5000 goldIn his latest public update, SmartKnowledgeU’s JSKim discusses how studying the history of gold and silver clearly tells us where it is heading in the future.
Kim also explains how examining the historical anti-gold, anti-silver banker propaganda campaigns should prevent us from falling for the same dirty bag of tricks they are playing today.


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  1. I’ve followed gold and silver since the Hunt’s were screwed by the Fed and the Banksters in 1979. When the Banksters started stamping US coins again in 1986 their game plan for gold and silver was set. The Fed has priced fixed gold and silver since Nixon took the US off the Gold standard and predictors don’t figure out the market they merely observe what the Fed Banksters do and call their observations predicting. The Banksters plan to make trillions off their hoarded gold and move gold up and down to create a make believe market. If there had ever been a true market for gold a day’s wage for a good blue collar worker would be 1/100th of an ounce of gold. So if a working man earns $100.00 per day the true price of gold would be 100 times this for an ounce, $10,000.00 per ounce. In my 68 years there has never been one day that the Fed Banksters have not manipulated the price of gold. Yes one day the Fed will let gold seek its real level, but only after you and me have created their make believe market and they have stolen all the physical and confiscated all the mines. Why? Because the Banksters hate gold and will do everything they can to steal every ounce. That day no one will own gold and all the Peeps will be forced to live around their digital nothing. Forget the thought so called wise Peeps will be allowed to share in the Fed’s sending gold to its true value. Banksters hate silver a million times worse than gold and it presents a real problem for them because in their hatred of silver the parasites have not hoarded silver. My guess is the parasites plan to make holding silver a crime punishable by death and try to eliminate anyone using it as money. The Banksters have the tools in place to implode the world economy on their terms. The only chance the world has to defeat the parasites is to set up a money system based on silver before the Fed pulls the plug on the world. 

    • @Anon123:  I haven’t noticed your posts here before.  Thank you for this gem!!!!!  Too bad the Peeps NEVER get it until its too late.  I only wish I had started back during the Hunt debacle.  I remember it well.  I started in 2002, and tried to make up for lost time.  Thanks again!  Keep the wise words coming…

    • You give the banksters too much credit…they are not omnipotent although they appear to be. Their time is short. Nothing in this world is permanent, same as their current reign.

    • @Anon123
      I agree with you 100%. I`m a tad younger than you, and have likewise been observing. But just to play devils advocate, let`s look at this through the banksters eyes.
      1. Why not ditch gold, it`s costly to mine, and all the pesky employee`s and regulations make it a pain.
      2. Federal reseve notes are really quite easy to produce in volume. What`s not to like?
      3. The great unwashed will go along, they are far too busy to be splitting hairs over the currency.
      4. Relegate gold and silver to jewlery, but wait, wont that show the metals still hold value? Nah, they wont notice.
      5. This plan will work  just fine,    till it dosen`t work at all.
      6. I think we are approaching #5 very quickly now.

    • @Anon123
      “Because the Banksters hate gold and will do everything they can to steal every ounce.”
      My thought is that the banksters LOVE gold AND silver.  What they do not love is us having any of them.

  2. The Golden rule use to be one with the most gold rules the world. But that’s old laws of the past. Its the one that can control the price of gold can rule the world with no one stopping them now.

    • “no one stopping them now”.
      I equate this scenario to an old time “B” western movie.  For 85-90 minutes the bad guy/guys are getting away with everything, including murder, but then in a flash, their world turns upside down, and they get their due.  Granted, its somewhat nostalgic, but in the end, the bad guys get what they deserve–and these elitist greedy motherfuckers will get theirs, too.

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