USMintThe US Mint restarted Silver Eagle sales via allocation/ rationing Monday, and has just updated their month-t0-date sales totals.
Despite 2 production shutdowns in January, the US Mint has sold a record breaking 7.13 million Silver Eagles in only 10 business days in January, shattering the previous monthly record set in 2011!



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Freedom Girl

 Previous monthly sales record of 6.422 million ounces, set in January 2011:


2011 Silver Sales Totals
(in ounces / number of coins)
Month One
( oz. / #coins )
January 6,422,000

The US Mint’s Silver Eagles sales totals through 10 business days of January 2013 sales:

2013 Silver Sales Totals
(in ounces / number of coins)
Month One
( oz. / #coins )
January 7,130,000
Total 7,130,000


With 3 days of sales remaining in January, barring a 3rd mint shut-down, we could be looking at 8-9 million ounces of silver eagles sold in a single month, more than the yearly sales record for silver eagles for any year prior to 2008!!




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  1. I have beem on the mint site hitting refresh since yesterday eagerly awaiting to see what shook out. I would hope north of 8 million.
    I hope they continue to be squeezed on product, and in turn this puts pressure on the RCM forcing maples to get more and more scarce.
    Then hopefully the media will report on it, and we can get on with the “full retard” dance.

  2. If what the Silver bashers say about there being no silver shortage is even remotely true…and lord knows im giving them the benefit of the doubt… it wont be that way for long. 7 Million plus ounces of ASE in 10 days worth of sales is nothing short of impressive ! Stack when you can, wait if you must but never sell the phyzz. carry on

    • SilverTongueDevil – Well done, would be buying half a dozen myself but working in Saudi Arabia and I’m doubtful if delivery would be problem free. I believe this series could very well become collectors pieces after TSHTF. As Chris Duane states in his launch video, they are likely to have historical significance after the reset.

    • I see they beat their goal already. Great to see. I have a 10 slave queens and 20 triviums on the way for me and my brother. I’ll have to get 20 freedom girl’s this week for myself and a co worker, and probably another 10 slave queens. I expect Slave Queens will be a hot item in canada.
      I think these are going to be sleeper hits because anyone who wakes up and looks for silver invariably will find their way over there, creating a solid market for them. In an interview Chris Duane said they were selling 10k coins a week as I recall on average, and I’m sure that is set to grow.
      With public mint sales being solid and new avenues like this getting more appeal I am hapy to see an increasing amount of silver finding its way into investor’s hands.

    • Yes, it is!  Maybe we should be figuring this in terms of ounces per selling day per month rather than ounces per month.  The off and on nature of the US Mint sales presents less than a true picture of what is really happening… and that is a silver feeding frenzy!  🙂

  3. @ RANGER Ha! Ha! That was on my mind also. Lol Yep I just bought two rolls of Slave Queens last week and a half dozen Freedom Girl this morning which I believe is the best looking coin so far. The Peace Gal Letting Down Her Hair and Getting Ready For A Fight.

  4. If we conservatively assume that 5 generic Silver 1 oz rounds or bars are sold for every 1 American Silver Eagle sold, then in one month alone there could be 37 million oz of Silver bought by the public.  That’s tremendous demand for physical Silver coming from the people.

  5. In your face, Jeff Christian!!!!
    Nothing could please me more than to see folks buying in spite of serial paper attacks designed to break the resolve of stackers.
    Jeff will probably disappear some day soon as the whole paper scheme implodes.

    • “Jeff will probably disappear some day soon as the whole paper scheme implodes.”
      Heh heh… yeah, he’ll be trying to get out of town just ahead of the mobs with torches and pitchforks.  To the banksters, he could still be useful as chum while they make good their own escape.

  6. Not to throw cold water on anyone’s beloved stack of ‘Slave Queen’ or ‘Freedom Girl’ Silver rounds, but…
    While I wouldn’t mind owning a few for fun OR just in case these particular rounds become valuable collector’s items, I am more comfortable stacking Junk Silver, ASE’s, Canuk Maples & Canuk Wildlife Series coins.
    Because if TSHTF, which of these will be more well-recognized, trusted and less likely to be viewed as possible counterfeits?
    Yes I do own a few private mint 1-oz Silver rounds but am hesitant about compiling a serious stack of these.

  7. Having said THAT, I will now be two-faced and point out that Daniel Carr’s Moonlight Mint has a new creation – a 1963 90% Silver Kennedy half dollar ‘fantasy coin.’  Other previous works of Carr includes the 1964 Peace Dollar.
    There are definitely coins (or rounds) with a ‘cool-factor!’

  8. With the seemingly solid interest in rounds and coins, it would behoove our gentle readers to consider being a local coin shoppe. There must be an expansion in aftermarket sales between citizens. As it stands, the market needs more liquidity coinciding with the these record sales and historic interest. This would definitely be a thorn in the sides of authorized dealers and market manipulators. I mean really, offer eagle buybacks at 2.00 above spot, resell them at 3.00 above spot. Rounds/medallions at 1.00/2.00 respectively. No bars, no junk. Just ounce coins. Nothing fancy, no authorized dealer hoops for wholesale pricing. I am seriously thinking about it.  Or simply play a percentage under their premiums. Many more should jump in. Let the big guys buy from the mint, sell to retailers, and sell to the public uncirculated. Then I come in and buyback circulated then resell them. Suddenly, one can make a handsome sum from buying back and re-selling under their premiums. Maybe open up shop next to the county sheriff or substation. This opens up cash sales on demand for ounce coins/rounds. Certainly there is a market for this. Ever try to sell a monster box lately for bills and realize the local coin shoppe won’t buy back? There must be more liquidity to mature the market for generations to come. Bullion coins/rounds are here to stay.

  9. @Mammoth: Totally agree, but if I may throw in my two cents (I really need to start chasing dates and mintmarks and funny mintings 🙂 ), if someone just buys one or a few of each of the coins and medallions that express the sentiment of our time, “Silver for the People,” and keeps the accompanying printed material, invoice, ads, what shows each purchase’s “provenance” or source, the individual pieces in the collection — the printed material or ephemera has value in and of itself as well, surprisingly enough, and even more so as part of the set — will synergistically enhance each other’s price, the collection together will be worth more than the individual pieces. It will take time for the value to increase, but somewhere down the road somebody’s kid could have something of great historical and fiat value, whatever that might be. If I could, I would buy two of each, one to keep in mint condition and the other to keep in a bag to pull out and look at and (I know there are others here who would appreciate this) “fondle.”

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