Jim Rickards ChinaJames Rickards has been quite vocal in his view that the price of gold is headed much higher.  Yet, in the same breath he aggressively promotes the  idea of using the IMF SDR to replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.
There’s two reasons for this.  First, if you study Rickard’s background going all the way back to his role in the Iran hostage crisis, you’ll see that he’s been lifetime “front man” for the most powerful interest groups that control this country behind the scenes.  First and foremost he’s a front-man for the Pentagon.
I’ve been told separately, independently from two different sources that the elite insiders in the Department of Defense know that the demise of the dollar is inevitable…. and that there’s nothing that can be done to prevent it.

Submitted by PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:

Which brings us to the second reason that Rickards is trying to pimp the IMF SDR like a magic elixir snake-oil salesman.  The U.S. dollar currently represents 61.2% of the IMF SDR:   SDR Currency Basket.

If the U.S. Government can persuade the world to accept the IMF SDR as a replacement for the dollar, the U.S. Government will still have de facto control over the world’s reserve currency and therefore can continue to defer the systemic collapse of the U.S. into the future.   Please note the absence of Chinese yuan or Russian rubles from the IMF SDR basket.

I have always believed that China and Russia would never accept an IMF SDR as the global reserve currency, even if the U.S. and EU were willing to put those two respective currencies in the basket.  The biggest clue for me has been the rate at which both China and Russia are accumulating gold in their currency reserve accounts and working to eliminate the use of the dollar in their trade agreements.

But this article, reinforces my view – BRICS To Form Their Own “IMF:”

The BRICS nations — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — are reportedly close to finalizing their long-awaited development bank and currency reserve, each valued at $100 billion, in what has been billed as a historic challenge by the world’s emerging economies to a global financial architecture that has been dominated by the U.S. and Western Europe since its post–World War II inception.

The BRICS nations first announced their plans for the bank in March 2013 but struggled to reach an agreement over China’s desire to hold a greater stake in the institution. But a Brazilian government official told Reuters last week that the five members were ready to split funding and control equally, clearing the last major hurdle for a launch in 2016.

To economists in the developing world, who have long criticized the World Bank and IMF as anathema to the countries they purport to help, the New Development Bank holds tremendous promise. Critics say the West has taken advantage of its monopoly in international lending to wield outsize influence in the economic and political affairs of developing countries, dictating development models that further entrench these countries’ subservience to the West.

But unlike the U.S. and Europe, who are in lockstep on most things, the BRICS countries have little in common but a shared ambition to rebalance the global economic order.

I would suggest that anyone who wants to see the issues clearly should place a little less “faith” in the information being disseminated by people like Jim Rickards.  I would also suggest that the  unwillingness of Russia/China to cooperate with the U.S. on the matter of the U.S. dollar is the reason recent military aggression by the U.S. toward Russia and China…


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  1. Nearly all luminaries in the commentariat pre-suppose continued propagation of paper (or digital) ‘money’ substitutes because they have only the faintest notion of what money is supposed to do toward keeping economies in balance … both on a daily and very long term basis.

    The reason I so vigorously criticize Rickards, is that I’m convinced he KNOWS and rather chooses to support criminality of the banknote boondoggle … the whole purpose of which is to steal people’s Labor. The years devoted from a man or woman’s life toward advancing the aspirations of another MUST be compensated with MONEY … but these ghouls cajole the ignorant with their Plantation Scrip … literally … depriving them of their OWN aspirations and comfort in their last years.

    There isn’t a deep, dark or more despairing enough place in hell for them.

    • @PatFields
      Of COURSE Rickards knows the nature of the banknote scheme.  From his perspective, like the rest of the banking cabal, he is as locked into this system as anyone can be.  This scheme is the heart of the entire Globalist power structure — it’ s built-in siphon of wealth from the users of the scrip.  You have to go back to ask the question as to how the bankers (Rothschild et al) became rich in the first place…  Paying value for value would have never allowed for the transfer of wealth that took place to enrich them in the first place…

    • Yeah… he is one of those detestable and despicable creatures, huh?   Maybe he’ll succumb to Dick’s fate when people figure out who he really is… oh… but we mustn’t cheat the hangman!  That’s why I’m long Hemp Futures!   🙂

    • haha … kill all the lawyers indeed.
      Dick the Butcher for President !!!
      I’m so glad Doc posted this article. It is so obvious what Rickards is, and that he is a salesman for the IMF.
      Rockefeller didn’t pull him into the CFR unless he was useful to ‘the man’.
      It is interesting that whenever Rickard’s has released a book, he is instantly saying in TV and Net interviews after he publishes that they are best sellers! ie, he has already instantly sold to the wholesalers, and then claims it as a ‘Best Seller’ as if it is already sitting on millions of coffee tables. This is what you get by being an approved Propagandist …. ummm, errr, Author, for the CFR … instant sales to book wholesalers and retailers because Rockefeller approves the content. So many official fictions have been released by the minions of the CFR that they give the presstitutes a run for their money in the race for 1st place in the brothel of lies.
      >>>If the U.S. Government can persuade the world to accept the IMF SDR as a replacement for the dollar, the U.S. Government will still have de facto control over the world’s reserve currency and therefore can continue to defer the systemic collapse of the U.S. into the future.   Please note the absence of Chinese yuan or Russian rubles from the IMF SDR basket.
      That quote said it all. Also, are there any Russians or Chinese at the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, or the Trilateral Commission? … nope. All European and the odd token Jap here and there, but mostly Western European and North Americans.
      Some background on the IMF Reform that the US is blocking for anyone that is interested;
      “The G20’s frustration centres on US failure to ratify the IMF quota and governance reforms agreed by the G20 in 2010. While countries representing nearly 80% of IMF votes have approved the reforms, the required threshold is 85%. The US has a veto with its 16.75% shareholding and the US Congress continues to block the reforms.”
      IMF is becoming defunct because the Federales in DC and bankers in New York (and the banks in London) do not want the USD to lose its WRC status. They have benefited too much by having the worlds favorite toilet paper and are too greedy to give it up, so they are killing off the IMF (good riddance).
      Rickard’s never mentions these internal problems within the IMF that will render his beloved SDR’s solution redundant of course … funny that! Maybe he works for Mr Rockefeller, and the Rockefeller’s are in denial.

  2. A front man is precisely what Mr. Rickards appears to be. By his own admission he was invited by Washington elites to participate in a war game scenario involving currencies. Anyone who pays close attention to the markets must ultimately realize that the markets are rigged. Rickards has been used by these same people to alert us but in a way to dupe us as to what other alternatives might exist.
    He spoke recently about the inside trading involving put options on 9-11. He was very vocal to say that he did not believe 9-11 was an inside job because that was an admission that would go too far. It is clear that this inside trading was evidence of collusion and advanced knowledge of the terror attacks that took place that day. Did he refrain from admitting this so as to protect himself from the killers who would eventually suicide him ? Or is he there to simply be the front man to finally admit that yes, there is a problem and that an alternative will be needed at some point forward.
    The SDR alternative does not seem possible, the American gov. is clearly on a war path and the Russians and Chinese know this. I understand they are trying their best to go along as peacefully as possible, but I’m pretty certain they will accept a certain amount of abuse but at one point, they will assert themselves.
    There is not enough gold and silver in existence for a global gold standard. The only option is to include raw resources as a way to back up any national currencies. Maybe what Mr. Rickards is quietly eluding to is the eventuality of a one world order, one global currency and one religion … Perhaps he is the front man for the Devil himself !

    What are the chances he is a Mason ???

    • I agree with everything you’ve said except when you said there is not enough gold and silver for a gold or silver standard.  This would only be true at today’s prices, or even if the prices were only 10-20X higher.  The reason we won’t see a gold standard is simply because The Powers That Be do not possess enough of it themselves.  There’s no way in hell the oligarchs would let an asset owned by ordinary people to rise in value on the order of 50X overnight.  Too much gold and silver are owned by foreigners.  Confiscating all of the gold and silver owned by Americans wouldn’t do them any good now.  No way would the Chinese, Indians, or Russians give up their metals.
      IMO there is NO WAY these prices will be allowed to go as high as Rickards says.  At least in the foreseeable future.  Until the manipulation stops, gold and silver are no longer an inflation hedge.  Naked shorts are used to steal people’s hard earned money.  There is massive wealth redistribution underway, upwards, and there are precious few ways for ordinary investors to get some yield.

    • Oh great another 911 “truther.”  Somehow I don’t see Osama bin Laden and the Rothchilds being close friends and colluding to bring down the World Trade Center.  Sometimes I wish I had the tin foil concession around here.  

    • @ShelbyGT500
      “…Somehow I don’t see Osama bin Laden and the Rothchilds being close friends and colluding to bring down the World Trade Center.”
      Considering Osama was an ‘instrumentality’ of the Rothschild-controlled globalist cabal, you never know how close their obectives might have been….  Ask yourself how the Rothschilds have benefitted in the aftermath of 911…..

      Of course, you have to understand that Bin Laden was only a straw-man in the whole 9/11 affair… which, if you think about it, simplifies the calculus enormously….

    • Agree on the INFLATED prices of today, created by VASTLY over-printing the fiat currencies, precludes a workable gold standard.  But, roll back those prices to the days when gold WAS circulated money and we will find that it works just fine.  We just need to wring the inflation out of the equation for this to work.  It worked BEFORE all this inflation was built into the system and it will work once it is removed.

    • I’d have to agree with Sean @ SGTReport on Rickards…he’s a bigtime shill. Regarding the 911 insider trading, Rickards said something to the effect that yeah terrorists were involved in insider trading…he coyly meant the guys at Langley that were linked to “Buzzy” Krongard…yeah those terrorists. He’s had his wagon hitched to the wrong side for a long time.

    • @Sovereign-Economist +1like
      @ShelbyGT500 if you haven’t gotten your tin foil hat yet, and you haven’t at least detected even ONE of the myriad reasons why 911 cannot have been as per the official fiction, then I am sorry to inform you of irreparable brain damage. Even the majority of Germans in the 1930’s were quite smart enough to know that Hitler burnt down the Reich-tag himself, how is it that it takes Americans so frickin long to wake the hell up?

  3. The World Bank and the IMF were Globalist elite instrumentalities from their inception.  The reason we have the conflict in Ukraine right now, as an example is because the BRICS group is in its ascension right now and the dollar hegemony is now, for the first time, truly in danger.  Now there is talk that the international bankers have got their hooks into Russia and China as well as the Western Central Bank nations, but I rather have a sense that, when push comes to shove, Nationalism will trump globalism in those two countries alone which, between them, span 12 time zones and have some of the richest resource sources in the world.  Russia understands the globalist attempts to encircle them and China surely has not forgotten the Opium wars.  So, when Rickards talks up the IMF SDR’s, he knows that this alternative to the BRICS World Bank and it’s gold backing faces an uphill struggle.  Rickards has been one of the disinformation campaign’s crown jewels who has spent a great deal of time speaking credibility-enhancing truth, the currency of a disinformation propagandist, in order to make his globalist propaganda believable.  So, the more he speaks, the more we know TPTB realize that the BRICS consortium is gaining power and credibility in massive strides. They are scared and they certainly should be. Failure of the IMF/SDR IS the final nail in the Western Dollar power base, even as it is only, as Pat Fields reminds us, a plantation scrip system.
    I have long maintained that before the One-World Governance crowd  could ever cement their goals in stone, they would first have to go through a “Chaos” period where they would have absolutely NO CONTROL over the outcome on the other side beyond having done the best they could to create the probabllities of their desired outcome…  Think of the space shuttle that goes through the period of radio-silence where communication is impossible upon reentry…  everyone has to assume when the communication is re-established, that the shuttle is where everyone expects it to be by inertia only…
    The BRICS consortium is a manifestation of Chaos right in the middle of their dead-zone and it really represents humanity’s reaction to a proven track record of greed and evil by the banker elite.  Proof of this is the continued escalation of tensions toward war by Washington, the Globalist front-man presence….

  4. How exactly, does one become a “front man.”  Does it require one to basterdize ones principals? Does it require groveling? Does it require lying? Why would one want to become a “front man”. It must pay well.

    • It very likely pays extremely well.  All one need do is sell their soul to evil for money.  
      As to how these jobs are “won”, probably via doing favors for people that they appreciate.  Word gets around and the next thing you know, the elites have you on their radar as yet another “useful idiot”.  Rickards will continue to lap the gravy from any dinner plates the elites are done with and place on the floor for him… until he’s no longer useful.  Then, he becomes a disposable idiot.

    • Instant book deals!
      Why do people still grovel at the feet of Kings, Queens and Princes in Europe? (I think they call them ‘Monarchists’ LOL)
      Some people are actually sexually aroused by submission. Some people love to be slaves and would feel naked without their owners.

  5. agree on all counts Pat Fields and Sovereign Economist
    Even a CranioRectoFIATobotomy would not help Rickards.
     He’s a cartoon character, like  one the bad guys trying to steal Scrooge McDuck’s gold  
    In the world of Plantation Scrip,  he’s  shilling his book while pissing down our necks and telling us it’s raining.

  6. PS  The IMF schlepped $3 billion in SDR’s to save the Ukraine during its currency crisis.  Word has it that UKR used it to pay its gas bills to Gasprom.  I wonder if that tranche of frappe de crap was designed to infect Russia’s banking system?
    Just a guess but SDRs appear to USD trojan horses.  
    What do I think when the word Trojan comes up.
     Do you want that in the smooth and silky or the ribbed design?

  7. It appears most of you have not read his books, both are quite excellent.  Rickards clear about the IMF and it origins and its many failings. He dedicates a whole chapter on the IMF and how it structured and how it has evolved to be “secretary” of the G20.  
    He doesn’t present the SDR as a preference but as a likely outcome and he is quite clear that if it is not gold backed in some manner, it too will fail.  
    He also makes it quite clear that the US is not addressing the structural issues that are leading to collapse.  He is also quite clear a collapse will happen in the next 3 to 5 years.   His predictions on gold have risen with the Fed and other Central Bank money printing. 
    He is a strong advocate of gold and believes everyone should have some to protect themselves from what looms out there.  Hardly a “mainstream” or “insiders view.” 

    • @jerseyjoe
      I think you’re a front man for Rickards !!
      All I’m saying about Rickards is that he is in deep with the true power brokers of the Western world. As such, he has an obligation to his own personal safety that might prevent him from going “all in” with his actual views. Personally, I truly respect his insight, expertise and clear sense of fairness, despite his associations. I appreciated his candid view on who might be behind the last tranche of treasuries purchased through Brussels and not necessarily the Belgian govt.
      And who are we ? For the most part, armchair economists who do not have a “hotline” to the Fed … We can speculate and only the fulness of time will reveal the machination of corruption that exists. For the time being, we are contrarians … stacking physical … betting against the system … what are the chances we will be redeemed before the entire system implodes and we fall into dissent?

    • I have read each of Rickards books 2 times, and I never got the idea that he was either in favor SDRs or a manipulative SOB. I have listened to many interviews with him, and although he is glib and loquacious, I don’t see him as some wolf in sheep’s clothing -but I could be wrong. Maybe on the 3rd reading I’ll see what all the fuss is about.

    • @JerseyJoe,
      Rickard’s books are both very good reads and very informative.  I am certainly not suggesting he has anything less than a clear head about the state of affairs we are facing today.  But, you want to realize that he has an agenda and a path to his own survival.
      Propaganda is a very specific and defined artform.  To be a good propagandist, you must first gain the respect of your audience.  You have to speak truth that is readily apparent to your audience.  This is how you gain their trust and their respect.  Your disclosures are 95% truth.  And after you tell that truth long enough and you throw in a few easter eggs to enthrall your audience, you eventually reach a point where they will trust you implicitly.  And it’s at this point, you can start to inject your 5% misinfo/misdirection payload into your delivery.  And with this, you are a master in HOW you say the things you say… you say them in such a way as they are the truth, but that truth stirs as few feathers as possible.  The best example I can think of off the top of my head is when Glen Beck started the Glen Beck show on FOX back in 2009,  That show aired on the Globalist’s Globalist Rupert Murdoch’s FOX Network.  Beck was installed as a steam valve.  Back in early 2009, the Tea Party group was rising and frustrated as hell.  But they scared the crap out of TPTB because they were not under control.   When you want to start a Revolution in a country, what is the fastest way to do it?  Simple, you make the masses feel like NO ONE in power is listening to them.  The Tea Party group was a real major threat to the two-party system and TPTB knew they needed a way to calm it down… and FAST!!!  Glenn Beck was the answer…  he was the perfect foil for the Tea Partiers to finally think they had a voice, were being heard, and understood.  And for a long time, Glen Beck carried out that Steam Valve function.  Beck spoke truth the TP could identify with… as he wowed the folks with his slickly masked sincerity, but he was always careful to stop short of giving away the globalist goodies and secrets…  For example, he did a huge expose on the Federal Reserve, but he NEVER talked about the fiat/banknote nature of their function or about how they were bankrolling foreign nations with trillons in swaps as, for example, when the EU was in trouble…  Finally, TPTB bankrolled his Million Man March on DC in the Fall of 2009… (a process that I was actually involved with before I realized that the original group to come up with the idea had no idea that they’d have to front the money for over 3000 portajohns, 40 PMT teams, Security costs and so on…!!!)  Beck strong-armed the process and one day, the DC Park permits were no longer in our name)  and, from that point on, Beck was coronated as the TPTB disinfo agent to the Tea Party patriots…
      Well, think about Rickards.  He’s in the same role only, instead of the Tea Partiers, he’s focused on the financial pundits and people like us who know what the real score is.  As I see it, he has three major payload items.  1.) Fort Knox still has all 8133 tons of US Gold.  2.)  The IMF IS the coming financial solution to the dollar collapse/revaluation/reset and 3.) the officials still have everything under control (9/11 happened the way GovCo said it happened) and they are managing for an ‘orderly’ decline.)  Now, all that said, he’s still promoting that Gold and Silver are the place to be… uh… yeah… if he left THAT out, NO ONE would take him seriously.  But his whole presentation revolves around creating the image that the powers running the ship-of-state have everything under control… notice how he underplays the rise of the alternatives to the IMF/SDR system, (The BRICs )   Well, yeah… like the article says, the IMF/SDR scheme preserves almost 2/3 of the dollar hegemony over world finance since the US is such a large contributor to the system…
      That IS the Banker’s party line.  And Rickards endorses it in all his interviews, even as, in his two books, he’s far more truthful with his views… but, no one reads the books before they listen to the interviews, right?
      In the final analysis, I always like to listen to Jim Rickards.  You will learn a lot from him.  But, as always in our domain, discernment is required and you really want to train yourself to be able to distinguish the 95% useful truth from the 5% misinformation payload that is the reason for the entire interview.

    • You have no idea who I am, who I know, or what my background is but feel free to lecture me.  Nice.  
      I am so enlightened by your lecture that I will sleep better for it. 
      I bow to your superior intellect you pompous ass.   

    • @Sovereign-Economist
      I see you have read many a CFR endorsed or commissioned book. They are VERY subtle indeed at seeding ideas of reform and good intentions into broad based sweeping statements.
      I call it Hooker with a Heart of Gold technique.
      CFR authors are experts at revisionist history. It is what they omit that is more important that what they say.
      ‘and the snake was the most subtle creature in the garden’ etc…
      Rather than blasting the IMF for its many CRIMES, Rickard’s will stroke it with a silk glove and act as if reform is possible.
      This is all part of the Rockefeller method of incrementally getting the foot in the door first, and once in the house the blood sucking begins. Lull your victim into acceptance first.
      The IMF together with the World Bank have committed enough crimes in Africa together with the ‘Delaware Companies’ that they really represent, to earn a Season Pass to the 9th Ring of Hell! Period!
      Rickard’s knows exactly what he is doing.

  8. AH HAH!  so, i was right all along.  i never trusted this guy & according to the previous comments, that same opinion is held by others.  he’s slick-talker/fast-talker!  Rickards smacks of a former C.I.A. guy. 
    So, what do i do when “they” come out with this S.D.R. piece of fiat paper (again) & try to convince me to swap out my silver or gold for the paper money?  I’m gonna do just like Ron Paul, i’m gonna retrieve a piece of silver bullion out of my grandma purse & hold it right in their faces & say, “no thank you …. i got the real thing!”  
    & to think that just 100 short years ago American citizens DID have the real money in their pockets & purses, gold&silver coins.   WE HAVE BEEN SWINDLED.  

    • @Marchas45 I always knew those Yeti’s were actually Silver Stacker’s that hid away in the snowy mountain woods long ago after the last fiat printing catastrophe that destroyed civilization …… Keep Stacking! 😛

  9. the elite insiders in the Department of Defense know that the demise of the dollar is inevitable…. and that there’s nothing that can be done to prevent it.
    Back the dollar with Gold and end the printing tomorrow (unless of course Clinton and Rubin leased all the US gold as I have read)?  That’s where it needs to start!

    • Rickards may very well be a “Wormtongue” double or triple psy-ops-agent, but one must also be aware of throwing out the baby with the bathwater -unless your philosophy is “kill-’em-all-and-let-God-sort-it-out”, which is what Obama and Holder are going to do to you and me given enough time.  I’m not defending Rickards as some things that he says I too find rather questionable and dubious; I’m just saying that it seems to be human nature to overreach in criticisms, prejudices, and suspicions as these seem to make us feel secure, without actually doing so…just read King Lear, Othello, or the Borges short story Death and the Compass to see what I’m talking about.

  10. @JerseyJoe
    You just had your ass handed to you, buddy? Instead of intimating who you might be (as if we care) or what it is you do (could not give a rat’s ass) how about coming up with a counter-argument? 
    But you can’t, can you? Because Rickards, like Christian, are pawns of the elite (we call them that, but what are they really if not just a microscopic minority?). Even Sean at SGT Report has long suspected this, and Sean is as fair and as balanced a person as you can find.
    Rickards’ Bravo Sierra about all of America’s gold being intact (LOL! What? Has he himself done an audit or seen the gold?) and his Bravo Sierra about the ‘terrorists’ being the ones who shorted airline stocks is just that, Bravo Sierra (I’ll never forget the look of Max Keiser’s face when he lied through his teeth about his, talk about priceless! Max was thinking to himself? ‘Which f..king terrorists?’)
    On for what it’s worth, his first book which I bought on Kindle was a piece of trash. The first chapter captured my attention (and then, why was this fellow invited to these so-called ‘war games?’). The rest of the book (half-way at that) literally put me to sleep.
    As for Long Term Capital Management, the firm that could not fail, well, that’s an entirely different story and best kept for another day.
    As others have said, it’s the 95% (which I think is being kind) that you need not worry about. It’s the highly explosive, Danger Will Robinson 5% that’s the problem.

  11. A very simple rule of thumb:-
    Any man that can convince himself that people do not notice he is trying to hide his baldness is self-deluded.
    That’s why Rickards is a fake.

    • I’m stupid. I admit it. I wasted time to create a user name, etc., in order to respond to a post that either was a weak attempt at humor, or speaks to intellectual disability on the part of the poster. Regardless, some earlier posters cited Shakespeare. I cite Alexander Pope: “a little learning is a dangerous thing. Drink deep or taste not the Pierian spring.’ Translation for the intellectually disabled– knowing a little about a subject does not make one an expert, either on finance, psychology, world government or even making a cogent critique. To the contrary, the inflated sense of knowledge when little is present, can be dangerous.
      The ad hominen attacks on Rickards by many in this comment thread reek of sophomoric intellect. As to the guy’s hairstyle, he poked fun at his baldness with a tweet recently that included a wedding picture, noting how much less hair he has now. Doesn’t sound to me like a guy with a psychological compensation issue, but then again, I’m not a practicing amateur psychiatrist like many here.
      Bottom line, Rickards is a learned individual, with the sort of background I want from someone who’s trying to analyze in-depth issues. I would presume he knows more about the inside baseball, having been there, than the average critic we find here. Yet it is argued that he’s not to be trusted because he has experience. Ah, but some poster living in his parents’ basement is an oracle because he has no pertinent background. What a wonderful world in which we live. The main distinction is, to quote Teddy Roosevelt, Rickards in the man in the arena. If his opinions and analysis are wrong, we know the man to blame. Not so for anonymous posters, who feel emboldened to make the most outrageous claims free from any responsibility.
      It seems paranoia is the uniform of the day among too many commenters. So, you buy the wild claims of Jim Willie, but see the more reasoned analysis of Rickards as being symptomatic of a front man?
      A parting thought: Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you. However, sometimes you are just paranoid.

  12. Rickards? I really just don’t spend that much time on him to be honest with you.  The price volatility in the Silver market is greater to the upside and downside than in the Gold market.  Buy Gold and you are carrying water for the banks and their next phase of financial tyranny.  What ever suits you though. 

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