rand paulThe US Senate is currently in session to vote on the nomination of John Brennan for CIA Director.
As promised, Rand Paul is currently filibustering the nomination over the Obama Administration proceeding to authorize the use of aerial drones to murder uncharged US citizens on US soil.  Paul began his filibuster at 11:47am.

Paul: We’re engaged in an epic struggle with the President against the Constitution!

*Update 5: After nearly 13 hours of filibuster, Paul yields the floor at 12:39am EST.
Rand Paul trending #1 on Twitter
Is this the turning point for America?


Watch Rand Paul’s HISTORIC filibuster LIVE!

HR: We are done for the night?  We should come back tomorrow?
RP:  If the President or the Attorney General say citizens won’t be killed by drones on American soil, I will be done talking…
HR:  silence….

For those who missed it, Senator Cruz reading America’s #StandWithRand tweets:

Watch LIVE at CSPAN after the jump:

rand paul


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    • God bless you Rand Paul. You stand and speak with patriots throughout the ages. Jackson, Washington, your father stand with you. Justice truth and liberty buffet your words, all 8 hours of them.

  1. Well at least he’s trying to get the word out about what our Constitution stands for and what it means. But who’s listening or watching? It’s not on the regular Media. The Modern Day Jimmy Stewart is trying to defend us against Drones used against Americans..

    • The US Constitution isn’t respected a lot anymore and the corrupt politicians don’t even want to listen to Rand Paul’s words about the constitution. I’ve seen the news about the drones on RussiaToday, but not on the American mainstream medias.

  2. Obama ,is not in charge of anything, we all know who the real luciferians are but are afraid to talk about it, look at his cabinet and look at the last names..then look at the  banking cabal  and their last names..oops!

  3. It is signifincant that Paul is stand in the Senatorial pulpit calling out the Marxists and totalitarians for what they are.  This needs to be said.  Whether it’s a watershed or not will be seen in time.

    • It is falling on deaf ears is the problem, long as they get rich via insider trading they could care less what happens to anyone else. Rand Paul is one of the few trying to save this country. To late I am afraid but before hell breaks loose I hope to finish getting my reloading supplies. They can cut off ammo then, I will have lead, powder, and primers still.

  4. Is this the turning point for America?
    It might be, but Twitter is kinda part of the mainstream medias so it makes me wonder if Rand Paul’s Twitter account might get shut down. I hope not! Americans need to do a lot more work for the “turning point” of America. Other than that, it’s good to see more Americans standing against the corrupt politicians.

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