As most SD readers are fully aware, a vote for either Romney or Obama is a vote for the banksters.  This year, why not vote AGAINST THE BANKSTERS on election day, by BUYING PHYSICAL GOLD AND SILVER!

Forget 1 ounce, why not vote 100 or 1000 times?  It’s not even vote fraud, and it’s perfectly legal!

 We’ll be glad to take your votes at SD Bullion all day at 614.300.1094!

    • Most of the people would question themselves about why the heck would they buy physical gold and silver and they’ll think that it would be a waste of “money”. They’ll change their mind once they know the true definition of money. Why keep your savings in pieces of paper in which their purchasing power can be lost due to inflation caused by printing more of these. This is a common sense that most of the people don’t have.

  1. Lex:  The day you see an advertisement for buying silver on the MSM you can rest assured that the silver price will be in excess of $100 per oz. and EVERYONE will already know its the PMs where one should be piling in Bernanke’s paper. 

    Hell, on MSNBC they RECOIL like a viper waiting to strike when anyone mentions anything about buying gold or silver.  Remember, the elitist greedy bastards (EGB’s)  want to keep you in check.  The way they accomplish that is to TRY to keep you in the dark about successful investing, ergo, making $$$ (answer: precious metals)!

  2. C&P from FB side …

    Boy oh boy! Talk about a ‘revenge vote’! Yeah man! I’m with THAT party! The ‘Liberty’ Vote!

    “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.” –John Adams

    • That’s true! The American founding fathers were right about today’s corruptions and problems. Too bad that today, it is the US Constitution that is under the political evils. Most sheeple think that the founding fathers’ quotes are irrelevant today because they are more modern then before.

  3. If want an all Democratic Supreme court vote for the B.O., If you want our country baxk and not over run by Muslims
    vote for Romney or any Bus Driver. Gold and Silver will not matter either way. 

    • That’s weird! The way most of the people lost their precious metals on this blog is by dropping them in the water. Why would you bring that much precious metals like that? It’s too risky!

    • @RumbleGuts yeah, I keep losing all mine whenever I take bike rides in the woods! It’s so frustrating! All that hard work and there it is, strewn all over the country-side in little piles! Worst part is, I make these ultra cool multi-faceted containers for the stuff to ‘protect’ it from radar and sonar beams. Oh well, it makes for a good hobby.

    • Marchas45:  The beauty of this great country is that you can vote for anyone you please.  Most Americans will tell you the IMPORTANT thing is that you VOTE!  Now, that said.  You obviously have your reason(s) for voting for the incumbent.  Regardless of your reason(s), I would beg you to view the two movies available: 1) 2016: Obama’s America, and 2) Dreams from my REAL Father.  After watching those two movies, if you are STILL convinced that you will vote as you initially indicated, then, I would have to say you are NOT pro-America.

    • Well I got to go to bed, just want you to know my above post was a joke but I sure thought I would get more response than what I received. Lol
      Listen To All Follow None

    • Dear @Marchas45,

      we would like to thank you for putting us, the future generations, on an even worst unsolvable problem. It is a wonderful opportunity that your generation was able to profit with this debt paradigm and that we have to pay for all of it. Our salutations with our hands attached together because we are now the banks’ future slaves.

      Yours, the future “happy” generations. 😛

  4. All I am looking for is the light at the end of the tunnel, when we get rid of the stench 
    permeating The Presidency and the entire Congress and The Federal Reserve. The Banks
    will fall on their own. In the big middle of that light in the tunnel, I would give anything
    to know when “When” is going to happen for the supreme rise in Gold and Silver.

    There is no end to the pump and jump on buying either metal, which by the way I have a
    lot of. Hopefully, there will be sound effective news other than those “Authors” who post here
    telling us how good it is going to be. Life is short and apparently Gold and Silver will be for
    a very long time. If you have a solid synopsis of “When”, “When” is, please advise, I’hope that
    you live to be 115 years old and that I am a pallbearer at your funeral.

    • I think that this supreme rise will happen once the USA collapses. By that, the US dollar will also collapse along with all fiat currencies which is the whole system itself. I think this will happen in about at least 50 years or less which is a very generous prediction for the USA.

  5. I am voting for Tweedle-Dee. Or was I voting for Tweedle-Dum?  Well, I guess I’ll have my wife vote for Tweedle-Dum (he’s a sexy bastard) and I will vote for Tweedle-Dee and then that will cancel everything out nicely!  Remember: Once you go Tweedle you never go back!

  6. @427
    I was taking my silver to an Island to stash it, on the way I had to take a leak,  and as I stood up, the canoe flipped and I lost it all…gone good bye to the deep depths of the lake. I am only a small time buyer as I am an average man with an average wage….but I lost all 200 ounces. Such is life I guess.  😉 I’ll continue to buy a nice shiny ounce every payday though!(And next time I’ll go pee before getting in the canoe…) 🙂
    If I could vote(I’m a Canucklehead), I would write Ron Paul on the ballot! 😛

    • Oh that sucks! You could’ve called a scuba-diver for about at least 1000$ or lower than that so that he could retrieve your ounces of precious metals. By doing that, you could’ve saved at least 7000$ with the price of silver at 35$ per ounce including the premiums. I’ve learned two lessons from you which are attach a bag containing precious metals on you and never stand up on a canoe.

  7. @RumbleGuts
    Your not the only one this has happen to. Im sure there was a place very close to were you lay your head down at night that would have been safe.

    Quite a few have dumped there stash in this manor. If ever I get in a boat with my stash it will be tied to something that floats and or the boat. 

  8. And don’t let those knuckleheads tell ya that not voting means you have no right to complain. It’s THEM who wasted their vote that don’t have any right to complain. They stepped into the prefab frame, not you who did not vote. Hell, even George Carline told you that much!
    “don’t participate
    There is no hope
    There is no change
    All around the world!”
    Forget the loony toons. We ought to grow up and meet and greet with ourselves instead of expecting a random selection of resus monkeys to do it for us.

  9. You know all those ppl still talking (every freaking 4 years!!) about choosing between the two evils, as if to pick the lesser evil.
    Look folks, I am a gay smoking drinking unreasonable selfish irritable horrific bastard, but really choosing between the devil and the devil is going to work? I might be a lil nasty angel after all 🙂
    But seriously, isn’t that right? The lesser evil, what kind of choice is that. Screw that man!

    • Ricin3000:
      You are right about choosing between two devils.
      On one hand, you have a Muslim, whose god is Allah, but really Satan the devil in disguise.
      On the other, you have a Mormon, who believe that Jesus Christ and Satan are brothers ! And, that Joseph Smith will be the one sitting on the throne, on Judgement Day, not Jesus Christ !
      Personally I would vote Romney, because I cant stand Hillary Clinton.

      But if I were a Bankster, I would vote Obama, the saying “better the devil you know” sums it up.
      But that isn’t change you can believe in !

  10. I voted 7799 times yesterday by buying 20000 units of PSLV, even if I’m from Italy. Planning to reach 10000+ votes in the near future so I would be able to redeem my silver someday if things goes really bad like I expect them to go.

    • Post-it Notes

      oh please can I get some more promises to owning silver….

      Whit out Physical in hand you own a promising post-it note

    • I hope you’re joking.   Get physical in your custody or you do not own it.    Who does will be sorted out between your broker, the prime brokers, bullion banks, dtcc, and governments of he world.   Not to mention capital controls can prevent you from ever seeing that silver…..

    • Nicola:  It seems to me  that the PSLV units are good for sure, the PSLV silver is held at the Canadian Mint, and you can redeem units for real silver bullion.
      If you want, you could have it shipped out of the Mint, and have it held in a private vault for you in Canada, and overseen by a Trustee. This would guarantee that you would always have access to your silver.

      One more thing, try not to get hosed on fees for currency exchange. When I buy from the Doc, I pay the USD/CDN ratio , plus 2/5 of 1% for the exchange fee…..Banks charge ripoff exchange fees.

    • PSLV are only pieces of paper that can be scammed to you by not delivering the real physical silver. Look at what happened to people who kept their gold and silver in MF Global’s vaults and purchased PSLV from the company. What if you’re not capable of redeeming them? I recommend you to sell all PSLV and buy physical silver right now!

    • @Nicola The risk of holding paper silver is 100%. Here in South Africa we get charged 14% VAT on the purchase amount plus 10% and additional fees, but I choose to buy and hold physical silver, because I don’t wish to wake up one day and discover that I don’t own any physical silver. Paper silver is at best a promise of silver, a promise that can easily be broken.

    • I don’t know if it’s the same thing in Italy but try to buy physical silver from private dealers to avoid taxes and fees. You can try the Italian version of Craigslist to find a private dealer who won’t charge you taxes and fees.
      The Italian version of Craigslist:

  11. Is this the reason why the population of the US are such docile and conformist people?:
    “Fluoride is still thought of by the mainstream, TV dulled population to be a non-hazardous, helpful substance. For far too long it has been thought the mass medication of the population by the fluoridation of drinking water is something that every government does for its people. In reality, 96% of the world’s population does not have fluoridated water. The remaining 4% of the world’s population who have fluoridated are in America (currently 62% fluoridated), 10% of England, Australia, New Zealand and Europe (currently only 2%).”
    Arguably, even in a country with a government such as China’s, the people would not have sitten idly by while their government indebted their children and their children’s children by openly taking their money (store of future labor) and freely handing it over as a colossal bail-out to a bunch of utterly corrupt and illegitimate bankers that ultimately represent the enslavement of the people.

  12. Plebian said…”Arguably, even in a country with a government such as China’s, the people would not have sitten idly by while their government indebted their children and their children’s children

    –  –  –  –  –  –

    But the chinese people ARE sitting idly by while their government allows the poisoning if the land & water their children and their children’s children will live with.

    Sorry, but stupidity and lack of foresight knows no national borders  

  13. But back to voting & politics.
    So over the course of the past month, all the political fliers we have received in the mail, I put on one corner of a table.  The other morning, my cat threw up on them.  An honest, true gesture indeed! 

  14. The only person that is worth voting for during the 2012 election is for Gary Johnson. If he got at least 5% of the total votes, then this would have ended the two-party system in the USA. If you hate the two-party system, then I strongly recommend you to vote for him.

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