In the latest Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the American Dream as being chained to the booth in the waffle house as cogs in the wheels generating income for Wall Street sharpies and the poverty of this century in which the beggar is a reminder of nothing. In the second half, Max interviews Alasdair Macleod about the geopolitical situation in Ukraine and its impact on gold and the dollar as the reserve currency. They also talk about the true size of China’s gold reserves and the Shanghai Co-op Organization.
Macleod discusses how the US’ “sanctions” by excluding nations from using the SWIFT system has backfired, and will ultimately result in the US dollar being driven out of global trade settlement!
Macleod’s full MUST WATCH interview is below:

    • You mean little “karl” MARX Keiser. At 10:10 in the video, “Marx” tried to make a point that both capitalism and socialism are bad … funny he left out communism. It shows it was all just a little propaganda piece to sow discontent in the West and make the Ruskies feel better about their dismal soviet-era living standards that, outside of the chosen few allowed to live in Moscow or St. Petersburg, are the same today as during the USSR. This doesn’t even mention the ever presence of the FSB who is just as domestically active as their predecessor KGB. Just think of what would have happened in Russia if Bundy’s supporters had done the same thing …. if you were still alive you’d be looking at life in the frozen tundra doing hard labor. Maybe that is where Putin keeps HIS “trailer parks” (and they would be lucky to get a waffle).

      As for MacLeod, while I generally like him and his message, my opinion of his judgment has been lowered for becoming a willing stooge of RT

    • Excellent video … it indeed tells it all!

      I would easily place this video within my top 10 to educate people on the importance of purchasing silver now … while they can.

  1. This is the first time I’ve watched Max recently and this time he actually makes sense   His commentary on mobile home parks hits home for several reasons, not least of which was that 50 years ago my family would have loved a comfy double wide with all the mod cons.  Living in a converted gas station was not all the great.
    Max talks about the downward decline of America. It’s gotten so bad that Wal Mart’s sales are off and Dollar Stores are closing.  That’s just about the lowest rung on the ladder when it comes to consumers.  We were at the Legends Mall yesterday and it was pretty empty.  Of course the Sam Zells are not going to go heavy into malls with thousands of box box retailers close.
    Zell and his ilk, the flippers, have been moving down the investor food chain to the lowest common denominator, short of investing in homeless futures and private prisons.  The return on Americanized AG Farben prison gulags is also fairly high. 
    Money seeks the places where it’s welcome and the bottom is where the best returns are found.  This is becoming a feudalistic society with the 90% at the bottom, 9.9% in the middle and the top .1% enjoying a rich rewarding life feeding on the lowest rungs of society.
    The skippers, victims of the flippers, are finding the equity funds buying vast tracts of homes made their situation even worse.  
    Yes, when 1,000 underwater homes were bought for 50 cents on the dollar by a hedge fund and the former owners, delinquent on mortgages, found that walking from their LAND LORD was easier than skipping from their mortgage, they then skipped on the new land lord.  Credit ruined for the skippers; a mobile home park is the only place left short of the streets.  And millions can’t even get a leg up to a mobile home and do live in the streets.
    It’s emblematic that as people abandon Wal Mart for Dollar Stores and Dollar Stores for Goodwill Thrift, the big money is going to buy farther and farther down the food chain of investments, chasing what few dollars are left in the people’s pockets.  Jim Willie was right when he talked about America becoming a third world country.  Once the uber wealthy have skimmed the last few pennies
    Max was corrrect in mentioning the Wall Street banker business for human bodies. There is already a thriving market for organleggers  JPM was excoriated for its dead banker insurance policies, collected when one of their employees took a jump off a tall building.  At Wal Mart its called Poor Peasant Insurance.  
    If the flippers can figure out a market for the skippers you can be sure they will rehypothecate the serf who can’t pay their rent, leveraging body parts 100 to 1 on the chance that the zek completely fails to make his payments.  I don’t know what the market will be called but Fractional Body Banking System comes to mind.   
    If there is a market for something then it will come into being and once in operation it will be rigged.

  2. MacLeod was wrong about America as having been dependent on Saudi oil imports in the past …. it never was. That role was held by both Nigeria and Venezuela as the Saudi crude, besides being  more expensive to ship, was not optimal for US refinery use due to it’s composition. The vast majority of Saudi oil has always been exported to Europe and Asia instead where the refineries are tuned for it. The importance of Saudi oil to the US is that any interruption of it’s supply meant that other oil (including the usual US sources) had to be used by the typical Saudi purchasers.

    The net effect is that the Sino-Soviet deal will hurt the Saudis most and China will get a sweetheart deal.  The only fly in the ointment is that it will take years to build the pipelines. Europe will increasingly turn toward the Middle East and North Africa and the US energy supply won’t be affected at all. The use of the Petro Dollar will be decreased and turn into just one of several currencies in a new basket.

  3. IF the Jim Willies of the world are correct, a double wide will be moving up for many.  
    Notice bad credit drove many into trailer parks?    It’s the USG taking the whole country into a bad credit crisis?  

    • Off-topic, but for some reason whenever somebody mentions trailer parks I think of Tonya Harding.
      You can take a girl out of a trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl.

    • And when they can’t afford a trailer park they will be forced into 200 sq foot coffins in big cities. I grew up bouncing around as the houses my parents rented got sold out from under them. Some were tiny yet we crammed 7 people in there. Through hard work they finally bought one they were renting, we gutted it and remodeled while living in it then they built a new house after selling that one. A path that is impossible now with no jobs.

    • @MaryB
      Yes, that path may well be closed for the most part but it is also likely that other paths are opening.  The trick is to look for them and then exploit any that are found.
      I grew up in trailers.  We didn’t have a site-built house until my Dad retired from the US Army in 1960.  We got a small place in the country (it’s now in town) and fixed it up over the years.  In spite of little training, my Dad was quite a handyman.  He could fix or build just about anything.  Good thing too.  Sweat was plentiful but money was short.   I learned a lot working with my Dad and watching him work.  There’s more than one way to get a good education.  🙂

  4. As to the article… yeah, these trade sanctions are incredibly stupid.  Russia clearly has the upper hand in this and the more messing with this tar-baby we do, the messier and uglier this is gonna get.  There are times when one should back away and cut their losses.  This is looking a LOT like one of those times.  But fear not.  The least competent administration in US history is on the job and working hard… or hardly working, I forget which.  Either way, we can turn to our good friend AGXIIK and know that his comments using the term “clusterbungle” are 100% appropriate.  :-/

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