USMintOn Monday, we reported that the US Mint sold an all-time single day record 3.937 million 1 0z Silver Eagles.
It appears that the public continued to take advantage of $30 silver Tuesday, as the Mint has reported the sale of another 300,000 Silver Eagles overnight, bringing the 2 day January sales total to 4.287 million ounces!

Keep in mind that the all time monthly sales record at the US Mint for Silver Eagles is 6.422 million in January 2011. 

January 2013’s 2 day sales totals (production began Jan 7th):

2013 Silver Sales Totals
(in ounces / number of coins)
Month One
( oz. / #coins )
January 4,287,000
Total 4,287,000

Readers wishing to help add to the Mint’s January Silver Eagle sales totals can do so at SDBullion, as  2013 Silver Eagles are available As Low As $2.59 over spot!

2013 Silver Eagle

  1. It’s ironic that the central governments, banksters, central banks and others are desperate to force we, the people, further into the Empire of FIAT involvency, running us into digitized dollars when, at the same time, they suppress the price of silver to a point that it’s not only affordable but still available.  The mint of the very government that wants us to collapse into debt penury is giving us the tools to maintain our fiscal freedom.  How cool it that?
    The Indian government is presently cracking down on the people’s ability to buy gold and silver though regulations, taxes, withdrawal of precious metal lending and yet the people have an insatiable appetite for the metals. Smugglers are bringing in as much as 10% of the new gold inventory through Thailand due to the demands present for gold.  India’s balance of trade is seriously skewed, with currency devaluation, due to the people’s purchase of phyzz. The government is running scared.  That’s is a good thing in my opinion.  A government that fears the people is a government that can be controlled and contained.
    Government’s attempt to thwart the people’s nearly instinctive desire to protect themselves from their government’s rapacity and heavy handed currency destruction is encouraging and heart warming in that we have still have ways to secure our well being and futures.  We have the moral high ground.  We need to take the battle the capital and plant our flag on the ground we’ve taken.

    • “Smugglers are bringing in as much as 10% of the new gold inventory through Thailand due to the demands present for gold.”
      I have read this as well.  Hmmm… must be doing it by boat, as India and Thailand do not share a common border.  Might be able to do it overland but that could be pretty tricky in that part of the world.

  2. Jeffrey Christian, one of the many luciferian ‘shills’ spitting deadly  venom…serpent seed..hoping ‘the Savior ‘ is on his way soon..or the 99% to wake up..meanwhile lets around up a posse and go after those crooks.

    • What’s that compared to spot, percentage wise?
      I got one great deal out of a local coin and stamp store, way below spot, and that was it. Next time, prices were high. I should have bought more, it was the June 2012 bottom, on the nose.

    • I bough those here at 19% VAT + 4%, and now it’s 21+4%. No-one is buying them since coinbars and coince are like 7%.
      Waiting for EU regulation to make 21%+ on any kind of silver, so my plain bars will become that much easier to swap for semi-numi’s…

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