For those who couldn’t attend this week’s Silver Summit and weren’t able to watch the debate live at Kitco, we have the FULL GREAT SILVER DEBATE between GATA’s Bill Murphy and the CPM Group’s Jeffrey Christian.
(Jeffrey one ups himself from his 2010 CFTC testimony where he inadvertently revealed that paper gold and silver trade at 100-1 vs actual physical metal- he again slips up and admits that the true paper/phyzz ratio is closer to 400-1, but “it doesn’t matter“)  LOL…thanks Jeff!

  1. @anon 1:45- so you believe there is no silver manipulation? Christian acts like GATA is the only one who believes in the manipulation and they made everything up. Ted Butler is the real one who has exposed JP Morgan's silver manipulation. As Butler would say…how can a 40% position of the entire market NOT be manipulation?
    Discussion of where Andrew Maguire may or may not have worked is a distraction from the real issue at hand.

  2. Christian did well, and I came away favorably disposed toward him. BUT, if you listen carefully his main attack was to question Andrew Maguire's resume. The real point is that Andrew Maguire notified the CFTC in advance of manipulation and exactly how that manipulation would occur, and subsequently that manipulation did occur as predicted.

    Either Andrew Maguire can see into the future, or manipulation exists and Andrew Maguire understands the mechanisms of manipulation. Which seems to prove manipulation and bolster his credentials as someone who understands the gold market, apparently moreso than Jeffrey Christian.

    That is all.

  3. Discussion of where andrew maguire worked is of central importance becase he is your supposed whistle blower. Why not just provide the facts as to where you work?
    Also, Christian seems to have won this debate IMO, was more cool headed and seems to have his facts straight. Bill, was a bit more hot headed (not sure why).
    There is only one way to see if this silver shortage pans out, and that is with time.

    Our friend Sierra says that there is not enough silver to satisfy the bottomless apeptites of billionaires. Supposed all these billionaires want to do is spend ALL there money on silver. If a supply is a problem and they want there silver, why dont all these supposed billionaires just line up for delivery at the COMEX? It will either default or they will get all there silver, no?

    My point being is that there is a shit load of conspiracy theories coming from silver publishers (e.g., willie, hubbart, stewart thompson, turd ferguson, sprott, turk). I will ask many people here to go back and READ alot of their public information and see HOW CONSISTENTLY wrong these pure hearted business men are. One: willie has been wrong on a number of occasions. As i said before, one day the shorts are on the ropes and covering the next minute its a blamo manipoulation attack. One minute silver will be at 60 by autumn and a gold reserve currency out by june, the next minute hes silent as hell.

    Sprott: charges a hefty premium for his paper silver. He was smart and sold out at the top with a 20 % extra premium.. that is what you call a smart business man. My question to people, why did he sell his silver if he thinks there is a shortage?

    James turk, in the summer he was shouted of a supply squeeze on KWN and how silver will be at 45 by early august and onto new highs by mid september… the guy is quiet now. Dont worry, hes making a killing with his gold money business, charging people a premium to hold their gold (all because he cares for you, right?).

    Turd, a useless person for information you got giddy and told people to keep buying why the price was rising, right up to 45 dollars, and when it crashed he was asking people what the hell was going on. Dont believe me, look at his blog and see for yourself.

    Stewart Thompson: his daily missives are redundant and quite annoying. Buy low, sell high, the bankers can do this and that. One minute silver is a baby precious metal next to gold, the next minute is has a inverse Head and shouldering pattern that signals a massive breakout. The last time i checked he was buying every 10 cents down, but is now keeping it simple. Ya right.

    Hubbart: check that guys track record: a total flop.

    My point, there are ALOT of silver investors out there who want to dupe people into believing a lot of shit. They have a grudge with the government, and want the monetary system to flop so that they can feel on top. They will sell you any type of advice, but remember you got to pay for it.

    IMO, there is no shortage, supply and demand will dictate price. Eventually there will be a rush into silver and the price will drive up, those in it will make money. Those not in it will buy at the top and tell others of the same bullshit theories.

    No central bank has come on with a silver monetary metal indication. What happened to WB. Am i being to aggressive, should we give him or her more time. When i think of the word imminent I think very soon. WHat about you people.

    Last point: if silver was SO in demand and there was a supply problem, why has the price not slinged back up to 50 and above?

  4. LOL "we think silver will either go up or down. same with gold, we see a range of up or down" NO SHIT. jeff christian is such a goldmanite. he is clearly part of the cartel.

  5. Anybody notice Christian wouldn't look out into the crowd? He kept staring over at Murphy and the mediator. Weird, I'm interpreting his awkwardness as a tell. Do you guys thinks he's a liar or ignorant about silver?

  6. i just watched the debate. I disagree that christian won the debate. What i will say is this: murphy was more emotional and christian was a little cooler headed. I think its because murphy is a little more rough around the edges and christian is more of a smooth talker. However i think christian is a liar and just because he is more smooth talking than murphy doesnt mean he is right. I think if you have half a brain and examine the evidence it is obvious that gold and silver are manipulated. In light of this fact it is irrelavent who won the debate. The facts speak for themselves.

  7. <–guy who in the second post said he thinks christian won the debate.

    There is a difference between winning a debate and being right on an issue. The video is called 'The Great Silver debate'. My point was that, based on what was said IN THE DEBATE…Christian came off as the clear winner. He was cooler, calmer, spoke more articulately, used more facts, etc.

    That does not mean I believe silver is a free market. It is clearly manipulated. Bill Murphy just completely failed to prove that in this debate is all, imo.

  8. After watching I feel there was no real winner of this debate… Murphy seemed to have the audience support and was deeply passionate with what he was attempting to state with the limited time given… I also feel he is unable to provide a few key facts needed to support his evidence… Christian appears to be the typical smooth talking "yes" man saying whatever needs to be said to skate most real answers so that in the future he is able to go back and say… NO, let me tell you what I really said… And as said by others he failed in his ability to face the audience…
    I personally believe that there is some manipulation to the phyz market.. Unfortunately this failed to prove anything… I just hope that at some point there is someone or a group with all there facts supported and organized that are able to properly leverage a case against those involved in the manipulation so that it is not shrugged off… In other words bring forward allegations that will be looked at in a serious manner and someones light bulb turns on… Then and only then will something be done… Unfortunately the way things seem to be going it will take a MASSIVE BLATANT mistake on the manipulators side before any attempt is made to correct the wrong doings and meddling…
    That's all I got to say about that.. Keep stackin yall!!

  9. If I were Murphy I'd be emotional too. He got his ass kicked with brass knuckles. Has had death threats and the guy there talking about mcguire almost got ran over. These guys are on the front lines. It's real easy for us to sit behind our computers and make comments. Theres nothing wrong with passion, it doesn't sway my opinion of who had a better performance.

  10. In the end none of us can get our hands on the data to proof or disprove manipulation, so you have to use your own head.
    Me, I look at the price and compare it against everything else in the world. That which can be reproduced and that which can not and I just don't get how the price is so low. Why CBanks are suddenly buying and the Bernanke has to say something stupid like it's not money. I'll keep stacking and if the price falls, oh well, my grand kids will likely be happy I did.

  11. Kitco is part of the problem. They support Comex. Even this video was rigged. Look at the back drop of each speaker. One is in front of a black background while the other is in front of a white background.

  12. Sam, are you kidding me. One was on the back and the other on the white background has nothing to do with anything. I didnt even notice it until you mentioned it. Murphy was not level headed and couldnt support himself. The should have had ted butler and some nice charts, graphs and FACTS!

    Also, the backdrop crap reminds me of a time when bernanke wore a golden tie and jim sinclair and the doc were commenting on how that was a signal to the powers that be that he was going to remonitize gold… Bernanke must know about all these consipiracy theories and gets a kick with messing with bloggers minds.

  13. Jeff Christian tried very hard to explain away the lawsuit by using a "distinction without a difference". He explained that Barrick was correct in trying to dismiss the lawsuit because Blanchard & Co had included Central Banks in the suit which should be legally impossible due to "sovereign immunity". Well duh! That's obvious. It's still a logical "short circuit" that should lead to no conclusion at all, certainly not the conclusion the lawsuit was without merit.

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