MaguireAfter months of testing and build-out, the Allocated Bullion Exchange finally went “live” back on Wednesday.
What is this new exchange and why does it pose such a direct threat to the current, fractional reserve LBMA system?
For answers, we sought out CEO Tom Coughlin and our old friend and ABX Advisory Board member, Andrew Maguire.


Submitted by Craig Hemke, TFMetals Report

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After months of testing and build-out, the Allocated Bullion Exchange finally went “live” back on Wednesday. What is this new exchange and why does it pose such a direct threat to the current, fractional reserve LBMA system? For answers, we sought out CEO Tom Coughlin and our old friend and ABX Advisory Board member, Andrew Maguire.

After years of development, the Allocated Bullion Exchange is now fully operational. Here’s a link to their site:

In these back-to-back interviews, Tom and Andy address many of the questions you may have regarding the new exchange. They explain how the exchange functions for retail and institutional investors and they also detail why ABX is such a threat to the Bullion Bank status quo. Among the topics covered:

  • How will this exchange differ from the existing LBMA structure?
  • The ability of the exchange to provide a disruptive technology that allows users to entirely circumvent the LBMA.
  • In stark contrast to the LBMA, the anonymity that this new exchange gives market participants, thereby eliminating the possibility of bullion bank front-running of orders.
  • The global network of vaulting and settlement facilities, in place from day one, which allow the exchange to function on a 100%, fully allocated framework and gives users the ability to buy and sell at spot prices around the globe.

As you know, 2016 is shaping up to be the “year of consequence” that we predicted it would be. The timely emergence of the ABX, which gives producers and consumers alike an opportunity to interact outside of the existing LBMA system, only adds to the dynamic. We wish Tom, Andy and everyone else associated with ABX all the best in their efforts to offer the investment world a much more free and fair platform for buying and selling physical metal.


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    • Gold and Silver up.

      Competition is healthy for all enterprises.

      I purchased a roll of Silver Eagles today

      and spot was the same as last week,

      and a roll of Franklin half dollars 1958-1963 and spot was 8 1/2% higher than last week.  This coin shop has had heavy demand for 90% silver over the past month.

      Keep stacking till it hurts and then stack some more.

    • “I’ve wondered “why” the gold price skyrocketed  the other day and I think I just found out why.”

      Indeed.  That both of these things occurred on the exact same day is VERY unlikely to be mere coincidence.


    • Yea, I also forgot to mention that Chinese traders have been out of the picture because of they’re New Year celebrations. The ABX open for business, Chinese traders back to work … Next week will be very telling. How’s that Chinese saying go … may you live in interesting times. Thing is, they don’t mean that in a good way.

    • @Ranger

      Hmmmm. I vaguely remember a pretty knowledgeable Fellow predicting that something major could happen on or about the 19th, and here the architects of the ABX are saying that their platform could potentially cause a reset of the price discovery mechanism “over the course of a weekend”…

      Is that just a coincidence, or might I have connected some of your dots?

      (Whatever the case, I’m getting wood just thinking about the effect the ABX will have on our investments, lol.)


    • I’m kinda hoping that if it blows, I’m close enough that it will go right on over our head.

      Seriously, dying at the hands of mother nature is the last thing that I’m worried about for my family.  We have fought an honest fight, supported those like us.  We have treated those in our community and those that we come in contact with respect and courtesy.

      There is nothing that we can do about a natural disaster of epic proportions.

      It is these other #$%^&*$ parasites called bankers, corporations and politicians that have destroyed the USA and the rest of the planet…for control, ownership of humanity and profit.

      As to gold and silver…One day I woke up and realized with all that was going on in the financial world, it was our ONLY real chance at basic survival in the future.  With the parasites above in control, we had to believe in real items that have keep people alive for thousands of years.  So we made a choice.  Good, bad…don’t know yet.  One day at a time.

      We have set our businesses up to work far after retirement age in some way.  We have a totally self sufficient food set up…all within a few miles of home.  We have a solid shelter, good water, alternative energy sources, a way to protect ourselves, good folks around us and faith in God.

      Maybe tomorrow, I’ll think of something else, but for now we have done everything we can.

      God bless you all…”don’t go down without one helluva fight”



    • @lastmanstanding


      “There is nothing that we can do about a natural disaster of epic proportions.”

      Agreed… which is why I don’t get worked up about mystery planets, storms on the sun, earthquakes, and other Internet paranoia fodder.  If I can’t have any affect whatever on it, I don’t waste my time worrying about it.  Stacking and prepping are FAR more important than a ELE, IMO.

      Just remember, folks… the greater the devastation from a natural event, the less likely it is to occur.  Statistics show that each of us has about a 1 in 5,000 chance of being killed or seriously injured every time we get into a car and start driving somewhere.  Compared to that, why worry about a 1 in a million potential problem?

    • Yellowstone is not volcanic.  The magma is not deep enough to be a threat to pressurized explosion.  If pressure were to build up greater than equilibrium, it would just slowly come up from beneath the surface.  NO THREAT.

  1. Stopped into my local coin shop (LCS) today.  First time in 2.5 years to see what was going on.  They had numismatic, but very little junk and coins/bars.  Told me she could sell me 100 eagles at $5 over spot.  I declined.  Conversation disclosed that they were having trouble getting silver eagles and were buying from multiple sources (other dealers/mint direct/etc.).  This shop is part of a chain in my area owned by one person so I do not know what the chain is doing in sales.  Just about cleaned out their junk, except for the well worn items.  $11 face value.


    PS  Last time I was there I bought $13 in face value which left just their well worn items.

    • @Ordinary Joe

      That sounds like my last trip to a LCS in my area.  This was 6 months ago.  They had 1 10-oz. silver bar, about 3 ASEs, and 1 roll of Maples… for spot + $4.  They also had the expensive slabbed / graded silver coins.  I declined to buy anything then and haven’t been back since.  Their US 90% silver coin supply was about as close to nil as I have seen in a long time.  They had a few expensive “key date” coins but I have  no interest in them at all.  If it takes a silver dime to buy a loaf of bread when the SHTF, the grocer will not give a damn what key date it is.  All he wants to know is whether or not it was minted before 1965.


  2. I just went to the ABX website and applied for membership. I don’t know if I qualify or if it costs money. Waiting to hear something. They were quoting pooled gold at about $1,238 for 1/2 oz which is about double the London fix so I’m thinking that was a typo.

    Below is a website announcing the ABX’s opening:


    • @SpeedRacer

      It will be interesting to know what the membership cost and qualifications entail.  I don’t know a thing about the ABX but it sounds interesting… and perhaps a real game changer, especially for bullion buyers of all sizes and gold miners.

      My guess is that there will have to be some way to guarantee funds… an account of some sort that the ABX or an allied bank holds, like a money market account at a brokerage, where money is placed and can then be used to purchase gold via the ABX system and also to receive money from any gold an ABX member sells.  This may or may not be how it works but this seems reasonable to me.  More info as you get it, please.  🙂



    • @Ed_B

      “and perhaps a real game changer, especially for bullion buyers of all sizes and gold miners.” (I will add silver miners).  Maybe this is why the massive upswing in the miners the past couple of weeks.

      Just because the Chinese market was closed doesnt mean China’s gold interest wasnt involved with what was happening last week.  I dont think there would have been anything stopping them from being active in other markets.  Lets see if they can do in one day what we did in a week.

    • that’s a PR NEWSWIRE release, meaning that the scammers behind ABX paid something like $50 to have that posted to marketwatch and its not an announcement from marketwatch, its an announcement that ABX paid to put out there, just like a TV commercial on NBC selling you some hair growth gel is not NBC endorsing the product. are you confused about what a press release is or what PR NEWSWIRE is?

    • @Feedmethebull
      Is the ABX involved in silver bullion trading?  All of the comments I have seen so far indicate that they are involved in gold.  It would make sense that they were also in silver but I haven’t seen any comments to that effect, hence my leaving them out of my reply.


      “Just because the Chinese market was closed doesnt mean China’s gold interest wasnt involved with what was happening last week.”

      Agreed.  The Chinese are a very pragmatic people.  They do what they see as being in their best interest.  That seems to be converting paper assets into precious metal assets, among other things.  IMO, there are thousands of people around the world working on behalf of China to acquire hard assets.  This allows the Chinese Gov to keep a relatively low profile.  When XYZ Asset Corp. buys a hundred tons of gold, well, that’s just business.  If it was known that they were acquiring this gold specifically for China, that would be much bigger news and people would start wondering why a nation was doing such a thing.  Stackers have an inherent understanding of exactly why the Chinese Gov is doing this.  They are aware of things that the US Gov goes to great lengths to cover up.  They also encourage their people to buy and hold physical gold… unlike the US Gov.


    • @Ed_B

      They are active in 16 different precious metals, I guess they must be including everything, including lead.


      I was including silver mines due to the fact that silver tags behind gold in everything, and fortunately that is a good thing.   I think all we will be able to benefit from the ABX is an honest and real price, unless you already have a vault full of PM’s.  If the large quantity traders know what lies ahead in the ABX, they might be leading the way in getting their hands on the miners reserves.  And if this is the case, and I think it is, I dont think we will have any major dips in the PM’s from here on out.  The game has gotten serious and I dont think the Fed, TPTB or the central banks are too willing to give anyone a second chance on such a drastic move higher in the PM’s.   If they do crash the PM prices, it will be because they think the sheep wont notice and they’ll just blow it off as another non event.  But I think the transfer of wealth to the safe haven of PM’s is here to stay.  If China’s reaction to last weeks activity on Monday, and the USD and the USDJPY’s reaction on Tuesday is in our favor, we will have a reason to smile.  We know what the final outcome is, but will TPTB say now is the time.  Its hard to believe they control the game to this degree.

  3. I remember when Andrew blew the whistle on silver manipulation be the cartel.  They turned the big guns on him,  ridiculing him.  Great work Andrew on the new exchange.  Let’s spread the message far and wide of this new exchange

  4. sorry to burst the bubble here but this smells quite fishy and the whole thing looks like a front…

    the link to marketwatch was nothing but a PR NEWSWIRE, which anyone can pay $50 to publish. not an actual story by journalists.

    the website uses stock clipart for pictures of people and buildings, not actual people or actual buildings who work there.

    the “pooling” never ends well and is ridiculous as it invalidates the whole reason you’d even own gold or silver… to mitigate counterparty risk. you’d have less counterparty risk just buying in to eric sprotts PSLV than you would engaging in “pooling” on a flimsy website. and again with allocated storage, why do you need these people to arrange this for you? scam alert.

    i can go on and on but you’d be a sucker to give these people your hard earned money. just buy some PSLV, buy some mining companies like CDE or AUY or HL or IAG. or go buy some bullion from APMEX or SCOTTSDALE. my god tho… you are just going to send these people money, site unseen, and pray they have something for you somewhere? crazy… absolutely crazy.

    • You’re missing the story here… blinded by an opportunity to “save us all with your amazing wisdom?”

      This is not a retail system… it’s a venue for big money to invest in the metals outside the criminal LBMA which, in principle, should allow for some actual price discovery (instead of the games played by the banks).

      It’s about enabling the true price (or at least truer) to be established.

    • @srv – nope… big money wouldn’t go near this… the site talks about disseminating their rinky dink software down stream to clients. it’s a damn pyramid scheme. big money has bloomberg terminals and brokerage accounts. big money does not go to a slapped together website and start wiring funds to play with some fake software that says you have bullion in a vault somewhere waiting for you on the other side of the world. this is a ponzi.

    • @srv – directly from the headline…

      “They explain how the exchange functions for retail and institutional investors”

      This is yet another rehash of the eGold scam or the ongoing bitGold scam…

      I’m sorry, I warned people on here about Tulving and do you know how many effing sock puppets came out and bashed me and said how great Tulving was? Where are those sock puppets now? Probably back in Hans Tulvings sock drawer.

  5. Recall 3 plus years ago when Sprott said he needed to source $300,000,000 of silver to add to his PSLV vault.  The silver stacker internet went wild over that.  His purchase of 10,000,000 ounces of silver would blow up the system, forcing silver price up 100% or more.  As I recall, Sprott did source his silver and prices dropped like a rock form there on in.  It makes no sense how one  bullion exchange will change the price paradigm on the spot or the dime.  Silver will take off when the price suppression is curtailed or the means to rig is destroyed.  With an many legal and regulatory actions being take against banks that have actively engaged in price manipulation, with modest fines of a few billion here and there, it’ll take a while for any active participant in this game to make a difference, whether they’ll the white hats or wear black.

    • @AGXIIK


      “As I recall, Sprott did source his silver…”

      Yes, he did… and it would be damned interesting to know WHERE it came from. That amount of silver bullion isn’t just laying around to be bought by someone.  At one time, the SLV claimed to have over 11,000 tons of silver in their vaults.  That’s over 353M ozs., so could have supplied the necessary bullion.  As I recall, though, didn’t it take 4-5 months for Sprott’s silver order to be filled and weren’t the bars that he received all produced AFTER he placed his order?  If so, that indicates (but does not prove) that the silver in his order did not come from an existing silver hoard but consisted of newly mined silver and recently produced bullion bars.


      “Silver will take off when the price suppression is curtailed or the means to rig is destroyed”

      Perhaps what will happen is that the current rigged system will not be destroyed but will simply become irrelevant?  That would accomplish the same end without all the hysteria.  I can see the US$ meeting the same fate.  While that is not flashy, it certainly is possible and perhaps even more likely than some huge blow-up and collapse.


    • “It makes no sense how one  bullion exchange will change the price paradigm on the spot or the dime. ”

      With all due respect AGXIII I shout aloud again:

      This is a STUNNING DEVELOPMENT!!! GAME OVER FOR THE LBMA!!! will SHOCK THE WORLD!!!! Will COLLAPSE the financial system in 48 HOURS!!!!

  6. If an exchange is set up to pay out 10% over spot starting at 1 ounce of gold for instance, and can handle realy large volume and make really quick payouts, you’ll see things happening.
    If avverage Joe can buy a coin at 3% over spot, and across the road sell it at 10% over spot, there are going be a lot of road crossings that day. Won’t take long before the coin shop starts to raise premium. And eventually will pay over spot for gold brought to them. How long before COMEX starts to get traders standing for actual delivery? Lots of cash in margin account to prevent eventualitties. Longs laughing at the shorts as they are basically giving them 11 ounces for 10 even single contract. Such trading never gets old for the one side. The other side will just run out of gold, unless they stop participating, and more likely, cut out COMEX, traders, etc, and get their 10% uncut, directly. How much gold (flow) would need to find the 110% buyer before the price is inflenced?

    I still believe launching a newbie friendly, easily accessed global monetary currency of physical coins will do most to pry metal from strong reserve hands.

  7. so in the last year all the vaunted ponzi ceo does is grant interviews to the turdmeister and post on tfmetals forum. really.

    and you people in this thread say this keyboard commando ceo who exists in no other place online except tfmetals  message forum is like the cause of the gold price spike in the last week?

    honestly, how delusional can you get. this is nothing but shenanigans, a fake website, a ceo who only talks to turd fergusson, and a mythical piece of software where you buy and sell electronic gold outside of all major exchanges and existing channels and it is pooled and vaulted for you we promise just don’t ever ask for it in physical form.


  8. seriously… look at this BS… people immediately smell something fishy when they float this a year ago… then omg, the ceo’s ears are burning and he logs in to tf metals and saves the day with his confidence-inspiring posts.

    turd is obviously start struck at having this market-moving ceo show up to his site and thanks him. then of course a stream of random posters all assert just how relieved they are that all doubts have now been cleared up and that anyone who doubted was just a traumatized gold bug who’d been lied to too many times.

    lol… folks you can’t make a scam look any worse than this. and yet again we see major sites like tf metals and yes indeed silver doctors knee deep in this crap.

    • Disagree with that.  Give it time.  Big changes to market structure don’t happen overnight especially when powerful forces oppose those changes.

  9. This is a STUNNING DEVELOPMENT!!! GAME OVER FOR THE LBMA!!! will SHOCK THE WORLD!!!! Will COLLAPSE the financial system in 48 HOURS!!!!

    Not really- ABX is just another Gold Money/Bullion Vault allocated precious metals style platform.

    Sitting and looking the other way….

  10. @Smaulgld  I can’t remember  exactly what I was implying with that statement except that Sprott’s bullion bank changed nothing.  But whatever happens to the COMEX and some currency reset in the near future,  I am as ready as I can be and await whatever might some our way, COMEX crash or anything else for that matter.

    • “Sprott’s bullion bank changed nothing.”

      exactly and the ABX will have the same impact- NOTHING.

      I was just parroting some of the headlines we see here constantly about “game over” “collapse” “game changer” etc

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