silver shortageTrillion Dollar Silver documents USGS changing definitions from year to year in it’s silver report, and outright number fudging attempting to claim no physical shortage of silver exists.  Coincidentally, the number manipulation begins precisely when the official government silver stockpile ran out.

Underneath the USGS’s own data, which supposedly proved there was no silver shortage; an absolutely massive silver debt bubble was found.

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  1. There is no data being released from the govt any more that can be counted on as being accurate and/or truthful! All of the numbers are being manipulated!!! The manipulation is getting so blatant now that the entire economic collapse is getting very near! We are witnessing the final death-throws of those desperately trying to keep the sheeple ignorant to what is really going on! Time to get the bucket of popcorn, the “show” is about to start!!!!!!

    • As a scientist, seeing the words “data” and “government” in the same sentence makes me gag.  When one is engaged in dreaming up numbers that will please one’s bosses, no real data is required.  Just ask them what they think the numbers should be, goof off for a few months, and then turn in your 300 page report with lots of graphs and footnotes that supports their political agenda.  They will think that you are brilliant and you will get raises, bonuses, perks, and promotions.  Such is the way of life in government these days.  Whatever you do, do not EVER use real data that proves them wrong or you WILL be transferred to their worst location and given a meaningless low-level job with no chance of ever getting out of there with your mind intact.

  2. Under 20,000 tonnes of silver, or less than 750 million ounces of silver, shown in that paper, indicated as,
    held by, United States govt or agency, where indicated, as held in an, exchange traded fund.
    Like to see more detail, of such, exchange traded fund.
    Looks to an, uneducated eye, such as myself, that the USA Govt. is open to.
    increasing there Silver holdings, at times of there choosing, such as, 
    during, any deep recession, or price falling off a cliff.
    There holdings or additional holdings may help to,stabililise,
    or put in a price floor.
    AnyWay, that 20,000 tonnes of Silver, is a decent stack,
    ever if it could be really be accounted, as available
    and physically in place,
    what a thought.
    The Govts, cant be all so bunch of ding dongs,
    an exchange traded fund, where can i invest, in this one?

    • Go back to the early seventies,
      i , was looking at the same information,
      at, the time, there was no sign, of a silver shortage,
      billions of ounces, available, then, more, billions in the pipline,
      as some, were saying at the time.
      Here we are, nearly half a century later.
      I was looking at, nearly the same data as, shown, back then, from a documents, at the University.
      Flinder’s University.
      Now there is so much information, available, on the worldwide Web, accessed immediately.
      For further, thought.
      Thank You.

  3. Wait, even the USGS is corrupted!? Well, it is not really a surprise especially when it part of the US government’s organizations. I repeat once again, NEVER trust the government even if the information given by him are harmless!

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