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  1. Ben Bernanke has begged Congress for years to be fiscally prudent. Like Sinclair says, Bernanke is doing his best to hold things together a bit longer, since we cant handle the truth. Full responsibility for the financail catastrophe we find ourselves within the hurricane eye of, rests with Rubin and Greenspan. They knew what they were doing-bankrupting the nation, and who they were doing it for-TBTF Banks, and who they were doing it to, which is everyone else. Because of the actions of these criminals, we hold gold.

    • Well if that’s the case, then he should have tell everyone to buy precious metals to survive after the collapse of the US dollar. He could tell the others that gold and silver will give them a lot of profits in terms of dollars over time without actually telling them the real fundamentals of holding the metals.

    • The US dollar isn’t the world reserve currency anymore because the Canadian and the Australian dollars became the new world reserve currencies according to IMF. Now, the only thing that is backing up the US dollar is the petrodollar but it will soon be gone also. When that happens, hyperinflation will arrive in the USA and then the US dollar will collapse.

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