collapseAre insiders preparing now for the economic collapse?

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  1. The Middle East is where it all started, and the Middle East is where is all will end.  With these peaceful, tranquil, loving Muslims (NOT!) looking at everybody elses stuff in the Middle East, its only a matter of time before the bombs,rockets, nuclear stuff, and whatever else they have to toss off of their camels.  In the infamous words of George W. Bush, “Bring it on”.
    Lets go ragheads!!!!

  2. Putin is going to do some serious payback with the two Chechen  bombing in Volgograd. 
    And probably all the way to the top of the House of Saud. 
    Putin has done it numerous times before.
      People in top positions will die unexpectedly.
    The messages will be sent. 

    PS someone is always preparing for the coming economic collapse. Someone is always preparing for the 5 PM Happy Hour gong. I think it’s 5PM in New York. Bottoms up!
    Paraphrasing someone wiser than me

    With all thy preparing, enjoy thy life as well.
    Life is what comes along while we are doing all that preparing.
    Go with it and have some fun in 2014.
    “Yes dear”.
    That was my wife reminding me to stop being so serious and get ff the darned computer.
    LOL 🙂

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