovery”; automatic weapons given to murderers in Mexico, causing hundreds of fatalities, yet no arrests, indictments, or trials; and a Just US Dept. that is VERY selective in what laws are or are not enforced, etc. ad nauseum.  Even sheep awaken when slapped about the head and ears enough times.  In the long run, this will be a good thing.  What we are seeing now is the entire web of lies, deceit, and the insane drive for total control unraveling.  While this terrifies the Obamunists, it encourages the patriots, and that’s a VERY good thing, IMO.

  3. who else remembers GUN SMOKE, SKY KING, the LONE RANGERBONANZA & the best show ever,  HAVE GUN – WILL TRAVEL.    evidently, we need to bring back the real television shows!    i remember when men were men & women wanted those men.   nowadays? — don’t even get me started. 

  4. Gun Control Works if you Want to be #1!!
    –the case–
    If these four cities were their own country. They would be #1.
    Proof of the actual results of the power of Gun Control!!
    The United States ranks 3rd from the Top in Murders throughout the World .But if you take out Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC , andNew Orleans, the United States is 4th from the Bottom for Murders.These 4 Cities also have the toughest Gun Control Laws in the United States.
    And all 4 Cities have been controlled and run by Gun Control Implementing Democrat councils and mayors for decades.
    In other words if these four cities were it’s own country. That country would be #1 per capita in the world in murder by gun.

    • Timbo – interesting factoids you present. Thanks. I live in rural america and probably 80% here own guns. Rate of murders by gun owners? 0%, now why doesn’t that make news? We have had a few liberal non gun owners move in. Poor things, don’t need guns, they say. Say things such as if you are nice to rattlesnakes they will leave you alone. Just be nice to them! Honest. Something is just lacking in their thinking processes, may be to much schooling, that has wrecked a lot of people. However, not enough of them have moved in here yet to increase the crime rate so far!

  5. Progressives, being mainly physical cowards, have used the government to fight their social engineering battles for them.  They whine, they needle, they get all nasty and crazy until the government outlaws whatever the progressive ‘dream of the day’ might be.
    The government loves them, because they get to increase their power over our lives on a regular basis because of the support of these un-American whiners.  They generally go along with whatever ‘progressive’ agenda they detect out there.
    Smoking on airplanes:  1975:  “All we want is a non-smoking section.  Give us non-smoking sections on the plane and we will be happy.”
    The rest is history.  A carton of cigarettes is $54 here and there’s nowhere legal to smoke them.  They were 35 cents a pack when all this started and there were ashtrays in the bank lobby. 
    “Women need to be equals in the military, I am woman, hear me roar.”  Now we have women in war zones at risk of death, mayhem and sexual assaults, getting pregnant in droves (to escape) and generally discovering the military ain’t all that and a bag of chips.  Our enemies will enjoy them, once captured- thanks goes out to our ‘progressives’.  A less effective military, sponsored by our own ‘progressive’ representatives.
    Now they have begun to demonize Christian chaplains in the military.  Soon, being a believer will be the mark of a “terrorist”.
    Getting to the point, the gun owners frighten the little nancies, they hold physical power.  So predictably the ‘progressives’ organize and call for their biggest, bestest buddies in D.C. to go take them away.  Cowards don’t defend themselves, so nobody should be able to, right?  Since this fits well with the power aggrandizing plans of the government, they know they will get full support from that crowd. 
    Gun owners can’t really be isolated, since there are a hundred million of us, at least.  Gun grabbers are the rarity around these parts.
    I have given girlfriends .38s for Christmas, they enjoy shooting once they give it a try. One of them got so good she could shoot your shirt buttons off.  

    • Good points, Conax.  While I generally support all instances of personal liberty, it is not always possible for ALL of us to have what we want when we want it.  Some of us have to give so that others may take.  As long as we take turns with this, it should work out as well as can be expected.  As a non-smoker, I am happy that I can now enjoy bowling in a league without coming home stinking like an ashtray.  It was so bad that I could not hang up my clothes in the closet because they would stink up everything else in there too.  I had to take them off in the laundry room, wash, dry, and then hang them up.  I put my shoes in the garage to “air out”, putting down the car windows as well so it could air out.  I usually took a shower during the dry cycle to get the stink off of me before getting into bed and stinking that up.  Many smokers have long since killed their senses of smell and taste, so have no clue as to how absolutely wretched that crap is to those of us who still can smell and taste things.  It is ghastly and I rejoice in its absence.  I am sorry if this infringes on anyone else’s freedom to light-up any time, any place, but it is what it is.  My wife feels a lot more strongly about this than I do but I will spare you her comments.  😉

    • Ed, I can respect the fact that non-smokers don’t want to be confined in indoor public spaces saturated with second-hand smoke that tends to permeate everything it touches. That said, anybody who wants to give me the stink-eye while I walk down the street, or stand 20 feet away from the entrance of my favorite restaurant as I enjoy a smoke, can go straight to hell. With that in mind, I want to ask you a question. What freedom do we have left when your sensibilities dictate what I can and cannot do with my own body? This is part and parcel to the debate surrounding illicit drug use in this country and it’s not much of a stretch, seeing the way things are already headed, to imagine tobacco on the list of scheduled substances in the not-too-distant future. I wonder what cartels will spring up around that black market? Or how many innocents will lose their lives due to the violence inherently brought forth by said trade? There is an awful lot of downside to intolerance and the power brokers have absolutely no compunction whatsoever in using these newly formed black markets to amass vast fortunes, all at the expense of society at large. Cartels get rich, DEA gets rich, we get fuc*ed. Maybe explain that to your wife next time she’s complaining about somebody smoking.

  6. Hey – if you want to see a good parody of what america has become watch, Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly and Katy Jurado in ‘High Noon’  –  you will see todays progressives all over the place in this movie….’The Coop’  took home an oscar for this 1952 classic…..

    Sez the poster child for Democide  Chairman Mao
    The second we, the people, relinquish our gun ownership, a reign of terror will fall over this country that will make any apocalyspe of ancient times look like a Sunday School picnic. 
    Lynnybee   Paladin—Have Gun Will Travel   Richard Boone.  Bad a**
    My perfectly delightful and delightly perfect wife bought me a new Glock 26 pocket rocket for Christmas. Ho Ho Ho
    We went to the gun store early last Monday before the ATF closed due to the shut down.  We were 4th in line at the shop.  I’m on speed dial with the ATF—if you know what I mean. 
     Glock 26. Just the right size for vest pocket or cargo pant pocket. 3 extra magazines with Hornady Critical Defense.   Just stackin’, like Charlie sez.
    A gun homie had his birthday yesterday.  I showed him my new firearm and his dear wife decided he needed his first rifle– a new DPMS Panther M4.  I will induct him into the Brotherhood of the Black Rifles tonight at our meeting and give him the Day of the Resistance Silver Coin in a plastic protective cover.  We carry these all the time to remind us what this is all about.

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