USMintThe US Mint has updated April sales statistics for the first time since last week, and to no surprise, the Mint again reported more massive sales, with another 833,000 silver eagles reported sold Monday!   The April total through 6 business days is now 1.645 million ounces, bringing the 2013 total to a massive 15.868 million ounces.
In response to the continued massive demand for silver eagles, the mint also has begun rationing sales of silver eagles to primary dealers resulting in supply delays!
Just as was seen in January, tight physical supplies have seen premiums on ASE’s skyrocketing over the weekend and throughout the day, as ASE’s are rapidly becoming as scarce as 90%!

*Update:  wholesale suppliers have increased premiums nearly $1 since yesterday, while the shortage has tightened, and wholesalers now on 4-6 week delays for shipments of ASE’s!


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April ASE sales as of Friday:


2013 Silver Sales Totals
(in ounces / number of coins)
Month One
( oz. / #coins )
January 7,498,000
February 3,368,500
March 3,356,500
April 812,000
Total 15,035,000


And Monday’s report via the US Mint:

2013 Silver Sales Totals
(in ounces / number of coins)
Month One
( oz. / #coins )
January 7,498,000
February 3,368,500
March 3,356,500
April 1,645,000
Total 15,868,000


So much for the US Mint producing ASE’s in sufficient quantity to meet public demand!
Look for supply constraints to continue to tighten and premiums to continue to skyrocket as long as silver stays under $28 and the US Mint continues rationing supplies.

*Update:  wholesale suppliers have increased premiums nearly $1 since yesterday, while the shortage has tightened, and wholesalers now on 4-6 week delays for shipments of ASE’s!

  1. The real shocker to people will be when physical sells out everywhere.  Large dealers like Tulving and APMEX are buying 90% junk silver $1.50-1.80 over spot prices…. regardless of coin.
    Pretty wild to think I could trade in junk and get bars in a purer form for cheaper prices….

    • Yeah, that IS pretty wild.  I’m seeing that too with Provident selling junk for more than $3 an oz. over spot.  I can get bars and sometimes Maples for less than that!

  2. Check out Tulving’s site, with all the ”sold out” silver product. SilverDocs continues to be the best most relevant and focused, hottest off the presses silver site there is. Turd, Bro John, and the rest can duke it out for second.

    • Tulving will always be out, if APMEX is paying twice the premium (Selling to them).  Tulving doesn’t even list pre 2013 open or closed monster boxes.  The last time I saw, he was only paying $1.15 over spot for ASE’s.  I thought, BS, $1.15.  I won’t sell my ASE’s for anything under $2.50 over spot at this spot price.  Tulving can jack up their premium to $4.00 and still sell out. 
      I take it APMEX pays the most on ASE’s, when you sell to them?

  3. The timing is perfect  With the Reno gun show this weekend I will some fun with this.  A broken clock is right more often than the mint but the mint is more predictable—or something to that effect
    There is another thing that might be afoot here. the gummint buying up all the junk bullion and sending it to the refinery It acomplishes two things
    It removes one of the few ‘real monies’ of the US, hence the wording Constitutional Silver. One more reminder of the memory hole effect
    It brings a very short supply of silver in to the mint.
    Next step?
    Culling tooth fillings.
    So Keep you mouth closed. Mumbling is allowed on odd tuesdays.

    • No it’s not a drop in the bucket.  That is 60M annualized.   Silver Eagles are just a SINGLE SEGMENT of the bullion market.   Throw in Maples, Brits, Phils, Libs, Pandas, Kooks, Koalas, Kangs, and so on.   Don’t forget about the various private mint bars and rounds.    Silver demand is going to swamp supply in due course.

    • Well if ASE were the only round sold worldwide it would be insignificant but as a proportion and published indication of sales it is very significant. Lets remember the Chinese intend to match/beat ASE sales and the historical Chinese silver standard which will manifest itself in the hearts and minds of the soon to be “greatest nation on earth”. All of which will send Comex down even further no doubt. More people are escaping the matrix, what can they do next?

    • rash oversimplification either rooted in misinformation, or ignorance. Silver availability in the year should be around 1 billion ounces with recycling. 250-300 million ounces typically is the number bandied about for investment materials available. 
      Say we have 60 million ounces of simple maples and ASES. So right there, is 20+% of available investment material. Now thrown in Pandas from China, then Philharmonics, then all of Perth mints. Then Libertads, and Brtianias, and NOah’s arks, then ALL other mints products besides their main bullion coins.
      Then add in Golden state mint, and generic rounds, and silverbullet silver shields, and all other private rounds. THEN start looking at bars of all sizes..
      If you’re being naive, buy a clue. If you’re trolling, please take a long walk off a short pier.

  4. The US Mint sopped @450 million dollars so far this year. Evidently, according to Rich Checkan, there is no “silver” shortage, just a shortage of “popular silver product”. Big distinction regarding slumping spot verses high demand for “products”. I see high 19.00’s in a slow slogging trend down. I mean, really, inflation is in check right now. Remember, the FOMC met today, meeting minutes to be released 30APR13. Looking at the Commitment Of Traders report, down trend still more.

    • “I mean, really, inflation is in check right now.”
      Is it?  Last I read, it was pushing 10%.  How high does it have to be to not be “in check”?  That guff that the Fed hands out about 1.5-2% inflation is pure balderdash.  If they eliminate just about everything that is rising in price from the calc, they can make it show any number that they want… and they do!  REAL people need food and fuel in order to live but they are rising rapidly in price, so, nope, don’t count ’em.  My math professors would have slapped me upside the head with a slide rule for making up numbers like the Fed and Gov do routinely but never get called on by the media.  For real numbers with no political spin applied, try

    • Reader: Hey Rich, since the rest of your article is a collection of tired cliches that anyone could have gotten from a John Nadler column, what else have you got for us??????

      Rich Checkan: But there are other ways to own silver cost-effectively until premium normalcy is restored.
      (Q): Could you run through several for our readers?
      Rich Checkan (A): Absolutely. Here are two in particular.
      First, Perth Mint Certificates of Pooled/Allocated Silver Bullion .

      Reader: So to sum it up Rich, you are suggesting a paper promise for an unallocated product??

  5. More good anecdotal news for stackers, as I’d hoped to see. I said thatI hope these outages spread or become perpetual, and more people take note, and start piling on.

    The Doc has reported tight physical supply.

    The rep from silvergoldbull I talked to confirmed tight supply from us and canadian mints, and 6-8 week lead times on some privatye mint orders. He also stated that the sbss sets have been extremely popular – more than expected.

    I got an alert from texaspreciousmetals in the same regard. They passed on a lame excuse RCM sent them about maples being impacted by the wood bison, but that is BS since last year RCM produced the moose, cougar and pronghorn with no issues (only 1 million minted).

    Finally, junk silver has evaporated, and commands a stiff premium instead of a discount..

    So Shortages? No maybe not technically, but you can damned sure see it from there. This is a good sign for us I think. It at least in my mind validates the market is broken – not that we needed more evidence.
    Keep the faith fellas. Maybe I’ll get the 2 5 oz buffalos I picked up this weekend made into earrings. LMAO!

  6. Like those who spoke in the past. This will be the greatest wealth transfer ever. Just keep stacking..I noticed today that the NYSE went up today. Interesting to say the least. Propped up and full of b.s. This thing is coming to an end and just wait and see. 

  7.   Had a great coin show yesterday.  Most business for myself at this small show.   Silver Panda’s & Koala’s sold all I had and complete 6 coin sets of Canadian wildlife sold also.   10 oz bars & 1 oz rds also were popular.   ASE’s & Maple leafs  only sold a few. Nusimatic’s were also asked about for Morgan Dollars.   

  8. Come on people… don’t you know that your not supposed to want silver eagles!
    After all, it really isn’t money according to Uncle Ben and he knows what legal tender is.. doesn’t he?
    Well… keep stacking anyway; keeps you from wasting it on beer and woman/men!

    • Rumor has it that Uncle Ben is a little “tender” between the ears.  😉
      But, at least he doesn’t still have Ron Paul to kick him around at those congressional hearings any more.  lol

  9. Rationing? What? Why? Hundreds of millions of ‘ounces’ of ‘silver’ are daily shorted on the COMEX and LBMA. All the Mint has had to do for YEARS is to ‘buy the dips’. Hell, they’d have TONS of inventory to meet all demand imaginable.
    This scenario blatantly illustrates what COMIC BOOKS those ‘exchanges’ actually are.
    Paper Rots, Coin Does Not.

    • “Hell, they’d have TONS of inventory to meet all demand imaginable.”
      If what we are reading about the amounts of Eagles being sold in 2013 is correct, they will need TONS of silver to somewhat meet the demand.  Let’s see… 32,150 troy ounces per ton and 870,000 or so Eagles so so far in April = 27 tons of silver. Now, expand that out for all of 2013 and we have… a s**t-load of silver!   😉

    • @Ed_B
      Yep, Ed, and if we’re to accept this malarky of ‘plenty supply for volume demand’, then all the Mint has to do is hit those hundreds of million ounce short raids and just hang out at the loading platform to unload the caravan of trucks rolling in from COMEX.

  10. I heard an interview the other day. I think it was an Unconventioal Finace interview. Anyway the guy was saying something to the effect that there isn’t a real shortage of Ag, just such a high demand for coins & rounds that the mints couldn’t produce enough to meet the demand. He also said that he thinks this is the reason for the high premiums as well. If the U.S. Mint can do 7.5m ASEs in two weeks in Jan. then the same mints should be able to produce 7.5m in two weeks now or 15m in a month! If they can’t, then doesn’t that suggest a metal shortage and not a production limit? Granted 1m ASEs a day would be double the possible 15m oz. production. But it is unlikely that they would sell 1m everyday. If demand is that high, then ASEs ALONE would account for MORE than all of the global annual Ag production available for investment! Of the 700m oz mined per year 500m goes to industry. These kinds of numbers suggest that investment Ag must be tighter than anything we have thought before! This manipulation scheme can not continue much longer! Hang in there, I think the wait for the Big Big breakout must be coming soon!

    • I would agree, but the fact that demand has pinned their capacity does say something. This could portend to higher demand being stretched out indefinitely, essentially making previously low sale months higher. I dearly hope so.

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