rocketThere is only one single indicator that has ALWAYS pointed to the rise of gold…


From Mac Slavo:


After a stellar start in 2016 investors saw their gold holdings get hammered into the end of the year. But the gold bull market may see a resurgence in 2017 after President Trump takes office later this month.

As Future Money Trends highlights in the following video, there are a number of factors that will contribute to its next big move forward, including one particular indicator that has been so accurate in the past it’s impossible to ignore:

The reality is there is only one single indicator that has always pointed to the rise of gold… one that is a screaming indicator to buy or sell gold… the last time this indicator was this bullish for gold it surged from $175 per ounce to $850 in less than two years… that’s a 485% increase… A move that at today’s prices would take gold over $6,000 per ounce by 2019.

Watch the 2017 gold report:


    • lol @JohnLGalt


      There ARE times when savvy investors should buy bonds if they want to make a lot of money.  Those times arrive when we have a market near its top and interest rates that are above average.  Not only do such bonds appreciate in price but they also pay a very handsome coupon.

      Before my in-laws passed, they always looked back on the Jimmy Carter era with fondness.  The reason for that was that they put their entire savings into long term US Treasury bonds at 15.5%.  Once Reagan came in and spurred the economy, rates came down and those bonds doubled, if not tripled in price as rates fell.  They made a good amount of money from all this, much of which my wife, as their only child, inherited.

      Currently, however, bonds are an awful investment.  I would rather stuff my mattress with fiat than use it to buy bonds.  I do not believe that bond buyers are being fairly compensated for the risks they are taking when the world is absolutely awash in debt, much of which is sovereign debt.  Interest rates really only have one way to go and that is up.  As that happens, the value of low yielding bonds will tumble.  That makes these days a reverse image of the late 1970s and early 1980s, insofar as bond buyers are concerned.  I don’t own a single bond these days but if I did, I would sell them.


    • @Ed_B  In reply to your comments above, this quote attributed to Will Rogers, but disputed by some is a doozy.


      Franz Pick would probably have loved it.


      “I am not so much concerned with the return on capital as I am with the return of capital.”

    • @JohnLGalt


      “I am not so much concerned with the return on capital as I am with the return of capital.”

      So I should give back the tens of thousands of dollars I made investing in bonds or the hundreds of thousands that my wife inherited?  Nah, not happening!  lol


      As to Will Rogers, yes, he had some great quotes.  My favorite WR quote is:

      “I’m not a member of any organized political party.  I’m a Democrat”.  😉



    • Ranger, I regularly visit the ‘on the heels of‘ & and ‘powerful pieces’ & ‘from one of the greats in the business’ website daily just to read the fear porn. Lol. JLG.   


       Waiting, waiting, weighing. he he.   


  1. The supply ratio of silver to gold has very little to do with the market price ratio as it provides for no consideration of their comparative demand curves.

    That said, the current price ratio of 70 plus seems hard to fathom.

    However, I would like to shoot this thought out for comment.

    If future prices and geopolitical and geo-economic events go as many on this site expect, I would expect that governments would scoop-up as much gold as possible, by any means possible, and mines would all be nationalized. That gold would be used only for international settlements.

    Silver might be used in currency manufacture, but the small existing supply and large lead times on increasing mine production, would result in such huge prices that either the coins would contain such small concentrations of silver as to not even look like a silver coin, and thus be easily counterfeited, or they would be too small to see and handle.

    Others have suggested that this will result in going back to an PM backed currency that is exchangeable.

    However, I am wondering if a more plentiful metal might be added to the list of metals functioning as currency for lower value transactions.

    I know the anarchists will say lead, but it is somewhat toxic and not durable even when alloyed significantly.

    Maybe the demand increase to coin currencies would push the price of copper high enough??




    • Canada just abandoned it’s copper specie currency because inflation made it too expensive to maintain.

      -1930. Gold was demonitized

      -1965. Silver was demonitized.

      -2014. Copper was demonitized. In Canada, it took 3 cents worth of copper per penny. They replaced it with Zinc, now Zinc’s on a tear.

      Stack the physical. Listen to Him Willie’s latest here on SD. He’s downright lyrical. Rome didn’t fall in a day.

    • “Silver might be used in currency manufacture…”

      It might.  But how about this?  How about a credit card-like card where a person would deposit a few ounces of silver into their account and then they could use the card to buy things in increments as small as 0.001 gram?  Goods and services for sale would be priced in mg of silver and not in dollars or other fiat currency unit.  That would allow silver owners to purchase small things, even if silver’s value per oz. was quite high.  I would agree that if silver were to be used as currency, the days of large coins of low value are probably behind us.


      “However, I am wondering if a more plentiful metal might be added to the list of metals functioning as currency for lower value transactions.”

      That seems a reasonable proposal to me.  How about tin as a monetary metal?  It looks quite nice, doesn’t corrode much at all, is durable, and is relatively non-toxic.

  2. Why stop there?

    Why not ten thousand…fifty thousand…a hundred thousand?  A million!

    How about it folks – 1 ounce gold coin for a million dollars.  And yes, I’m sure if that ever happened, the dollar would still be worth a lot and would buy you anything you wanted!  And I’m sure the government would never confiscate or tax your earnings.  How about a house for ten thousand?  How about a company and a country club membership.  And I’m sure after that you’d have plenty left over to buy a politician or two!

    All because you understood that stacking coins was the way to wealth, and all those “sheeple” wasted their entire lives with fiat money!

    Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

  3. There are lots of indicators that are bullish.

    However, the last time this indicator was this bullish, there was not the level of manipulation of the COMEX paper market that exists today.

    The games they played with the London fix and central banks announcing “sales” of gold in the late 1990’s were kids play in comparison.

    None of the “indicators” will have effect until the system of manipulation on the COMEX fails.

    That is the day most of you are waiting for.

    • Absolutely correct.  As long as the CRIMEX can keep 50:1 paper-to-gold / silver ratio the price is going “nowhere”.  Sure it might bounce up to $22 only to get sledge hammered for a few months until it back below $17 or $18.  Until then you can read all of the charts, indicators and tea leaves you want.

    • “However, the last time this indicator was this bullish, there was not the level of manipulation of the COMEX paper market that exists today.”

      Agreed.  There also was neither the crushing level of debt worldwide nor the absolute mountain of derivatives slopping up the financial system.

    • The Rothschild Silver and Gold Fix Office was busted a couple of years ago and the Fraud Squad went after the “Bancos de Bentos” gang. They are now getting out of it through bent masonic judges, solicitors, fraud squad etc. They forgot to aim at the top – the Rotten Children. They simply buy off everyone and the manipulation continues unabated. What we the people need now is a Hit Squad, where no questions are asked, because now, we need all out WAR. We need to work from the top downwards. Call in at the Rothchilds pad with rocket propelled incendiary grenade launchers, raid the pad and kill anything that moves. Then do the same thing to every one of their castles and banks. On each visit we take all valuables, to fund the war, and the torch the place, every time.

  4. Guess who has the largest Ag Silver mining industry in the World ? Guess who petrol prices have skyrockets and there is massive looting nd rioting ,plus the peso is falling MEXICO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>whats the EROI for miners

    • just look at EXK. supposed to be a canadian company that owns it. went from 13, down to 2, and some change in a matter of 3 years or so. so why, pray tell, have we read in the last 2 years here, on this site, and usually in the summer when sales are crap,the stories of scarcity appear. so if it was scarce the last three times it was mentioned, then why in hell does a miner like EXK tank like they did and not recover. i think they were nationalized like you say…………..and they never sent out the memo. so the pancho villas are stealing the precious from their respective citizens country, all the while ripping them off with gas prices.

    • @drummerboy

      As I noted elsewhere in an comment on this article, the price has been TOTALLY CONTROLLED by COMEX manipulation the last 5 years.

      Before that it was “influenced significantly” by manipulation of various sorts.

      The manipulation will end when demand takes so much physical that the mechanisms of manipulation, particularly the paper futures market, cease to function.

      None of the players big enough to do that want to do it now, as they are happy to be buying and stacking at current prices.

      If JPM has 550 million ounces accumulated in the past 6 years or so, and I believe they do, that is “only” about $10 billion worth, about two quarters’ profits in hard times.

      Further I suspect they have taken that much from the hedge funds in the cyclic manipulation during that same period.

      How long can the current game last??

      I don’t know, but I am betting on not much longer.

      If I am wrong, my 12 year old daughter will inherit a nice stack.

    • “If I am wrong, my 12 year old daughter will inherit a nice stack.”

      Indeed.  Same here with my adult children and grand children.  I am OK with that. 🙂

      The tricky part of this is to be sure that our heirs are well educated in PM ownership and what it means to have this as a family legacy.  Otherwise, they will be tempted to sell if for fiat and then spend it.  That would suck.  🙁

    • hey i was posting you just as you put up the vid. yup.they get to loot toilet paper and modelo,while the real pancho villas’s are stealing the real booty………….silver mines

    • me and mama have been packed and ready to move from the sanctuary shithole known as chitcago after 60 plus some years. thats one of the reasons on a loooong list of reasons.i’ll stop there. funny how 0zer0 just gave his buddy rahm a billion dollars to redo four elevated train stops which could never cost a billion dollars even with union wages paid. can only imagine the theft and kick backs that are going to happen.

    • Agreed @JohnLGalt


      Gowdy is one tough SOB.  I like the idea of using him as their pit-bull to investigate all of the Dem corruption and law-breaking for the past 8 years.  I wanna see some SERIOUS jail time meted out to these mofos.  Would also like to see some claw-back of all the graft and corruption they raked in while supposedly “serving the public”.



    • Do a Google search.  Maybe there is a chart somewhere that shows how the price has changed over the past couple of weeks?

      Here is an interesting article.  I did not spot a specific price because the article only mentions that the price of gasoline increased substantially on New Year’s Day when most of the politicians were on vacation.  Their president was golfing.  Well, we all know how that works.  :-/


      A major problem for Mexico right now is that they need the US a lot more than the US needs them, so there isn’t much opportunity for Mexico to play hardball with Trump.


    • I just read an article that did not reference the price but said fuels had increased by only 14 – 20%.

      The increase in fuel prices was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

      There are lots of other issues making for lots of unhappy campers.

      This one just made some of the unhappy campers cook-off.


    • 14-20% increase doesn’t sound like much unless one is already tapped out and unable to afford ANY rise in fuel prices.  To the wealthy, such an increase is negligible but to the poor is means they have to cut something else and they may not have much discretionary spending in their budget.

  5. @LetmySilverGo    “ahhhh how much is Mexico gasoline??” 


    At the tab at the top of the page you are looking at RIGHT CLICK select NEW TAB type or copy your request into it and save us from doing it for you.   _JLG. 

    The price of 1 liter (1/4 gallon) of gas in Mexico City is Mex$ 14  

  6. Here’s my take on the world’s population of politicians, bankers and money changers

    They’re all a pack of degenerate co**suckers.

    The politicians have the IQs of rats and act as same.

    The bankers have IQs of dogs and act as same.

    The money mongrels have the IQs of chimps and act as same.

    To use rats dogs and chimps as comparison demeans those animals.

    That said, for 5,000 years every time a politician–aka king, pharoah, poobah, tyrant, prime minister, president or despot gets in power,  their first order of business is how to f***  the peasants.  They do it by printing paper money or precious metal coins, then recalling the money to debase it to fight a war, buy off an enemy with some one sided alliance or pay off some other degenerate co**sucker who put them in power.

    5 minutes after they assume office they  start sniffing the air, smelling something they want and then decide that some son of a bitch across the river or over the mountain has something they MUST have, whether it’s food, women, oil, land or animals.

    That poor schlub ‘over there’ wears a different hat, prays to a different god or talks a different language is all the excuse this degenerate co**sucker needs to start a war.  Like our nobel peace prize winning degenerate co**sucker president, that blood thirsty degenerate maggot who’s dropped 50,000 bombs on muslim people ‘over there’. That little mulatto DS won’t stop bombing these poor bastards until the hour of the day he’s out of office. He loves death and power and destruction.

    So these degenerates call in the coins, gold or silver, and debase them at the behest of the bankers.  The bankers finance the wars and make trillions from the conflict.  Democide creates a 10 to 1 civilian death toll while the survivors are left with degenerated worthless currency printed with the face of the  same degenerate co**sucker who got the people into the war,  destroyed the people’s wealth, dealt death to every corner of the kingdom and world, prints his degenerate face on over bill, coin and stamp that was used to finance the insanity of his or her vain glorious quest for conquest, glory and immortality while reducing the value of the currency to zero.

    rant off


    • Yes, and I’ve learned to take everything I read here with a grain of salt.

      All I do is watch the day to day price movements, hope for large dips and accumulate more on those dips.  Everything else is just fluff really.

  7. The banksters and politicos have an army of Post Hole Diggers and some big iron at their disposal.  All the stackers have behind them is the fact that trees don’t grow to the moon, debt, and math.  The stackers will win eventually.  Just gonna take some time to get there.

    • They can’t even pay the interest on the debt let alone the principle so there must now be negative interest rates.  The world monetary system is swirling down into the Black Hole of Calcutta and there is nothing they can do about it.  Every ox will be gored.

  8. @JOHNLGALT @f16hoser.   Bingewatching Deadwood, a 10 year old series about the old west, circa 1876, in a gold rush town, the rule of law was the gun, fist and wits.  No sheriff, statehood, no connection to the USSA. Just a large loose confederation of men and women scraping out a living mining for gold, the real shiny. Everything revolved around the shiny.  Few good guys, except for a nominal good deed or flashes of morality.

    I’m more inclined to see these pioneers and hard scrable people, as lawless as they were, as eminently superior to the sorts of scumbags that followed, laying down their laws, taking bribes and generally civilizing the townspeople, most of whom were there to get away from the long arm of laws, regulations, rules and ‘civilization’

    • @AGXIIK


      “I’m more inclined to see these pioneers and hard scrable people, as lawless as they were, as eminently superior to the sorts of scumbags that followed, laying down their laws, taking bribes and generally civilizing the townspeople, most of whom were there to get away from the long arm of laws, regulations, rules and ‘civilization’”

      Which is exactly why these people should have hanged every sorry SOB who showed up on their doorstep, proclaiming all that they could do for (actually TO) them.  Once people get in that habit, it’s hard to break, and liberty remains strong.  But give these c***suckers even a tiny foothold and they will take the place over and make everything worthwhile illegal, taxed, or regulated.  A pox upon their houses, each and every mother-F***ing one of them!



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