Because it is totally normal for a globally traded commodity’s chart to be nearly an exact mirror image from the prior day’s trading, tick for tick.
Presented without commentary.

  1. Ok I’ll bite. Never leave a commentary vacuum for me.
    If human interactions or interventions are obsolete, then the computer program utilized IS programmed by humans, with all their little flaws, idiosyncracies and patterned habits that will show up in the software.  This may be the reason for these similarities. 
    Perhaps it is also that quirk of fractals and numerical consistencies that reflect in these mirror like trading lines.  We have seen almost perfectly symmetrical lines on these daily charts.  Not a chance in the world these are normal.  If the average joe is trying to trade against these hyperspeed algo programs, Joe is not only predictable but can be forced out of trades just second after they are placed.

    • “Pump and dump, algo pumps the price triggering things then dumps the next day to trigger the opposite taking a profit from both.” – MaryB

      MaryB makes a nice point. But… coincidences do happen. It might be a fluke. I’d want to know how often this ‘mirroring’ takes place. If I was a manipulator trying to mirror my buying with selling waves, I wouldn’t put them on consecutive days. It’s too easily picked up on the Kitco chart. I’d stagger them. At best, this looks like the ‘manipulation’ of mindless idiots. 

      Has anybody examined a sequence of charts covering, say, a week or a fortnight? 

    • Ed Steer sends this chart out in his Gold and Silver Daily. I’ve just scanned back through a few of his emails, and I can’t see any pattern. I’m not sure if he always takes his screenshots at the same time every day.

      Anybody else spot anything?

  2. The more it becomes obvious silver’s current manipulated market value is manufactured by computer robot programs, and is biased to the downside only thru paper selling of nonexistent Ag, the more I like owning an increasing amount! That’s probably a run on sentence, but it’s ok, my hs english teachers are probably all dead now.

  3. Can this automated behavior be exploited? its obviously done by a programmed bot. This does not look good.

    I can usually take this sort of stuff with a pinch of salt, but this is serious. We all saw what bots can do if certain scenarios have not been programmed into the model, they turn into a closed loop system. If bots are in control of the mass of silver owned by the cartel, then the system will if triggered go entropic. Makes you think, silver will never go up until these bots are blown up.

    I have noticed cyclic patterns in the trading before, usually one week of upside trading then another down, Sine curves, with a bit of Fibonacci, but it all depends on the random input into these systems and what the bias is set to. Some of the sophisticated weather programs out there, which are probably the most advanced, if the bias is set wrong then we all get snow and heatwaves at the wrong times.

    Anyone got any good charting programs that could take out the random sell and buy options (the extremes) and test the Sine theory? it almost looks like a sound curve. I wonder if this needs more investigation? Maybe a sound engineer. If that is the case, then whats going to happen when not if there are two big players in the market? we could have scenarios of amplification and reinforcement through harmonics.

    • “Can this automated behavior be exploited?”
      Actually, that should be possible.  First, algo1 would be needed that carefully analyzes the daily changes in a particular market, such as gold or silver and relates that to daily news items with particular emphasis on financial news and the timing of market drops and rises.  After a sufficient amount of data is collected, a computer then writes algo2 that front-runs any predicted price changes, buying low and shorting high.  Finally, algo3 is written that evaluates the success or failure of the algos1-2 and modifies them accordingly.  After maybe 4-6 months, algos1-2 should be pretty good at profiting from this artificial manipulation.  As money is made by this process, order sizes are ramped up with the growing profits until the manipulation is forced to stop OR the cartels are bled dry and then it stops.  Either way, it is stopped and true price discovery ensues.  Somewhere in this process, those using it will be labeled as “financial terrorists” and physically attacked in order to shut our “intervention” down, so “be prepared to repel all boarders”!

    • These bots will eventually be destroyed when the USA collapses which is mathematically proven and it is inevitable. Or, they will be destroyed when the demand for physical silver starts to grow up quickly along with the silver ore grades falling.

  4. Another example is how the Ag and Au markets mirror eachother day to day every day! They are nearly mirror images. Yet they are two completely different markets. What moves the silver market shouldn’t matter at all to the gold market and vice versa.

  5. Would anyone care to tackle the following question? : At what point does the computer trading become irrelevant? That is to say what is the tipping point between what can be considered real purchasing of tangible allocated physical delivery and whimsical, farcical naked short dumping/selling of paper passing for silver to criminally suppress the price?! A bit wordy but i hope someone can chime in.

  6. Manipulation, Mental Retardation.. it is as transparent as a glass of water as to what is going on.
    James Turk talked at the beginning of 2012, that we should expect more and more volatility, like a top slowing down. Of course it took a little more time than I expected, but this may be exactly what is going on. As Bill Murphy says, and I agree – it’s obvious someone is getting desperate.

    • Exactly! The price of silver in  terms of US dollar was silent from 1980 to about 2000 but then, silver became very volatile especially after 2008 with multiple lows and peaks.

    • “I for one will be glad when the Paper market crashes.”
      I am unconvinced that “glad” will be an appropriate response in this case.  Yes, we will ALL be glad when this manipulation comes to an end but the price that will be paid for that will be extremely high, IMO.  Like any great beast in its death throes, there will be a serious amount of collateral damage, as it kicks, flops, and gnashes its teeth.  It most definitely will not “go quietly”.

    • But it also cost a lot to keep up this fiat system. We are all paying up for this fiat system to continue to run thanks to inflation which makes us suffer but once the system collapses, we won’t have to suffer that much anymore.

  7. While you people complain and gnash your teeth over the “cartel,” I’m just happy I got that SLV out yesterday.  Now, I can either A) Plow some of those profits into more “phyzzz”, or I can buy more SLV here.
    What to do?
    Whoops, I’m sorry.  I forgot…

  8. I’m sure that if you ask about this to the CFTC, they will just say that it is just a coincident. It sure is a weird and ruined world that we live in when the banksters are still not arrested, the silver market is in a mirror form and especially when the majority of the people aren’t even aware about the true financial situation.

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