In a show of great generosity to his Silver Doctor colleagues, SD Reader 427 has donated FOUR 1 oz Silver Rounds to be given away this week on

The games will begin tonight with the Ned Naylor-Leyland interview release.  All you have to do to be entered to win is comment on every post of the Doc’s for that specific day.
Readers will have till  9 a.m. the following day to comment on the previous day’s articles as a courtesy to our international readers.  We will be giving away 1 oz per day Monday through Thursday.  The Ned Naylor-Leyland interview will be considered part of Monday’s posts so be sure to voice your opinion on the electrifying interview where Ned discloses the true owner of the GLD bar which was showcased on CNBC!

  1. Thanks BullRun

    And by the way Im really starting to like the beat on the vid openings it 

    definitely grows on you.

    Thanks Bull Lion, Dose anybody know were this bad boy came from?
    The north pole
  2. Wow 4oz that was vary nice to say thank you.

    Danno; you old gear head put down the wrench and start posting. Do it the way you do with that humor and sting of the truth. he he he 
    The Doc has some old school high quality 1oz bars & rounds for you all to win good luck everybody.
  3. 2oz put them up put them up, Chevy Ford feud starting lol ha ha ha..

    Hay M45 thanks, I had to have that seller of those bars cancel the transaction. He was trying to charge me sales tax of $70. after I went through a bunch of BS about combining the shipping charge. 

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