SGT’s latest micro-doc (the original Madness of a Lost Society has received nearly 1 million view on youtube!) examines the madness of a lost society with a financial collapse staring them in the face.

Another ‘Black Friday’ has come and gone. And it has left us with further evidence of the complete madness of the populace of our nation. America has been dealt a fatal blow by corporate greed, Bankster malfeasance and the insidious nature of collectivism — and it’s all been done to us by design.
The once proud and independent people of the United States have, in large part, been reduced to servants of the State.

Featuring Mike Krieger, Rob Kirby, Chris Duane, Gerald Celente, The Doc, Bill Murphy and many others, ‘Madness 3’ offers one last ‘fair warning’ for those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

    • That could happen but I would prefer either Alfred E. Newman or Parker Bros. on the FRNs… because we are all mad to put up with all this Monopoly money B$.

      Great video but that is to be expected from Sean. 

  1. It’s all so very true. We here are some of the blessed since at least we see the need for physical metals however, I would venture to guess that very few of us have prepared for the depicted eventuality. Will you be one of those fighting for the last loaf? It takes the cost of about 5 silver eagles to at least line your cupboards with dry and canned foods as well as water if you have no well or electricity to pump the well. It takes about 10 eagles to really set up well…a step further than food and water. Always keep your tank FULL so you can escape the populated areas without getting in a gas line.
    In short, we really need to use our heads in times like these. Perhaps none of this will come to pass, (though I personally believe strongly that it will), in that case, you have lost nothing but if it does happen and you’re not prepared, you’ve lost everything. Insurance beyond silver is the key.

    • Could not agree more, SS.  Not only do we need to prep heavily but well in advance.  Do not become one of those sheeple with the deer in the headlights look that comes when what was thought by many to be impossible becomes all too possible.  The mad bleating from that woman in NY was a classic “government save us” beg-a-thon.

      Another thought… when the SHTF, we need to have planned for an extended time of no services, little food or water, and some very desperate people who think that they are entitled to what we have worked and planned for and now have to see us through such times. They need to be convinced that they are wrong.  I favor 8 rounds of #4 buck for that purpose.  The worst of this is likely to go on for at least a year if not two.  Having food, fuel, water, guns & ammo, seeds, tools, and silver will stand us all in good stead.  Have no doubt about this, folks, we are facing a period of “natural selection” and those with the wisdom and foresight to work hard at their preps and understand that it will go on for a seriously long and terrible time will come through it.  Tens of millions of others will not. 

    • You’re right! I’m thankful that I’ve discovered the fundamentals of precious metals especially when it was randomly. My exit plan when the SHTF is go to the northern Canada where there are plenty of untouched resources. On my way, I can also find farms where I can trade in some silver for some crops.

  2. There’s a few of us here on the list, old enough to have heard our parents, grandparents and other family members tell stories of the Great Depression. What they told of, was plenty enough food and ‘stuff’ to get by on, but no money to buy it with. Once folks realized they were all in one boat, there wasn’t any more or less crime than there ever is and in today’s environment, where most adults have guns, that will probably be the same again. The ‘desparados’ will get themselves killed pretty early on and the rest of us will muddle through. Tin Men, Rag Men and Scrappers will cruise the streets calling out for discards. Vegatable Trucks will sell produce behind them and no one will feel degraded pulling a broken chair or table from a neighbors rubbish to fix and paint. Maybe I’m the fool, but I think humanity is the same today as it has been for tens of thousands of years. We’ve always had more of a preference for co-existence over conflict and most of us have plenty enough ‘trade goods’ in our closets, basements and atics to keep things civil enough. It’s possible those past generations told their stories to help me face the unknown without fear. Which I do.

    • Indeed so, Pat.  My parents were children during the 1930s but my grand parents were young adults back then.  I have heard hundreds of stories from the Great Depression years and every one of them teaches a lesson worth knowing and remembering.  Most of them teach about “making do” with what they had and bartering for the things that they needed.  My Gram sold butter and eggs to some of the townsfolk.  She kept her stash in an old sugar jar.  When Grandpa took some of it to go drinking, she laid him out with her rolling pin.  Lesson learned!

      My Dad’s kin were all farmers, so they came through those times the best.  Whatever else they went without they never were short of food.

      My Mom’s kin were mostly city folks with a few farmers tossed in.  While the farmers who did not have big bank loans to pay off did OK, a lot of them had loans and lost their farms when they could not pay their mortgages.   Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd became a folk hero because he burned every mortgage he could find in the banks that he robbed.  Yes, he was a bank robber but a lot of people back then also considered him a hero… and the bankers as criminals.  Hmmm… those days seem to be returning!


    • I disagree, back then kids weren’t subjected to a constant bombardment of violence via movies and video games. Many have little regard for life and will kill for a snickers bar if they are starving. Big cites, especially the poorer parts are going to become war zones, look at Detroit and Chicago, it has already started there.

    • Not in my case. For me and for a lot of new precious metals buyers, we’ve learned the fundamentals of precious metals, today’s true economic situations and the danger when the SHTF from the Internet where the others such as Eric Sprott were warning.

  3. My wife thought I was a fool two years ago now she speaks a different tune. I will never have enough and I’m still stacking PM’s and Food along with some other nifty goodies. Hell I’m just glad I live in a rural area and don’t have to deal with the City scene anymore along with the crazy people.

    • Well, one can only hope, Charlie.  It IS a point worth considering, though.  Glad to hear that you are safely tucked away off the beaten path, though.

      Maine, huh?  My step-Dad was born in Caribou, Maine.  He says he does not miss the winters there.  😉

    • The person in my family who is really glad that I stack physical gold and silver is my uncle. He is the owner of a jewelery shop and he just recently told me that buying precious metals is a very good decision that I’ve made. 🙂

  4. The one key difference between now and other times of depression is that it has become practically ILLEGAL to be self-sufficient. Those who plan to either hunker down or run are deemed “terrorists”. And where are the few who do it anyway going to live? So many of us are just keeping our heads above water and don’t have the opportunity to just drop life as we know it and run for the hills, hoping to find a place where we are accepted and able to suddenly become farmers. At least in times past, the government didn’t tell people not to grow their own food or store rainwater or keep some cows or chickens. Now, we hear of people getting arrested for growing herbs on their own property, for storing rainwater on their own land, for buying too much ammo (while FedGov buys it by the millions), or being penalized carbon credits because their animals give off too much gas.

    What we need is to quickly set up an “underground railroad” by those with the expertise to “seed” new communities. Small groups where each one has a farmer, a carpenter, a hunter, a butcher, a well-digger, an oven builder, etc. could be the nuclei around which those without these skills can adapt and find ways to contribute. Teachers, thinkers, and even artists are as necessary to life as anything else, or it isn’t living but mere surviving.

  5. The big cities will be war zones, people killing for a crust of bread. People out in small town very rural America are used to being self sufficient and many are prepared for loss of power, already have stocks of food through fall canning and freezing/canning. Many garden and have seeds too. The local farm coop will have fuel for a time to keep generators running and give people time to get an alternative to a fridge and freezer in place. There are still small local butchers here, I buy my beef and chicken straight from the farm, it goes to a local butcher and then gets delivered to me. The dollar tanks I barter with silver or some service the farmer may need.

    • My history teacher told me that after the collapse of the Roman empire, people ran away from the big cities to start living inside forests because they were scared that the criminals and the barbarians would attack them. The Roman empire is very similar to the USA so I think that the situations will be the same thing like Roman empire when the SHTF. 

  6. With people so obsessed with gadgets and fashions, I don’t know how we are going to fight against our tyrant governments since they’ll be brainwashed and too busy with Black Fridays. We the people… actually, I don’t to be part of these zombies.

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