The US Mint has just updated March Silver Eagle sales for the first time since 3/21. 

TODAY = 3,356,500
March US Mint silver/gold sales ratio: 60/1!

In the wake of the Cyprus banking collapse, the US MINT HAS SOLD NEARLY 1 MILLION OUNCES OF SILVER IN 4 DAYS!!

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US Mint Mar 26 table


With 4 business days left in March, the Mint is only 25,000 (50 monster boxes) away from surpassing March 2010’s all-time monthly record for Silver Eagle sales of 3,381,000 oz!

2010 Silver Sales Totals
(in ounces / number of coins)
Month One
( oz. / #coins )
January 3,592,500
February 2,050,000
March 3,381,000



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  1. In the spirit of such information, can I ask for some thoughts from all.
    If you had the option to up your stash by 20%, would you just add more phyzz, add this 20% as your first stash of gold, hold as cash or a combination of these.
    They are the only options you have.
    And do you buy now, before the end of the week or wait and see?
    These are genuine options I am deciding on. So really interested in how anyone else would view this decision.

    • If it was me, then I would buy more Silver and hold a little cash back for an emergency because I’m a Silver Stacker and I’m not comfortable with our economy. Lol Keep Stacking.

    • I’d be all in silver pre-64 if your just starting! Bullion if you have some silver coinage set aside! But that’s what works for me.

    • @ Dirt
      @ Marchas45
      @ Tiger
      Thanks for your comments guys.
      I have a yearning to just get a few gold sovereigns (UK based) and load up on Britannias or the cheaper Philharmonics. Hoping we get a 2pm UK time smack down tomorrow to go in at least half way, but then think I might as well go all in, because if there were to be a significant drop from here (and I’m thinking $20 – $25), I don’t think there would be anyone inventory. So buy now and enjoy!

    • Very true UglyDog. I really do like the idea of having a few grams of gold! Phyzz is my first love 🙂
      I’ve also got a mass of old copper and cupronickel to sort out. Loads of old foreign coins and pre decimal UK coins.
      Not sure if they are worth much, but they weigh a fair bit! That’s as diversified as I get!

    • Gold for wealth preservation
      Silver to make money
      Fiat to spend

      Also don’t write off other assets.
      I was looking into Palladium, but a friend of mine has just had his arse handed to him on a plate where Palladium is concerned. Warned me against it.
      I think with what is happening in Cyprus, I am in “Wealth preservation mode” at the moment, so will be buying up some more small denominated gold coins. Probably some 1/10th Oz coins, yes the premium is ridiculous, but if the price of gold goes mental, as I believe it will, they are far easier to shift, especially on places like Ebay.
      Antiques are a great wealth preserver. Older the better 🙂

    • @ silverrrr – Counterparty risk, it’s what ownership is all about.
      Don’t worry I have my thoughts as to what I will do, but curious to know how others see splitting the allocation. It wouldn’t be much gold (it all sounds very grand in percentage terms, trust me, it’s misleading!), but is it worth having something in gold or balls to the wall silver? Put it this way, cash is not one of the options I’m considering!

    • @Jccjktj  Whatever you do, hold back enough cash to cover emergency’s.  Only invest what you can afford to live without for a few years.  If you are not sure of how you want to diversify then go 50-50 gold and silver.  Silver is more volatile.  Gold is fairly stable.  Gold will protect your savings and has a much larger global acceptance as a currency than silver does at the moment.  Gold is concentrated money.  You can carry around 10 g’s worth of gold in your front jeans pocket and no one will know the better.  Silver is money as well.  Choose your poison.  Good luck.

  2. Great news. I wish the RCM would be more forthcoming with data. The question on my mind..truly how tight is the physical market? I am praying we see escalating outages and more anecdotal reports from businesses saying they are having trouble getting product.

    • Hey Dirt:  Eagles are PLENTIFUL….even counterfeits!!!!!!  Now, if you want something REALLY DIFFICULT to find, then its 90% junk silver…and its not being counterfeited, either!!!!!

  3. Of course the US Mint is selling to dealers and wholesalers. Are they carefully replenishing stocks after a wild January, or buying in a speculative manner themselves even though the doorbell doesn’t ring as much right now?

    • That’s almost been a headline, many guru’s mention it.
      My question: who’s buying the gold? Any chance it might actually have monetary purposes? If I were Russia or China I’d consider it. More supply than you’d get out of Comex alone without boosting prices.
      My favorite dealer tells me he sells 20x more in terms of Euro’s in silver, if not more. So yes, 1000x more ounces. He does offer the typical 1oz gold coins at decent prices. But few buy it from them.

    • I’ve been buying some gold.  Got 5 oz. about 6 weeks ago and ordered but haven’t received another 5 ozs. 3 weeks ago.  Seller says they are waiting to receive a shipment, their web site says they have new 1-oz. gold coins “in stock”.  My question is, “WHICH IS IT?”.  :-/

    • Seller says they are waiting to receive a shipment, their web site says they have new 1-oz. gold coins “in stock”.  My question is, “WHICH IS IT?”.  :-/

      They do seem to be, Charlie, but this is a 1st for them.  The good news is that I do not HAVE to buy from them and fooling around like this could cost them some customers.  With access to the Internet, there is NO WAY that I am gonna keep this QUIET!  lol

  4. Nobody, but nobody assays ASEs.  What if a shipment of counterfeit eagles were discovered somehow?  Talk about a debacle for us!  I can’t think of anything that would drive silver off the cliff quicker than that, and I put nothing past these sociopaths.  Where are all these blanks coming from, and can they show us a receipt?  😉
    I quietly divested myself of eagles two years ago.  Maples are my preferred govt bullion now.
    Call me a cynical ‘negative Ned’, you’d be right.  Lead / pot metal alloy might fool people that never check.

  5. Did My part – 3/1000000 of it anyway. I won’t keep them however. I can trade them for 1 or 2 FPS over spot of an indian head or buffalo. It may only net me an Ag dime but it’s one more dime. Vegas was built on dimes!!!

  6. sunshine mint is reputed to be the supplier of silver blanks.  I had them print up some sunshine rounds early last year.  I think their price for rounds without anything was about 40 cents over spot.  Normally they sell rounds with their own printing but probably wholesale to larger buyers.   If the mint buys millions from Sunshine the mark up is probably small.   these are just speculation on my part

    • Hi man,
      I have no reason to distrust the Sunshine mint, their products are great.  That’s why the USI mint should produce that receipt.

    • That’s amazing. They’re in a bit of different market obviously, but still.
      I’ve reported on here that their silver both got 3-4% more expensive overnight here in Europe, but also that their older coins are (in small numbers) hitting the shelfes at pretty low prices. 

      I hold mostly Perth and RCM stuff. Really dig Perth, especially the 10oz ones.

      I’ve heard from a dealer that supply was actually tight for a while when the prices dropped recently. Could Perth be rationing due to the silly low silver prices? Who knows what they pay for their silver, or how their sourcing is regulated?

      If somehow Eagle sales are cannibalizing Perth sales, it’s not the best of news.

      BTW, here in Europe the RCM Wildlife coins (what’s next from them, please tell me?) cost the same as Eagles. Just a couple hundreds times more rare.

    • the final rcm wildlife series coin is the bison. i have 5 in front of me right now! i have atube of the 1.5oz polar bears which arent part of that series but cool. i have a tube of cougars and a wolf as well. my brither has 5 sets of each.

    • Just as an FYI, that Perth Mint article is comparing sales month over month, and January is ALWAYS a huge month for sales. Starting at the end of March, we will have data to do a year over year comparison. ASE sales were down horribly month over month with January, and yet Feb was still a record for that month. The only data that is meaningful there is year over year sales comparisons.

  7. @Marchas
    Of course I’m not saying they are fake, I’m saying if any govt starts faking bullion, it would probably be eagles.  It’s always good to weigh and measure new coins as they come in. I always do, too.  The fisch thing is pretty neat, never had one.

    • Maples and AE’s sell quickly on the street with the high premium. If you buy pre 64-67 coinage you can only hope to sell it under spot as well. If SHTF I intend to trade my silver with anyone and everyone and maples and AE’s are easily recognizable by newbie stackers.

    • @C6: I have to agree. My LCS wanted 5 FPS over spot for a basic circulated Maple today. NOT Happening. Got a couple proof like private mint rounds for 2 FPS over spot. Nothing special about Eagles or Maples that I can see. If a government puts it’s stamp on my coin they may say they have some legal claim to my coin someday. Forget about it! I would melt it down. Then what was the point of the higher primium I payed. Just good money gone for nothing.

    • C6:  No enlightenment necessary.  You have it spot on.  Its DUMB to pay a premium for silver when you can get it at spot or below spot, a la junk silver (pre65 dimes, quarters, halves) and don’t forget war nickels and silver dollars….

    • The best prices I have found is 99 cents over spot for 1oz buffalos including shipping and insurance. Please PM me if anyone has a better source.

  8. So basically Eagles bear a pre-taxation of the payments you’ll be effecting with them when SHTF. Gambling that a Wildlife coin which costs the same and has purer silver content, will not be accepted for at least that same value.
    Anyway, until SHTF hasn’t transpired, we have time to swap last you’re 25 Puma’s for this year’s Antelopes, plus an extra one. 3 extra ones for Moose.

  9. Well hell! It’s all so just obvious now! How stupid of me not to have seen it sooner!
    The price of silver goes DOWN as sales skyrocket, because it’s a … volume discount!
    Sure! The more folks buy, the better the discount gets! Until, of course, the shelves are emptied. Gee, how dense could I have been? Amazing huh?

  10. Anyone want to guess how many ounces of silver flatware is out there? I picked out some nice patterns for melt value….eating with them, too. Gotta a real nice Paul Revere water pitcher…melt. Pick out of the bucket before it goes to the smelter. Gotta a nice Nixon/Agnew plate the other day…be surprised what people have laying around. Candle sticks, pitchers, plates, and real nice settings. Silver shortage? Where…at 28.00 and change, real value.

    • I was thinking about that, and then I was wondering about the 5 oz. America the Beautiful coins (which I love and have all of).  That would tilt the ratio back towards sliver again because I’m assuming they’re not counted in the Eagle tallies, correct?

  11. Even with all of these physical silver that were sold, it is amazing that the price of silver is still that low at 28.30$ per ounce. I wonder if there are some shortages of precious metals in other places around the world.

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