empire revoltIn his latest Truth Never Told video, Dont-Tread-On.Me’s Chris Duane discusses the coming transfer of wealth that will be the greatest in all of human history.
As the paper and digital wealth of all nations are destroyed and only real assets remain, will you be on the receiving or losing end of the greatest transfer of wealth in history?

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  1. Hope old ChrisBoy is right but frankly, he doesn’t know whether our physical pm’s will rise exponentially versus other tangible assets, or will simply protect us with a good rate of return. Paper assets are definitely going to experience some type of reset where holders will experience big losses.  The thing that has been so perplexing to me is why more investors have not viewed the current times as putting their wealth at risk, and begun to shift a certain percentage of their wealth into physical. I have an inlaw that is a bond trader on WallStreet, and he told me a year ago last summer while we were at a wedding that he and most of his finance buddies have allocated significant amounts of $$ and bought physical gold(those guys are not much on silver but they have a lot more $$ then most of us). Most of the guys in my neighborhood earn in the top 10percent range nationally(several are in finance) and none are buying physical. Guys in my Dad’s generation all bought and held som physical, but not today’s generation. Vexing.

    • Bradford, two points here
      1. Most people cannot handle FACING the truth, even when it is right there in front of them. We are highly conditioned to ignore truths especially FINANCIAL truths from a young age. Your neighbours, and relatives are BLISSFULLY asleep and most will not wake up. Even during the collapse they will not ‘awaken’!  During the hyperinflation in Zimbabwe most still would not face the reality even though it was evident every where they looked. Trust me I am from Zimbabwe. Just get on with doing what you are doing to protect and prepare your assets and family. 
      2. The planet has enough people in the EAST, BRICs and Africa who are savvy enough about ‘real’ assets vs paper to create enough demand to drive the prices of the metals higher. Just be patient and know and accept that for now the prices are manipulated. In time metal prices will set themselves free. There will come a time in the future when you will not accept fiat for your metal at any price. Be right and sit tight. I’ve seen this movie before. Trust me I am from Zimbabwe.
      Hope that helps.

  2. hey, all you paper tigers out there, we’ll be glad to let you in on that transfer after your paper burns up.  only this time it will be to buy our PMs instead of shorting them like only a paper tiger can.

  3. Folks, Oil is down. Meaning nobody needs as much gas as the economy is dropping like a rock. Another hint The Dollar will soon go down into the $78.00 neighborhood. Meaning if the Dollar goes down to the low 70’s Halleluiah, Gold and Silver will RULE!
    Just watch the Ten Year Bond yield and the Dollar Index, that’s all you need to know. Take a shortcut, charts and articles are fine here and in other places, but just eyeball those two things.

  4. I don’t believe that Chris knows what he’s talking about.  He trys to come off as some kind of academic.  Things are bad, yes.  All the bad things will come in its own time.  Things can stay bad for a long time also.  Nothing academic about those words.  People are struggling and they will keep struggling.  The stock markets, while overvalued can stay overvalued for an undetermined period of time.  We are living in Fascism.  Lets try and enjoy it.  Once the bubbles pop we will have some great commentary.  Until then, we wait.

    • I’m with Pollokeeper!  Why did we even fight the Fascist?  We should have just given them control over our country and let them run things- we would’ve saved 50 years of happiness, and cut straight to the misery!  …. Who knows? I could have been born in slavery! That would’ve rocked! …. But… I have blonde hair, and green eyes… (sigh) so… I probably would be working for the TSA today, and lining up most minorities against the wall for a “lead” transfer.
      What in the name of God’s green Earth are you talking about- enjoy the Fascism? Are you a Constitutional traitor to freedom?  Are you even an American? And if you are, slap yourself for selling out to misery.  If your Austrian, or German, I’m afraid you missed your generation (although quite thrilled to be a part of the new Stazi movement no doubt).
      As for lovin the paper trade until the day the Earth opens up and swallows all unsuspecting victoms, leaving them in bread-crumb lines, suffering, cold misery like the poor schlubs in the UK who’s ENTIRE FAMILIES lived/slept in the graveyards during the Great Depression… I think that has to be the single handed WORST piece of advice I’ve ever heard.  It’s like your holding a flag and leading five men to charge a fortified stronghold of 500 men. 
      Leading others to the slaughter is not commendable.

  5. Britain has relaxed stringent rules for Chinese banks willing to set up in London. Beijing in turn opened up its markets to British-based investors, marking the latest move to establish the yuan as one of the world’s key currencies.
    “A great nation like China should have a global currency,” said UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, during his official five day visit to China. And the UK is gladly willing to contribute “through the international center of finance: London”.
    Under the agreed pilot program, China sanctioned London-based investors to buy up to 80 billion yuan ($13.1 billion) of stocks, bonds and money market instruments directly, avoiding Hong Kong transactions, Reuters reports.
    Meanwhile, Britain will let Chinese banks set up wholesale branches in London, easing regulations the country had imposed after the financial crisis broke out. Since 2008, Britain has insisted that most foreign lenders should set up their UK operations as “subsidiaries” rather than branches, which provides greater protection for depositors and taxpayers. Less regulation will be welcomed by Chinese lenders who have always complained the rules made it hard to operate in Britain, prompting them to move much of their business to Luxembourg.
    On top of that, London and Beijing will trade the yuan against the dollar directly, avoiding the dollar.
    “The Chinese currency, the renminbi [yuan], is not terribly well known in Britain at the moment. But over my lifetime I think it’s going to become almost as familiar as the dollar, and I want British businesses involved in trading it, investing in it,” Osborne told BBC television in China.
    Currently London accounts for 62 percent of yuan trades outside China and Hong Kong, according to data from financial services provider SWIFT. The latest move will give the renminbi a firmer footprint in Europe and strengthen London’s platform to develop the offshore RM (renminbi) bond market.
    According to an HSBC forecast, within 5 years a third of China’s total trade will be in yuan, which will make it fully convertible and elevate it into the top 3 exchange currencies. According to data compiled by Bloomberg, the yuan has already strengthened 36 percent against the dollar and 47 percent versus the pound since 2005.

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