Legendary Investor Jim Rogers Explains Why Donald Trump Can Save the Dollar:


    20,000,000,000,000  (Debt)
    divided by 10,000,000 (dollars)
    equals 2,000,000 (payments @ $10 million each)
    divided by 365.25 ( days per year)
    equals 5,475.70 years to payoff US debt!

    The U.S. Debt can never be paid off, as you can see it would take over FIVE THOUSAND YEARS to pay off the debt even if we pay off $10,000,000 per day and do not add to it!

    So it really doesn’t matter what Trump does, stick us with a fork – WE ARE DONE!

    We need to default on our Debt and start over with Real Money.

    I do not want the Fed to get rid of cash!

    I want us to get rid of the Fed and return to Hard Money!

    The Coinage Act of 1792 states that the US Dollar is 371.25 grains of Silver!

    The Federal Reserve was created by an Act of Congress unfortunately Congress did not have the Constitutional Authority to hand their Coinage Authority to a PRIVATE CORPORATION, like the Federal Reserve!

    Case Information, A. L. A. Schechter Poultry Corp. v. United States, No. 854,

    “Congress is not permitted by the Constitution to abdicate, or to transfer to others, the essential legislative functions with which it is vested. Art. I, 1; Art. I, 8, par. 18. Panama Refining Co. v. Ryan, 293 U.S. 388. P. 529 .””          Jeffrey Thomas Maehr, Copyright © 2006-2008 All rights reserved.

    I voted for Trump because he has experience at BANKRUPTCY and that is what we need to do, declare bankruptcy!


    • Whether declared or not, the US IS bankrupt.  This is the financial state that exists when, according to a comment made by Obama in 2011, “If we can’t borrow any more money, we can’t pay our bills“.  Clearly, he had no idea what he was really saying with that comment but his financial people must have just cringed when that bit of truth came out of his mouth.  Even the dolts in the media must have understood this, as they VERY quickly went on to other “news”, so as to not linger on this juicy morsel and draw attention to it.


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