Jim Rogers, Martin Armstrong, and Tony Robbins Are Warning to Buy Gold, A Financial CRASH Is Coming: 

From Mark Obyrne

‘Three wise men’ are warning that the next financial crash is coming and that one of the ways to protect and grow wealth in the coming crash will be to own gold.

The men who have recently warned are Jim Rogers (video below), Martin Armstrong (blog below) and Tony Robbins (video below). Each come from somewhat different backgrounds and are respected experts in their respective fields.

Each has different views in terms of asset allocation and how best to weather the coming financial storm but all are united in believing that gold will act as a wealth preservation tool and will likely rise in value when other assets fall.

Jim Rogers is a world renowned investor who co-founded the Quantum Fund with fellow investor George Soros.  He is an investor, traveler, financial commentator and author who believes that this will be the ‘Asian Century.’

In his usual plain speaking, honest manner, Jim Rogers warned on Bloomberg TV that

“the Federal Reserve… has no clue what they are doing. They are going to ruin us all.” 

Central banks have driven rates to all time record lows and in the process, debt has “sky-rocketed.”

Rogers slams the ‘counterfactual’ arguments that things would have been a lot worse if the Fed had not done all this, “propping up zombie banks and dead companies is not the way the world is supposed to work. … It’s been nine years and we have nothing to show for it [economically] except staggering amounts of debt.”

Rogers is pessimistic about the outlook for America and thinks that Donald Trump will see the US continue on the path to bankruptcy – a path set by Bush and Obama before him.

He concludes the Bloomberg interview ominously by saying that “this is all going to end very, very, very badly.”

In recent years, Rogers has consistently said that he wants to own more gold and silver and will continue to accumulate the precious metals on any price dips.

Watch Rogers on Bloomberg TV here

Financial analyst and trends forecaster, Martin Armstrong warned on his Armstrong Economics blog this week that governments are in increasing trouble and people will start to lose confidence in their governments:

“Gold and the stock market will take off when people realize that government is in trouble. When they lose confidence, that is when they will start to pour into tangible assets.”

Armstrong is nervous about gold in the short term and thinks it could fall as low as $1,000 per ounce prior to surging to as high as $5,000 per ounce in the coming years.

Tony Robbins, performance coach and self help guru has warned that “The Crash is Coming.”

Robbins, who is focusing more on finances and wealth in recent years and in his latest book, ‘Money: Master The Game’, says plan now for what’s to come. Things may be looking rosy on Wall Street as of late, but the crash will come.

“We are in a really artificial situation. There is a new high, on average, every month. Feds around the world have been printing money,” said Robbins in a tv interview.

Robbins has long advocated owning gold as part of a diversified portfolio and has cited Kyle Bass, Marc Faber and more recently Ray Dalio as his financial gurus. In his recent book, Robbins cited Dalio and recommended an asset allocation strategy that involves a 7.5% allocation to gold.

All Seasons strategy via Ray Dalio via Tony Robbins

Given the increasing risks of another financial crash, the warnings from these very different three men should be taken heed of. They underline the importance of being prudent, of real diversification and of owning gold.

The smart money sees what is coming and is once again preparing.

  1. I wouldn’t call Tony Robbins an expert on anything, he’s good at promoting dreams of getting rich. Jim Rogers has been calling for a collapse since 2010 and 7 years later the powers to be is still running the show. And Martin Armstrong you can’t trust at all.

    • Martin Armstrong’s computer models have been spot on. You must pay attention to the reversal levels as that is the key. Let’s take gold for example. Months ago the models put out three reversal levels, 1362, 1272 and 1240. Last July the models forecast if gold did not break the 1362 reversal we would see weakness which is exactly what happened as the models forecast that this then would indicate more dollar strength which is again exactly what happened. The price did not break the August close nor the September close nor the quarterly close all indicating more price weakness. The HFT algos on the Comex were consistently driving up price to the 1362 level, then adding shorts and riding price weakness back down. When the price did not break the quarterly close traders rode price all the way down to the 1140 level and then the algos were driving price up to around the 1240 reversal level before adding shorts. Recently they were moving price up between the 1240 and the 1272 reversal levels and then adding shorts when dollar strength returned. Last week when currency traders in London were creating dollar strength by shorting the EUR/USD and GBP/USD crosses the gold price went from 1260 down to where? The 1240 reversal level. Friday London took a break and the hedge funds on the Comex drove up price to around the 1250 level. If London starts again to create dollar strength this coming week look for the gold price to drop again down to the 1240 level and if they continue thru the week the price will drop to the 1200. Of course the above is a condensed version of price movement.

      If you watch the major dollar crosses in currency markets and then watch price movement in gold it is no accident the traders on the Comex keep moving price from one reversal level to another all forecast by the computer models. Armstrong Economics is the largest financial consulting firm on the planet and there is a reason for that. The reversal levels they forecast in all markets are spot on. Gold cannot rise significantly with dollar strength and this has been caused by international capital flows especially from Europe as the euro and the EU collapses, all forecast by the computer models. In 2016 these reached 192 billion. This is capital flight. Armstrong Economics have the largest databases on the planet and track international capital flows and make forecast based in the Theory of PI.

      Gold will not rise until people have lost all faith in government and we are simply not there yet. Take France with all the problems 40% of people are still undecided about the election. People simply fear change and do not change until they are completely devastated. The dollar will not weaken much until after 2020 and that is when the crisis really hits the US. This is when the US will have severe problems funding the federal government with all benefits and programs cut deeply or eliminated. By 2032 the models are forecasting the US will have broken up into five different regions as capital has flowed out of the country.

      The military procurement site Deagel.com are also forecasting major changes by the year 2025 with the population falling from 321 million to 61 million and the GDP falling from over 18 trillion to 984 billion. The reasons are war with Russia and China which produces an economic collapse. Many that survive will die of famine, the elements and from riots where people fight over the few remaining resources. The is the fate of most of the countries in the west. Just look at the demonizing of Russia and China in the MSM.

      I read an article recently from Russia from a retire general and he said that Russian submarines have placed remotely controlled nukes all along the coastlines of the US laying on the seabed. Both Russia and China have set up an alternative financial platforms which will be used by the BRICSA, Eurasian trade block and the Shanghai Trade Cooperation Agreement.

      They are preparing for real war because of the actions of the US, NATO and the west in general! You can’t simply expect these countries to do nothing.



  2. How did Tony Robbins get promoted to economic wise man? I thought he was some kind of self esteem power of positive thinking huckster. Rogers and Armstrong have both made the occasional shrewd market decision but they have both stunk up the place over the last few years.

    • Mr Neuro-liguistics Programming, Robbins, with NLP one of the slickest most manipulative uses of the English language, tries to be an expert because he read Rich Dad Poor Dad and now embraces gold and silver, makes him expert of nothing. He’s a fire walking cuck who’s slick as cat crap on linoleum   Lumping him  with Armstrong, 3 orders of magnitude smarter that Robbins and with Rogers, probably 3 orders of magnitude wealthier than this gangling goofball makes the inclusion of Robbins in the 3 wisemen category just a bit over the top.

    • HEY, I just spilled my cup of coffee looking for the MUTE button.

      Two minutes of Tony Robbins is 1 minute past my limit. Hope you young-uns have more tolerance than we oldies. _JLG. 

    • “Hope you young-uns have more tolerance than we oldies.”

      They probably do, John.  I’ve discovered that there is a lifetime tolerance limit to the amount of BS that anyone can stand.  We oldsters are at or past our limit, so have little to no patience for it anymore.  😉


  3. This is typical of a fake news article. Rely on your own knowledge of investing whatever it may be. Do your own investigating  (homework) on the pms. You will be rewarded for your knowledge and time in this subject. 

    Stacking and packing

    • There are also those among us who don’t care who says that gold or silver can do this or that.  It’s all opinion and all are welcome to voice theirs.  We are the ones who recognize that none of our opinions create facts.

      As to gold and silver, we all know that they are volatile and more than capable of sudden moves both up and down.  What will be, will be.

      In the mean time, I choose to stack and prep.  So do quite a few others.  But many more do not.  In the end, we all have to make our choices and then live with their results… hopefully without a lot of whining or crying about what we should have done.

      As the Klingons are fond of saying, “Joy… and fierceness!”.  >:-)


  4. “Rogers slams the ‘counterfactual’ arguments that things would have been a lot worse if the Fed had not done all this, “propping up zombie banks and dead companies is not the way the world is supposed to work.”

    Agreed.  Those with dubious success very often fall back on this sort of silliness.  What COULD have happened in a completely different scenario cannot be known, either by those attempting this defense or by those doubting them.


    “It’s been nine years and we have nothing to show for it [economically] except staggering amounts of debt.”

    Oddly enough, this is exactly what happened during the Great Depression of the 1930s.  Bernanke was supposed to be a scholar of the Great Depression and thereby our best hope for avoiding a 2nd Great Depression.  Unfortunately, this aspect seems to have eluded him.  The following quote came from FDR’s Sec. Treas., Henry Morganthau Jr.:


    We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. And I have just one interest, and if I am wrong somebody else can have my job. I want to see this country prosperous. I want to see people get a job. I want to see people get enough to eat. We have never made good on our promises. I say after eight years of this administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started. And an enormous debt to boot!



    “In recent years, Rogers has consistently said that he wants to own more gold and silver and will continue to accumulate the precious metals on any price dips.”

    If Rogers is content to wait for price dips, he clearly does not see any immediate need to purchase either gold or silver.  If he did, he would be buying NOW and not waiting for somewhat lower prices.  Waiting for a better price is what those in no hurry do, not what those who expect some sort of financial cataclysm would do.  It is not in the nature of disasters to be predictable.  IMO, those who want to own gold and silver should be buying them regularly, over time, and using dollar cost averaging to build their stack at a fair price and not trying to time the market for the lowest possible price.  That almost never works as well as it is hoped and can always backfire on those trying it.


  5. These 3 guys have had success in life and so are worth a listen. They’re right that the global financial system is in fantasy land.  Other than that, I’m pretty sure Armstrong had to schill for the cabal to get out of the hooskow. He said that gold was repriced LOWER after the gold confiscation act, but it was most certainly repriced higher, so I’m dubious about any price predictions he makes for gold. Could be the cabal wants 1000$ gold so they can get out of their short positions, in which case he’s schilling again.

    • @DQ


      “He said that gold was repriced LOWER after the gold confiscation act, but it was most certainly repriced higher, so I’m dubious about any price predictions he makes for gold.”

      Agreed.  Price of gold before 1934 = $20.67 per oz.

      Price of gold after 1933  = $35 per oz.

      Simple math shows whether it was priced higher or lower.  😉

      Of course, it was not gold that was changed by this but the value of the US dollar.  It was devalued via this mechanism.  More cheaper dollars were required to buy that same oz. of gold.  In spite of this, most history books adhered to the US Gov’s official position that “gold had been revalued” and not that the US dollar had been devalued, which it clearly had.


  6. Rogers isn’t sharing anything special.  He’s being stingy with the info in fact.  The FED knows what they’re doing.  Steal everything and attempt to leave no scraps behind.  There are a lot of soft spoken apologists for the money printers.  Armstrong says over on his site that people are going to pour into stocks when they lose confidence in the government. I guess I’m confused about that one because it sounds like he thinks the DOW will go even higher? Let the bankers and rich guys play with Gold. We’ll head them off at the pass by focusing mostly on Silver.  Hi oh and away.

  7. Armstrong is not bullish on gold and hasn’t been.  He suggests waiting until it dips below $1000 and may go lower even to $700 before turning.   The PM shills on this site have been wrong for 4 years now.  Most know this on this site.  



  8. Well, if Tony Robbins is saying it then, there’s no waiting! Any other celebrity names to convince me that it is true? What about Arnie? Or Ronald Reagan? Wait, Sonny Bono – he’s smart because he became a mayor in US, right?

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