In his latest update, Greg Mannarino discusses Fed Presidents Charles Evans and John Williams’ speeches this week calling for FURTHER quantitative easing. 

Williams stated the Fed can extend Operation Twist into infinity (which can only occur if the Fed goes out and PURCHASES T-BONDS DIRECTLY!!).   Mannarino states we are in the middle of an escalating GLOBAL CURRENCY WAR.  The petro-dollar is being threatened as China is colluding with the Saudi’s to bring the largest oil refinery in the history of the world in 2013.

By artificially suppressing interest rates, The Fed is causing massive inflation which will BLINDSIDE Americans.  Mannarino states we are in the CALM BEFORE THE STORM, and Americans’ cost of living is going to SKYROCKET!!  He claims massive civil unrest here in the US is imminent!!

Once the Federal Reserve becomes the lender of last resort, it’s OVER!


  1. PM’s may or may not jump 15% before next spring.
    Your grocery bill WILL go up by at least this much by then.

    Go ahead and keep stacking, just be sure to stack some cans of food as well as bags of dry food as well.
    You can bank on this.

    • YOUR grocery bill might go up by that much, but not mine.  We raise most of our groceries.
      Stacking silver is great, I’ve stacked a pile…..but ya’ll best be working on plenty of practical things like raising food, producing your own power, and such, and not put all eggs in a silver basket.

  2. End of petrodollar + crop failures + endless money printing = massive inflation in food & energy.  Fortunately, food and energy don’t count toward the Bernank inflation rate of 2%.  The free ride is over.  Welcome to the 3rd world USA, the world’s newest banana republic.  Life in the USA will change drastically over the next few years.  The food distribution system will have to change.  All the millions of gas guzzling vehicles will have to be scrapped.  No one here needs to be told what to do–keep on stacking!!   

    You know what would be interesting–Doc and SRSRocco–what will projected energy costs be going forward, and what will be the effect on the American way of life, i. e. if gasoline hits $10-12+/gallon. I would think that would virtually shut down the US economy . . . it would affect food distribution, employment, etc. The whole infrastructure, highways, urban sprawl, food production, are based on cheap energy. It would seem people would have to move closer to city centers, food would have to be locally produced and distributed, travel would be severely curtailed. Everything would change.

    There is also the issue of whether 6+ billion people can be fed adequately if the food distribution breaks down due to rising energy costs. The graph of oil production v. population growth is telling–the worldwide population will have to decrease as energy production falls, whether through war, famine, or population controls. It’s a Malthusian scenario . . . Michael Ruppert’s video also talks about all this.

    • Gas in most of Europe and the U.K. is already upwards of $7 to $10 / gallon.  With the loss of the petro dollar this could get real scarey real fast considering the U.S. is not like Europe where most cities are very condensed and have ample public transportation.  
      This could destroy the urban sprawl and all the homes prices in the outward areas.  Not to mention higher prices for about everything.

  3. In Brazil gas costs somewhere between $7.00 to $8.00 a gallon and the average income is about $300.00 a month and somehow the Brazilians continue to live. The problem in America is we have lived a soft life for far too long. The pressure on American life will soon be what most of the world lives and has lived for decades. Welcome to the real world Neo.

    • ^I’m with stupid.  People who’ve invested their entire life in the suburbs will be toast imo.  Their costs will rise far more sharply than everyone else’s (increase costs for transportation/heating McMansions, etc.). People who live in rural areas will probably be affected the least followed by those who live in the more livable cities (think european cities).

  4. I was looking at the inflation charts of the Roman Empire and the Weimar Republic  What struck me was the charts of what one inflation devalued Dinarius or Aureus or German Mark would buy versus one ounce of gold or silver was remarkable. The original Roman currency was silver and gold, diluted and debased to pay for empire, conquest and wars. The German Mark, once a world class currency suffered from the losses in their war.
    The Rhino horn effect of currency inflation was something to see. It took over 200 years before the Roman Empire’s currency debasement and inflation caused the Empire to collapse. In Germany it took well under 10 years for the same result. 
    For example, 1919 throught 1920, 1 Mark was par with one ounce of gold and went  to 10 Mark per oz of  gold by 1920. 
    1921-1922, the Mark went from 10 per oz of gold  up to 100 per ounce of gold.   By  1923   it took 1 hundred trillion Marks to  buy one ounce of gold. 

    The only asset in Germany able to front run inflation was gold. 
    Gold and silver will provide the only means to counter inflation until inflation tops out at some astronomical number, the FIAT system collapses and we reboot to a new currency. 
    The interim period of inflation could easily destroy this country and its people.  The global supply chain connections, interrelationships of currency flows and the people’s ability to weather this storm will make this infinitely worse than German post WW I. 
    This ain’t  your father’s Weimar Republic. This one will be vastly worse.
    I speculate that we are something between the Roman Empire and Weimar. In the last 100 years the charts for Federal debt, monetary supply and devaluation of the US Dollar (95%) clearly indicate a rocket-like upward thrust of all of these charts. It would not surprise me to see these effects creating the hyperinflationary environment that forced 10-25% inflation PER MONTH, as people lose faith in their currency.

    • More frightening still is that both of the countries and times you cited were much more agrarian societies than almost anything seen in the western world today, making what is coming much more chaotic and unpredictable.

    • @AGXIIK Somewhere between the Roman Empire and Weimar Republic? Maybe the USA collapse will be like the Soviet collapse. USA is going to turn into a third world like the Soviets, lose their currency like the Weimar Republic and finally, lose their domination like the Roman Empire. We will just have to wait and see. My question is when will the Rhino horn effect arrive.

  5. Worst part is this is being deliberately caused by the 1% who don’t care what the rest of the world has. They want more and more at the expense of others. That is going to backfire on them soon when people get fed up enough.

  6. It is most likely, Mary, that the people you mention will not get “fed up” until we get to their point where they are not being fed at all.  THAT is when the wheels come off of the fiat paradigm and the fake house-of-cards economy comes crashing down.

    As to the infamous 1%… they care very much that the 99% are consuming that which they believe is theirs by right.  This is where the term “useless eaters” comes from.  “Dang those miserable serfs, always eating food and drinking water.  That is OUR food and water!”

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