silverSilver investors are likely familiar with Warren Buffet’s foray into physical silver, and how he was forced out of his 130 million ounce silver position in 2006- roughly the same time-frame as the launch of the silver ETF SLV. 
Could buffet be attempting to re-enter the silver market, under the cover of solar energy? 
MidAmerican Energy Holdings, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway has announced a deal with SunPower to build two solar projects in California’s Antelope Valley totaling $2.5 billionthe largest solar project in history.
Perhaps our friend Blythe should take notice that production is scheduled to begin Q1 2013.

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Warren Buffett to build world’s largest solar energy project

Billionaire US investor Warren Buffett is taking a $2.5bn (£1.5bn) bet on solar energy, acquiring what is set to become the largest photovoltaic development in the world.

MidAmerican Energy Holdings, a subsidiary of Mr Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway investment company, has struck a deal with SunPower to acquire and build two projects in California’s Antelope Valley.

The deal, which will see MidAmerican pay between $2bn to $2.5bn, marks the third time in little over a year that Mr Buffett has ploughed cash into solar energy.

He last year created a unit within Mid American to support an increasing number of solar and wind investments.

Work on the projects will begin within the next few months and construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2015…

The two projects acquired by MidAmerican will have a combined capacity of 579 megawatts (MW), creating the largest solar photovoltaic power development in the world.

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  1. In addressing any action of which Warren Buffet is a part, I will express my stance this way:  Keep your friends close, and keep your ENEMIES closer.  In the case of Buffet, you want him glued to you.  And ALWAYS watch his other hand, ALWAYS!   

  2. Each panel requires 20 grams of AG   Total solar panel manufature estimates  for 2013–60 million ounces of silver.  The majority of panels will be used in Japan and China.  Just an FYI on this market and its silver absortion.  60 MOZ is about 8% of world wide supply  That a reality.   Moron Buffet?   WGASA

    • Yeah but how does buying into a solar plant equate buying into silver. They aren’t making the panels on site. Unless he owns a subsidiary producing panels i see no tie into silver. This is just hype.

    • Not sure how that was interpreted any other way than him entering business with dual purpose, absorb silver in as part of business and make some fiat while he’s at it. It was intended for Pbppbp.
      Calling silverdoctors equal to inforwars is a poke in the eye.

      It should be known by now by informed masses that Buffet is a hack. Bailed out by US taxpayers. CUI BONO? Buffet did for sure.

  3. Cianod0on,
    That’s the beauty of this country, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Don’t agree? Too bad…I am way long silver, but the pumpers are as bad as the naysayers. i endeavor to be a critical thinker, not a blind pumping long.

  4. 579 Megawatts, after doing some research, produces enough power to supply over 500,000 households.
    That’s a big deal.
    and to “Pbppbp”, the man bought 20% of the world’s silver just a few years back…so your talk of Buffet in this way proves you haven’t the faintest idea of what you say.

  5. Interesting back story to Buffets silver play in around 2001 or so  Jim Willie sent me the basic details a year ago.  WB bought silver using JPm and their ability to access silver.  JPM so crowded the market for silver purchases on behalf of Buffet and his 129MOZ, they were sued by the Fed on suspicion of manipulating the markets.  His price ranged from $3-4 an ounce. His research was thorough and for all the reasons we stack now he made this purchase.  He also sold sontracts against his holdings and was called away when he set astrike price of $7.50 an ounce. It was a mistake and he’d sort of admit it if asked now.  The rumor is that his holdings were the basis of the SLV stack.  There is also a rumor that when AIG got in trouble WB’s derivative exposure was in the billions.  He was protected for loss when AIG was bailed out but part of that agreement was he divest himself of his silver holdings.  The question is where the silver went from there.  Urban legends but they seem to have a ring of truth.  Anyone else know any parts of this story?  They are heresay to me since I was not there but Willie has good sources.

  6. Perhaps the real reason buffet is buying silver is to cover the governments you know what. This can give cover to the rise of silver
    The government needs a legit way to show why silver is going up what better way than buffet

  7. I mentioned this to you all some time ago. There has been HUGE advances in the solar cell industry recently.  See “ALL carbon solar cells”
    cheaper,stronger, more reliable and adaptable to harsh conditions.
    As for mr Buffett’s motivation, It’s my guess that he will take advantage of the cheap carbon tech and probably get a huge govt grant to fund further research.
    Industrial silver is currently indispensable, which makes it valuable, but it’s no secret that supplies are running out. So it makes sense to me that there is ALOT of research going into finding alternatives.
    If you are a stacker….like me, it’s important to stay informed.  It’s all well and good to accumulate, but if you aren’t objective and informed with a realistic exit point, you’ll be just as fucked as those who never stacked at all.

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