Gold has been banished from everyday use, and can only be hoarded unproductively.   Gold is going into hiding. 
This is not the first time gold has gone into hiding; gold went into hiding in the days of the collapse of the Roman Empire of the West.
It is going into hiding again, in the present slow-motion financial collapse of the world.
The price of gold will enter a rising trend, no matter how violent the official interventions to control its price, because at the present low prices it will be impossible for the gold market to satisfy demand for gold from a largely silent minority of mankind that wants to own gold.   When this happens, we can expect the criminalization of gold ownership, at least in some quarters of the world.
Gold today has really only one enemy: the Federal Reserve of the US.
I bid you welcome to The New Dark Age.

By Hugo Salinas Price, SRSRocco Report:

The Powers That Be in the US and its allies seem to be committed to keeping the price of gold below $1320 US/oz.

Is the US control of the price of gold bad for China? It would appear that since China is purchasing large amounts of gold, keeping the price from rising is in the interest of the Chinese.

Is the US control of the price of gold bad for Russia? It would appear that Russia has no urgent reason to see a higher price of gold.

Is control of the price of gold considered as a damaging policy by the Rest of the World? The Rest of the World does not seem to be particularly upset by the control of the price of gold.

Who is upset that the price of gold is so clearly kept down below $1320US/oz?   Answer: the gold miners of the world and those who own gold as financial protection, as well as those who have long positions in the futures markets.   All of these actors are limited in number, as contrasted with a world population of some 7.5 billion humans.

So it is evident that in reality there are relatively few parties – individuals and corporations – who care about the price of gold. For the vast majority of people in The West, the price of gold is of no concern whatsoever.  Wealthy Chinese are buying gold, but they know better than to say anything about it, let alone complain about the low price.

Gold has been banished from everyday use, and can only be hoarded unproductively. Gold is going into hiding, as Professor Antal E. Fekete has pointed out. (See

This is not the first time gold has gone into hiding; gold went into hiding in the days of the collapse of the Roman Empire of the West. It is going into hiding again, in the present slow-motion financial collapse of the world.


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The price of gold will enter a rising trend, no matter how violent the official interventions to control its price, because at the present low prices it will be impossible for the gold market to satisfy demand for gold from a largely silent minority of mankind that wants to own gold. When this happens, we can expect the criminalization of gold ownership, at least in some quarters of the world.

At some point, impossible to predict, the demand for physical gold will only be satisfied at increasingly higher prices.

Gold today has really only one enemy: the Federal Reserve of the US.

At about $1307US/oz, one US Dollar is worth 0.0238 grams of gold. That is to say, a little more than two-hundredths of a gram: 2.38/100 of a gram. At 0.02 gram per Dollar, the price of gold would be $1,555US/oz. (31.103 gr per ounce/0.02 = $1,555.15US/oz)

The Federal Reserve – and the US Establishment – are naturally worried that as the dollar becomes worth less gold, there may be a loss of confidence in the dollar in the world’s financial markets. That is a horrifying prospect for the Federal Reserve and the US Government, as the American Empire rests on two pillars, each of which supports the other: the Military and the Dollar.

If the Dollar loses prestige in the world and declines in value against other currencies, the Military loses force. If the Military loses force, the Dollar loses acceptance. If they go, the American Empire is over.

Russia and China are ambivalent about the Dollar. The health of their economies – such as they are – depends on a Dollar which maintains its value. So they are not going to challenge the Dollar by fiddling with the price of gold.

On the other hand, the American Empire is not behaving towards them in a friendly manner. For that reason, they will not be collaborating actively to suppress the price of gold.

Russia will not demand gold for its oil and gas; Russia does not wish to upset the apple-cart. China will not push for a higher price of gold, because it owns over $4 trillion in Bonds denominated in both Dollars and Euros (with minor amounts in other currencies.) China wants to use those Bonds to buy up resources all over the world, and has no interest in destroying their value.

So Russia and China are just going to sit back and watch the gold markets do their work, which will be inexorable.

Will Russia and China collaborate to establish a new Gold Standard for the world? Highly unlikely. The structure of their economies is built upon banking systems which carry out fractional banking and which are loaded to the gills with maturity imbalances: short massive amounts of deposits and long massive amounts of long-term loans. They will not change this system until it suffers a total collapse, and then they will strive to resurrect the same flawed system, because that is all they know how to do.

Russia and China are attempting to set up a rival to the IMF. To the IMF mess will be added the BRICS mess, with all the same wasteful “development loans”. I repeat: that is all they know how to do.

Gold and silver will never lose the powerful attraction which they hold for humans.

However, the use of gold and silver in a productive, free society based on property rights, and in its financial system, is a body of theory which is unknown to today’s rulers. The necessary knowledge was put aside to deal with the exigencies of WW I, which started just 100 years ago, and was never put to work again when that war was over.

At this point, it is as impossible to recover that knowledge and the spirit what went with it, as it is impossible to recover the spirit which created the Parthenon and the other marvels of antiquity.

“You are lost and gone forever,
Oh my darling, Clementine!”

I bid you welcome to The New Dark Age.


You can read more of Hugo Salinas Price’s work at his site:

    • Gold always flys to (Grishams Law); finds sanctuary in; and is the simultaneous cataylst for; dynamic and rising economic power. From the thrashed Roman Empire to Europe, Europe to America, now America to Asia…

    • Actually Grisham’s Law says nothing about wealth transfer between rising economic powers … it simply and clearly states that good ‘coin’ will be withdrawn from circulation and held closely when bad ‘coin’ is introduced. A good, modern example is the withdrawal of silver coinage in the 1960’s …. silver coins simply disappeared from circulation while people spent the clads. An even better, ancient example is the Roman denarius, which suffered from a slow but continuous debasement in both size and silver content …. better coins where saved while those with less silver or smaller were spent. The better coins in both cases didn’t go anywhere beside being hidden or later melted down for their increased metal value.

    • No banks because the nobility had almost all the money, but they still had plenty of taxes taken from crops and livestock for ‘protection’, overlord and church told you what to do (regulatiuons and restrictions), bondage was rampant, most had to do forced labor for their overlords tied to the land without permission to move (captivity and submission).

      Wow, did you ever get that one wrong.

      In any case “Dark Ages” references only the lack of exact information of what was happening during the Middle Ages in Europe (as in ‘illumination’ or knowledge) and is a very poor choice of terminology in this, the information age.

    • The Renaissance still isn’t the “Dark Ages” but the Age of Enlightenment. Quite a difference, and I still fail to see your point.

      Besides all the same points I made earlier still applied until the mid 1600’s (thus past the Renaissance period) and serfdom was still common in central and eastern Europe until the mid 1800’s. Banks, per say, didn’t even appear until about 1700, and they came about from goldsmiths who held your gold and issued script for ease of transfer. Loans were only from wealthy individual to wealthy individual…. peasants never got loans.

    • You are all over the place, aren’t you? Typical tactic of the weak of mind …. if you are wrong, redefine or change the topic. It explains a lot of your other posts too 😀

      Bitcoin and it’s ilk has no more real value than paper fiat (and maybe less as you can’t wipe your b_tt with it) …. good luck with that.

    • Call it what you want, yet on a global stand-point THEY call it currency which is Your “New Dark Age”keeps the industrial revolution alive. These lower level frequencies are low, we are expanding the mind, but good luck with your comments because the Paradigm Shift will help you grasp the change more than others.

      This is New Dark Age, not a continuum in the old.

  1. bit of advice and I seldom give away advice. As the Shanghai Free Trade Zone is now open US citizens should open a physical gold account there and purchase/store with the Shanghai Gold Exchange. The laws governing it will provide the necessary protection. Also, the US will not have any jurisdiction to order the Chinese government to hand over your metal. Another place is Singapore it should be easier for the non-mandarin speakers. Super safe too, but as they are a small country without the political muscle like China, the risks are much higher in the event the US strong arms the Singapore government.

    • its a physical allocated account, like the many springing up all over Asia. Of course that is the best method to have it in your own possession, but for you peops in the States, its looking more like a false safe hope in the event they come into your home to confiscate it. I doubt it will happen becoz the amount owned by US household is too low to make any meaningful impact.
      Yes, I have my own underground safe and my metal is in personal possession.
      World is changing and changing at a break neck speed. Be prepared. De-dollarization gathering immense pace!

    • for people that have sizable net worth, you really need to look at diversify away from the Criminals in DC. Hong Kong is also another choice just like what Russia’s Megafon just done with its foreign reserves (converted 40% to HKD).

    • I agree, diversification is always a good idea as it can depress the risk of any one investment although it can also introduce new risks that might not be foreseen. I personally see storing bullion in Singapore as much less a risk than China, but slightly more than Switzerland …. perhaps a little in both places would be best.

  2. How can they say that gold is “manipulated” and held down when it was $300.00 USD in the year 2000? Gold has multiplied almost 4.5 times in 14 years (thats more than 30% a year for the past 14 years, no)?? I say gold is over priced and a severe correction is gonna happen. 450% in 14 years is unrealistic. The other proof is Silver Silver at 15 times “historical” average to Gold would make Gold worth $300.00 dollars an ounce. Once again this is the proof that Gold is Grossly and I mean GROSSLY overpriced! 

    • Dolph you are 100% correct.  All we need to do is look at history.  There’s an old saying that in the 1920’s a 1 oz gold piece would buy the finest suit made from a reputable tailor.  Now if we look today at high end and custom tailored suits they could easily be $2,000, $3,000 and higher.
      So it’s actually those darn suits which are way overvalued even more than a 1 oz gold coin.  Those tailors are stiffing everyone Big Time!!  Can’t wait for those prices to crash down to $300 along with gold.  It’ll be the shopping spree of a lifetime!

    • 15:1 is not the ratio of silver and gold. That was used back before South American Silver was found. I have no idea what the ratio is , a lot of people use different numbers, from different places (mining, Science, historical GS ratios). I think its around 32:1 in my world.
      Gold is not over priced. Gold if it is being priced by the markets, IS the price. I think the price of silver should be a little higher, I think that a price of £30 Troy Oz I think is about fair for the current market, especially when you see all the jewellers shops, switching from 9ct gold to this new nonsense that is gold clad silver, or platinum clad silver. Also straight out and out silver pieces are replacing white gold. Although they do have light coating of rhodium to stop the usual black that put people off.
      Using this figure, and the fact that silver is under valued I would put silver around £30 and gold £900 approx.
      A nice site that does comparisons of gold versus the rest :

    • Gold is over priced? Compared to what? Gasoline, no. Food, no, clothing, no. Oh, the U.S.dollar, NO. Search out any readily available inflation calculator. Do the math.

    • Also, I hate to say this, but the value of the US Dollar has gone down. This is your second mistake. The price of gold hasn’t risen, the dollar has been devalued, or the market has over valued the dollar. 2008 was a big year, fear stoked the gold price up in fear that the whole American Capitalist system was in full melt down, as in Argentina style. Now where do you put your dollar that is depreciating? If people are buying a commodity in a capitalist system, where everyone wants it, the price goes up. Hence the 4.5 price rise in gold. This is economics 101.
      Why else has the price of gold risen so much? okay, here is another one, the US Government has increased its public debt from 6 Trillion US Dollars in 2001 to a whopping 14 Trillion US Dollars in 2014! This isn’t fake money, this is the USA’s public debt, that it owes to external entities. This is massive. So, if the debt of a nation rises significantly, don’t you think that the value of a gold measured in that currency also increases?
      The fear factor has been taken out of the price of gold. I don’t know why, the state of the US Dollar troubles me. The price you see today is the correct price. It is being manipulated on a daily basis, considering the amount of fear in the world, the price of gold should be hitting the roof. But its not. Why not?
      Also take a look at the VIX (fear index), this has been another product that has been manipulated. According the the VIX these days there is no fear!
      As I type this, let me remind you what is happening on the world scale (macro economic stuff)

      Israel is in the process of ethnically cleansing an area by bombing children;
      There is serious trouble in the Ukraine, Russia, Europe and the US are all involved;
      Argentina has defaulted on its debts;
      ISIS is taking over the Muslim world;
      America is bullshitting everyone that its Economic base is still sound (yeah right!);
      Europe is still just a thrown stone away from collapse (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece has gone);
      China is running out of steam, whole cities have been built and now its time to pay its debts (shadow banking)
      Australia is just a powder keg, the Aussie Dollar is way too hot;

      There is a lot more than this going on in the world but I hope this gives you an idea of why Gold is not priced high enough.

    • Seeing gold as going up is to look incorrectly at a 2-phase optical illusion…the dollar has very dramatically been overprinted; gold is the constant. There are easily 4x as many dollars in existence as there were in 2000.

  3. @cyberspace I agree pure fear Mongering.
    Hugo is a member of the 1% club.May be Im a little Jaded but I smell shill.Just my opinion.
    What does this multi Billionaire have in common with the unwashed masses.His alturism for the average citizen is a little suspect in my opinion.To broach the subject of criminalization makes me see more flags than the UNITED NATIONS.

  4. Hugo is right–a bet for silver is a bet against the survival of the $$.  He is an interesting guy, it is always instructive to listen to a billionaire.  His website has a kind of disturbing article about the return of slavery, as if it were a good thing.  Perhaps the article did not translate well.  At least if silver is made illegal here, and his plan to monetize silver in Mexico works, we could illegally immigrate to Mexico with our silver…..

  5. Lest we forget my dear follow colleagues, there is no such thing as the “price” of Gold.
    It matters not in dollars or promises from your slave masters.

    What is the price of a hundred dollar bill? A silly question?

    Think about it.
    You may average how many Plantation Notes it takes to acquire it if you must, that’s your business. But if you are at all concerned as to how many Plantation Notes you can get for what you already have… should have your head examined.
    Gold is not an Investment.
    It is insurance against the tyrannical chains that tighten around you.
    Think people….THINK!

  6. Since the US gold is obviously almost all gone, guess which country will criminalize the private ownership of it? Of course, The United States of America, the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. One executive order away from happening and since 98% of the people do not own any gold, they will not feel sorry and support those evil greedy hoarders that have way more than their fair share of gold and silver. “Take it away from them since they acquired it on the backs of the poor and working class” “Punish them for their greed”.
     “Who is like the beast? Who can wage war against it?”

    • @ShelbyGT500
      That’s how it works: suck them in, in, closer still, with all this talk of silver and bankers etc. etc., and then infiltrate the “Israel is committing genocide” lie, and continue with pm talk.
      Typical Russian propaganda.
      No mention of “genocide” (180,000 dead … mostly civilians) of Sunnis in Syria by Al-Assad/Iran/Hezbollah/Russia. That is just a “logistical statistic”.
        If Israel is committing genocide, why are the Middle East’s ARAB countries quietly approving and supporting Israel’s self-defence against Hamas?

    • Give us your definition of ‘anti-semitism’ please n thanks. Then we can move on to deconstructing the rest of your scripted retort.

      You and your sidekick here are clearly hard-core satanists in league with the Washington-TelAviv axis of evil hired ISIS mercs now chopping off the heads of those caught in the remaining Christian enclaves throughout the middle-east. In fact, the only connection that your hard-core propaganda seems to have to the topics of this site is the ‘pieces of silver’ required for your ‘Judas-like’ betrayal of true Christian Muslim and Jewish peoples still outside your satanic web of terror. Truly serpent-like tongues of deceit.

      Your anti-Peoples of the Book hatred is disgusting.

    • @chivachiva
      I don’t know where to begin: such a short post, so much to address.
      I am an Christian, not a Satanist, that is the realm of Freemasonry (which @Ranger knows much about). I am not a member of Memphis-Misraim, the Shriners, or the Order of the Eastern Star   I am trying to get @Ranger to be a man and confess that Masonry’s “god” is Lucifer: Only 32nd degree masons can enter the Shriners…. guess why … because no man can become a Shriner without first having made it to the 32nd degree where Lucifer is acknowledged.
      Anti-Semitism: people who lie about Jews, hate Jews, and pick on Jews. People who never post anything against Syria butchering 180,000 people, and who never protest the Muslim Brotherhood attacking and persecuting Christians in Egypt, but who are the first to show up at anti-Israel protests.
      People of the book? You mean Ahl Al-Qitab? 😉 Meknows a bit of Arabic. Ahl Al-Qitab worship the true One Trinity God revealed in the uncorrupted Qitab (Bible). I don’t know what you’re talking about by raising this. 🙁 sorry.
      ciao 🙂

    • @chivachiva
      This Arab born-again Christian from the West Bank, Mosab Hassan Yusuf, rejected Islam, embraced Jesus, and is now explaining the truth about Hamas and Israel and the lies people believe against Israel.
      His dad disowned him for rejecting Islam. His dad was arrested by Israel recently.
      So, chivachiva: next time you want to be an expert on Israel (by libeling it with false propaganda), first show us your credentials. Did you grow up in the West Bank being raised by the founder of Hamas? Didn’t think so.

    • I think we need some education here:
      Just because Israel chooses to run a religious state, does not mean that its actions are or can be attributed to the religion that is Judaism. I do not believe that God would justify acts upon fellow human beings that cause harm. 
      Thank god I live in a forward thinking country that is able and grown up enough, to separate religious matters, from matters of state and governance. 
      Please can we keep all religious matters out of the conversation, matters of state are things that are economically attributable to why gold rises and falls in price when compared to the dollar. Religion has nothing to do with money, or gold. 
      Oh and be nice to each other. Life is way too short to cause such harm, love is the answer.

    • @WaitingForSilver
      Here is what happened in the “sophisticated” West: Old-fashioned Antisemitism is passé, except on conspiracy websites, Neo-Nazi White Supremacy websites (which are HUGE in Russia), and from the occasional redneck blogger.
      Thus, as Stephen Harper eloquently has repeated many times, the new antisemitism in Western academia, media, and in international political forums (which Harper has the delight of getting to attend), Jew-hating has taken the acceptable form of boycotting Israel and of delegitimizing Israel. This is what the neomarxist Durban Conference on racism, attended by enlightened Europeans who are so afraid of their Muslim populace that they dare not confront Islamo-biggots who spit on and beat up Jews in public transport, attempted to do in calling Israel “Apartheid”
      The rallying cry is this: “We are fine with Jews, it is the Israel and its fascist racist policies we oppose”.
      So, as long as Jews keep their big noses to themselves, quit complaining about the growth of Islam in Europe, Europeanize themselves by adopting moral relativism and secular humanism, and give away more of their land to pan-national Islamic terror groups in the name of World Peace, Jews will be accepted.
      It’s the modern spin of the “Hey Jew, fight fair!” syndrome. A Jew is attacked, and so he defends himself and starts beating up his attacker. Everyone starts yelling at the Jew telling him he is being unfair because he is fighting with both hands. So they tie his right hand back, and he struggles to fight his attacker, yet still knocks him out, and the crowd yells, “hey, Jew! we already told you, fight fair!” At which point they tie both his hands back, and he gets bloodied, at which point the crowd gathers and feels sorry for the poor Jew, wondering what more could have been done to avoid him getting bloodied. The crowd comes to the conclusion that, after all, twice the Jew didn’t fight fair, which explains why his attacker bloodied him out of rage.

    • @proverbs,
      While I can see that you are adept at constructing model examples of fallacious reasoning, that talent does not stand in for explaining your strange lack of concern for/solidarity with the Christian populations of the East. A “christian” who reserves their compassion exclusively for the political project called “sionism” has either fallen on their head one too many times, or has allowed themselves to become nought but a tool for the satanic agenda of that project. Examples of which abound in current events:
      All your protests to the contrary, it would appear that you have been ineffective at covering your tracks… ditto for your fellow travelers here.

    • Sorry, @ShelbyGT500 , I think Israel is the villain in this one. I advocate a non-aggression policy 100% of the time and I pray the killing will stop altogether.  I believe that Israel is the aggressor in this situation.  And, if you have @Proverbs1616 , in your corner, I would be especially worried about your position!!!

    • And, @chivachiva , I believe you are correct about @Proverbs1616 being a satanic minion.   He has already confided in me that he wholeheartedly believes that murder in the name of his “god” is justifiable.  Plain and simple, he’s a satanic war-monger.

    • Jews are 80% or more liberal, gun hating, American hating, multi cultural pushing Communist, Democrats are the biggist baby killer’s on the planet. Everybody cheer as the liberal American hating Jews Kill innocent babies and families. Their record, along with Hollywood and the news networks speaks for itself. Quit referring to anyone that speaks the truth an Anti semite. You are as bad as the Blacks with their “special word”!!

  7. Excerpt: “gold went into hiding in the days of the collapse of the Roman Empire of the West.”
    The evidence rather shows that … money … went into hiding. Caches dug up contain examples of copper, silver and gold coins removed from the reach of desperate ‘officials’.

    I have very great admiration for Senior Salinas-Price and others in his company, who attempt to champion Honest Money, but the ultimate solution to our quandary is ever as much dependent on copper, as with silver and gold.

    This preoccupation with gold is like the temptation of the early Hebrews, chastised by Moses for worship of their ‘Golden Calf’. The overwhelming majority of folks are the plain working people. If silver and gold are to be kept from oppressing them, they must have independent means of avoiding combination of avarice between the merchants and industrialists. That means their sector of Society has to have economic empowerment to bring pressure against over-valuation to silver and gold. That can only be accomplished by a universal ‘small money’ of copper.

    This is an aspect of sound monetary architecture which (amazingly) goes unexamined by those who otherwise damned-well ought to recognize it. A building is erected on a solid, substantial base. However left invisible ‘below the ground level’, it’s indispensable.

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