Buy Silver coins at SDBullionWith the Financial System in Chaos, TFMetals’ Craig Hemke Joins the Show to Break Down All the Action, Discussing: 

    • US Mint AP Warns 2016 Silver Eagles Likely to Remain in Allocation INDEFINITELY:
      “The allocation from the US Mint which we received today was smaller than we expected….
      I believe it’s now likely that the Mint will stay in allocation for Silver Eagles for the foreseeable future.  Perhaps throughout the entire quarter.”
  • Will Deutsche Be 2016’s AIG??  Hemke Warns “Deutche Bank Could Bring Down EVERYTHING”
  • Currency Wars: Commodities Currencies in Free-Fall, China to Turn Around Gold Prices With Yuan Devaluation?
  • Craig Explains Why Cartel Are Capping Gold & Silver Prices at Critical Moving Averages
  • STRONG Physical Demand for Gold, Silver & Platinum as Financial Crisis Apparently Underway2016 Platinum Maples Sell Out in 10 Minutes!

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, and Craig Hemke is Below: 


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Super Mario Responds To Bankers’ SOS

“The end of the Great Keynesian Experiment is upon us,” as’s Craig Hemke is fond of saying.  We don’t know how long this road is going to extend, but the road does indeed have an end – a transition.

For much of this year, the markets have been going bonkers.  Welcome to 2016, the year when everyone and their dog will come to recognize that 2015 marked the birth of both the next great bear market and U.S. recession.  When I compare timelines to previous bursting bubbles, I can’t shake how August, 2015 reminds me of March, 2000.  The NASDAQ topped in March, 2000, but it took a long time before people recognized what was happening – over a year, for some people.

Through the 1990s and early 2000s I was at the heart of the technology bubble.  I saw it up close and personal as a “buy-side” analyst that advised some of the biggest technology fund managers in the world.  You know what surprised me the most about that experience?  About a third of these people were brilliant and really understood technology.  But two-thirds asked questions that clearly indicated their ignorance was downright injurious to their shareholders’ wealth.

That experience was quite a wake-up call, a realization that there was a whole hell of a lot of “dumb money” in the system, and it wasn’t just a problem with Western retail investors chasing companies with sock puppets selling pet food online.  But as is usually the case, retail investors were, generally speaking, the last to wake up.

For about three years going into the apex of the great technology bubble, I ran a technology model portfolio for Microsoft (“Tech Stalker”) on MSN Money.  That armed me what was, in effect, one of the greatest sentiment barometers anywhere.  Tens of millions of people interacted with that portfolio module and the feedback coming my way was like trying to drink from a fire-hose.  I can say in no uncertain terms:  Western retail investors went absolutely insane in the NASDAQ Bubble.  The fact that retail investors are not the primary driver for the current busting bubble will have implications for how the current bear unfolds, a topic we’ll address in upcoming shows.

MSCI all country index

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise…

The MCSI All Country index was about to send a sustained and official bear market signal with its 20% decline.  Can’t have any of that, now can we?  It would spoil the party at Davos.  Never fear.  Super Mario is here.  He’s got his “game face” on and he’s ready (hey, market, don’t forget) to do “whatever it takes.”

Want to know what was the final straw that motivated the U.S. government to assassinate MLK, Jr.?  For that and more, for your weekend perusal:

Have a great weekend – Eric Dubin, managing editor, The News Doctors



  1. PM is tracking oil.  In other words, the dollar has higher or sideways to go, while both gold and oil plunge lower.  Once the yanks shoot themselves in the vitals Eurasia will arise and USA oligarchy will begin permanent decay

    • @dealmaker –  “Right now 60% PM’s 30% cash 10% blue chips.”

      That’s a solid strategy; I like the allocation.

      Cash IMHO is a very under-appreciated asset. It is vilified by most brokers since they aren’t making commission fees if you’re not constantly churning your cash. They like to call it “dead money” when in reality is is anything but. Cash is still king even as fiat currencies lose value all around the world. If you have cash on hand will never not be able to buy something right there and then. I’ve been through a natural disaster and I saw the true value of cash during that crisis. If all you had was plastic you were SOL along with everybody else.

      If there’s no electricity cards are worth zero and so is Bitcoin.

    • @gogetter1132

      Agree on your view of cash.  This has been an important element of my retirement planning for some time now.  I discovered that retirement living is less about debt and investing than it is about cash flow.  Debt is fine as long as one has the cash flow to service it and can maintain that cash flow.  Having 25-30% cash in my retirement funds, which many scoffed at before the financial SHTF, meant that during down-turns like 2001 and 2008, I could ride them out via my cash and did not have to sell a single depressed share for money to live on.  It also meant that I was able to scoop up some very cheap shares that zoomed when the market recovered in 2003 and 2009.  So, I am a fan of cash and do not believe in the “put all your money to work” mentality.  Sometimes, sitting on the sidelines in cash is the best move that one can make… particularly for those of us who are out of the acquisition phase of financial life and have moved on to the financial preservation phase.


  2. If you’re going to pick a (presumably) ironic nom de guerre that’s a synonym for what most of us find in the toilet bowl after our morning coffee, then you’d better be darn sure that it remains ironic and does not become tragically literal.  This guy has been dishing out awful advice to “buy the dips” all the way down for the last half-decade now.  Oddly enough, from what I can tell he’s still got people that pay him for this “advice” as well…?

    • It is absolutely true Fred Hayek, he told people to load up all the way down because any minute metals were going to soar! Go read the archives. You are one of his followers and should know his terrible track record from 2011 to 2014 when most of the damage was done. Amazing that people pay for Turd’s opinion.

    • I tell you, in Canada gold has been a solid performer the last year or so, truly a hedge against inflation. Anyone in stocks or bonds has seen their savings go down like 20-30% in terms of US dollar, less in terms of Canadian purchasing power, maybe down 10-20%. Gold has held its own, thanks.

  3. Hey Doc good podcast, thank you. I like to read Michael’s posts as he shows how stackers should read the charts…

    Hey Doc this US mint allocation meme is just more evidence that the mint is dancing to what TPTB want.

    Turd I agree with your analysis of sentiment and how the downtrend is so important to be maintained. It falls under the strong $US policy. We get how they can play these games without any real price discovery.

    So with all of the above what becomes IMO, one of the most important pieces of information in determining how long the game can be played in silver, which is what I have been focusing on is supply coming to market.  Until we can see the supply in a clearly defined downtrend then this game will continue. Supply dynamics can be seen through a year over year metric which can be viewed here… The mining industry is the most important component to the supply equation. So far what I can see for 2015 supply number coming from the miners is that 2015 will be as high as 2014 production. It will be another 12 months before we see how 2016 plays out. My guess will be that 2015 will be a top in supply of silver.


  4. Doc We need the Sliver Kings  to Produce a Movie like  The Big Short, maybe the ‘Silver Short’ something like that and Collapse the Market and send Ag Silver to all time Highs , The Big Short was low budget lol, American’s LOVE Movies,. we are one Movie away from Freedom .

  5. I just removed a roll of maples from their stack……………..eagles, maples, it’s a toss up for my preference. As long as someone keeps selling them at these bargain prices, I will buy them up, wampum permitting of course. The maples are actually cheaper and ever so slightly purer. Silver is silver after all.

    • Agreed @SilverSucker


      I like both Maples and ASEs and have about an equal number of both.  🙂

      As to others complaining about silver prices… well, if we ALL knew the future, we could always buy at the lows and sell at the highs.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way.  Besides, everyone else would be buying and selling at the right times too, so that would likely destroy any sort of market because no market can survive when everyone is doing the same things.  Markets are made from differing opinions about what the future holds.  One person’s sale is another person’s purchase and vice versa.  Just look at what happens when the numbers of buyers or sellers stops being equal.  Typically, all hell breaks loose in the market.  Hmmm… that kind of sounds familiar, especially these days.


    • @dealmaker
      There’s no doubt that both silver and gold have many fine attributes.  Some of these overlap and some do not.  This is why I have both silver and gold.  The use of silver for everyday purchases when fiat fails is its strong point while the wealth density of gold is its strong point.  Both are great but can serve different purposes.

      As to what does $100k worth of silver look like, it looks like a BIG shiny pile.  😀

      I have no idea what $100k worth of gold looks like but can imagine it easily fitting in a child’s shoe-box.

    • Heck, $100k gold would fit in about 2 rolls of silver maples!  Agree with you on portability.  That can, however, also be a downfall if someone wanted to part you of your stash.  Poof, all gone in one go, certainly not without a fight, yet all the same…


      I am with Ed, diversity works for me.

  6. DBank reported a loss of $7 billion in Q 4 2015.  Wanna bet they will lose more in the first Q of 2016.  Their deriv bank is so toxic it makes B of A look positively sterling.  B of A offloaded its derivs to a section of it’s balance sheet that makes the tax payer take the hit.

    • @AGXIIK


      “B of A offloaded its derivs to a section of it’s balance sheet that makes the tax payer take the hit.”

      Indeed they did, Bro… and the s***heads in DC LET them do it!  For those who have read Dante’s Inferno, both of these groups, banksters and govsters, are clearly headed for the 9th and lowest level.  Well earned, well deserved!


  7. Might I add this is exactly as predicted over a year ago.  The powers at the helm will not allow any defaults or Force Majeure in precious metals but will start a rationing maneuver as supply is depleted.   This keeps the markets functioning and enough silver in their reserves to remain relevant as a pricing mechanism.  Who could of seen this one coming from a mile away?

    It looks like the game has now changed.  The metals have found a solid bottom so the next round of games is rationing while keeping the metals capped.  History shows that rationing typically fails and causes the real market price of a good to double and triple in price so believe it’s about to get interesting.

    • I think PowerBall and Dealmaker have the winning posts today 🙂  Kind of like winning the game hitting lots of singles and doubles instead of swinging for the fences.  I would add home prep to their mix: gardens, chickens, solar water heater, wood stove, maybe solar panels but for sure solar lights, and a few gallons of water standing by.

    • The game changed a YEAR ago. Markets have been capped for a solid year at their bottoms (with no shorfall in attempts to bash lower- they just havent stuck)

      In the meanwhile, inventories at the crimex have been depleted, mines shuttering, and as of late, banks imploding.  The last time banks began collapsing in a domino effect it took so much energy to clean it up, that metals were allowed to run amuck. This time around the problem is BIGGER yet, its beginning now, and no QE is going to stop it. When their attention is turned to stav the hemmoraging, metals will run away this time again, and with the comex at 300-1 it would take another “hail mary” to stop it.

      Lets see how this unfolds. Bit to say “Anything can go on forever” is plain naive. Nothing lasts forever, especially a fundamently flawed financial system. Without flair, I can say, in all humility, “be prepared for change.” Because thats the title of the world we live in.

    • @Shamus001


      “When their attention is turned to stav the hemmoraging, metals will run away this time again, and with the comex at 300-1 it would take another “hail mary” to stop it.”

      Not to worry.  We stackers will be available to help them out of their PM shortage… FOR A PRICE THAT WE SET!   lol


    • @dealmaker : Yes, we’ve all heard that argument a dozen times before.  Despite their best efforts the mint is just not able to keep up with production requirements or the blanks are unfortunately not available.  That story line is growing old sort of like dumping untold tons of blind naked short silver contracts at 6am during thin trading areas before the major markets are open then smiling and stating the market is not rigged.  Honest mistake for the 50th time in a row.

      How many quarters, dimes and nickels do you think these same mints are manufacturing on any given week?  All of these coins use a harder material than silver so would seem ASE’s would the be the easiest of the bunch to produce.  Also, if Sunshine can’t keep up with the blanks I’m sure there are dozens and dozens of other blank manufacturers that could step in and help fill the void.  Like I said that story line is gettin’ old.

    • @Powerball


      The story does get old, I get that.  But every time we get one of these stories, supply returns, and premiums subside.  This has happened every time.


      Maybe something nefarious is going on, but I wouldn’t wager any of my gold to that bet.

  8. Must of this has little to do with information that I find useful in stacking silver. What I need to know is a method to tell how much stress a safe is putting on the floor it is sitting on and what are some good ways to reinforce it so it won’t let the safe fall through.

    • An interesting problem for sure, @Crissy.  What kind of floor is this?  Is it wood over floor joists?  If so, you might be able to look up the floor loading specs on a lbs / sq. in. basis on-line.  Most home floors can hold a considerable weight.  Putting a water bed into a home, for example, is a real stress test for those floors.

      Here is an example of a web site that discusses floor strength calculations:

      My own safe is in our basement and is bolted to the concrete wall behind the safe as well as to the concrete floor below the safe.  I used 8 4″ x 3/8″ hardened steel bolts, nuts, washers, and concrete anchors, so it is as secure as I can make it.  Even though a safe concentrates its weight in a small area, I figure that if this slab can support the weight of our house, it should easily handle the weight of the safe… which it has.


    • My dawgie ‘boo boo’ is very protective of my house. He is the dawgie in the window to all those that pass. He likes only me and my son, others not so much. He is part pit bull, bluetick, and acts like a coon dawg. He has not been ‘fixed’ and has not lost his aggressive nature. One day one of my friends told me I should be afraid he might break though the window and actually hurt someone, think Cujo.

      @Ed_B It is an old house built in the 1920’s out of real wood and the floor joists have aged to where you need a drill to get a nail in them without bending it. I should go under it and see if the safe is sitting on an actual joist and how far it goes end to end with support. Appreciate all the info.


    • @Crissy


      “It is an old house built in the 1920’s out of real wood and the floor joists have aged to where you need a drill to get a nail in them without bending it. I should go under it and see if the safe is sitting on an actual joist and how far it goes end to end with support. Appreciate all the info.

      No problem, Crissy… glad to help if I can.  I grew up in a house just like yours… 1920s vintage with glass door knobs, lath and plaster walls, and an oil-fed heater in the main room of the house.  Dad eventually rewired the place and upgraded to a gas furnace but it was a chilly place in winter until the furnace was installed.

      Know what you mean about old wood.  That stuff is TOUGH… tougher than nails, for sure.  Unless one has a good pilot hole, one can bend a lot of nails on wood like that.

      One thing that occurs to be would be to use a level on the floor surrounding the safe.  If the weight of the safe is causing the floor to warp, it’s probably too much weight in a small place.  If you can get at the joists under the safe, you can add in some extra cross boards for support between the joists.  Boxing in the joists near the safe in this way will make them a LOT stronger.   Even adding a piece of 3/4″ plywood across 2-3 joists under the safe would help distribute that weight a little better.  Use some 2 1/2″ decking screws to attach this, in case you need to remove it later for some reason.  You’ll need to drill pilot holes for the screws but that’s easy enough to do.



  9. @Randall   I find that Cruz is not an acceptable candidate. He is married to  a Goldman Sachs representative.  He ‘forgot’ $2,000,000 in loans made to his campaign by Goldman Sachs.   Some people have tattoos.  Ted Cruz has a ‘tramp stamp’ on his a**  It says Bought and Paid for By Goldman Sachs.  GS has their drones in most G20 countries either as the head of the central bank, a president, prime minister or premier or one degree from the throne.   GS is not called the vampire squid for nothing. I’ve had $2,000,000 in loans and never forgot for a moment to whom I owed the loans and exactly when and how much they cost on a monthly basis.

    Then there is the Canadian born situation with one parent, his mother, who was US citizen when he was born in Canada. He gave up his dual national citizenship 15 months ago, knowing that would be an issue. I’m also a dual national, US and Canadian, and retain both but I’m not running for president. He is. And given the huge issue of Obama’s Kenyan birth, IMO a real matter that still makes him an illegal occupant of the White House, Cruz will never get rid of that monkey on his back.  I think it’s the same monkey that gave him the tattoo.

    PS  MY wife doesn’t trust Cruz, didn’t trust him from the gitgo and she has the best BS detector in the known universe.  All politicians will lie to us about their tax plans until they are sworn in  Then you find out these puppets will spend the next 4 years figuring out ways to increase the tax burden on us slaves in the tax gulag.

    “You can keep your doctor if you want to.’

    ‘ You can keep your health care if you like it”

    “My plan will save the average American $2,500′

    “There’s not even a smidgen of scandal in the IRS’

    “What difference does it make?”
    I say this with respect to you.




    • Agreed…Nothing will change re income tax no matter what the candidates promise except I expect it will only become more onerous and controlling.

    • @AGXIIK


      ” I’ve had $2,000,000 in loans and never forgot for a moment to whom I owed the loans and exactly when and how much they cost on a monthly basis.”

      Yeah, Bro… but then, you knew that you had to pay it back.  😉


  10. From the book  The Monetary Sin of the West          by  Jacques Rueff

    Page    16)       Between 1930 and 1934…. I had noted day after day the dramatic sequence of events that turned the 1929 cyclical downturn into The Great Depression of 1931 – 34. I know that this tragedy was due to the disruption of the international monetary system as a result of requests for reimbursement in gold of the Dollar and Sterling balances that had been so inconsiderately accumulated.

    Page    55)       President Roosevelt devalued the Dollar by 69% in 1934 by increasing the gold price from $20.67 to $35.00 per ounce. This decision by President Roosevelt put an end to the crisis and, eliminated the consequences resulting for the U.S. from the reimbursement of the claims that had so dangerously accumulated under the gold exchange standard. This grandiose monetary policy saved the U,S. as it saved the economy of the western world.

    Pages   55-56)  The holders of gold – and probably silver – would have had an increase in the amount of Dollars they could buy with each ounce of about 69% because of this dishonest action by the government to devalue everybody’s Dollar notes by 69% against gold … Patriotic Dollar holders were left holding the bag. … The government was in effect saying, for every 100 of your Dollars we’ll take 69% of its purchasing power and redirect it.

    Page    143)     Special Drawing Rights (S.D.R’s) Notwithstanding a by no means complete reimbursement clause, will only be nothingness dressed up as currency.
    Page    207)     To fix it… Such a system must exclude any procedure that would generate unearned liquidity assets such as SDR’s or increases in IMF quotas
    From the book  Money         by     J.K. Galbraith

    Page    29)       John Adams held that every bank bill issued in excess of the quantity of gold and silver in the vaults “Represents nothing, and is therefore a cheat upon somebody”


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