CyprusOur friend Sean from SGTReport has released an interview with Harley Schlanger discussing how the Cyprus depositor haircut was merely a test run for the real wealth confiscation events planned for Italy, Spain, and France.

This is a 25-minute uninterrupted conversation with Harley Schlanger, historian and national Spokesperson for LaRouchePAC. Harley and I discuss the latest from Cyprus and the Euro Zone where the Banksters in Germany, in the City of London and at the IMF have reached new levels of criminality. Make no mistake about it, as bad as the attempted THEFT in Cyprus is, the real risk is in Italy and France which owe HUNDREDS of BILLIONS. Cyprus is merely a litmus test for what the Banksters would really like to do, which is to RAPE the entire Euro Zone in order to “save” the criminal banks and save their overtly criminal, overtly evil system.

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  1. @ Caspar,
    I noticed Max Keiser talking about Bitcoin last week and how much revenue they are generating. However, if you recall these Governments are talking about going into a cashless society. So whether Bitcoin is genuine or not for possible investment(s) is one thing. However, I am going to keep stacking and smacking. 
    I’m am not going to go into something, because everyone else is? It could be a bait and switch. Lets get these idiots to go into bitcoin and we (Governments) will purchase all the precious metals up. When we crash bitcoin they will be left in ruin.

    Also Bitcoin can be used worldwide. Another reason for cashless society and one world currency or non currency. Stick with stacking…Bernanke lied this morning to the people.

  2. is it possible that the bitcoin breakout is affecting the gold price? bitcoin is skyrocketing right now, but the gold price is still the same. People in Europe seem to change their euros for bitcoin so the goverment can’t take it if the banks fail.

  3. This comes from the Lyndon LaRouche org. LaRouche is a socialist.  I heard his screeds in the 60s and only his method has changed.  Sure, he attacks the current idiots — but in the same way Hitler and Stalin attacked each others, both wanting to control their people in their own dictatorial ways.  Lyndon LaRouche’s org has their own agenda and it ain’t for the benefit of individual rights.

    As far as bitcoins are concerned, they’re just another fiat/digial joke to lure in the clueless. That bitcoins can be secured from the “poof” effect (not you see’um, not you don’t) is unreasonable: every ‘unbreakable’ code has been and will be broken or compromised.

    • You got it, Jim.  If the NSA super-computers were given the task of breaking the unbreakable bit-coin code, how long would that take?  Minutes?  Certainly not more than a few hours.
      Digital currency has an incredibly high “POOF!” factor built into it.  This is basically a banksters wet-dream because nothing is so easily manipulated and robbed as something that only exists as some “1”s and “0”s in a damned computer.  Then too, another Carrington Event would resolve this issue rather neatly and permanently… unlike a nice stack. 

  4. That’s true and it seems much more logic. I mean other countries like France have bigger financial problems so they could also do the same like in Cyprus that has less financial problems compare to other European countries. Plus, the banksters have chosen Cyprus because it is a small European country with a low population which is easy to control it.

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