Department-of-Homeland-Security-SSGuest Post by by Robert Farago

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently raided one of our readers: a kitchen table FFL dealer who does everything—everything—by the book. He has, however, consistently criticized the ATF for its unconstitutional regulations and long history of extra-legal activities. This is his story.

First of all, forget about them coming to the door. They’ll intercept you on your way home from the Doctor’s office (for example), then one vehicle will come up behind you and two will block your way in front and turn on the flashing lights. They then jump out with ‘real’ assault rifles, point them at you and order your hands up, and exit the vehicle.  You, being a law abiding citizen, comply. At gunpoint, they order you to assume the position against your car, handcuffs you and frisk you, and you’re directed to get into the back seat. Then the lead agent gets into the driver seat and drives your car to your driveway. You sit there with cuffed hands behind you – bleeding.

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As multiple vehicles close off the street and announce over a loudspeaker for all your neighbors to remain indoors (and are prohibited from leaving), the lead agent calls your house and directs your wife to come out of the house – and sit in the front seat. She does. Then the Homeland Security Special Tactical Unit, and the county sheriff Swat Team arrive, and drive two armored cars over the curb onto the lawn, as the “Jack Booted Thugs” with machine guns, helmets, boots, camo, etc. enter and search your house.

You see a Homeland Security Helocopter circling overhead. You are asked if you have any explosives (well, several cans of black powder….) and are there any booby traps in the house. They offer to let you read the search warrant, but your hands are cuffed behind your back. The agent in your car reads it very quickly.

After the Jack Booted Thugs are through, teams arrive to search and ransack the house. After about an hour, you are released and NO CHARGES are filed. You are required to stay beyond the perimeter as they set up tables in your yard and begin to paw through and process your worldly possessions.

You finally realize that they’re going to keep an eye on you, but you go to a neighbor to make phone calls – and find a good lawyer, who arrives on site, but is kept out by the agents. The agents search one of your cars and release it to you. Hours later, knowing there is nothing you can do on site, you leave and arrange a motel for the night.

Later, about 9PM (12 hours later), you phone your house and an agent answers, then advises you they’re about to leave. You drive to your house to see four Feds in your front yard, ready to leave. They tell you they don’t know where the house key is (which you gave them), nor where your cat is. They hand you a copy of the search warrant, but fail to provide a copy of the inventory (which they give you two days later).

You examine your house. Your computers are gone along with every extra & old hard drive, all data cds, floppies, thumb drives, compact flash drives, and other SD drives for your camera. But most shocking, is that your entire gun collection, which you spent a lifetime building, is gone.

Antique guns, airguns, non-guns. Virtually everything. One antique shotgun lies broken on the floor. Papers are strewn everywhere. Once they looked at it, and didn’t want it, they just tossed it aside. Piles of paper. The house is trashed – every room. Your clothing has been ransacked. Your wife’s clothing and underwear. You don’t even know what is missing. You look around, feel sick, lock up the house and go to the motel.

You return the next day to try to start to get things back in order, but realize it will take weeks.

Later, you find out that the affidavit which justified the search warrant is sealed – and you can’t even find out why they searched and seized. A few days later, the sworn affidavit is unsealed, and you find out that the agent lied repeatedly, told half-truths, speculated about possible violations, and related his ‘suspicions’ with no basis in fact – and that the search warrant is nothing more than a gigantic fishing expedition to see what they could find . . .


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  1. True? DHS learned it’s tactics from family court, where they routinely falsely accused, seized children and assets and jailed people for civil contempt until you completely cracked and did exactly as they wanted. Or went postal or underground.
    Oh yes, it’s true. Where you been? I guess you’ve been lucky. You don’t own protected wetlands so the EPA can’t attack you by claiming you damaged them. And you don’t have children that family court can rip into two pieces. And you don’t sell firearms. Or have a small business that tax people or other government “inspectors” can harass and fine to death. You must be blessed.

  2. Interesting how when PM prices plunge, folks on these blogs tend to get nasty with one another.
    But that is not the topic of this thread; it is about the .gov infringing more and more on the rights of the citizens which was elected to serve and protect.  And I could definitely see how the above scenario could unfold.  As an added comment – said (former) gun-owner would also find that his stacks of PM’s are missing, and if he’d had any stored in a bank’s safe-deposit box, those would be missing afterwards as well.  Something to keep in mind when considering where to keep your phyzz stash.
    Here is a ‘must-read’ news story about our Dear Leader:
    Please at least follow the link to read the headline:   

    • I can only speak for myself, but I would imagine if you said something that the doc didn’t like, and he banned you, then used the email you registered with to send you an email telling you that you are mentally ill and need help, you might think less of him.
      That is precisely why I think robert farago is an unapologetically pathetic ass hole. He has it right in this article ( something anyone with a brain saw coming years ago ) but that doesn’t change what he has shown himself to be to me, directly – this was at least 5 years ago BTW 0 and on a CAR forum, a CAR forum!

  3. This is simply a fear tactic whether its true?  All of your rights have been taken, the US is no longer a country, it is a corporation.  So please do the same.  Have block meetings in your neighborhood, connect with people, and do not give up.  Study Roman Common Law, & please ransack their office.  

    • Best thing in my view is:
      Remove all your money from their system and buy physical precious metals. If enough people do that, the entire facade collapses.
      This means, yes, you close your 401K, retirement accounts. With the fraud rampant in the housing market, if the title to your house isn’t 100% clear, stop your mortgage payment. Why are you paying when you can’t get clear title? If the bank forecloses (which in some states takes over a year), you’ve got 2-3 more years before the inventory clears enough for the crooks to list and sell your home and need to evict you. In the meantime the bailed out bank is responsible for all the taxes and insurance. Some would call that being a deadbeat, I call it reality and turning the tables on the crooks. Remember all the big banks got taxpayer bailouts. It can be argued that since you gave the government the money that they turned around and gave to the banks, in fact you owe your creditors nothing. After all, the only reason post 2008 that they remain in business is because you helped bail them out. 
      It’s time to take our country back.

  4. This is fear mongering in overdrive. This is “infowars” style rhetoric and sadly THIS is the stuff manipulating too many folks emotions and causing fear. It goes right along with everything that is being thrown at people today and it is meant to feed the insane frenzy.
    Stay focused and realize the motives behind such tactics. We no longer have a country to “take back” whatever that is supposed to mean. take what back? The ‘illusion’, the greed, and the same MO that brought the country to this point? I say let matters/events fall into place just as they are now in progress, because the so called plans of the so called PTB will fall on their own head without the need for drama and the hype of fear being used to manipulate.
    We have enough to ponder and be concerned about without added stimulation by made up stories, in my opinion. This sensationalist person to me sounds dangerous, again, just my opinion.

    • We continue on this course and thousands if not millions will die after being stuffed into camps. Time to fight back in the courts, in congress, and if needed on the streets

  5. There’s no way cops will go for this.   They could NEVER confiscate all the guns.  People who were victimized like this would have every right and intention of retribution.   Cops value their lives too.   If they become Nazis, they might as well put bullseyes on their uniforms instead of swatstikas.  
    There is ZERO chance of cessation of QE regardless of central bankers LYING INNUENDO.   A total implosion of asset markets would be in store and incumbents would be swept out of office across the board.   This time it would be the Dumbocraps being shown the door not the Ripofflicans.  
    The Fed MUST QE.   All the other countries are QEing so they HAVE to QE JUST TO KEEP PACE.    Otherwise USSA exports would fall off the cliff, unemployment gets even worse, and the trade deficit gets worse, govt revenues get worse, and on and on and on.   
    The Fed threatening to quit QE is like a teenager crying out for help and threatening suicide.   The analogy is valid.    It’s a desperate cry, but they don’t really want to do it.    This was done SOLEY to keep PM prices heading down IMO.    They need to be careful, if they drive it too low, they’ll get a shortage to remember, and one they can’t hide or kick the can with.

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