2013 Mar US Eagle ChartBy SD Contributor SRSrocco

The USMint reported an astonishing 638,500 silver eagles sold Monday as the Cypriot wealth confiscation news over the weekend has resulted in a massive increase in physical gold and silver purchases throughout Europe and the US.

The massive one-day sales brings the March total to 2.35 million ounces, on pace to set a 3rd consecutive monthly sales record for silver eagles, and the 2013 sales totals to 13.216 million ounces!

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2013 Mar US Eagle Chart




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  1. Yep! It’s amazing all those Silver Eagles being sold and that’s not counting the other brands and rounds that are being sold and here we are sitting on $29 waiting for the Elites OK! to let it take off.
    I guess I’ll just wake up one morning and I won’t have to go to work. Lol

    • the vast majority of those sales would be bullion coins to dealers.
      p.s. f**k the banksters, the gov’t and the regulators who are all professional criminals who will never be held to account.

  2. Here is what the Cyprus Pound looked like.

    Look at the lovely woman pictured on the pound – she is just as beautiful as the obverse of the Walking Liberty Halves & Silver Eagles.
    She was replaced by the EU’s Euro toilet-paper.

    • I picked up 40 oz this morning. Normally I start my day with a 40oz bottle of malt liquor, but I’m trying to get on the straight and narrow so I picked up  silver instead… 30 slave queens, 5 freedom girls, and 5 wood bisons.

  3. Nothing to see here; silver is still stuck in the mud. Meanwhile the US Dollar is catching a bid on safe haven demand due to the Cyprus fiasco. Business as usual although I did think that silver had a real shot at $30 this week due to the Euro zone mess. Oh well, I guess the dollar is still king for now. 
    In other news….I heard a fund manager on the radio this morning on my way to work saying that he had just recently advised his clients to short stocks and buy gold. He specifically recommended long SH and GLD as the trade. He then went on to say that gold is in a bubble that will soon pop and the only thing safe to be in at that point will be UUP and US treasuries. 

  4. Please Please MR BigManipulators, maintain the silver price at this level, cause I need to stack 35  other ounces by next week
    and in return I contribute to empty the mints and from what Mr. BigManipulators in 6 to 7 years from now you are dead, so for now I can just keep stacking. Big Big tks to YOU!!!
    Another plead, can you make it at 20 bucks, I know YOU can.

  5. Yet, the shocking part is that the price of silver is still very low. This is still a low demand in my opinion compare to the world’s population. I mean if everyone starts exchanging their garbage fiat currencies for physical precious metals, then the price of these metals will skyrocket because there aren’t enough of them.

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