What if you were forced to “register” in order to buy groceries?  And what if, through that registration, the food you bought could be tracked and quantities could be limited? That’s exactly the plan in Venezuela right now.
Last year in Venezuela, it became a crime to “hoard” food
, and the country’s Attorney General called upon prosecutors to crack down on “hoarders” by imprisoning them for the “crime”.
You may be wondering, “Why on earth do I care about what happens in Venezuela?”
You’d better care, because this is our future.
Already the Obama administration has moved the pieces into place on the board to be able to appropriate supplies from anyone, at any time.  

Submitted by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

The AP reports that in an effort to crack down on “hoarding” that ID cards will be issued to families.  These will have to be presented before foodstuffs can be purchased.

President Nicolas Maduro’s administration says the cards to track families’ purchases will foil people who stock up on groceries at subsidized prices and then illegally resell them for several times the amount…

Registration began Tuesday at more than 100 government-run supermarkets across the country. Working-class shoppers who sometimes endure hours-long lines at government-run stores to buy groceries at steeply reduced prices are welcoming the plan.

“The rich people have things all hoarded away, and they pull the strings,” said Juan Rodriguez, who waited two hours to enter the government-run Abastos Bicentenario supermarket near downtown Caracas on Monday, and then waited another three hours to check out.

Checkout workers at Abastos Bicentenario were taking down customers’ cellphone numbers Monday, to ensure they couldn’t return for eight days. Shoppers said employees also banned purchases by minors, to stop parents from using their children to engage in hoarding, which the government calls “nervous buying.”

Rodriguez supports both measures.

“People who go shopping every day hurt us all,” he said, drawing approving nods from the friends he made over the course of his afternoon slowly snaking through the aisles with his oversized cart.

Reflecting Maduro’s increasingly militarized discourse against opponents he accuses of waging “economic war,” the government is calling the new program the “system of secure supply.”

Patrons will register with their fingerprints, and the new ID card will be linked to a computer system that monitors purchases. On Tuesday, Food Minister Felix Osorio said the process was off to a smooth start. He says the system will sound an alarm when it detects suspicious purchasing patterns, barring people from buying the same goods every day. But he also says the cards will be voluntary, with incentives like discounts and entry into raffles for homes and cars.

Expressionless men with rifles patrolled the warehouse-size supermarket Monday as shoppers hurried by, focusing on grabbing meat and pantry items before they were gone.  (source)

Last year in Venezuela, it became a crime to “hoard” food, and the country’s Attorney General called upon prosecutors to crack down on “hoarders” by imprisoning them for the “crime”.

Some people may read this and think to themselves, “Why on earth do I care about what happens in Venezuela?”

You’d better care, because this is our future.

Already the Obama administration has moved the pieces into place on the board to be able to appropriate supplies from anyone, at any time.  Mac Slavo of SHTFplan warns:

It should be clear from the laws that are already in effect that the government has given itself a legal pretext for confiscating anything they so choose in the midst of an emergency.

Should an emergency befall the United States, the military, national guard, and local police operating under orders from the Department of Homeland Security will have carte blanche to do as they please.

In a widespread emergency where supply lines have been threatened and millions of Americans are without essential resources because they failed to prepare, the government will swoop in and attempt to take complete control.

They will enter our homes and search them without a warrant. They will confiscate contraband. And they will take any ‘excessive resources’ that you may have accumulated. This includes food, toiletries, precious metals and anything else emergency planners and officials deem to be a scarce material. (source)

Just think how much easier it would be to do so if every purchase you make is tracked and documented for future reference.

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How Much of a Footprint Are You Leaving?

Now, think about those “loyalty cards” that every grocery store in North America promotes when you go through the checkout. Have you noticed how much more those are being pushed lately? Could there be a nefarious purpose to that?  I doubt the person at the cash register thinks twice about it – if these actually are data collection tools, it is something put in place by people far higher up the food chain (pun intended) than the staff of your local supermarket.

I strongly recommend you think twice about collecting “points” – the discounts may not be worth it if it means that your stock-up purchases are in some database, easily accessible to the NSA.  If you feel it is imperative to have one of those cards, consider using a pseudonym and false address.  You really don’t want to provide an inventory of your stockpile to the government. Some cards, like the one from Target, for example, even take it a step further and link to your credit card or debit account.  I can’t even wrap my brain around giving out that type of information to the person who rings up my paper towels and garbage bags.

To take this even further, if you haven’t been convinced yet that you need to begin producing your own food by gardening and raising micro-livestock, this should solidify the importance of not being totally dependent on “the system” for what you eat. Looking at the drought conditions across America’s farmland, is it a stretch of the imagination to think we could soon be facing rationing like that which is currently happening in Venezuela?  As the middle class gasps its last breath here in America, we may soon be faced with a situation where only the wealthy can afford to avoid rationing.  By becoming independent from the purveyors of food, you can assure that your family will not go hungry at the whims of a government who really doesn’t care.

Plan of Action

Here are a few things that you can do to pre-empt feeling the effects of a system like the one in Venezuela before such a change occurs on our own soil. Start now to leave less of a footprint for the government to follow.

  1. Plant a garden.
  2. Grow food indoors in sunny windows.
  3. Consider an aquaponics set-up in a spare room.
  4. Raise chickens
  5. Stock up NOW on long-term staples like grains and beans, before limits are instituted.
  6. Buy heirloom seeds – lots and lots of seeds.
  7. Practice careful OPSEC (OPerational SECurity) when making large purchases.
  8. Store longterm food supplies in more than one location. That way if you lose some of your supplies to thugs (government or other varieties), you still have supplies to fall back on.
  9. Learn to preserve food.
  10. Stock up of preservation supplies like lids, jars, etc.
  11. Do NOT use so-called “loyalty cards” or memberships to make large purchases.
  12. When ordering large quantities of supplies, consider having them mailed to some place other than your home.
  13. Use cash or prepaid VISA cards purchased with cash to make large purchases.
  14. Don’t tell others about your supplies and purchases.
  15. Teach your children not to discuss things like food pantries and preparedness.
  16. Don’t store your supplies out in the open for anyone who comes into your home to see. Stash your 5 gallon pails away in closets, under beds, or in the basement.
  17. Disengage from the system by purchasing from small local farmers.
  18. Use the barter system whenever possible.  When money was tight and I lived in a place where I couldn’t grow much food, I worked on a farm harvesting vegetables in exchange for produce that I could preserve for my family.
  19. Change the way you eat – go with a local, in-season menu that is far more difficult to track than grocery-store purchased items.
  20. Learn to forage. Even in the city, you might be surprised at how many things can be found growing in your own back yard or falling off of the trees in a local park.  My children and I picked up one small bag of walnuts a day at a little park down the street one year, resulting in almost 15 pounds of shelled nuts by the time we were through.

Whatever your plan, don’t delay. We need only to read the many articles predicting a food shortage this year due to poor weather conditions to see the writing on the wall. You must become responsible for your family’s sustenance if you don’t want to suffer at the hands of those in power. I have no intention of standing in line for hours with my “ID card”, only to be allowed to purchase a small amount of highly inflated food.

Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor who lives on a small organic farm in the Pacific Northwestern area of the United States.  She is the author of The Pantry Primer: How to Build a One Year Food Supply in Three Months. On her website, The Organic Prepper, Daisy writes about healthy prepping, homesteading adventures, and the pursuit of liberty and food freedom.  Daisy is also a staff writer at The Daily Sheeple, where she helps to “Wake the Flock Up”. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest,  and Twitter, and you can email her at daisy@theorganicprepper.ca

    • I agree, Charlie… good info.  But it ought to be stressed that “a people tends to get the government that they deserve”.  By going along with this kind of bullying it only emboldens the bullies to do more and more without any end of it in sight.  People really do need to take a stand against this sort of crap.  If we do not, they will simply roll over us, one small step at a time.  There is no way in hell that anyone should ever give up their preps.  Do the thugs really consider what we have as being worth dying for?  If not, then maybe they should leave us and our stuff the hell alone.  Perhaps they need to learn what “Don’t Tread On Me” really means?
      On the other hand and with luck, perhaps the end of the Obama regime will remove a lot of the tendency for this sort of thing from our future.  One can only hope… for if it does not, then the American Revolution, Part II, may become unavoidable.

  1. Food or fuel, guns or ammo, gold or SILVER, the government will be confiscating from hoarders.   Everything government knows about, or that ‘good’ citizens tell government agents about.   Be careful who knows about your stuff – there will be a nice reward for turning you in to the authorities.

  2. I usually come here for entertainment. A website that gained its page hits as it sells more and more horse crap about the end of the world the asteroids we are about to get hit with and the alien races that will enslave our race. But this is just utter b.s.Who is one of the biggest food producers doc prey tell? THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I’m sure in venezuela oil’s in short supply probably why its the cheapest anywhere in the world. I mean how do you even think about being taken seriously. Fortune tellers sell people hope too so do penny stock brokers buy this you’ll be rich. Snake oil salesmen. And when you come to the defense of this post which you and your minions do explain something to me those sbsh rounds have a premium that manages to keep going up why, Is it because you drank your own kool aid? No downside protection? Want some news if 19.50 is broken after this short term bounce then your looking at $15 selling with a 150% premium? It just reeks of a con artist or a scumbag I can’t decide which. Your only hope lies in the fact that yellen may tapper a tapper. Even then you have a topside of what $30? But she’ll keep printing more you say.

    • Would you rather have a $20 bill printed in 1913 or a $20 gold coin minted in 1913? A $20 gold coin of course. And now you have a better understanding of monetary theory than any Keynesian would ever have.

    • deluxe186  It’s a little hard to tell who you are angriest at, Doc or Yellen but if there was a conman or conwoman in the world, it’s Yellen and the last 8 Fed chairsatans.  Say what you want about this site, Doc and us ‘minions’  but the con has been on for the last 100 years.
      Just out of curiosity, what is your beef with this site?.  Did you buy silver at $35 on SDB or just don’t take to the bad news out there.  
      It seems that this might be one of your first posts but you sure seem to have a bad case of the Red Ass over what is presented here.

    • Does SilverDoctors participate in shoveling some of the more ridiculous aspects of conspiratology, as do many alternative media sites? Sure. The fact that the Doc continues to post articles from provable crackpots like Karen Hudes, Ms. Coneheads-Live-In-The-Vatican herself, is disconcerting, to say the least. Will The Doc come out and rescind all of her gold and silver whistleblowing related testimony now that the woman has clearly proven herself a habitual liar with no documentary evidence who believes crypto-hominid alien hybrids run the world? Don’t count on it.
      …but for those who can’t smell the crap through the rose petals, like yourself, I feel equally as saddened. The Karen Hudes’ of the world may be leading you down the primrose alien-laden path, but the Andrew Maguire’s? Russ Tice’s? Sibel Edmods’? Legit whistleblowers with documentation from here to Timbuktu.
      Besides, I dunno if anyone should be taking financial advice from a dude who can’t spell “taper.” Come on, man; get your act together, stitch your straw-man back up and try again tomorrow.

  3. Ed_B this is the article we saw last week   I read your dream sequence in the screaming gold post where the two forms of stores existed.   I thought of the Venezuela FUBAR described above and the last chapter in Rawles book   Patriots.
    Silver, ammo, skills and weapons were the currency.  Everything else was junk.
    The sad part of this Venezuela situation is that the police are at the front door of the grovery store, but they are not escorting the silver payers out with their groveries. They are making impossible for the people to buy the basics
    But the black markets abound.
    I have trouble picturing an orderly marketplace were most people paid in FRNs and ended up with low quality food, if they could find any.
    The fortunate few paid with hard currency and ate well
    The Soviet Union had its people’s stores with bare shelves and everything was priced in rubles. A shoppers delight
    GUM and the other hard currency stores were stocked and took only dollars and other currencies of value
    Now the dollar is being repudiated in Russia and the stores seem to have a decent stock of consumer goods.  Rubles now work nicely  Dollars are being snubbed, or so I read

  4. cool beans 4Oz  a sweet bit of seredipity and entertainment.  I smiled all the way through
    RGR.  Mrs AG is the sensible one, taking care of the kitties and me, tolerating my inanities here and elsewhere as I seek the nirvana of prepperdom in the boonies
    Ed_B  analog is just fine.  My analog weird-0-meter is pegged to the right with BNS 24/7
    BTW   range day today with the AKs and SKSs.  Once the iron sights were firmly set up we were breaking grapefuit sized rocks into gravel at 300 yards.  Don’t let anyone tell you that the 7.62×39 in not a solid shooter.  I bet with a decent scope we’d be shooting groups 2 MOA at 400 yards.
    Here’s a new designation BOCRB Band of the the Commie Rifle Brotherhood

  5. @Ed_B:  You said a mouthful!  We WILL get the government we deserve.  As for whether or not we survive, one thing that will go a long way to success is getting rid of the Department of Education.  They are dumbing down the youth of this country that is appalling.  The other night on TV a survey of COLLEGE kids, they were asked who was the President during World War II?  Answer:  George Washington!!!, JFK, Nixon, etc.  Unfucking believable!

    • @silverrrrr
      Agree completely on the DOE… a more useless appendage to government has never existed.  The Dept. of Commerce is a close 2nd to ridding ourselves of that.  Considering the horrid trade deals that the DOC has foisted onto this country, well, with friends like that, who needs enemies?
      “They are dumbing down the youth of this country that is appalling.”
      Yes, they are and not without purpose.  Dumb people are easily led, even by the valueless cretins in DC.  How else can one sell the sheeple on not only 1 but 2 terms in office for a complete nincompoop?
      “The other night on TV a survey of COLLEGE kids, they were asked who was the President during World War II?  Answer:  George Washington!!!, JFK, Nixon, etc.  Unfucking believable!”
      I can believe it.  I once asked the kids in my general science class (in the early 1970s) if we should eliminate all CO2 from the Earth’s atmosphere and about 90% of them agreed enthusiastically.  I then gave them a lecture on the importance of CO2 in the atmosphere because plants depend on it and will die without it.  If the plants die then so do all the animals, including humans.  All they knew from their friends and radicals in the so-called environmental movement was that CO2 was bad and that the Earth was either going to roast or freeze (they weren’t sure which) if we didn’t “do something”.  The level of ignorance among the public in general and the young in particular,  in science and math, is staggering.  But, I suppose that they knew how to put a condom on a cucumber.  After all, if one is a cucumber one MUST have safe sex available to them.  :-/
      A lot of the difficulty with this is that most young people are vidiots.  They don’t read anything, other than on their mobile devices, and know very little of US or World history, current events, politics, or any of the hard sciences.  Yes, there are exceptions, thank heavens, but in general they are a sorry lot intellectually.  That WILL bite them in the collective butt one of these days too.  Competition is worldwide now, so they will be competing for jobs and for success with people from all around the world… and most of them have not been spoon-fed a lot of useless pablum or taught that the world owes them anything.  In fact, they have been taught discipline and a great deal of math, science, and much else of genuine worth.  They may not know who Jay-Z or Bayonce are but they can do math problems that would make most American’s heads spin and understand science issues at a much higher level than the bare minimum basics.
      Remarkably, a lot of this can be connected directly to the liberal philosophy taking over the educational institutions in the late 1970s through today.  Those of us who were educated prior to that received a far better education than is being offered today.  Yes, it really is revolting that we have come to this.  But this is the result when a higher priority is placed on politics (aka liberal propaganda) than on education.

  6. If I tried to grow livestock they would all eventually wind up as pets.  I don’t eat critters anymore anyway.  I eat the cheapest breakfast amongst all of us anyway.  Oatmeal it’s not just for breakfast anymore. 

  7. Excerpts: Regarding Venezuela: “Registration began Tuesday at more than 100 government-run supermarkets” … Regarding America: “It should be clear from the laws that are already in effect that the government has given itself a legal pretext for confiscating anything they so choose in the midst of an emergency.”

    Tax-funded food subsidies in government ‘shopping’ facilities are a ‘welfare benefit’, so Venezuela’s government has proper authority to regulate its distribution. Not so in America’s private ‘shopping’ facilities. This is a quintessential ‘apples-oranges’ conflation.

    [E]mergency does not create power. Emergency does not increase granted power or remove or diminish the restrictions upon power granted or reserved. The Constitution was adopted in a period of grave emergency. Its grants of power to the Federal Government and its limitations of the power of the States were determined in the light of emergency and they are not altered by emergency. –Home Building & Loan Association v. Blaisdell, 290 U.S. 398, 425 (1934)

    Under its own exclusive jurisdictions pertaining to territories and matters, Congress can do whatever it pleases. But, under the original, ordinary State jurisdictions, Congress is barred by Constitutional constraint … so long as The People enforce it.

    “This issue of jurisdiction as it relates to Sovereignty is a major key to understanding our system under our Constitution.” –The Omnibus, Addendum II, page 11

    “The order of things is confounded if every one preserves not his jurisdiction.” –4 Coke Inst. Proem

    • Brother Pat… are you still laboring under the illusion that the USA is still a nation of laws and not of men?  Would that it were so.

    • Ed, I know the sharp distinction between statutes and the Law. Statutes are ‘law’ over government officials and those in nexus with it, by acts or membership. Law is superior to statute. Not yet comprehending that demarcation, may possibly explain your propensity to reach your opinion.

      I also know that I live among 50 independent nations in federation and not one conglomerated territory existing as a nation. That too, may have a great deal to do with the disparity in our views.

      You may find it impossible to believe, given your position, but there are men and women, admirably well versed in (and living by) Common Law, who prevail in … every single case they argue … because they Press the Record of the Law, not the Swiss-cheese of Code, Statute and Administrative Civil Law Process particularly invented by and for … rulers.

      It’s a world of Law, Ed. One has first to read, intensely contemplate and then be willing to don like armour, before that world comes into clear focus, enough to inhabit.

    • I see where @PatFields is leading our thoughts… 
      Ever notice how old “laws” are never taken off the books? 😉
      If one man holds true to his own GOD GIVEN RIGHTS, TPTB LOSE. 
      Natural Law trumps these so-called “laws” which are just really statutes, codes, rules, etc. 
      It’s just like the rabbis in the Old Testament, they drew up THOUSANDS of “additional rules”
      to keep people from “breaking” God’s Law, which in reality put them in between God and Man, 
      over Man, and sometimes, effectively taking place of God! (not in reality, though)
      Same thing here.
      If one man or a group of men totally stand up for their God Given Rights, tptb LOSES.
      If tptb persists, the only logical end is this:
      LAW of the JUNGLE
      Then it becomes the Rule of Arms. The Founding Fathers had this figured out!

    • No doubt, Pat, no doubt.  But, have you noticed the current regime in DC is dedicated to the principle that “THE LAW IS WHAT WE SAY IT IS”?  The Obamunists have not missed many opportunities to press this line of thought, repugnant as it is.  The worst part of it is that they have an endless supply (in their minds) of our money and legions of lawyers with which to tie us up in their courts until we are broke and starved into submission, no matter how correct and legal our position is.  There is no hesitation on their part to use such tools to simply outlast their opponents.  This is especially bad when one of their team just happens to be the “impartial” judge.

    • Ed_B … “have you noticed the current regime in DC is dedicated to the principle that “THE LAW IS WHAT WE SAY IT IS”?”
      The outlaw Congress goes way further back, Ed.  Read Art. IV, Sec. 3. cl. 2. It provides that in places and over matters where Congressional jurisdiction is exclusive … “nothing in this Constitution shall be so construed as to Prejudice any Claims of the United States“. ‘Nothing’ is clear enough, huh?

      That authorization was boldly used back in 1873 (two years after they formed the DC city-state) when, despite the ‘stupid simple’ mandate that government (State and general divisions) use a silver standard; Congress nevertheless decreed silver to be repudiated and its assumption of a ‘gold standard’ as THE ‘lawful tender’. Of course, that had only so much cast as the DC city-state’s … internal … jurisdiction. But, they left the details out for the ‘sharp tacks’ to decipher.

      Every Administration and Congress has been completely renegade since Lincoln. Before that, the dominating influence of Jefferson and Jackson stood as the locks and chains on Washington City.

      Did you know there is a different 13th Amendment that had stood Of Record for half a century BEFORE then? It reads …

      “If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.” [13th Amendment, Journal of the Senate]

      That’s when a Citizen of the United States routinely meant a citizen of … a federated State.

    • Easy to do.  First, start with bug-free oatmeal.  Place in a compatible food storage bag, add an O2 absorber or two, and then remove the air via one of those vacuum capable food sealing systems.  Once the bag is sealed, place it in one of those 5-gallon plastic buckets in which most bakeries receive frosting and shortening.  Cover with the lid and store in a cool dry place.  That should last for several years, at least.  You can do the same with beans and rice, although they seem to store pretty well in most plastic food containers with lids if placed in a cool dry location.  I have stored dried beans in Tupperware type containers for at least 15 years that were quite tasty when soaked over-night in water and then boiled on the stove for a few hours.  Rice should be similar, although I have not tried it.
      Archaeologists have found grain sealed in clay pots in Egyptian tombs that was 3,000 years old and which sprouted when placed in wet Petri dishes.  As long as heat, damp, and bugs or animals do not get to it, it will last a LONG time.

    • @AGXIIK , @Ed_B , does this mean one needs to empty all their jars & 5-gallon buckets of their silver contents and fill them with Food?
      For some mad reason I have been saving glass jars, coffee cans (plastic & metal), peanut butter jars of various sizes, and those 1-qt. yogurt containers.  Might come in handy one day.

    • @Mammoth
      “…does this mean one needs to empty all their jars & 5-gallon buckets of their silver contents and fill them with Food?”
      No, it probably means that you need more buckets!  lol
      You can get these for free or a small charge at most bakeries.  My local grocery store has them in their bakery and charges a whopping $0.50 each for them.  That’s probably the core charge they pay on them.  They have had cake frosting or shortening in them that has been scraped out by hand but enough remains that they need a good cleaning.  Hot soapy water and a dish brush will do that job nicely.  They even come with lids that have an “O” ring in them for a tight seal.
      “For some mad reason I have been saving glass jars, coffee cans (plastic & metal), peanut butter jars of various sizes, and those 1-qt. yogurt containers.  Might come in handy one day.”
      Yes, they might.  One never knows when such containers will come in handy.  We have a good supply of similar containers that I look through from time to time just to see what can be of use.  
      We get cashews from Costco in a large plastic jar of maybe 1/2 gallon capacity.  We save these for dry food storage and they work well.  They hold a good amount yet are not too heavy for easy lifting from the higher shelves in our pantry.

    • @ED_B , Yes I munch on the mixed nuts that come from Costco in the same jars – the ones with a blue lid, right?
      I actually used one of these jars to bring home some caustic sludge (12.8 on the pH scale) to experiment with cleaning silver.  I used a toothbrush to scrub the coins, wiped them off and then rinsed them in vinegar to neutralize the pH before finally rinsing them in water.
      Unfortunately the experiment failed.  Instead of cleaning the coins, I succeeded in turning them blue!
      Here are the Before & After photos ( @AGXIIK , @mikeyj80 , @silverrrrr , @underground – I thought you would get a kick out of this)

  8. MaryB or anyone else with an SKS  I picked up one, nice rosewood stock and it takes stripper clips.  There is one 30 round mag made by DC Engineering in Detroit MI   These mags are hard to find on the internet and $95 for one 30 rund mag at DC
    I have the choice of using this one mag and going with 10 round stripper clips and am OK with that since my Mauser uses 5 round stripper clips.  But I could MyGyver the receiver to accept all the normal AK SKS mags.  Or something else, whatever that might be
    Does anyone know about these 10 round clips.  The mag would be fine to use and with 3 clips of 10 rounds each the reload would be quick and easy. The bolt has the notch to take clips so this might be the best workaround
    I am looking for suggestions on what mods might be best for this rifle. It shoots nicely with a 300 yard accuracy. Monkeying with its original parts and design would likely drop its value too.

  9. Yes, Mammoth  Please empty those containers of silver.  I will guard the silver for you.  
    I met with my SR BOB last Friday and he showed me a really novel use of the 8 ounce glass mason jars
    Take an faceted 8 ounce Mason jar.  The lid need to be the two piece;  center disk and outer threaded part 
    Your mason jar is now an open topped glass container with the screw on part tightened down
    Go to Harbor Freight or similar wholesaler.  They sell 10 packs of solar powered path lights for $10 —or $7 on special.
     These solar lights will illuminate for 8-10 hours.  Remove the stem that’s used for planting it your garden
    Keep the stem of the light and the center disk from the mason jar top.  Those have other uses–suggestions appreciated.
    The solar cell is a  self contained light and battery.
    take the top off the mason jar and put the light into the jar.
    screw on the threaded open top to secure the solar light inside the jar
    Leave this jar in the sun for 8 hours to charge the bettery
    you’ll have a very nice night light that will provide a decent light source for 8 plus hours
    Once you charge this self contained light source, take the light out of the jar, twist off the lower portion of the light and turn it off. These tiny lights will serve as a self contained illumination source that does not require expensive batteries. These lights can last for years if not overused.
    The faceted mason jar distributes the illumination evenly over 360 degrees.  One will light your bedside or hallway.  Two will allow you to read, even in dim light.  150 years ago our relatives read by candle.  We are spoiled by 100 watt LED lights and instant lux.  Instead of burning up your flashlights, lanterns and tap lights etc, these little lights can be tucked away and cost maybe  $1.50 per jar and light   Mason Jars are cheap.  So are the lights.
    I saw the light in action and it will light up a good part of a bedroom or  almost an entire bathroom.
    If your eyes are light adapted it will light up a room. Carried with you they can serve as a small flashlight.
    You will be surprised at the effect if you leave one or two in well used areas that you normally light with a flip of  switch
    Stack them in a closet or cabinet and keep 2-3 in each room  Charge them for 8 hours, turn off the light and store them for future use Be sure to turn them off before storing as they will come on when placed in the dark. If you lose power you can pull out 5-10 and keep your home well illuminated until the power is restored. If you are power down for more than one day, recharge the batteries in the sunlight
    I plan to pick up a few to see how they work out.

    • @AGXIIK
      That sounds good.  Your comments fermented an idea in my mind.  How about a chandelier that has holders for 6-8 of these in a common area of a home.  Just charge them up during the day, bring inside, and slip into the holders for nicely lighting up a room at night?  Those leaving the room and heading for bed can slip 1-2 out of the chandelier and take them to their room for reading or use as a night light.  These would be especially good if they had an on/off switch.  If they don’t, it should be possible to wire one in.  🙂

  10. that’s a great idea Ed_B   hang them from their stems, put them in sconces, in candle holders.   
    I’ll make a pilgrimage over to Harbor freight in Carson City this week and pick up a few packs.  Mason  jars too boot and set what we can set up

    • @AGXIIK
      If that works, it WILL be PDC… Pretty Darned Cool!  lol
      We have a Harbor Freight store close by, so can get some of these as well.  We don’t get the ferocious sun like you folks in NV get but it might be enough here… especially in the spring through the fall.

    • Of course it will “work” but light levels and output times are the only question. 
      My Dad has a couple of the lights that get marginal sun and light up every day. 
      Could be a good deal! The idea of remote cells is even better, with switches to
      the LED’s. 😉 

  11. another idea is to seperate the solar cell from the the LED lamp, just have to wired them with a very thin wire. Then fix the solar cells outside home, and the LED lamps in place you very often need them. That’s a lot a less manipulations.
    For portable system, your mason jar is a good addition

  12. mammoth  empty jars full of silver, send silver to me.  fill jars with solar light
    empty jelly jars   make PBJ for the neighborhood
    Problem solved 
    lots of empty jars
    Or go to the grocery store and buy some empty jars.

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