Silver fixIn this excellent interview with the SGTReport, gold expert Alasdair Macleod discusses Friday’s news that the CME and Thomson Reuters have been chosen to run the replacement for the 117-year old London Silver Fix.
But the new boss is the same as the old boss, because it looks like the new system is little more than an ELECTRONIC FIX – so there will be NO free market mechanism allowed to set the REAL, MARKET price for silver.
We also discuss the startling fact that according to Jeff Christian’s CPM Group, $5 TRILLION of silver circulated globally last year — that equates to $5,000 per ounce silver if all that paper had to be backed by PHYSICAL… 

  1. ROM  it is getting kind of funny.  We have R2D2 running the silver fix, C3PO running the gold fix (he’s the golden colored android) and idiotic paper trading volumes’
    Something tells me that gold and silver and the overarching issues of importance in everything that is happening in the world today including BRICS, terror, wars and other fun stuff.
    Follow the real money

    • I do not understand how these knit-witts do not talk about the evidence in a global financial economic system is going to end western dominance, especially convoluted precious metals prices.  I am not asking for predictions in prices, but how the paradigm shift can effect every living creature on earth.  Especially  Silver stackers wealth.

  2. I am curious as to why gold and silver prices need to be fixed?  Price fixing is generally thought of as bad.  In fact, people have gone to jail for it because it is a form of fraud.  Yet, somehow, it is business as usual in the PM markets.  Curious, isn’t it?  I mean, why should not gold and silver prices be set via competitive bidding?  Isn’t that the way that a free market works?  If so, then not doing this proves that we do not have a free market.  Something like this really should be a sheeple awaken-er.
    So Deutsche Bank decides that the heat is too much for them and they are exiting the London gold fix kitchen.  They then try to sell this very profitable position but find no buyers.  Isn’t that odd?  This is a VERY profitable entity, yet no one will buy it.  Were there any bids on this?  None of which I have heard.  If there were any, one would think that DB would accept something instead of failing to sell it and getting nothing at all.  Also, it would be VERY interesting to interview some prospective buyers of this gold fixing seat and find out why they did not bid on it… if they would talk, of course.  If they will not talk, that could be illuminating in and of itself.
    Mr. MacLeod mentioned that the silver fix enhances liquidity.  I find it curious that whenever some questionable activity comes up for discussion, it is ALWAYS suggested that “it increases liquidity”.  By now, I am to the point of considering this a knee-jerk reaction on the part of market participants and wonder what proof they have of this, if any.  Additionally, even if market liquidity is increased, is this necessarily a good thing?  It might not be because trading in various markets is sometimes halted when markets become “over-heated”. 

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