gold volcano eruptionThe world is in the middle of a huge central bank bubble.
Physical gold and silver must be acquired regardless of price, because no one can know when the central bankers will lose control and price will erupt like Eyjafjallajökull.
We cannot control the markets, but we can control how to respond to what they are saying.
The paper market has been turned into a circus, thanks to JP Morgan, and abetted by the exchanges, COMEX and LME.  Focus has to remain on the physical market, for it is where one can expect to find true value for price.  What everyone has learned is that as price has declined, demand has disproportionately skyrocketed.


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Submitted by Edge Trader Plus:

We have written extensively on the acquisition of physical gold and silver, regardless of price, because no one can know when the central bankers will lose control and price will erupt like Eyjafjallajökull.  The world is in the middle of a huge central bank bubble, of which there are many sub-bubbles, as it were.  [Anyone who pretends to believe whatever information is being disseminated by NWO-owned mainstream media, none of which makes any economic sense, and those who do not fully believe, (or at all), what is being said  but do not know where else to turn, stay away from all central banks and central planners news or information.]

In addition to creating bubbles that will fail, the Western central bankers, and their puppet governments, are also doing battle with Eastern countries, mostly BRICS, but more and more countries are aligning with them and against the impending demise of fiat regimes.
Western central banks are on the losing end, as their fraudulent rehypothecation of gold, several times over, and the virtually depleted reserves now rest comfortably in the hands of Russia, China, India, Turkey, et al, none of which will tolerate any more of the reckless mismanagement of the West.  It will not end well for those of us in the Western sphere of influence.

The most coveted of all assets around the world has been gold, on a grand scale, and silver, on a smaller scale, but grand relative to diminishing supply.  As we asserted last time,  it does not matter what the fundamental picture says, for now, the moving forces are those in control of the paper market, and the populations of Western countries.  The power will not be ceded willingly nor readily, so one cannot rely upon the known demand factors, no matter how bullishly presented.  That information is already in the market, and it has not created the large mark-up most have been anticipating.  It ain’t happening, yet.

The paper markets, however much manipulated or disconnected from the physical, are
the only barometer available, for now.  Under normal circumstances charts, which reflect
the market forces, are the most reliable source of information.  Here is what they are
saying, at this point in time.

In our last article, we said that time was on the side of those currently in control, and it
would take longer than most expect before gold and silver will reach previous highs and
yet higher, after that, [The True Story Is About Time,].  In another
previous article, we explained how wide range bars can lead to range control for several
more bars to follow, and longer, [It Could Get Uglier And Take Longer, click on], and we will give more examples of why any recovery will take
more time.

The one caveat would be a V-type bottom, when price takes off from a low. Because
Anything Can Happen, and no one knows in advance how a market will unfold, it is
mentioned as a possibility.

Trading Range, [TR], – A, shows the wide range bar from April, and the close is mid-range
the bar.  Very often, that bar’s range will contain price behavior for several bars into the
future.  TR – B is pointed out to demonstrate that an ensuing TR can take quite some time.
Going into the last week of May, the range has been under the close of April, telling us
the attempt to rally has been weak.

Even with the sharp decline from last month, and the overall decline since September of
2011, there is still bullish spacing.  It occurs when the current swing low is above the last
swing high, from 2008.  It tells us that buyers have been willing to buy into the market
without waiting to see how the last swing high will be tested, an overall bullish condition.

The importance of a wide range bar is that it tells us of the likelihood of a trading range.
One can either sell the top of the range and buy the bottom of the range, or wait, knowing
that the market is unlikely to rally higher or break lower, for an unknown period of time
and then follow the breakout.

You can see how price has already spent five weeks within the wide range bar with a
close in the middle.  The high of the range has provided resistance, and the lower portion
has been support.  Last week’s close was in the upper portion of that range, telling us
buyers were in control at lower price levels.

Keep in mind, however, that the trend remains down, and the onus is on buyers to show
a change in strength.  We do not see that, yet, but this is the paper market.  Buyers have
amply demonstrated demand in the physical market, but it is no avail, for now.


The wide range bar scenario is uniformly persistent over all three time frames.  The daily
activity looks weakest of all, but still within the range parameters described.  Using the
“knowledge of the market,” from the low of the range, we did use it to advantage to make
a short-term trade off the lows, with success.  It was an against-the-trend-trade, but we
used the smaller time frames and the knowledge that the lower end of the TR would be
support, as a basis for it.


Silver tells a more interesting story.  It has been weaker than gold, but the current
developing market activity shows promise within a weakened environment.  Bullish
spacing has been eliminated, and the swing high from 2008 has proven to be support, at
least for now.

We drew down sloping channel lines, and interestingly, silver is holding above the 50%
of the channel range, not going to the bottom demand line.  The underlying implications
are bullish,  within the context of a prevailing downtrend.  It does not mean one should
be buying futures, based on this, just that price is holding relatively well in a bear market.

Entering the last trading week for the month, at this late date, the range is relatively small,
which tells us that buyers are meeting the efforts of sellers, preventing sellers from moving
price lower.  It does not mean price will not go lower before month’s end, but based on the
facts available, it is a positive sign.  It could take more time for buyers to turn the futures
market around, but it has to start from somewhere.

Wide range bars are not inviolate, evidence by the weekly chart.  Price did go under the
low of the wide range bar, but note the location of the close, at the high of the bar and just
above the last week’s low-end close of a selloff week.

The chart comments relate the current daily activity.  Just like TRs reveal important
high/low information, failed probes also provide clues about the character of the market.
The 3 points made explain what the clues are.  The lack of continuation higher speaks to
the overall trend being down, weighing on attempts to rally.

We continue to recommend buying the physical, regardless of price,  and be very selective
if/when trading the futures.

  1. There we go with the charts again. In consideration that most of us understand the manipulation of the metals market is all too real, the correlation between what one may expect of a “breakout point” and the unending suppression by TPTB fail to provide any conclusive evidence that all the charts that can possible be constructed will ever define conclusive proof given said manipulation. No offense intended.

    • I’m with ya, Man, but at least they are trying to show the buyer’s response to the Manipulations… 
      Even the Doc reads the up-spikes as buyers flooding in to get the bargains. He cites a possible 
      V-Bottom as the final “bounce” that is the start of the moon shot. IMO, we could see a stair-step 
      pattern, as they lose control. Up spikes followed with slams that do not much for a short time, them
      the verticals resume, and then another attempt to control the markets, and so on…  

  2. Silverballs  Good article.   Anyone who buys ink by the oil tankerful is someone who is going to get noticed.   Once a government controls the press we are pretty much lost.   two cheers for the internet, the best place for alternative news. 
    I predict that by the time Obama is out of office, assuming that happens, he will have  a warchest of $1 billion.   Clinton only got $100 million from one of his Russian hedge fund buddies and Ron Burkle.  Clinton gets $125,000 an hour for’ consultation’ fees. That’s $80 million a year.= working 2-3 hours a day.  His charitable foundation is worth between $250-500 million. That a big play pen.
    Obama will get more than that once out of office, maybe 2 to 3 times as much. He delivered the entire USA on a platter to the banksters, Putin and the Islamists.  Pritzer, his nominee for Secy of Commerce, arranged for contributions to buy a $35,000,000 home in Hawaii for King Obama if he lost the last election. By 2016 she should have enough to buy a Greek Island, or maybe most of Portugal.

    • Penny Pritzker (Hyatt hotel fortune), now there’s a choice for you.  Drove Superior Bank of Chicago into the ground investing in sub-prime mortgages.  Over a 1000 depositors are still out their money.  Well done Penny.  Makes her the perfect choice for Commerce.  However, there is a problem with her financial disclosure statement.  Seems she “forgot” to report some $80M in income.  Oops.  Understandable, just a rounding error on here financial statement.  Teamsters have it right,  Time to boycott Hyatt hotels.

    • ” His charitable foundation is worth between $250-500 million. That a big play pen.”
      Indeed it is.  But… someone really should tell the poor bastard that he cannot buy his way out of Hell.

  3. Good analogy, a volcano! Much like Pompeii under Vesuvius in the advent of its terrible erruption, the economic showers of ash are still only so much annoyance to be swept into the curbs and the recurrung financial treblers aren’t yet so fearsome, but the volume of smoke grows by the hour and frequency of shakings quickens in pace.

    In truth. however, this ‘ring of fire’ circumscribes the globe and no Land will escape its devastation in their turn. The huge pooling ‘hot spots’ of banknote ‘lava’ rumble beneath them all. Like a thinning crust giving way to the rising pressure, raw goods weakened in disarrayed mal-distribution, wrought upon ‘bedrock’ of flimsy paper will inevitably yield and calamity will rain down on their Peoples like brimstone wrath cast from God in Heaven. All are to be encased in choking, searing waves of the paper’s embers and pummeled by humbling impoverishment, great and small.

  4. Ah yes! And still my garden produces! Rain down your ashes on the earth ole’ Vesuvius. My garden is covered when need be. My water is pure and my faith is strong. What little bit of white metal I have is but a bonus. My jawbone of an ass is only bettered by my will to be free. Good article and better comments all.

    • Obviously I should stack more often.
      TA aside, why is it that when the day I can run out and pick up phyzz arrives each week it’s always the one day in the week when the PM’s jump up???  WTF??
      You guys need to fund me so I can go every day.

    • You guys need to fund me so I can go every day.”
      Nope, sorry.  Unearned benefits are a paper economy function.  In the REAL world, we each have to EARN what we get.  😉

  5. Gas prices will zoom if SHTF in Syria which will kill mining which is Now not profitable , Russians with 12 warships hanging out in the Mediterranean waters waiting and watching Israel and Turkey, Putin is dead serious will US & Israel ‘Man up’?   

  6. These up a down Fixed’ movements are meant to ‘frustrate the Silver/Gold investors ..up/down daily ,then back down its all controlled Bullchit ,does not mean nothing if you are NOT selling,..Great time to buy if you can..

  7. Here is a Picture of REAL historical Value ! created by a Higher Power’ greater than the luciferians. ..until  they can create an Earth with Ore like this beauty ,I will just keep stacking Silver ,I prefer Silver than Gold.. possibly a greater potential for wealth ,what Could be done easily is Closing the Gold Silver ratio. maybe 20-1 ? or CLOSE would be Ok

    • @undeRGRound
      Isn’t that fabulous!? I happened to be on a conference call with one of the folks who was pivotal in organizing that effort, this past Monday night. He was pretty stoked about how well things are ‘snowballing’ out there. During the call, I discovered he and I share a background from Bob Schultz’s old movement ‘We The People’, so we’re getting hooked back up, because we now have a mutual interest in the ‘Civil Grand Jury’ concept of community organization to take Power back under The People’s … DIRECT … REAL-TIME … control, rather than dicking around with the same old fare of ignored remonstrance and rigged elections.

      Also, from that same group, is another fellow I’ve become close to, who became a key player (kind of like a ‘Thomas Jefferson’) in this ongoing effort to RECALL THE ENTIRE NEW HAMPSHIRE LEGISLATURE for a related ‘gun control’ reason. And, there are a rapidly growing number of OTHER such groups forming.
      I’ve been highlighting a clear implication despite the mega-doomers … as tough as these impending times are likely to become, what’s unfolding is to be historically momentous in a completely unprecedented way that I would compare to a ‘New Enlightenment’. Volumes will be written and study of our times will become a key chapter in human annals for many thousands of years. I admit great trepidation, but nevertheless also great excitement in actually having been born of this period.

    • Pat, That is GREAT! 
      Please extend My support and approval to this effort, and all like it. 
      I’d like you to provide links to anything like this. I see “support” of the 
      “political parties” as a total waste of money and time… I need some New Things 
      to look at as far as supporting and participating in. You can PM me said info… 

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