Our friend Sean from the SGTReport has released a podcast-style 30-minute uninterrupted conversation with Harley Schlanger, historian and national Spokesperson for LaRouchePAC. Harley says America has lost its sovereignty to the City of London Banks. Our currency is being debased so quickly now in order to back TRILLIONS in derivatives exposure that hyperinflation could begin at any moment. Harley is calling for cutting off the shadow banking system from any more government-sponsored bailouts, and he says Obama MUST BE impeached if the United States is to survive. Once this is done, a return to a gold and silver backed credit based system will help restore our nation’s economic backbone.

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  1. The Derivatives are the Doom and Gloom for Our Country and the Rise in PM’s.  When will it happen no one knows. As the man say’s, “At Any Moment” which I agree with 100%. when one goes they all go.
    Currency has to be backed by something, preferably PM’s which is money but then again you have to have Honest People controlling that type of system, do we have them? That’s the big question.
    The Banks Have To Go and Be Our Own Bank.
    Concerning Politicians: I loved his Comment. “Do we Have People With Guts” Hopefully we do. Keep Stacking

  2. Harley is the man.  Lyndon LaRouche is one of the most important thinkers of the past 100 years.  His exposition of the origins of the common enemy of mankind, the British empire – and its roots stretching back into antiquity – is second to none.
    More importantly, his understanding of the American System of Credit and the need for a government of, for and by the people to use the public credit (not debt) to create new physical productive innovations – MagLev transport, Tokamak Fusion Reactors, NAWAPA irrigation and power, Space systems etc.. etc.. all on the back of new discoveries into the underlying principles of the universe and then leveraging those discoveries through the creative powers of the human mind – is our key out of this mess.
    A pox on all the Ayn Rand, Ron Paul, Ed Griffin et al faux libertarians who visit and comment on this site.  These people sadly lack the intellect or will to understand Larouche and the importance of the discoveries of Leibniz, Riemann, Kepler and Victor Schauberger.
    Wipe out the debt. Global Glass Steagall NOW! 

  3. Selling paper stamps in trade for Labor in the cloak of Mom, Flag and Apple Pie is as despicable a ruse as they come! CIRCULATING CREDIT DESTROYS OBJECTIVE PRICE DISCOVERY. HOW THE HELL IS THIS SIMPLE TRUTH TOO COMPLEX TO UNDERSTAND???

    I couldn’t stomach more than half the damned thing and had to shut it off.

    • You clearly misunderstand the concept of public credit for public works of a productive capacity, new scientific principle basis.  You also confuse ‘price’ with ‘inherent value’ and are sticking to the old, but wrong, notion that money is more than just a medium of exchange.
      Do keep turning off and away from any attempt to understand higher principles of physical economics. That should see you in good stead I am sure.

    • Misunderstand? No, I don’t accept mumbo-jumbo NewSpeak nonsense terminology defined as your little clique needs to make expedient on any given occasion. “Higher principals’? BULL-CRAP! You’re just pushing the same old banker boondoggle in a different package and the wary aren’t fooled by it. You wrap it in dazzlimg paper emblazoned with anti-elitist and establishment rhetoric all tied up with a flashy ribbon and bow of meaningless  ‘new-age’ jargon, but you can’t hide the stench of the contents inside!
      REAL money is NOT “just a medium of exchange” … which is the MOST DESPICABLE brainwash you folks try to propagate. Real money is an item demonstrating fairly constant aspects of supply-demand in conjunction with an ideal degree of rarity, so as to maintain a fairly dependable rational inter-relationship between itself and the supply-demand characteristics of all other goods-at-market over very extended periods of time ,,, all by natural processes apart from human interference … which is why metals evolved to the role over millennia.
      Take you’re little ‘pig-in-a-poke’ bag of squealing rats and peddle it elsewhere.

  4. Only way things will change is if the people rise up and toss out the current government. Put in protections ot prevent this mess from happening again (or at least for the next 200 or so years, someone will find a way to get around the new additions to the constitution)

    • You have rules in place to prevent this mess. It’s called the US Constitution (the general welfare clause), the Bill of Rights and Glass Steagall.   You just don’t follow them. allow their rules to be violated on a daily basis and repeal them.

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