imagesTop trends researcher Gerald Celente pulls no punches when he predicts, “The world is going to war.” Celente says what is happening today happened before, prior to World War II. Celente says the pattern is the same as the one that started in 1929, “crash . . . depression, currency wars, trade wars, and world war.” Celente says, “When you follow the time lines, we are now in the late 1930’s.” But unlike the 30’s, today’s money is not backed by gold or anything else for that matter. So, Celente says, “The banks are forcing . . . governments to keep funding them by flooding money into the system.” Celente predicts, “What’s going to happen when this thing starts collapsing? People are going to be going into gold.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente.

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    • In the Heinlein book “Friday” corporations had nukes and used them to wage fights, even inter company rivalries. How far are we from that happening?

  1. Listen to this man!  He’s not a kook.  Its the same old story, some will see him as a wacko, while we (stackers) will say to ourselves.  Hey, if he’s a kook, I’m prepared.  If he is RIGHT, then there are MILLIONS that ARE NOT PREPARED and the TURMOIL begins.  Keep stacking…and buy  guns, ammo, food and water…and don’t forget the TP!

    • He may or may not be a Kook. And he may or may not be right about war. However, what I find very interesting is that 5 months ago, he was saying we are already at war. So which is it? Are we already at war? Or are we going to war? His populist message is confusing if he can’t stick to the same buzzwords/phrases.

    • Edward London: Your comment takes Celente out of context.  Celente has said in many interviews that when speaking about the world war that “has already begun,” he indicated that he sees the “small,” regional conflicts that have been launched since the 2008 financial crash as part of a rising tide of war that will lead to world war.  There’s no contradiction in what Celente has been saying, although he could improve the clarity of his message if he consistently explained in all his interviews that what he means is that he sees the smaller wars of today as but indicators of the bigger war of the near future.  The analogy:  Celente is like the very few people in 1938 that were saying that Germany’s annexation of Austria and Czechoslovakia were all part of a growing tide of war that would result in world war.  Most people in 1938 just didn’t want to deal with the idea that world war was brewing.

      Celente may ultimately be proven wrong if we don’t have continued escalation of regional conflicts that ultimately set the path to world war.  But it’s too early to tell…

    • FW, thanks for the clarification. I’m not sure I agree with these, but he’s a connected man, and thus, I suspect that popular history will probably tell the story in a similar fashion to him. However, having a history degree, I would contend that these wars go back in time to the attempt at neutralization of Russia and China in Eurasia, which was being articulated going back several decades (see Brzezinski’s The Grand Chessboard, among others). A deal was made with China going back to Kissinger and Nixon shortly after Bretton Woods was scrapped.

      These points may be ancillary, but the Cold War was financed on both sides by the same groups of bankers, just like terrorism and the drugs, and iran-contra, the iran/iraq wars, etc (going back further than Vietnam, etc.). So I guess I’m wondering just how much many of these wars (and wars financed by Western interests but unmentioned in the mainstream media, such as Pakistan Mali, Congo, Sudan, Somalia, Africom, LIbya, Egypt, Syria, etc).

      I must admit I started tuning Celente’s populism rants out because of the emotional effect it had. All listening to him does is rile me up (which is no doubt his intent) but it really doesn’t leave much of a solution but “own gold and silver.” While this is a fine way to protect oneself financially, to me, Celente is just more of a fear-mongering populist, and I question whether listening to him (for me) benefits the listener in anyway that is practical.

      Again, thanks for the comments.

    • Edward London:  He certainly indulges in populist rants.  But again, your message is showing signs that you haven’t listened to a great many of his interviews or read much of his stuff.  His proscription to get through troubled times goes well beyond owning gold and silver.  He speaks about his personal investments in unique realestate.  He speaks about getting investment exposure to the ag sector — and especially about people growing thier own food as much as possible ala Victory Gardens.  He speaks about the growing trend of localization, which includes communities of people buying local and looking to participate in a local economy of high quality goods and services vs. “imported, cheap, plastic crap,” to quote a phrase he’s often used;  he also ties in that same trend into the trend of local communities looking out for each other and how it’s important for people to build quality relationships in their lives.  He talks about having guns and grub (and gold), as it were.  He also talks about changes in social mood such as Jazz and Swing and the Big Band periods of music in the dark times of the Great Depression and WWII — and of the golden age of Hollywood during the same period, when the social mood was dark, but people still elected to make the best of things mentally (arguably, escapist to some extent, but nevertheless the “party” aspect of swing music is a trend he believes is about to return because people need the uplift of spirit).
      I’m not defending the guy.  I’m just pointing out what his messages have been over the last 24 months.
      As to the arc of history and where one might wish to pin the genesis of anything, I’m reminded of that great Billy Joel song, “We Didn’t Start The Fire.” Billy Joel was kind of an appologist for American imperialisim with that song, but there remains some truth to what he wrote.

    • BTW, you didn’t learn about the Western oligarchy financing both sides of the Cold War and the like while earning that history degree, I trust?  Many truths are not taught in universities.  LOL 🙂 

    • @Flying Wombat Bloody hell when you mentioned Victory Garden my mind flew back in time to California when I designed a Square Foot Garden from the TV show in my back yard and man what a producer (Great Artichokes). I’m hell bent on starting one in my back yard this coming Spring closer to my house. Thanks for the memories.

    • FW: It’s not that I don’t read/listen to him, it’s that I don’t read/listen to him much anymore. I do recall him years ago saying to get to places that are older cities with infrastructure and means of transportation aside from the ground and air.

      The local movement has been going on for quite some decades now; I first learned of it in 1999 in Maine, IIRC. Re: communal ties and relationships I do remember him saying that too.

      Re: Western oligarchy, I did not learn that tidbit from my academic classes, but you’d be surprised just how much Machiavellian stuff is taught by academics these days. When I went back for a 2nd degree a few years ago, despite having a History degree, they insisted that I take a 100 level history course and I learned so much more “alternative” and “counter-cultural” type information, than when I had my degree the first time. And it was so interesting seeing the youth not get that the professor was teaching them all about the Bush administration, the current currency crisis, the mortgage fraud and bubbles in ways that they probably only later will realize. That being said, history’s methodologies for determining facts is very good…for determining truths or even Truth, not so much. The signal-to-noise ratio is still high, IMHO. But They’re good at determining some things that happen in the 1-5% that is within the white world of politics, economics, science, intelligence, etc. But it’s those spaces that fill in the gaps that are of interest to me…the margins. That’s where the real interest is.

      Thanks for the comments.

  2. I agree with Celente on a coming war. I noticed the same pattern independently before 2008. I thought the markets would react badly to the downside around 2010. I was wrong it came 2 years early. I believe war will begin around 2014-5. But again I could be wrong it could come early.
    1920=2001 ( market crash)
    1929=2008 (financial panic) (8-9 years after market crash)
    1930’s=2010’s (Depression)
    1937=2016 (World at War) (8-9 years after panic)
    So my thinking is World War around 2014 instead (2 years early) When the Dow is around 10,500 and S&P at about 1,050. War will cause everything to move higher Gold, Silver, Dow etc… 
    The way everything seems to be going Debt ceiling will be raised in August 2013. Market crash in the fall. Dow drops 2-3,000 points and S&P  3-400 points. Gold Silver drops also but will explode with war announcement. War announcement in Obamas second year of second term IMO.

    • “War announcement in Obamas second year of second term IMO.”
      SX… do you see such a war as an excuse for Obama to try to snag a 3rd term ala FDR, particularly if he can arrange to have a friendly House to aid and abet such a power grab?

    • @Ed_B I think with this president/congress anything is possible. They are currently dismantling the constitution. If they are currently attacking gun ownership(2nd Amendment) and already took away the right of a fair trial(6th Amendment)nd resonable search(4th) then the 22nd Amendment shouldnt be a problem. Afterall it has already been test run in NYC. Mayor Bloomberg had the laws changed so he could have a third term. The only reason I say war announcement in second year is because the president has too much on his plate with the debt ceiling to be preoccupied with a war in 2013. In the last 50 years all presidents started war in late 1st year or 2nd year. So anytime after debt ceiling deal is made(after August 2013). I believe we should most likely see another US credit downgrade in September. Deflation kicks in then the government starts war to make the economy more inflationary to combat deflation. Most likely Obamas power grab will come with a false flag event in which he announces Emergency power authority, fires all governers, installs super governors. The congress will be so scared to oppose Obama  it wont matter who is in the house Democrat or Republican. Anyway thats how it looks like to me. Time will tell.

    • Wow!  That is some scary s**t, indeed!  Thanks for sharing your view… and I thought that I was wary of all the BS going on in DC!
      As to that credit downgrade… did you see the news item today that the US Just US department is pressing a civil suit against Standard and Poor’s for $5B?  Does anyone really think that this has anything to do with the sub-prime housing mess, as alleged, or is just some thug-o-cratic pay-back for S&P having the balls to reduce the US credit rating back in 2011?  It sure looks that way to me and, if so, is a chilling abuse of federal power aimed at stopping any other credit rating agencies from further reducing the US credit rating, even though it is very clear that it should be reduced by at least 2-3 steps and not the baby step that S&P did in 2011.
      “Deflation kicks in then the government starts war to make the economy more inflationary to combat deflation.”
      This is something that worries me greatly.  I don’t think that any of the political nincompoops in DC would know REAL deflation if it jumped up and bit them on the a$$.  In most cases, when they start yelling and screaming about “deflation”, what they are really seeing is the air coming out of a Fed-created bubble.  Bubbles SHOULD be deflated, as they are an abnormality in a capitalist system.  They are one of the excesses that need to be purged from the system from time to time, yet are not being allowed to do so under current economic “leadership”.  Similarly, these same nitwits also do not recognize the difference between growth and inflation.  Our economy is currently inflating, thanks to Helicopter Ben dumping $85B a month into the banking system, much of which will find its way into the stock and bond markets.  With no increase in US productivity, adding that much capital “in search of mischief”, HAS to force prices higher.  This is inflation, not growth.  Oh, well.  WTH do I know?  I’m just a citizen and not an elite economist or politician.  :-/
      “…fires all governers, installs super governors.”
      Somehow, I don’t see this as happening.  That would be a federal declaration for US Civil War, Part II.  Many of the state governors and legislatures plus a lot of the county sheriffs are not especially happy with the Obamunists right now.  I really doubt that they would accept federal over-lordship to this degree without serious opposition, armed if necessary.  I can see millions of citizens turn out to bear arms in the name of defending their states and counties from a federal over-reach of this magnitude as well.

    • I did see the news item concerning the US suing S&P to me that was a warning signal to the other credit rating agencies to watch your step in the coming months.
      Bubbles should indeed be deflated, Politicians worry about deflation not so much inflation IMO. They dont like it when their own personal property, stocks etc is worth less in terms of fiat currency. They dont mind higher food price and energy prices because they could just blame the rise in corporate companies. The rich don’t worry about higher prices in gas and food because if they own a company these are tax deductible.
      Currently it does seem implausible to believe that Obama can fire governors but it has already been set up to happen but some things need to happen first.
      1) Obama must remove high powered guns out of civilian hands
      2) He must form new government police force (similar to Hitlers SS)
      3) When the time is right. (economic collapse) Trade guns for food program
      4) When they believe Ammo is low. Perhaps after a year into economic collapse. Make gun ownership illegal.
      5) Create false flag and blame it on anti government individuals.
      6) Under a national emergency 10 super governors will assume control of 50 state National guards. (look up executive order “Council of Governors”). This merges state and goverment run military so their is no resistance.
      7) Jail anyone who shoots back at government controlled police, guard or army. Put them in concentration camps.
      8) Formerly dissolve US constitution.
      The elite have been planning for the suspension of the US for a while. Look up the “Business plot” and the fictional book by Mandel House(Woodrow Wilsons advisor) called “Phillip Dru Administrator”.

  3. Obama loves killing people  Once he got the taste of blood in his mouth with his drone strikes, he was off to the races with that.
    War is something governments are good at.  War distracts the sheeple, allowing the government to implement more laws and taxes.  War enriches the central banks and mega banks.  War makes increased taxes more acceptable.  Frankly, I don’t think our central government gives a rat’s ass if we are in a war.  Obama has us in more conflicts than at any time since 1945.  So much for the Nobel Peace Prize.
    PS The Military Industrial Complex is a big factor in this entire war paradigm. War is big business and banks fund that too

    • War at a distance can be VERY profitable.  When war comes to your home, however, not so much.  Celente mentions the possibility of a suitcase nuke or two being used in Europe or the US.  Don’t know about Europe but if that were to happen in the US, the gloves would come off and some VERY serious reprisals would occur.  War is one thing, obliteration is quite another. 
      Also… those who have read some history know that the banksters who fund wars ALWAYS include a clause in the loan agreement that the winner will ensure that the loser pays off any loans that they have taken to prosecute the war.  By this simple technique, the banksters are then free to bankroll BOTH sides with NO chance of not getting paid.  Nuclear conflict, on the other hand, can so damage both sides that neither side could repay their loans.  The banksters themselves could very well be killed, since their main offices are located in the major metro areas that would be on the target list.  For these reasons, it seems likely that the banksters would want to avoid a nuclear, chemical, or biological war.  Local and regional conflict would be fine with them but not global.

    • Very interesting info, PB.  Thanks for posting this.  I looked up the resulting Supreme Court case here:
      The plaintiff mine owners sued the US Gov for compensation but it was denied because none of their mines or equipment was seized.  Apparently, the Gov is allowed by the courts to steal one’s ability to earn a living but not the tools by which that living is earned. The distinction escapes me but apparently makes sense to lawyers.  One point that was not well explained in this cite was what constituted a “non-essential mine”.  These were the ones that were affected.  They do state that the primary interest of the Gov was in base metals, such as copper, so perhaps it was only the mines that produced only gold that were affected.  Any that also produced copper or perhaps tin, zinc, lead, etc. were likely seen as essential to the war effort and allowed to continue operating.  According to this cite, the Gov wanted to conserve mining equipment so that if critical mining equipment was destroyed or wore out, reserve equipment could be brought in from shuttered mines to keep the essential mines operating.  Very shady stuff for sure but Govs tend to assume complete power when involved in a battle for national survival and then worry about the legal impact after the war has been won.

  4. The comments on this thread reminds me of a song by The Police, Murder By Numbers

    Once that you’ve decided on a killing,
    First you make a stone of your heart.
    And if you find that your hands are still willing,
    Then you can turn a murder into art.
    Now if you have a taste for this experience
    And you’re flushed with your very first success,
    Then you must try a twosome or a threesome
    And you’ll find your conscience bothers you much less

    Because murder is like anything you take to
    It’s a habit-forming need for more and more.
    But you can reach the top of your profession
    If you become the leader of the land,
    For murder is the sport of the elected,
    And you don’t need to lift a finger of your hand

  5. Oop’s sorry @AGXIIK but it wasn’t me that posted the lyrics it was Mammoth. Lol
    Celente was talking about past outcomes and similarities that led to wars.
    If you haven’t seen this video yet check it out if you want to know about the similarities and the Downfall of America and wars.
    I think the next war will see every age fighting it and probably on our own home front. Keep Stacking

  6. Thanks Charlie. My mind was buzzing this AM with all the news and stuff. The Chinese said it best, ‘may you live in interesting times’ That was a curse, if I recall its origins. I’ll check the video. Thanks for all your interesting links. And you too, Mammoth
    PS I saw your video post yesterday Thank you. It gives one the chills. We got some serious atoning to do. Push God out of the schools, land and conversation and all sorts of bad types creep in.

    • “We got some serious atoning to do. Push God out of the schools, land and conversation and all sorts of bad types creep in.”
      We sure do, AG… and it is largely unrecognized by the American public.  God has a tendency to push back after a while and something tells me that He has had just about all the secular BS from us that He is gonna take.  We saw that in the Katrina and Rita hurricanes, the Joplin, MO tornado, and the Hurricane Sandy disasters.  Expect more to come because we don’t seem to be getting the message.   This will likely continue until we do.  Yes, many will try to explain it away as “natural” but… guess who created and controls nature!

  7. WW3 started in 2001.  And like everything else of any importance in DC, it was declared in secret.  Otherwise, why has the president signed an executive order declaring a national state of emergency every year since then?  Just to give himself extraordinary extra-Constitutional executive powers?  Maybe, but not likely.

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