There seems to be a great deal of the yellow metal heading out of the United States and into certain foreign countries lately.  According to the USGS, the United States exported 129 metric tonnes of gold Jan-Feb, 2013.  At this rate, total U.S. gold exports could reach 700-800 metric tonnes this year.  With the recent take-down in the price of gold in April & May, I would imagine the United States is more than likely going to reach that figure.

If we look at the chart below we can see just who received all this gold:

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From The SRSroccoReport:

The figures in the chart represent gold in refined bullion, Dore’ & precipitates.  The U.K. received  7.4 metric tonnes in Jan and 11.5 more in Feb for a total of 18.9 metric tonnes.  Hong Kong came in second by importing a total of 40 metric tonnes (Jan-Feb) from the United States, while Switzerland received 43.5 metric tonnes.

In total, the United States exported 129 metric tonnes of gold (refined bullion, Dore’ & precipitates) in the first two months of 2013.  The U.K, Hong Kong and Switzerland accounted for 102.4 metric tonnes or nearly 80% of all U.S. Gold exports during these two months.

Furthermore, the U.S. only imported 50 metric tonnes of gold during this time period, while domestic gold production supplied an additional 35 more.  With a total of 85 metric tonnes of gold imports and domestic mine supply, the United States suffered a net deficit of 44 metric tonnes in the first two months of the year.

As I mentioned, if the rumors are true that supplies of gold are in short supply, I would imagine the United States will be exported a record amount of gold during the remainder of 2013 … that is, if there is the available gold to export.


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    • @ARCTREE
      I hear ya! Our arse-hoes keep sending it and yours keep stacking! 
      Our gubment is stupid enough to waste the wealth, yours might as well hold on to it! 
      Maybe it is Yamashita’s Gold going home…
      If you are in the yUKky K then it is just a clearinghouse for the Germans, or Swiss, or BRICS… 
      Short Stop-Over! 
      (no offense to your countries, just the gubments thereof) 
      Gubments that are the pawns of the international bank$ter$  🙁  SUCK!

    • @Underground
      Roger that.  
      Can`t be sure there not sending an envelope of  stick-its can we?  Maybe Queeny can go inspect for us again.  At least we get to see the gold or what `could` be gold.   When the music stops the empty chair will be at the BOA.
      Have fun!

  1. Seeing Switzerlands im/export balance would be interesting. 
    Would they, despite pegging their Franc to the Euro, be hedging against economic/systemic collapse? As a banking nation, people may not be suspect when they import lots.
    Will CH peg their Franc next to whatever BRICS come up with? With their reputation, if they were to re-introduce a gold backed Franc, and allow the general public in on it via CHF deposits inside the borders, they might get through the recessive effect off having a super-expensive currency. Being a small country, they may not need all that much gold, if they go about it smartly. Like, convert lumpy assets and liabilities into EUR denomination (let them inflate away). the Franc could become so valueble that they’d simply go out and buy more gold with it, cheaply. Oh well, huge brainfart.


      There is an initiative going on, in order to implement a second national swiss currency: The franc-or (gold-franc).
      1Franc-Or would be 0.1[g] of gold. The rate between the franc and the franc-or would be free and follow the market course.
      The goal of the initiative is to make this franc-gold a legal currency, which can be used even in local market, like the local supermarket.

      The idea is to make the gold market more flexible and to allow peoples to buy/sell gold as they want. And to allow simple citizen to save their saving just by buying franc-gold.

      But the Franc CHF as we know it would stay the same.

  2. @SRSrocco
    BIG Q for you, Energy Guru:
    If someone was able to come up with an Energy Device, let’s just say a device that could wring out nearly 
    100% efficiency, (like a 200 MPG car or something) or whatever, AND get it to market, WIDELY DISTRIBUTED, 
    and relieve this Energy Shortage completely, 
    HOW would this impact our current situation of EROI and Dollar Debasement and Fiat Implosion?
    Anxiously Awaiting Your Answer!

    • Investigate E-Cat. 
      Mainly nickel powered low temperature nuclear fusion, low radiation. I believe it turns nickel to copper, pretty much. tiny amounts though.
      It makes a steam car viable. And clean. But it could do so much more. 

    • I hear ya @XC Skater!
      I have seen some write ups on the E-Cat. LENR is practically mainstream now!
      Not exactly my choice for experimentation, though. I am working on a Solid State Generator  😉
      If these new energy devices pan out, it will turn the power structure around to a large degree. 
      E-Cat is still “heavy industry” but a small version could be installed in a home. If my theory is 
      correct, it could be applied all the way from hand held devices to large power house generation.

  3. There was an article two weeks ago, Monday that noted the Chinese gold and Silver Society was out of gold and expecting a shipment the following Wednesday  It was big news then.  Right at the same time Switzerland announced they needed to import 1,000 tons of gold. And yeet they are one of the big gold processors  Does anyone have intel on those two week old stories.  they went dark

  4. The is a popular initiative to ensure that the swiss gold of the National Swiss Bank should be physically in Switzerland.

    During the Cold War, the Swiss gov put it’s gold in “safe” place, mainly in bank London and New York.

    Now, some of us citizen want our gold to be physically back home.

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